Your HSN September Preview Checklist

Anna Griffin | Aug 06, 2013
Hi everyone!
First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet birthday wishes. You made my day so very special!
As we gear up for my September 17th HSN shows, we’re going to do things a little differently this time around! Today, I’m going to give you a quick rundown on everything new that you can expect to see from me next month. Then, every Tuesday and Friday I will give you a video preview, show you beautiful projects you can make with these new collections AND give new items away in every post! Exciting, huh?
So, make your list and check it twice! Here’s what’s new for September 17th:
The Holiday Trimmings Cardmaking Kit with Auto Ship (an absolute MUST HAVE!)
Christmas Sentiment Clear Stamps
Set of 8 Holiday Ink pads
Perfect Palette Cards, Layers & Envelopes for Christmas
Christmas Washi Tape
Metallic Card Layers for Christmas
12x12 Christmas Paper Kit
Christmas Decoupage Bouquets & Embellishments
Christmas 3-D Die Cut Border Stickers
Christmas Vellum Quotes
Cottage Roses 3D Flower Sticker Library
Cards for Him Too Card Making Kit
New Scrapbook with Guided Layouts (1st cousin to our Instant Scrapbook)
Halloween Paper Crafting Kit
Halloween Clear Stamp with Inks
Provo Craft Holiday Embossing Folders (new set, not the Autoship bundle)
Provo Craft Cutting Dies for Christmas - Snowflakes or Holly
Provo Craft Holiday Project Cartridge - Winter Wonderland

Whew! It's going to be a beautiful day!
See you Friday,


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  3. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    Anna thank you for this great preview of the Sept. 17, show it sure has wet my whistle!!! I want one of everything, call me greedy but I can sure use everything you listed. Only hope I can afford to purchase all I want. See you on HSN.
  4. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I am like the lady that choice the couch because her husband told her to much Joann stuff no room for Anna, I go to Indiana for the summer and have to take a trailer with me to get my card making stuff there, Hubby just shakes his head, so you know he is not going to understand Christmas in September LOL. (good thing we already made a trip home once and I took some stuff back)

    I have a question, will the prices be the same on the 17th as they are now on HSN? (the ones that are already on there)
  5. Posted by: Azella Tingler
    Hi Anna:  Can't wait for next week.  I have cancelled all my appointments for the day, so I can have a ball watching all the crafting
    ideas on HSN.  I am anxious to get the new card kits, so I can make
    more cards for the Roanoke Rescue Mission.  

  6. Posted by: Glenda
    Since I learned about the show on the 17th I have stayed away from Micheals, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns saving what little of my disability check I have left after bills.  Can't wait to see how you show each product.
  7. Posted by: JoAnn
    Oh my I cannot wait for the holiday show but especially the Halloween kit.  I was one of the people that requested a Halloween kit.   Thank You Thank You Thank You     You made my day
    Cannot wait to see.  I purchased your last Halloween paper kit and it was gorgeous.
  8. Posted by: Lynn
    Excitement is in the air    ANNA is coming to town.  Just can't wait.
    Looking forward to the   Sept. program.  I'm with everyone else,  Gotta save up, the craft room is about to expand.  I have a question,  when is anyone going to give us 12 x 12 file folders.  Anna would have just beautiful ones.  File folders to match our in- process projects yes siree.
  9. Posted by: Suzanne S
    I have just started purchasing (collecting) your items on HSN.  Wow, such beautiful paper, Cuttlebug, embossing folders, watercolor markers, book, etc.....  I have been bitten by the Anna bug!!!!  Excited to see your show in Sept!  The plastic file folders for the Cuttlebug are sold out.  I am watching for them too!  I was a scrapbooker.....but now I am turning the page to cardmaker!   Thanks for getting me started!
  10. Posted by: Doris Minear
    I love the New Anna Griffin Christmas papers and plan to make about 50 Christmas  cards using her card kit. Just Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Posted by: Vivian
    Just found you last the Christmas box and absolutely LOVE it!  I want to order two this year one for my sister.  She is so excited for she loved my cards last year!!! Have a good day!
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  14. Posted by: gayle
     Anna I am so excited for your HSN visit. I am not one to push the summer months but I am excited to see all your wonderful new products.....
  15. Posted by: Lisa
    I cannot wait for September 17th and all of the new AG awesomeness!
    I LOVE your designs.  Thank you for making your beautiful creations available to the rest of us!
  16. Posted by: Kathleen Rimer
    OMGosh!  I can barely wait until September!  This sounds so incredibly exciting!
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  18. Posted by: Antonia Pierre-Radford
    So, excited, about it all! I can't wait to start buying and receiving them. I got married on Christmas Day. These will help with the final touches to our wedding album.  ^_^
  19. Posted by: Gail Wenzel
    As my girlfriend said "I want that green box!!!"  Anxiously awaiting all the new Christmas things!  Looking forward to you Sept. 17th show.  In face, have scheduled my vacation so that i am still home on that day!! 
  20. Posted by: Sue In't Veld
    Can't wait for September 17!  I am anxious to see the new cartridge, dies,sentiment stamps, and embossing folders and all of your other new goodies!
  21. Posted by: ana
    Wow, you have been very busy like the elves in the North Pole. That is a long list of things to showcase on the 17th. Can't wait. I will be ready to order the day before. I can't wait to see the furniture line. 

  22. Posted by: Rita P.
    Hi Anna,
    Can't wait for the Christmas Kit to come out. I have been doing all kinds of cards for years like 10-15 years. Sometimes it takes me forever because I have to match up all the colors of papers, embellishments, get the right verse etc... If I don't have all the supplies I have to take a trip to AC Moores, Michaels and Joann's just to get the perfect supply for that individual card. I just started watching you on HSN last year and purchased your Christmas kit and OMG was it the best! It was so easy having everything together in one kit to fit and mix and match. I didn't have to run to the craft stores to find everything. It saved me so many steps! Thank you. The products were such excellent quality, I just couldn't believe that after all these years I finally found the supplies I needed all in one kit! So I continue to watch HSN and have a notification for them to let me know just when you are going to be on. I purchased the Floral Impressions card kit. Another wonderful and beautiful kit! Again I thank you! Also purchased some of your embossing folders and fell in love with them! Hope I get to win the Sentiment stamps and ink. I'm sure I would love them also. The quality and work you put into your products is just the best I have seen in all the years I have been scrapbooking and making cards. So thank you again for all the beautiful kits and supplies that you come out with. Looking forward for more! Can't wait to get my Christmas cards started!
  23. Posted by: Wendelyn
    I'm looking forward to Anna Griffin holiday treats!  I've marked my calendar.
  24. Posted by: Juanita
    I'm going to have to start saving . I think I'd like one of each.
  25. Posted by: joann benford
    September 17 is on my Calendars all of them. cannot wait to come out and play.
  26. Posted by: Sharla Wilson
    The list of what I already know will be gorgeous paper crafting goodies is LONG!  Decisions, decisions!!!  But what a fun day Sept. 17th is going to be!  That month between visits to finish "easy-paying" is much appreciated.   Also have to say that  I'm enjoying the die sets immensely!  The cuts from the floral dies are outstanding in their original state, but they're great to take apart and use as smaller decorative components.  I've wished for more of that black flocked floral adhesive border from the Darcy set (gone long ago!)that I used for that purpose, and this, cut apart, is very similar. 
  27. Posted by: Barbara Norfolk
    Hello Anna, would you please in the future bring back the birds and butterflies die cuts I want them so badly and cannot find anything to compare to yours!!! Thank you!
  28. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    Wow I can't wait to see!  I better start saving up now!  Thanks so much!
  29. Posted by: Barbara E
    WOW!  Can't wait to see them all-Christmas in September!
  30. Posted by: Yvette
    I agree with other comments, wow amazing I need them over here in the UK. I know your coming here soon but when can we have your new Christmas dies and folders? 

  31. Posted by: Sandra Riddick
    Please Anna we would like the same here in UK
    Thank you
  32. Posted by: Nancy
    Thank you Anna for the Halloween items. I am a Halloween girl and love this time of the year for my Halloween goodies. I will watching and waiting.
  33. Posted by: gayle
     Anna do you ever sleep? I love to watch you on HSN. You are so kind and so full of life it makes me want to create as soon as your show is over. Thank you for all you do and the effort given. It shows.
  34. Posted by: Lou Marks
    Dear Anna,
    My first post EVER, ANYWHERE!! I HAD to thank you for the July 11th collection. I got it ALL. Really. And more. Broke, but amazed and happy...
    I have so much to say to you, but others likely won't want to read it(WAY too long.)- I'll write you an actual letter soon -so my only official request is this: PLEASE add a little Chanukkah to your repertoire. I KNOW so many would scoop up every last bit....
    When people tell you they are your biggest fan, I will raise and call that. I can honestly say that for at LEAST fifteen years, probably longer, I have bought at least two, maybe five, (who's counting?) of pretty much everything you have ever offered. It's not an option for me. Your creative designs and ideas are only matched by your wonderful heart and spirit. Your love for crafting and simply making the world a more beautiful place are obvious in everything you do. I know my heart is overflowing with admiration and joy every time I see you or your work. My DVR is getting a workout-I watch all of your shows almost every day. If I could just figure out my DVD...
    Thank you, Anna, for enriching my life, and just making this world a better place. Beauty, caring and sharing are your special gifts. Thank you. Most sincerely, Lou Marks (also a left-handed craftaholic, preschool teacher and art lover..) )
  35. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    You and your Team have been working really hard for ChristmasM
    i am excited to see it ALL!  Gues I won't be buying Xmas gifts since I will be too broke after Sept' s show ! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing all the goodies.
    thanks for telling us. 
    Your gift giving is really nice of you too.
    glad you had good Birthday.
    have fun on England.
  36. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Hi Miss Anna!!!! Wow you have been a busy little bee!! Love everything on the list.  Really love your stamps and want to get the Christmas ones.  Finally a cartridge for all the Cricut lovers!!!! Can't wait for the 17th!!! Glad you had a great Birthday. Mine is the 9th.
  37. Posted by: Colleen
    I can't wait for the 17th! I am so excited to see the Cricut Cartridge and your Halloween items. It's going to be a great day!
  38. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    So excited to see "CARDS FOR HIM TOO". Hope you have a lot of those, because I must have several. September seems so faraway now. I guess I'll have a lot of sleepless nights due to excitement, or restful nights thinking of all the things I want to get. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  39. Posted by: Joann
    Oh WOW I can see that I am going to have to save up for that show!!! I blew my scrappin budget on your last show ;).  Can't wait :)
  40. Posted by: Nancy
    I just ordered AG cuttlebug and can't wait for it to arrive...can't wait for the September event ...sound amazing
  41. Posted by: Addie
    The comment above from the woman who is moving out of bed with her husband to make room for your supplies had me in stitches!  I appreciate your work also, and am happy with the dies and stamps I purchased at your last visit.  Keep up the good work, but don't work too hard because that's what we women tend to do!
  42. Posted by: M Barricklow
    Oh Lordy, another tease, & mind is flooded, with all the new things.. gonna have the UPS man stop here a lot after Sept. 17th.. Going to polish an shine the credit card, and just pin it to my bra night before..(in case husband see's it laying around)
  43. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    Anna, Again I am in awe over all of the goodies, but I have another question.....I bought you Watercolor markers, even though I do not do stamping.  I watched the video presentation onf HSN again.  During the show, you said these are the Floral Impressions color palate.  You also said that one of the techniques you DIDN'T SHOW, was how to use these to color your embossing.  Can you show some examples of coloring the embossing using the markers?  Since I don't stamp, this will be very helpful. Thanks.
  44. Posted by: Lin M.
    WOW!!! What an amazing list of new stuff - so exciting!!! I can't wait for the sneak previews and especially for Sept. 17th!!! I think I'd better check my vacation days and see if I can take the day off for this.
  45. Posted by: Cathy May
    Wow!  I wish that I had your creativity and imagination.  You must work all the time.  Can't wait until September 17th.  I bought your Cuttlebug and I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful the embossing is on the paper.  It really makes all the difference in the world.  Just wish that I could quit work and have the time to do everything that I want.  Thanks again for all you do!
  46. Posted by: Terance
    I so cant wait for September 17, thanks for giving us a month between shows to get caught up on payments so we do it all over again.  I am still enjoying all of my July purchases and my friends are enjoying the cards they get each month.
  47. Posted by: Alice G
    I want them all sight unseen for my birthday which coincidentally is Setember 17th 68 years ago.  Can't wait!
  48. Posted by: Maryann
    WooHoo - I can't wait until 9-17!!!!  I want everything.  I think I need a bigger house and a bigger paycheck.  Thanks so much Anna.  We love you.  I'm doing a happy dance!!!! 
  49. Posted by: Donna O
    Ooh la la!!!
  50. Posted by: Jeri
    There are so many great products listed!! Like many others , I will need to start saving now. Maybe I should print the list, highlight all the must have and give the list to my wonderful husband and daughters for my birthday and Christmas gifts. OH, I like that idea. Blessing to you and all your staff.    
  51. Posted by: Nina Alphonso
    Wow....can't wait to see them on HSN. Already making my's gonna be my birthday gift.... :-)
  52. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    I wish Sep 17th would be tomorrow :-) Can't wait for the Provocraft items and the kits...My count down started 40 days to excited!!!
  53. Posted by: Melinda
    I cannot wait! I requested both Halloween and more Cards for Him. I'm so thrilled you and your team truly listen to the customer requests and are able to bring them to us in addition to the Christmas products extravaganza! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
  54. Posted by: Kathy T
    So many great things to look forward to, can hardly wait for the Provo Craft items.
  55. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    I have this date marked on several calendars so wherever I look I get a reminder. I even have a reminder on my phone
  56. Posted by: HollyG
    Hello Miss Anna!
    Wow what a fantastic line up! I sure hope the supply will keep up with the demand! Seriously! I will be saving my pennies for this one for sure! Looking forward to the previews!
    Glad to hear you had a great birthday!
    See you soon!

  57. Posted by: Pam
    Woo hoo!  Can't wait!
  58. Posted by: Wanda
     I taped your last HSN shows and watch them repeatedly like a good movie.  The inspiration was wonderful.  Enjoyed everything, can't wait to get the new Christmas items. Hoping there will be idea sheets.
  59. Posted by: Lisa Smiley
    My birthday is 9-17 and I will spend my day watching HSN and buying more than usual on scrapbooking day! 
  60. Posted by: ElizabethD
    Anna, what a wonderful list. I can't wait for Sept. Thank you for the sneak peak's of all the items
  61. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    OH YES!  I saw the very last item, Cricut Cartridge Hooray!!!!
  62. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    Oh Anna, you must be reading my mind because everything I was wishing for is on your List except for maybe a Cricut Cartridge, He He

    You know I have zero will power, so please just ship it all to me and I will start selling the furniture, dishes and anything that is not nailed down LOL

    I just can't wait and I love how you give us Previews and a chance to win some of your goodies.
  63. Posted by: Angela
    WOW! WOW! WOW!
    Thanks so much for the list!  I knew I needed to save up for this show, but now I have a better idea.  I bought every new product had on HSN last month.  LOVE EVERYTHING!!!
    Thanks so much! 
  64. Posted by: Jo-Anne V. Terranella
    Anna Dear Anna, What are you doing to my 55year marriage? My craft room is our bedroom. My husband says he has one Jo-Anne in his bed and if another thing with Anna on it I have to move out so she can move in. There is no more room for the both of us, that means you and me. So because I Love you and what you do so much I'm moving to the couch.  What a choice. I choose you!!
  65. Posted by: Yolanda
    Thank you for letting us know in advance the date!  Allows those of us who work to request the day off  :)  All the products you posted sound wonderful, can't wait!!!
  66. Posted by: Angie Ordinario
    Taking a day off from work that day just to spend some quality time with my girlfriend Ana Griffin...... can't wait!
  67. Posted by: Marianne
    So anxious to see all that you will bring us when you visit in Sept. looking forward to all the sneak peaks!!
  68. Posted by: Susan S
    Hi Anna, nice to hear you had a lovely birthday! I'm so excited by the previews of your September 17 visit that I have printed the list to share with family as my Christmas wish list!   :-)
  69. Posted by: Carol Babst
    Wow!  Can't wait to see the videos!
  70. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Oh my gosh, what a wonderful collection!   That is 18 items and I think there is a couple of items that I will want to get multiple sets.  This is going to use up both September and October's budget.  What fun I will have when it all gets here!
  71. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    I'm squealing bigtime, Anna!  Please tell me that the card kit goes with the Cuttlebug. . . PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!   Hee hee!  You're really killing me Anna!  I only see one Christmas papers kit. . .. there are actually four; right?
  72. Posted by: Joanie
    Happy belated birthday, Anna!
    oh, my goodness!  How can I possibly afford everything that I want?  I'm so excited...hopefully, I can win something!
    thanks, Anna!
  73. Posted by: phyllis zimmerman
    love your products can't wait for september
  74. Posted by: Deborah
    Can't wait, ESP for the die cuts!
  75. Posted by: Deborah
    I can't wait, I better go out and get a job so I can get it all!
  76. Posted by: Pearl
    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  77. Posted by: Beverly
    Oh my gosh, what a list! And just imagine, I want one of everything. Your products are the best! Cannot wait until September 17, but I guess I will just have to.
  78. Posted by: Debbie N.
    Looking forward to the September shows. Many of the items will be a must have.
  79. Posted by: Pam Rohs-Gol
    My mouth is excited to get those items.  All of Them. Starting to save money NOW....
  80. Posted by: Betty Harnage
    Just want to tell you how much I LOVE your flower and flourishes dies.  Thanks so much for the little holes that make it SO MUCH easier to remove the paper!  Looking forward to Sept 17th.  Love
    all your beautiful papers and kits.
  81. Posted by: cheri lee
    Someones been busy. Did you guys start last January? This sounds so wonderful! Can't wait for the previews. Congrsts on a great premiere on your new Coke line. Looking forward to sneak peeks.
  82. Posted by: Vicki S.
    I'll be burning up my credit card come September 17th.  
  83. Posted by: Beth w
    Anna does Halloween-jumping up and down here!
  84. Posted by: Sherry Shea
    gave me one more reason to look forward to the coming season. the cooler it is the crafter I am! living in the desert SW!
  85. Posted by: Jackie Posnansky
    Wow!  Some fantastic stuff!  Looking forward to seeing you on HSN!
  86. Posted by: Lisa
    Wow!!  I have to rearrange my craft room.  I am going to have a section to just for my Anna Griffin craft supplies.
  87. Posted by: Cheryle
    OMG!  So looking forward to all the new items. 
  88. Posted by: Zandra
    So, excited!  Can't wait.
  89. Posted by: Connie
    I can't wait to see all the new products!  I love your embossing folders and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new holiday set!
  90. Posted by: Blanca Luna
      Anna, I can't wait for sept 17... I'am Looking Forward to see on  ~ Hsn ~ So Excited !!!
  91. Posted by: Kris
    I can see I'm going to have to find more space in my craft room!  Looking forward to all the Holiday goodness!  Thank you, Anna!
  92. Posted by: Blanca
      Anna, I can't wait for Sept 17 .. Im looking forward to see you on Qvc ~ So Excited ...
  93. Posted by: Sandy_in_MD
    Wow - can't wait to see the product reveals!
  94. Posted by: Ivanna
    Can't wait.  Will get everything that's new!
  95. Posted by: Arlene Vastano
    Everything looks lovely!  Will you be have the original 
  96. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    WOW! What a list. Another "break the bank" order! I'm looking for a second job to help pay for this visit. Also cleaning up the drool just thinking about what's to come.  Thanks Anna.
  97. Posted by: Lehua
    Ooooo, embossing folders and die cuts are a must!  Is that cartridge a Cricut cartridge?
  98. Posted by: Laurel M.
    Holy cow--even better than expected!!  I'll have to go to bed very early on the night of Sept 16 so I can be awake at midnight to see EVERYTHING Anna.  Again, Anna, you've outdone yourself.
  99. Posted by: Fran Camero
    Really looking forward to September 17.  Thanks for the preview list

  100. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    Thank you for the previews! Making my list (who am I kidding, I want it all!) Taking the day off from work, Love the Vintage Halloween and so much more!!!!!
  101. Posted by: Karen M
    I know I'm going to get everything!  I can't wait!!  I'm so excited!  Glad you had a great birthday too!
  102. Posted by: Patti Doss
    So many cards to make, so little time. Thanks Anna for all the special things you make that speed up my card making<3
  103. Posted by: Judy Hawk Estrada
    Nice List Miss Anna! I have a question! The Provo Holiday Project Cartridge I am assuming it is for Cricut. My question is will it work on the Cricut Mini? Love your items Anna keep up the great job!
  104. Posted by: Erica H.
    Can’t wait! <3 8)
  105. Posted by: margaret driscoll
    Dear Anna !
    Thank you for updating the Blog as often as you do!
    I don't follow Facebook etc, so usually miss out on a lot of information.
    So glad you had a lovely birthday!
    Looking forward to your QVC show.
  106. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    Nice list.  Looking forward to your shows.  Thanks.
  107. Posted by: Connie Williams
    I love all of your items.  I will be ordering on Sept 17.  Thanks for all the pretty kits.
  108. Posted by: Janese
    So excited! Already cleared a spot in my room for the new stuff! Can't wait to see you!
  109. Posted by: karen
    wow, cant wait, so many goodies to choose from want about half of the list all ready, lol
  110. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I completely agree with Maw J. I watched yesterday but the crafts days without Anna are truly not craft shows. I will have to save my money because the descriptions I want it all
  111. Posted by: Terry
    WOW.. Thats a long list of new goodies.... and HALLOWEEN.. WOOHOO.. I can t wait to see all the new stuff....
  112. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Omg Anna I haven't seen the real thing but according to the list I guess that I want almost everything that you list. I just could imagine how beautiful everything must be in person! A Giant Wow wow!! 
  113. Posted by: Roberta
    Looking forward to seeing these new items especially the guided layout scrapbook and the cricut cartridge.
  114. Posted by: Susan
    Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Posted by: Maw J
    Looks like a long list! Have to save more than I thought! LOL, I can not wait till 9-17-13 to get my hands on all of the new goodies! I just knew it was going to be terrific as always. HSN just had a craft showing and I did not buy anything so I could get all the new Anna Griffin holiday goodies! I think I surprised even myself on that one!,, see you then! 
  116. Posted by: Elisabeth
  117. Posted by: Margie Porreco
    love all your products and have many of them!  Can't wait to see you on HSN




Welcome to my blog! It is so exciting for me to be able to share with you the things I love, my inspirations and what I've been up to. I hope this space will give you a little insight into the "world of Anna Griffin" and give you a place to share with me as well. Check in often!