Wreath Stamp Preview & Huge Giveaway Announcement!

Anna Griffin | Aug 16, 2013
August 16, 2013
You all are doing an amazing job at spreading the Christmas crafting spirit and it’s not even September yet! Each and every one of your comments the past few days was such a wonderful reminder of how much a card means to those we care about during the holidays.
If you are just tuning in to these sneak previews for my September 17th HSN shows, here’s the deal.  Every Tuesday and Friday I’m going to give something away, give you a peek at something new and reveal a little something special about the must-have Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit (watch the video for all things Holiday Trimmings!)
You’re going to be able to do so much with this kit, not to mention I am giving you so many great holiday products to serve as fantastic add-ons to your Holiday Trimmings cards.  So let’s give some of those items away, shall we?
Today's winner will receive 12 rolls of my new Christmas Washi Tape and 96 Christmas Border Stickers! The lucky recipient is Donna Doherty! Congratulations and enjoy!
Okay, it’s preview time!
A beautiful holiday wreath can make such a statement in your home, and this year you’ll be able to make the same statement on your cards! My new self-inking Wreath Stamps come with 24 festive patterns. Make a traditional green wreath with a big red bow, or mix things up with snowflake, reindeer and ornament patterns. These are so much fun to use and produce an amazing, detailed result!

If you’d like to win the wreath stamps, just comment below and tell me this: How can you think outside the box this year when you send your Holiday Trimmings cards? Who can you touch through crafting that you never have before?
Last (and oh my goodness not least!) I have a HUGE exciting announcement for you. From now until September 16th we will be running a sweepstakes contest on the Anna Griffin Facebook page, and one lucky winner will take home every single new item I will have with me on September 17th. This unbelievable prize package is valued at more than $600!!! To enter, visit www.facebook.com/annagriffininc and select the gold “Enter to Win” tab.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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  5. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    My sister has been in a medical Rehab after being near death and I have gone to visit her everyday. My heart has been touched by how many people there. that have no one to visit them or bring any sunshine into their lives and I want to visit over the holiday and take each of them a card and a goody, Looking forward to spreading a little love with my cards.
  6. Posted by: LILY
    I like your website very much. I think your articals are all very good. This topic has always been one of my favorite subjects to read about. I have found your post to be very rousing and full of good information. I will check your other articles shortly. http://www.cheaponlinedvds.co.uk/

  7. Posted by: Lee Grace
    Hi Anna, I know I'm very late on answering this question you asked. My neighbor, Joe, has 2 dogs named Ralph & Maggie and they are his ''kids''. Joe occasionally reminds we that Ralph and Maggie are disappointed that I didn't make them a Christmas card last year. This year I am making special cards for Joe, Ralph and Maggie!
  8. Posted by: Heidi
    I love stamps and scrapbooking as well as card making. You inspire me just by the papers I see. I belonged or came from that era if Victorian decor. My friend has shown me how to make boxes and other containers and she includes stamps and inks or sometimes little trinkets she picks up here and there. I like making pictures out of them and framing them to give out as gifts all year round. I make teachers neat signs for class as well as gift bags for the special days where we try and pick them up andale them smile and say thank you to them and all their hard work. That's it. I'm not very creative in writing :)
  9. Posted by: Shelby McDaniel
    I was the only child born to an unwed Mother in 1953, the only contact I had with my Father was through cards & letters.  I never realized that I had younger brothers and a beautiful younger sister!  Throughout our correspondence he never told me!  My Father was gravely ill and not expected to make it in 1984.  I left my children on Christmas and flew to Baltimore to be with my Father but was denied entry by his wife who understandingly had a problem with us being there.  The nurse at the hospital told me there was another Daughter who had been trying to see our Father & Hadn't been able to see him!  She led me to my sister & that was how we met!  I am the bold Italian Daughter &his wife changed her mine after I had called the hospital administrator, the doctors, several Catholic Churches and she allowed us to see our Farther!  Unfortunately my Father died the next day but I've been able to maintain contact with my brothers and sisters.  I've always taken particular care of the cards I've sent because of my station in life.  Sending exquisite, handmade cards conveys the message that while my station in life may not be the same as theirs I enjoy a gentile, quality life.  I am no ignorant redneck!  I appreciate Anna Griffin and staff!
  10. Posted by: peg
    I love stamping.  My favorite thing to do with them is to use watercolor paints to accent the stamp.  This year I will be sending a special thank you card to my local Hospice chapter, who were wonderful to my Father during his last weeks.
  11. Posted by: CarleneT
    These Christmas stamps will make a great addition to my cards as well as decorating gift bags, wrapping paper, treasure boxes, and decorations.  I love giving homemade cards, not only to just family and friends, but to show appreciation to those that have been so encouraging to me while working through health problems.
  12. Posted by: Suzy Girl
    I volunteer at the local dog shelter and I would love to start making cards for the people who adopt the dogs out of there. I think it would make a HUGE impact by them receiving a card. AG I need you to design a real nice dog image next. lol.

    You have the best products on the market by far!
  13. Posted by: Debra Hutchinson
    Hi Anna,
    I adore the wreath stamp and I would like to get my granddaughter and grandson involved for an evening of ornament making with the wreath stamp for the wonderful staff at Henryville Elementary and High School located in Southern IN that was devastated by an F4 tornado in March of 2012. 
    I love your amazing products and have been buying and making wonderful crafts with them for years. 
    Keep up the good work Anna!
  14. Posted by: Cheryl R
    Beautiful stamps, I am sure they are as wonderful as all you other stamps.  I woul like to give cards to all the volunteers in our Garden Club and our Master Gardeners group.  Both these groups do much to help beautify our community.
  15. Posted by: Theresa W.
    Thinking outside of the box, I would like to send special cards to my Mother's best friends that stood by her side during her battle with cancer and her passing.. They meant a lot to her and our family..
  16. Posted by: Nancy
    I love to make cards and send than out to people in need on some of my card making groups .  I have received cards from friends when I have had surgery and I know how much they can mean to someone in need
  17. Posted by: Antonia Radford
    I would use the wreath stamps for the kids in my Christian homeschool group. I  think they would be perfect for them to make ornaments with, and they can give to their family members. They are quite beautiful! Can you imagine them sparkling with glitter as the lights twinkle on them?  ^_^
  18. Posted by: Linda Shellabarger
    This is a beautiful page.
  19. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Love the wreath stamp Anna!! I don't have a Cricut but I bet your cartridge is awesome!! I want to send cards to the Children's Cancer Center in Arizona.  I began following a blog of a young family that had a 5 yr old with cancer.  She spoke about the hospital and staff becoming an extended family.  She started a toy drive for the kids and their families.  Those of us that don't have sick children don't always stop and think about those that do.  I also joined a challenge to make Sympathy Cards to leave at my local Vets office for those that lose a furry family member.  Thank you so much for the sneak peeks and generous giveaway. 
  20. Posted by: Rhonda
    Hi Anna, I enjoy treating the hard working staff at my Costco photo center.  I have hundreds of photos developed there each year and they take such care with every order. They undertand how important my photos are to me and my love of scrapbooking. At the holidays I make my great aunt's homemade caramel corn for them and I think the wreath stamp would be a lovely addition to the card. It's important to acknowledge the people in our lives who do the little things that mean so much...Thanks, Rhonda
  21. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    My Mama has Alzheimer's and we have been caring for her over five years 24/7. We have sitters on weekends and we always give them gifts for Christmas. These stamps would be a beautiful addition to use to make their gift boxes even more special. I would also make gifts for the Home Health nurses. Love Anna Griffin products and her willingness to share her talents with all of us.
  22. Posted by: Lisa
    This year in addition to family/friends, I would like to send holiday cards to veterans.
  23. Posted by: Kathie G
    Our vet and his staff who are giving our very sick kitty such good care deserve a special card at Christmas this year.
  24. Posted by: Doris A.
     I am planning to make cards for The Grace(Free) Clinic to be given to the patients that come into see the doctors that donate their time and skill.

  25. Posted by: Susan S
    Hi Anna, I enjoyed reading all the comments from your fans. Your lovely products have inspired a lot of creativity and generosity!
  26. Posted by: Sylvia Mack
    We have 2 new babies in the family this year. I want to encourage scrapbooking while their babies are young. I plan to make them christmas cards w/their new babies. Hopefully they will ask me thelp them get started! I would love that.  Love your papers Anna!
  27. Posted by: Barb Wagar
    I really don't know how to think outside the box when sending special made cards other than using bubble envelopes.   I would love to volunteer to help kids make Christmas cards for the local seniors!
  28. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I forgot to mention I would love to win these stamps.  They are wonderful.  
    Anna is always so generous.
    Good luck to everyone in her drawings.

    We all love Anna and her team.  Thanks again for all the wonderful products.
  29. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I love these stamps.  It gives so many more possibilities for cards.  I did mention before that I am making more cards this year than I ever have.  I am excited about all of Anna's Christmas Products.
  30. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna, 
    I have a son and a son-in-law in the military. So since I am fairly new to card making I will be sending cards to troops. 
    I also have a son serving a mission in India. I will be making cards for him to give away to people. 
    I look so forward to your Christmas presentation in September on HSN. 
  31. Posted by: Jennifer H
    Hi (thinking outside the box)- I would love to use these wreath stamps to make Christmas cards for children in foster care or bring these stamps to a local orphanage so the kids can use them to make Christmas cards/decorations. I think the kids would have a lot of fun crafting/using these stamps (& my stash of other Anna Griffin products- including the new Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit, of course ;b) to make beautiful holiday cards. Thanks for a chance to win all these awesome items! 
  32. Posted by: Irene S
    What a great giveaway. I would love to make more holiday cards this year rather than send boxed cards. I would love to have a lunchtime craft class with the ladies I work with. They love to craft but rarely do it because of time constraints. 
  33. Posted by: Pam D.
    Wow !  So much excitement & I can't wait until Sept 17th !.  I make cards for the Troops (Operation Write Home) every October; most are Christmas/Holiday but I send a mix of hello/miss you/birthday cards as well.  These products would be so AWESOME to use for these !!!  I usually make my Mom a basket of Anna's cards as she just loves signing her name to them and mailing them out :-)  
  34. Posted by: Janice
    I can see making cards with this stamp set.  And I think they would make cute ornaments to put on my Christmas packages!  I love all things Anna!
  35. Posted by: tina moore
    I LOVE all your card kits!  Everyone is always so happy to receive a handmade card from me - in fact, if I give a card in person, they usually say "oh I KNOW this card is going to be special!"   I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!!!
  36. Posted by: Cheryl T
    I would love to use the stamps to make the Christmas Cards I am making from Anna's collections all the more interesting.  I want to make cards and give them to people who have no one that thinks of them on Christmas.  I have such a heart for the lonely and this gives me great pleasure to send them a card with a gift certificate for groceries...clothing and even split wood to heat their home.  I can't wait for to get to it.....I love Anna's creativity and they are such a pleasure to work with.
  37. Posted by: Cheryl T
    I would love to use the stamps to make the Christmas Cards I am making from Anna's collections all the more interesting.  I want to make cards and give them to people who have no one that thinks of them on Christmas.  I have such a heart for the lonely and this gives me great pleasure to send them a card with a gift certificate for groceries...clothing and even split wood to heat their home.  I can't wait for to get to it.....I love Anna's creativity and they are such a pleasure to work with.
  38. Posted by: Karen
    I am a high school art teacher. Every time I take cards I am working on, the kids want to see. They all want me to make them one, but I don't have the time. I do show them some "tricks" and how to use materials, though, so they can make their own. I have my cricut at school and bring in my dies and folders for them to use. It makes me so happy to see them learning gaining confidence and sharing their talents with other people. It is sort of the "pay it forward" principle. Someone taught me everything I know, and I want to share it with as many people as I can.
  39. Posted by: Susan D
    Christmas is a great time to share a beautiful card with some one who might not be expecting it.
  40. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Thinking out of the box I would make Christmas cards and I would take them to the cancer clinic and would give them out to the patients who's getting there infusion done.I bet I would see happy faces there!
  41. Posted by: Sherrie
    Anna, I would use the cards to make Christmas Ornaments and give them to my neighbors and special friends; groomer, beauty operator etc.
  42. Posted by: Lainie Michel
    I think it would be fun to give an encouraging card of hope to those in Shelters.
  43. Posted by: A.Murphy
    Keep it coming! everything is beautiful
  44. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I love these stamps.  My daughters and I are getting together to do a lot of Christmas cards this year.
    To Troops, and for missionary work,  and for my new hair dresser!

    Thanks Anna.

  45. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I am rearranging my craft room as things got a little out of hand.  With all the Christmas Card Kits I bought at your online sale, and the new items you have coming in September, I find myself overwhelmed.  I will make cards for anyone I think needs a smile, which is pretty much everybody in our town right now. I've decided to make some shadow boxes, especially for my son, and other people than have touched my life. My husband just had rotator cuff surgery, and I am partially disabled, I need to send cards to everyone we know.  My husband owns his own business so I guess I better get started NOW.
  46. Posted by: Janet Cobb
    I will be making cards for this holiday season to donate to Operation Write Home, for our service personnel to send home to their loved ones.
    These stamps would be wonderful for the cards!
  47. Posted by: Mary Helen Harris
    Those new stamps will help make our Christmas cards more beautiful!
  48. Posted by: Carrie Z
    I would give cards to my shepherds at  church to thank them for helping.
  49. Posted by: Starla Wright
    These self inking wreath stamps look like a lot of fun to use. I've used Your self inking patchwork stamps with my granddaughters and they made beautiful quilt designs for cards. I love the idea of  making Christmas wreath stamp cards with them. Usually we go caroling at nursing homes and shelters. People's eyes always light up when they see the grand kids. I think it would be especially nice to give their handmade cards out too! Thanks Anna for sharing your beautiful designs and inspiration.
  50. Posted by: Kim B
    I have lost contact with my family and believe they would be touched by homemade cards and know how much I love them. The many ways to use Anna's items would be endless and give me many happy hours of contemplation.....
  51. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    I would give out homemade cards to the people we deliver meals on wheels to. They are in such need of company and a little kindness... Small things make an impact on their lives.
  52. Posted by: delcia
    what would make a big statement is anybody living in Home Care to receive a special card,,as well as anybody in the Military who are far away from home
  53. Posted by: Delcia
    I enjoy using your stickers made for special Holidays..I would like some of just Birthdays..Thank You
  54. Posted by: Barbara F
    Facebook has recently enabled me to connect with members of my elementary school class (kids that I met in kindergarten back in 1962!)  AND just this past week with a cousin in Italy that I have only met once way back in 1968!  Needless to say, this will be the first time I get to share a handcrafted item with any of them.  The Christmas card that I send my to cousin Daniela will certainly surprise her.  As for my schoolmates, we're planning a reunion at some point in December and I plan on using these stamps for the invitations and for a small token that everyone will get to bring home.      Good luck to all who enter the contest, and many thanks to Anna for hosting!  I can't wait for Sept. 17th!! 
  55. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Anna  I would love to win the wreath stamps so I  could make cards for the seniors at the nursing home. I would give them  the cards to sign so they could give them to their children or special friends.
  56. Posted by: Michelle PB
    I would love to create my own wrapping paper this year with the wreath stamps.....using Kraft paper and butcher paper to stamp on....and finished off with matching Gage's...hung on thick natural hemp or twine.
  57. Posted by: Linda P
    Anna, I love all your cards!  I make your handmade cards and send them to very special people that are going through difficult seasons in their lives and also friends that are celebrating special occasions.  This year I would like to make your Christmas Cards and send them to special people for them to enjoy and keep to reread when times are difficult and also in celebration times.  Once people realize they are handmade, they hold on to them and read them daily.  Thank you for your beautiful designs that you so graciously share with us so that we inturn can brighten someone's day. 
  58. Posted by: Janese
    This is going to sound crazy but the day you asked this question my mother who is a prison Chaplin asked me if I would make 50 or more cards for her to have on hand to give to the family's of the inmates. I guess that means I am going to be buying 2 boxes of  ultimate card kits this year. 
  59. Posted by: Maxine Hodges
    I would use them on Christmas cards.  A dear friend's mother just died and she ask me to make special thank you cards for people at hospice, special friends, and hospital workers.  I made them in no time with your Anna Griffin thank you cards and another card kit.  I mailed them to her today and she will love them.  Thanks for making my job easier!
  60. Posted by: Mary
    I always use AG products for my Christmas invitations. This year I'm using an old "ancestral" type photo that I copy onto a sepia colored vellum paper and affix to card. I'm using the AG floral die cut embellishments to enhance/complete the invite. The vellum photo creates a kind of historical/long ago feel to the invites, much in keeping with the antique style of Anna Griffin products. Can't wait to get that going...

    Express Login Code: p837390h
    Account Number:102386047

  61. Posted by: Sharon Konkus
    I would use this to make Christmas Cards and  Wreath ornaments on my door, hang wreaths on my wreath, lots of things to do with it. decorations for packages, lots of stuff.
  62. Posted by: Amy Jones
    Outside of family & friends, I make birthday cards for each of the people I work with. I am an admin. ast. & work with a group of 50 men. They all look forward to their birthdays because they know they are going to get a card from "Ms. Amy." I really enjoy doing this for them & I know my cards brighten their days.
  63. Posted by: Lucy
    A friend of mine collects good clothes and household items and gives it away to people who need it. I thought it would be nice to make cards to go along with the items.
  64. Posted by: Sissy Geist
     I would love to win...I love all my AG products.  I love to make cards for friends, family, and church family.  It is so much fun to surprise folks with a beautiful, handmade card......love you AG.
  65. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    Outside of my family and friends, I would give cards to the office staff of my husband's doctor.  He was diagnose with cancer the first part of the year. The staff  is so nice. This is what I would do.
  66. Posted by: Melissa McG
    I am a new Pastor's wife and I will be using the stamp collection for creating memorable cards for the members in our congregation that always go above and beyond to be a blessing to my husband, myself and our five children. I really believe that receiving a beautiful, crafted card from your Pastor's wife would lift peoples spirits and make them feel loved and appreciated. I would also use the stamps for all of our winter birthdays and anniversaries, as well as our annual church Christmas Party. It would be a blessing because having five school aged children, limits me at this time with spending on myself as much. Thank you for your consideration:)
  67. Posted by: Kelly Daily
    Love this set.  I am making cards for my co workers and the men and Women on the USS Stennis
  68. Posted by: olivia
    I plan on sketching and painting (using watercolor) each of my neighbor's front doors with Christmas decorations and wreaths.  Your stationary, filing folders, etc. are wonderful.  I like your mix of vintage and new. 
  69. Posted by: Patty
    Anna,  you continue to make me look like an artist!    I love the creative feeling of putting your kits and items together in creative and beautiful ways.     THANK YOU!   Please keep up the good work-  you are amazing!  
  70. Posted by: Tom G.
    Earlier this year, my dog was diagnosed with lymphoma.  The girls at the vet's office took such good care of him, that I'm sure they're as much a part of his recovery as the chemotherapy!  The least I could do for them at this point is a nice card.  Thanks for nudging my brain in that direction, Anna
  71. Posted by: Anita Hiltz
    I think making the cards yourself is thinking outside of the box!  Not many of my friends do that, so being creative and playing with all your supplies making a lovely holiday card is how to think out of the box!
  72. Posted by: Monica Hernandez
    I would make cards for my neighbors, they do so much for me. I think a homemade card would be so beautiful to give. Thank you Anna for all your beautiful products, I love them!
  73. Posted by: Stephanie Lipinski
    I would love to win the wreath stamp set.  I am planning on getting your Christmas Card Kit and taking it to a Seniors Home and letting them make cards for their family.  It will be so much fun!  Love your crafting items
  74. Posted by: Dee A
    I was planning on cutting back on the amount of cards to send out this year due to the cost of stamps and such.  I love making cards and even enjoy addressing the envelopes and re-living memories of each person I write down.  Now I'm thinking I not only need to keep sending out the amount I usually send but adding even a few more to the pile.  I'm sure people do treasure knowing someone is thinking of them and it really is such a small price to pay to make sure people know they are loved. Thank you, Anna, for making such great products that encourage card making.  There's just no substitute.
  75. Posted by: Cynthia Oquinn
    I'm thinking that the girls/rescue-es at "Stop the Traffic" could do with some cards to remind them that they are special. They are coming from a terrible situation and need to know that they are worthy, special, and loved, not a possession.
  76. Posted by: Diane
    I am hoping that maybe this time I will be lucky and win.  It is a wonderful opportunity to win my favorite person's products.  I just love using the beauty of Anna's products and they inspire me to reach out and try something different than I would normally do.  You can only grow old when you stop learning and I am not about to do that.
  77. Posted by: Kathleen Rimer
    I live in central Florida, and so many of the residents in nursing homes here have NO family at all.  This year I will pick one of the facilities and make cards for each of the residents.  Some of the homes also have craft clubs and I often donate left over paper, and embellishments that I won't be using anymore. (Makes room for new stashes too!).  Thanks for the chance to win such wonderful prizes.
  78. Posted by: Lee Marie
    I think sending hand made cards to the people on the shut in list at our church would be wonderful.   Also, I plan on using the wreath stamps to make holiday frames for our children's holiday pictures.
  79. Posted by: Cathy May
    I have never before made my Christmas Cards so anyone who receives one will certainly be surprised - if not shocked.  I believe that anytime you reach out to someone during the holidays it is special.  It doesn't matter how you do  it - just so you do it.  We always get so wrapped up in everything at Christmas that it's nice to do something special from the heart and I believe that making cards is a great start.
  80. Posted by: pattyk
    I think I would send cards to some of the people in the western states who lost their homes to the wild fires!!I traveled out west this summer and saw how terrible their loss is. Maybe a card will let them know that they are not forgotten. Thanks pattyk
  81. Posted by: Merrie J
    I know it has been mentioned by others, but I think making & sending cards to nursing homes/ assisted living would be a great thing to do. So many people in those places have no family or friends around. I'm sure it would help brighten their day. PS- LOVE the new Cricut cartridge!
  82. Posted by: Joyce Crawford
    My mom is in a nursing home and the people around her love to receive cards & scrapbook pages to look at.  She has Alzheimer's disease so doesn't know me anymore but her friends love to see the cards and items that I make for her.  So if I were to win I would make more cards for my mom's friends in the nursing home.  Thanks for the great items you've created.
  83. Posted by: Maw J
    I think that the bell ringers of the Salvation Army and the workers in the soup kitchens would the the perfect ones to give Christmas cards to outside of the box as people tend to walk by them and not even acknowledge their presence. These are people who selflessly give of themselves to help others are often not thought of when the holidays arrive! You have inspired me to really think outside of the box this year. Thank you! The wreaths stamp set is really gorgeous and I am waiting in anticipation for the rest of the previews!
  84. Posted by: Mindy
     I have never purchased any Anna Griffin product. I LOVE WREATHS and Christmas is my favorite holiday. The cards will delight my entire family with extreme beauty!!!
  85. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I forgot to mention I would love to win these stamps.  They are wonderful.  
    Anna is always so generous.
    Good luck to everyone in her drawings.

    We all love Anna and her team.  Thanks again for all the wonderful products.
  86. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna, 
    I have a son and a son-in-law in the military. So since I am fairly new to card making I will be sending cards to troops. 
    I also have a son serving a mission in India. I will be making cards for him to give away to people. 
    I look so forward to your Christmas presentation in September on HSN. 
  87. Posted by: Diane Cecil
    I bought Your cuttlebug and am on auto ship. I love it. My granddaughters and I love making cards. The girls and I have been making cards all summer for everyone we can think of. They are 3 & 4 years old. I can't wait to make Christmas cards with them. They love handing people cards that they have made. Making cards together is memories we will remember always.
  88. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    I love these stamps.  It gives so many more possibilities for cards.  I did mention before that I am making more cards this year than I ever have.  I am excited about all of Anna's Christmas Products.
  89. Posted by: Laura Lowther
    I love the self inker and the wreaths will be really fun to add to things. I would like to touch several people with your beautiful cards. I would like to send to our soldiers, to nursing homes, and just find people the cards could touch. I am totally looking forward to seeing your Cricut cartridge I love using my Cricut when I have time and having a cartridge you designed would be wonderful. I hope you do several more. 
  90. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
    I like to make ornaments for special people for whom I feel a card is just not enough. Every year the number of ornaments is increasing but I just feel that people are not recognized on a positive way enough- and you can never get enough gratitude. This year I think the wreaths- if I made them double sided or 3-dimensional would make a great ornament. I belong to a weekly knitting group which meets in a local restaurant during their evening hours. They have given us a place right out in the middle of their largest space where the lighting is great and have done everything to make us feel comfortable and welcome. I think giving them cards and an ornament at Christmas would be a totally unexpected and delightful surprise-especially when it's an Anna Griffin design. Thank-you. 
  91. Posted by: Vee
    i am a christian and my life is my testimony. each year i try to share something (a quick story) that has happened in my life in the previous 12 months or lifetime and relate it back to a bible verse or how God so love the world...it is my hope that my experience and growth will give someone else the courage to keep it moving forward. I have done handmade cards for the past 25 years and love it.
  92. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Wish the super great giveaway wasn't on Facebook, some of us don't use Facebook. Sept. will be fun!
  93. Posted by: Maria Rosa
    Making & sending Xmas cards to our soliders in Iraq/Afghanistan is one way of thinking outside the box.
  94. Posted by: Laurel
    I know you said not to family, but I am going to send one to my sister as we have been estranged for almost 30 years.  I'm hoping a beautiful "Anna" card will break the ice & start a conversation.

    I also do not have a facebook page so I wasw very disappointed to not be able to enter the contest for all the products.  Thank you for your inspiration and all your beautiful items.
  95. Posted by: Barbara Walker
    I think it would be nice to make cards for people in nursing homes.  I think the lady who said she wanted to make wreath ornaments for her friends to keep has a very good idea.  Thanks for the chance to win!
  96. Posted by: LaKeitha Friday
    I had a major surgery in May this year, and I'm planning to give Christmas cards to the nurse and nurse tech who helped me so much. I will never ever forget what they did for me. Thanks for a chance to win!
  97. Posted by: Erica H.
    There are a ton of people in and around Tucson that don’t have the means/funds for holiday gifts and there are tons of children that don’t get gifts for various reasons-with that being said, there’s Adopt-a-Family programs all over during the holidays for those less fortunate. I usually make them cards to go with each gift they receive. Same goes for the kids and their families, if they have them. I also make cards for the volunteers and directors that are in charge of putting all these (fund)raisers/programs together-without them, people would have a really bad holiday! Don’t want that!

    When I think out of the box, usually doesn’t pertain to cards or scrapbooking. (Even though I usually send out over 700 cards a season)...

    First, if I am sending gifts, I like to make my own wrapping paper, so I could do that with the wreath stamps or any other stamp and play with color; I also like to take shipping paper and stamp/paint on that as well, so when the person/people receiving the package are surprised when they receive it-beats an ugly brown/white box!

    AND...If you are like me and have painted walls in my house, I like to play with stamps and stencils and make faux wallpapered walls/murals. You could use these stamps to make funky circles/polka dots on the wall or you can do a border, paint doorway arches, niches, the possibilities are endless! (Thank G_d for painter white walls)

    Can’t wait! <3 8)
  98. Posted by: Cheryl R
    I'm going to make cards for the local Veteran's office.  Life doesn't suddenly get better just because it's Christmas, but I can show my appreciation to those dear heroes.
  99. Posted by: Granny Brenda
    I know I will be down at my local Senior Center helping some of the gals connect to family and friends.  They has expressed an intrest in making Christmas cards this year.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to help them and it makes me feel good to just assist with an idea or two.  By the way, your Christmas Cricut cartridge is currently for sale at the cricut.com web site for around $50 so if people actually read these comments they can get a jump on purchasing it.  I only have a cuttlebug and believe me I use mine and all the new folders that they have of Annas there.  Much easier to get than HSN, no bundles but I'll take em any way I can get em.  Don't have a facebook account so hope I am entered doing it this way.
  100. Posted by: Melanie
    I've never made a holiday card before, and I would like to start making cards to send to my family and friends. Thank you
  101. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello there, Anna.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.  I can't think of any other company that pays as much attention to their customers.  It really is a breath of fresh air. 

    The wreath stamps look lovely.  I really cannot wait for the Cricut cartridge.  I've had a Cricut for about 2 years but have hardly used it.  But I will once I get your cartridge!   I went to a crop today and made your Glorious Christmas card kit and made them all in one sitting.  They came out lovely.

    As far as thinking outside the box, I would like to send one to you this year!   The pressure will be on!  I'll see what I can come up with.  Also, we recently bought a condo in a 55 and over community and a lot of the residents are in their 70s and 80s.  Each month a birthday list is posted and I have been sending your birthday cards to everyone (there are 66 units!).  I would say that nine times out of ten, I get a call saying how lovely the card is!   It really is amazing how your products are received.  I plan to make them all Christmas cards as well. 

    Oh, one more thing.  I had a chance finally to try the diecuts today and they are magnificient! 

    I don't have Facebook but I managed to get in and register anyway.  I hope I did it right.  Looks like the "Likes" are going way up! 

    Have a lovely Sunday, Anna, and, again, thank you for the chance to win your wonderful products.
  102. Posted by: Susan B.
    oh my!  I would use them with my girl scout troop to make cards for our local veterans home that we visit.  thanks for the chance to win!
  103. Posted by: Patti S.
    Sending something hand made is thinking out of the box for me.  I always think about it and that is as far as it get.  This year, with your wonderful things, I am making handmade things.  Thanks, Anna!
  104. Posted by: Colleen
    I am caring for my Mom here at home with the help of Hospice staff. I was planning on making some cards for the other Hospice patients that my Mom's Nurse visits. I am also planning on sending special home made cards to a couple of ladies that my Mom used to attend her senior groups with. While many of them no longer send cards or call , these two ladies continue to remember her with bi-weekly cards and calls. I appreciate how they still think of her. 
  105. Posted by: Sandra Smith
    My Father passed away on July 29, 2013 and while I feel his loss more than I could ever have imagined until it happened, I am thankful for the Hospice personnel who cared for him with dedication. I plan to send Christmas cards to the Hospice facility where my parents live and to a hospice facility in my own town. The work s incredibly they do is incredibly special.
  106. Posted by: Judith Brauer
    I'm very excited to check out the Cricut cartridge! And the wreath stamps look wonderful. I would love to put a wreath on a card that can be removed for an ornament. That way, my good friends would be getting a beautiful card and gift all in one.
  107. Posted by: Ronny
    Can't wait to see how the wreath stamps work! 
    Thanks for the question Anna, it has been a great inspiration to us all to think of others a little more.

    There have been some wonderful ideas here to share our beautiful cards.  I have two red hat groups that I am over and I think I will get us all together and take the left overs from the two A.G.Christmas kits I bought last year (which there is a lot left), and make cards for the care centers that are close by---thanks to all that mentioned doing that as its a great idea. .  This way we can have fun making the cards as a group, maybe bring a smile and a good feeling to those receiving the cards and a benefit to me as I felt like I couldn't really rationalize buying the new kit of Christmas cards as I still had so many.  This way its a happy win win situration for all!

    Then in thinking about who I could make cards for that would be really 'outside the box'  I thought of two very elderly men that  live out of a car down at a grocery store a few blocks from me.  One is in a wheel chair.  The store lets them stay there all the time and they have a sign asking for help.  They don't go by the door and bother anyone, but sit over by the driveways.  They have been there for over a year now.  It gives them a place with restroom facilities and next door is a laundry. 
    Wouldn't they be surprised to receive  a Christmas Card and maybe some Christmas cookies in a bag with a cute topper made from the new cartridge.!

  108. Posted by: Terri Braun
    I would send an Anna card to my mother-in-law's neighbors. Mom passed away in November at age 94. These two wonderful people, who have lived across the street from her for 15 years, watched out for her after Dad passed. They made sure that she was ok, and had a signal worked out with her kitchen blinds. She would open the blinds when she got up in the morning to let them know she was ok. If the blinds didn't open, they knew to go check on her. They are amazing people, and a card is just a small gesture towards the gratitude our family feels. Thank you Anna for this wonderful opportunity. 
  109. Posted by: Jennifer Carmichael
    I have to admit...it has been years since I sent Christmas cards.  I am more of a scrapbooker...but since I purchased some of your card kits on your website sale...I am hooked.  I am so excited to work on my cards this year.  Your products are amazing!!!!
  110. Posted by: maryann
    Hi Anna:

    WOW another great prize set.  I would use these items to make cards for people who everyday make my life brighter and easier.  Llike my mailman, my ups driver, our service men and woman.  A great holiday season to you and your family  maryann
  111. Posted by: Cyndy G
    Love your self inkers!  This year would be fun to make cards for the residents at the nursing home near my home.  Have my grandchildren deliver them.  I think the kids, and the residents, would love it!
  112. Posted by: Carol S
    I would use the wreath stamp kit to make ornaments for the children
    who attend our local Sunday school. They could color them in with crayons and decorate them with glitter for that special gift for parents or grandparents.  I would also have fun using these stamps for my own card making.  Not wishing the summer away but I am very excited for your September show!
  113. Posted by: Penny Bolton
    I just love the wreaths. I love making cards and scrapbooking. I make cards for everyone, but the nursing home residents seem to be the most appreciative. I love lifting someones spirit with a beautiful card.
  114. Posted by: Kelly Massman
    I love the wreath--don't know about thinking outside the box--i'm so literal, but maybe I could add a little ornament to the card... :-) Thanks for a chance to win! p.s. that layout with the wreath is beyond gorgeous.
  115. Posted by: Jennifer Ferrell
    Using the stamps to create a wreath is pure genius! Love it!!!

    It would be fabulous to win these goodies to make gifts and cards for all my friends and neighbors, plus other special people in my life like my son's second grade teacher, my UPS driver Mike, FedEx man Chad, and USPS lady Jane. Everyone needed to know just how much they are appreciated!!!
    kindest regards,
  116. Posted by: Jennifer Ferrell
    Using the stamps to create a wreath is pure genius! Love it!!!

    It would be fabulous to win these goodies to make gifts and cards for all my friends and neighbors, plus other special people in my life like my son's second grade teacher, my UPS driver Mike, FedEx man Chad, and USPS lady Jane. Everyone needed to know just how much they are appreciated!!!
    kindest regards,
  117. Posted by: Nadine S.
    Hi Anna!  Think outside the box- well let's see, I believe that our sunday school classes would love to receive the cards which I would partially assemble, and let the preschoolers add the embellishments.  What a great keepsake for their parents- a homecrafted card from their child. Counting down the days till the 17th!!!!!!!!!!  
  118. Posted by: Angela Jones-Smith
    I'm thinking of making little bundles of Christmas cards to give to family and friends, who want to send out nice cards, but don't have the time or crafty tools to make them.  That catagory includes pretty much ALL of my family & friends.
  119. Posted by: gayle
     Hi Anna,wow another great giveaway. This year besides my family and friends I would love to send a special card to my endocrinologist who has dedicated her self to her patients. I have had 3 brain surgeries last one just 5years ago. She came on my case through my previous Dr. because he did not go to the hospital I was having surgery at. My Dr was at my ICU hospital bed every night regardless of time; usually well into the night. She also went to YALE NEW HAVEN HOSPITAL several times to research my case as it was not a typical recurring tumor. She always listened and placed me on the best medications and testing she thought possible. I saw her last month,we disgusted follow up MRI' s and was going to get back to me. As I waited patiently  I received a letter from her 3 days ago stating due to an illness it has necessitated her to take a medical leave effective immediately.She already has the Chief of Endocrinology of my hospital to take over the practice. Needless to say I was totally unprepared for this. This doctor is a wonderful dedicated thorough endocrinologist. I should know she is the 6th one since the beginning of my problems and the only one who listened and dug deep to find answers. If anyone else reads this PLEASE  keep my wonderful doctor in your prayers and thoughts. I pray she will survive and beat whatever she was given to deal with. This would be my special person I would send a special card to. Thank you Anna for hearing me. GOD BLESS. Gayle
  120. Posted by: Sandee B
    Besides giving cards to family and friends, I'd like to make cards for my Bunco Club girls.  Thanks for the chance to win any beautiful Anna products!
  121. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Anna, thanks so much for this fun give-away and sneak peek on your blog. I'm so excited about this contest and you have caused me to put my thinking cap on. I can't wait to see your Cricut Images for my Expression. I'm thinking that I might try making some different card styles than the traditional ones I usually send. I've never done that before, but think it would help me learn to be more creative and use supplies in a new way. I've often thought about mailing handmade cards to our Service Men and Women, but have never had the time before. I will have time this year. I found out that Red Cross sponsors this program.
  122. Posted by: Joanne Ryder
    I think I will make some cards for the great volunteers at our Senior Citizen Center.  They do a wonderful job.

  123. Posted by: Beth W
    I have never used your self-inking stamps,but I have some of your clear stamps.And I'm not just saying this-you do make the best quality clear stamps on the market.Your stamps have never let me down.
    Nursing home residents-please!They are our forgotten people and a card at Christmas (and other times)means so much to them.I also donate  excess craft materials to a  local school and they make cards for the residents also.This is a real passion with me and I would love for others to think about it as the holidays approach.

  124. Posted by: Kathy F
    I will be making Holiday cards for the folks at a nearby nursing home this year. 
  125. Posted by: HollyG
    Congrats, Donna! I hope  you can post and share picts of the wonderful things you will be creating!
    I will be sending cards to the V. A. Hospital. Some of the vets in our facility don't have anyone. I will be sending many, many cards with encouraging and thankful messages!
    Outside the box, you know what "they" say "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish..." I think teaching a card making class for children and then taking them to a rest home to deliver the cards would fill many needs! The children would be learning a new craft and also learning that they can make a difference even with a small gesture of a handmade card. Crafting and giving to others, much like you Anna dear!

    With Gratitude,
  126. Posted by: Juanita R
    I love your stamp sets and the new set would make lovely cards to send to the nurses and aids who were so great to my 81 year old dad who was it a rehab recently.
  127. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    We have a nursing home about a mile from my home.  I have never done this before, but the thought of making cards for the residents that have only a few visitors or no one near is a wonderful idea.  This will be exciting.
  128. Posted by: Janet Smith
    I work in a nursing home caring for Alzheimer and dementia patients making cards for them and their families is always something special and bring a bit of cheer if only briefly to their hearts.
  129. Posted by: Maggie P
    I plan on making cards for a womens shelter. I want to make some fun ones for kiddies. And of course my fam and friends :)
  130. Posted by: Nancy B
    I plan to send a card to someone who has been especially helpful to me during the week. A special "thank you" can sometimes be a real boost to someone.
  131. Posted by: Elva C.
    These would make wonderful Xmas Cards for shut-ins or someone in the hospital. How about sending some to our Military overseas. I think with our own imagination these can be great ways to remind those away from home what they are fighting for. Also, how about using these cards for our international friends?  
  132. Posted by: Susy Ward
    Hi Anna!  Each year my coworkers and I make cards to send to the troops through Operation Gratitude.  There's only a handful of us so we start in August and make as many cards as we can during our lunch hour.  We average 200 to 300 cards each year.  Last year we somehow managed to make just over 500 cards. Some of us also crochet, so  we also send them scarves and hats.  We managed to make just over 70 scarves and hats.  Sometime later, while viewing the website for Operation Gratitude, there was a photo posted with the soldiers holding our scarves!  They had beautiful smiles on their faces and I can't express the wonderful feeling we all had.  So this year, hopefully, we will exceed our past efforts in making cards, scarves and hats for our troops overseas.
  133. Posted by: Nancy g
    My mother has Alzheimer's and to this day she loves getting cards we read them to her and although she may not remember the person who sent it.. You can see a glimmer in her eyes as to the sentiment inside...I would send cards to those that don' t have family..but have hope
  134. Posted by: Laura Payne
    As a middle school teacher, I sponsor a club--a scrapbook club. In my efforts to teach my students that we need to give back to the community this year we are going to make Christmas cards to take to the nursing homes in town (It's a small town.) I bought the hAPPy printer earlier this month and plan to take the kid's picture that makes the card and add it to the inside. So many of our elderly are either forgotten by their families or forget themselves. In my experience a Christmas card makes anyone feel better. Even if their memory is gone, they can celebrate Christmas new again each time they look at their card. I think the kids will truly get a blessing from the experience.    
  135. Posted by: Sue
    I think it would be nice to give cards to all of those people you come in contact with on a daily basis that you sometimes take for granted like the mailman, store clerks, coworkers, and anyone else you can think of.
  136. Posted by: Suzanne S
    I would send them to people that are going through a hard time.
  137. Posted by: Eileen
    This one is hard since I give cards to pretty much everyone I know. It gives me an excuse to make more. I am a bus attendant and work with diabled children. I think I will give them cards along with the small gifts I always give them.
  138. Posted by: Frances
    I have been thinking about this. Since I already give cards as presents, and I scrapbook with leftovers from Anna's kits (always lots left over after making cards,) I have used leftovers as party decorations and I have even sold a few cards, but I haven't ever donated any. That should be my next move.  
  139. Posted by: Susan
    Thinking outside of the box, my cards go to senior citizens in several care homes.  I purchase supplies to make 150+ cards for the Baptist Home at Chillicothe, MO.  They shared the cards with another Baptist Home as they could not use all of the cards.  Want to do this again. 
  140. Posted by: Sharon Sienaski
    I would think outside the box by bringing the kits to Ronald McDonald House and work with parents and children so they can make beautiful Christmas cards to send, they don't have time to go out and shop.
  141. Posted by: Patty F
    It is so nice to send handmade cards to nursing home residents! They absolutely love them! Many don't have family to share!
  142. Posted by: Minnie
    I would make a card and give it to my grocery checker who is always so friendly!
  143. Posted by: Joanne S
    I think outside the box by making extra holiday cards to send to our troops overseas.
  144. Posted by: glenda h.

    I was in a nursing home facility earlier this year for the second time for physical therapy and experienced first hand how sad and lonely it can be even tho  I had plenty of family and friends in the area.  I would like to make some of these beautiful cards for the permanent residents - I think they would enjoy them (especially the elderly women) regardless of their mental capacities. 

  145. Posted by: Anne Dupre
    Well I think card to a nursing home I know they would love the beautiful cards
  146. Posted by: Kristine
    Thank you Anna.  I know the stamps would be wonderful. Couldn't see the picture. Wouldn't come up on blog.  The cards look great.  My Christmas cards would go out to many.  Almost everyone that is sent a card has a comment.  Looking forward to your September show.  Thank you.
  147. Posted by: Vivian Sparks
    Hello Anna,
    I love all your products. Thank you for the giveaways! I would make cards for my mailman, garbage men, and my co-workers.

  148. Posted by: Debbie Simmonds
    Anna Griffin products make all cards special ..... I try to hand make my cards, but with very little time it becomes difficult.  Not so with Anna!  She makes it so easy and beautiful .... thank you so much!
  149. Posted by: Cathy B
    I'm going to send cards to the doctors and nurses that cared for my mother during her treatment for Pancreatic cancer.  I'd like to include her picture so they can see how well she's doing now that she's cancer free.  My parents stayed at Hope Lodge during her radiation treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center in December 2009 and I would like to make some cards for the patients that will be staying there during this holiday season. I remember how difficult it was to be away from home during the holidays.  I'd like to give them something beautiful and heartfelt.
  150. Posted by: Donna Doherty
    SO EXCITED!!! Thank you so much Anna for this gift. I am so excited to receive the tape and stickers. The boarder stickers are one of my favorites. I had to order 2 sets on that fun day in July when you were on HSN!! I can't wait to be able to make X~mas cards to give them out randomly! My son was a victim of bullying, and yes it was very bad! But I am so proud of him that he inspires me to want to do this. Together we have turned this personal issue into a voice for others to spread the word and encourage people to do a random act of kindness. When we do we have little cards we pass along so others will know what and why we did a kindness for them. It is a "Pay it forward" movement. If this is kept going we will have a lot of people smiling and feeling loved. Now add your beautiful cards in this mix........There will definitely be a lot more love going around!!! Again...."THANK YOU ANNA" !!
  151. Posted by: Penny Mourer
    I would love to use some items to let my Sunday Schools kids make a card for someone.  Maybe make some for our shut in members or someone they choose.  Love all the items!!
  152. Posted by: Cathy Barbera
    I'm going to send cards to the doctors and nurses that cared for my mother during her treatment for Pancreatic cancer.  I'd like to include her picture so they can see how well she's doing now that she's cancer free.  My parents stayed at Hope Lodge during her radiation treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center in December 2009 and I would like to make some cards for the patients that will be staying there during this holiday season. I remember how difficult it was to be away from home during the holidays.  I'd like to give them something beautiful and heartfelt.
  153. Posted by: Cathy Barbera
    I'm going to send cards to the doctors and nurses that cared for my mother during her treatment for Pancreatic cancer.  I'd like to include her picture so they can see how well she's doing now that she's cancer free.  My parents stayed at Hope Lodge during her radiation treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center in December 2009 and I would like to make some cards for the patients that will be staying there during this holiday season. I remember how difficult it was to be away from home during the holidays.  I'd like to give them something beautiful and heartfelt.
  154. Posted by: Isis M
    You know - I think I'm going to make holiday cards for my staff. It's very personal and will show how much I care!

    BTW- Can't wait to see/hear more about the new cartridge and the universal overlay!!! What an amazing opportunity to win ALL of it - thanks!
  155. Posted by: Lucy F
    I donate my cards to the local Senior Center. They send them out to volunteers and shut-ins.
  156. Posted by: Karen M
    Hi Anna,
    Congrats to Donna!  Well Anna, so far the new things are spectacular! Thinking outside of the box, other people I will send cards to this year will be my veterinarian, that will have my dog's picture in the center of the wreath, my library in town - who have always been so helpful in finding books for me, and most important my hair stylist (who I must see every six weeks for those dreaded greys!).  And if I have enough time, all of the people in my department at work -about 40.  Wow, I can't wait to get started!  Hurry Sept. 17th !!!
  157. Posted by: crisY
    This year will be a sharing Christmas, my mother is in assisted living and I will be creating cards  for her to share with her new friends. She has always liked the cards that I make for her, every month not just holidays.
  158. Posted by: Jeri j.
    Can't wait to the wreath stamps in action on Sept. 17! Out of the box, let me see. How about hair dresser, mailman, paper deliverer, church staff, grocery clerks and any one else that gives a service to you during the year.
  159. Posted by: Heather (mtl)
    Each year, I sell at a craft fair but I never have any 'leftovers'. Why? Because each year I send Christmas cards (and a few other occasions) to our troops overseas. This way, the can chose a beautiful handmade card that they themselves can send to a loved one  for a special occasion. Because I'm in Canada, I make sure to make extra with french sentiments which have been heartily welcomed.
    It's exciting to make someone I have never even met smile and pass joy on to their own loved ones.
    To me, that's what the gift of giving is all about!
    Thanks for the chance to win - I'm so excited!
  160. Posted by: jpscraps
    Everything you design is so BEAUTIFUL!
  161. Posted by: Barbara B
     I'd like to make cards for the families who receive groceries from our church's monthly community food pantry. The December basket always includes a monetary gift card  to help the recipients buy Christmas gifts. If I enclosed each gift card in an envelope with a handmade Christmas card, it would make each basket even more meaningful!  I would love to use the wreath stamp set for this ministry!  It would be perfect!
  162. Posted by: Eva K
    I usually give small gifts to our mailman/garbage man, etc.  I am thinking about actually making some for our local nursing home residents.  I've not done that before with cards, and perhaps I'll invite my children to deliver them with me. Too often those facility-bound seniors have no one to enjoy the holidays with, so why not bring them some cheer.....and perhaps some baked goodies too!
  163. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Any pet rescue program by creating a card using the new cricut circles, I would place a picture of each pet, up for adoption, along with a description of the pet, it's photo in the middle of the circle. to give to the family who adopts them.  It would be as a donation and suitable for framing. A keepsake of the day they go home,
  164. Posted by: Patti
    Hi again Anna Just had to thank you for the designs on the Winter Wonderland cricut cartridge. I bought it in for my cricut craft room because I just couldn't wait a second longer!! So I am saving up for the 17th to get everything else unless of course I should win something!
  165. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Operation Write Home will be  on my card list for the first time this holiday season.  Last year I gave cards to my granddaughters teachers ant to my radiology techs along with small gifts.  The ladies from radiology included the card as part of their Christmas decorations so all their patients could enjoy seeing it.   Over the past year I have had wonderful people in the medical field help me and my family, I sent each of these angels homemade thank you cards as well.  That special touch is appreciated all year long.

  166. Posted by: Sue K
    I introduced a friend that I have gotten close to the last few years. She lost her son in a accident a few years back. I got her into making cards to pass those evening that were so hard for her missing her son. I think I have got her to buy your new Christmas card box this year and I'm so excited for her too! She will love it like I have had the last few years with you kits! :)
  167. Posted by: Eileen
    For extra things, when I have time, I tend to think of senior retirement centers since many of these people are pretty much alone as far as visitors/family goes.
  168. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    I recently started volunteering at our local hospital's elder care facility...I volunteer my time and supplies to make craft projects with some of the residents. Our first craft project was quill art to put onto photo frames to place on their nightstands...I was thinking "outside" the box, that taking a big box of Christmas card "fixins" would be a fun project. Not only do they get to make cards for family and friends, but they get to see how beautiful and elegant their cards will be when we use your products! Thanks Anna!
  169. Posted by: Pat G.
    My aunt recently passed away.  During her hospital stay, I met some of her friends.  It was nice to know how she touched their lives and what dear friends they were to her.  I'm adding them to my Christmas card list.
  170. Posted by: Bonnie Wilson
    Making Christmas Cards for those who can not get out and hand delivering them is special.  Couple that with Christmas cookies (of course packaged with some of your 3d embellishments) a sheer joy.
  171. Posted by: Laurel M.
    I too send cards to Operation Write Home for the troops and since I just recently discovered the organization, it will be the first year I will be sending Christmas cards to them.  OWH is awesome and I am honored to do anything to help out the troops.  Also, I recently attended my 40th high school reunion so I plan on sending cards to the people I reconnected with there.
  172. Posted by: Donna
    So very excited to see Anna's newest holiday releases and this year promises to be one of her best years yet!  I am thinking of making a dozen cards to be distributed to random strangers!  Sorta like the book program where you pass along books you've finished reading and leave them behind for someone else to enjoy.    Imagine a tired, hardworking single mom finding a lovely AG card on her car window one afternoon!  Wouldn't that be fun!!    Or hand one to a harried salesclerk during the rushed holiday shopping season?  Or mail one to the staff of your local ER, firehall, etc.   This is what I hope to do for my card project this year.  
  173. Posted by: Diane Villegas
    My goal this year is to complete 100 cards for Operation Write Home. These cards will be sent to soldiers overseas so they can mail them to their own loved ones.
  174. Posted by: Shanie C
    I would like to try making cards for the Veterans in the VA hospital over the holidays and cards for the homeless in the shelters. I believe both are worthy causes who are not thought of as often and I have not made cards for them before. Congrats to Donna and I cannot wait to add those stamps to my collection! The self inking stamper is really great and I use it often, new stamps will be awesome!!! :)
  175. Posted by: Diane Villegas
    My goal this year is to complete 100 cards for Operation Write Home, the cards are sent to the troops overseas so that they will be able to send them out to their loved ones.
  176. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    I have always made a Christmas Card for each of the patients at my local Nursing Home.  This year I have been working on 300 various themes, Thank You, Thinking of You, Sympathy and lots of Birthday Cards for the patients at the Nursing Home, to give away during the year. The Director at the Nursing Home will contact me when they are running low in any of the themes and I will make more.  Majority of these patients are unable to leave the Nursing Home so this way they have the ability to send Cards to Friends and Family. It has been a very rewarding project for me just knowing how many will receive enjoyment out of my Cards.  Anna, I just can't tell you how excited I am to get my hands on all of your New Products in September.
  177. Posted by: Marie A.
    Making cards for those in assisted living.....
    They love snail mail....and so do I !
  178. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    I love sending cards the Nursing homes around the area that I live. All the residents enjoy receiving the cards, but there is those special ones that do not have family living near so they do not see them often. These are the ones whose eyes light up and get a look on their faces that would melt the coldest of hearts. It brings a lit sunshine into their room and into their lives and they know that they are very special.
  179. Posted by: Susan
    I send cards to the troops through Operation Write Home!
  180. Posted by: Sue H.
    Stamping is so much fun.  Something I do that's different is I stamp the back of my cards with a bible verse and one of your stamps.  My favorite stamp is your flourished heart.  The fine detailed art of that stamp is exquisite. Your card kits are the perfect way to learn how to make handmade cards. I'm still a newbie, and love learning new techniques. I never thought I would like paper so much and I think your antique engraved reproductions really drew me to appreciate the vintage style.  Can't wait for 9/17!
  181. Posted by: Susan H
    I like passing them on to others, so they can gift the special people in their lives, too!
  182. Posted by: Glenda Nowell
    I will be making a special card for my mailman this year.  He is having a lot of health problems and is getting very depressed.  Right now I am working of a farm page for him and will put it in a 12 x 12 frame.  It will have a space framed for him to put a pic of his family in it.  Hope he feels better really soon.   Love you products and God bless!
  183. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    I'll be sending to card I've not even met w/a Christmas card exchange I joined - can't wait to see who and how far they come from making my own cards w/products from Anna Griffin will make them beautiful and hopefully a keepsake
  184. Posted by: Cathy C
    I am making card sets with a gift box as gifts this year so they may share the cards with people they love.
  185. Posted by: cindy
    Not only do I send your cards out, but I like to use them as picture holders and journaling places on my scrapbook pages.  They also look beautiful framed as a grouping, 5 or six cards with related themes in small individual frames and hung.  Then there is the decorative box of 5 or 6 homemade cards given as a gift. Last year I lost my husband and it took me a while to pull things together, but I sent out homemade cards to everyone instead of the usual thank yous provided by the funeral home with a special note inside. Everyone said they were personally moved by them.  They were special--like he was. I feel like I am giving a part of me when I give these cards. 
  186. Posted by: SharonG
    I would love to win this bundle -- love making my own cards for all occasions, especially Christmas!
  187. Posted by: Jo-Anne V. Terranella
     I am thinking about the BOX, it came to me like a bolt of love for
     someone who comes everyday almost and leaves my boxes in my
     garage next to my door. My husband refers to this man as my boyfriend. He is the UPS man, who I need to really thank, and show my appreciation of  him. I also think I will use some extra Christmas stuff and make cards for the men overseas.
  188. Posted by: Audrey O
    These stamps look terrific.  Now I can add another creative element to my projects.  And I love reading everybody's ideas for Christmas.  Never too early to get in a warm, fuzzy mood.
  189. Posted by: Kim Kitchell
    Before my parents passed away in January and February of 2013, they were living in an Assisted Living home.  It is a wonderful, caring place for the seniors to live and feel safe.  Not only did I visit my parents frequently,  but I made many new friends from the residents that live there.  It still makes me smile when I visit some of them.  They are so happy to have a visitor.  What I would like to do is make some cards and around Christmas time hand out the homemade cards and some homemade cookies.  I can see in my mind right now how how happy these residents will be to have some visitors over the Christmas holiday.  And yes,  my husband will be right there with me visiting and shaking hands and handing out kisses!
  190. Posted by: Tallchicky
    Wow, love, love, love!

    there are no more words to describe Anna's talent!
  191. Posted by: Jeanie P
    I've just moved into a new little "village".  They are rental, sort of cottage'ish patio homes.  I'd love to give cards to my new neighbors this holiday season.
  192. Posted by: Carol Coleman
    Wow!  I think I might use the stamps to make holiday cookies.  Then I could share them with others.
  193. Posted by: Drema Griffin
    I would like to fix some for the people that is relly have a rough time in their lives at this time, more ways than one!!!
  194. Posted by: June P
    Anna, I've been in love with your products for several years.  I make cards all year long.  I give packages of my cards to friends & relatives throughout the year for their personal use.  My mom was in assisted living for over a year & I sent her a card everyday which she shared with all of her nurses, doctors etc., & each time I visited they would comment on the cards & on much she enjoyed them.  I did 1000's of cards for the troops & this year for Christmas I was planning on giving a packages of cards to a couple of nursing homes in the area.  My out of the box thought this year is a special made box with several cards included for each of my Nieces.  I have a young Great niece that enjoys making cards so we will do not only Christmas but Halloween etc., for all of her 1st grade.
    Using your beautiful embossing folders & coloring several of them has been a project this past month.  Your Christmas papers & ideas just make me want to create more & more.  Thank you for all of your inspiration over the years.  Looking forward to watching you on September 17th.  June P.
  195. Posted by: Lin M.
    For a while I have been wanting to find a group or organization to make cards for. After reading all these comments I have decided I am going to look up a local nursing/retirement home and make cards for them using your supplies. I know they would be much appreciated. I'm thinking besides just Christmas I could also do birthday, just because, etc. Thank you for inspiring this conversation and for your wonderful products!!!
    One note - I am sad that your big giveaway is only on Facebook - I am not on Facebook and surely am not the only one.
  196. Posted by: Patti
    Hi Anna I am going to Tampa Bay area for September and will watch your show on HSN there, I am thinking I will have everything delivered there. My sister is involved in her church's Canines for Christ mission going to a nursing home and bringing her little yorkies to visit with the folks who live there. I am going to make some cards so that Frodo and Gidget will have cards to leave with them. This is a church that I also "go" to  as they have online services. I plan to talk to  Pastor Matthew about others I can make cards for.
  197. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    First of all, I would like to thank you Anna, for giving us the supplies and inspiration to make such wonderful crafting items. There's nothing better than seeing someone's face when they ask "Did you make this?".  My dog had Gum Cancer a few months ago. After going to the vet, oncologist, surgeon, etc., he had surgery to remove the cancer and we just recently found out he is now "cured". So the first thing I will do, is to make either a card or a collage for the surgeons office (showing pics of my dog with his cone and without) to thank them for saving my baby's life?  Then I plan on making up lots of cards (maybe even the whole new kit you have coming), and taking them to my local hospital on Christmas morning. The doctors, nurses and staff don't want to be there any more than the patients. So, even though I (HOPEFULLY) will not be a patient, I would like to thank them for being our lifeline on the one day they would rather be with their families. It's their selflessness that saves our lives every day and they don't hear that often enough.
  198. Posted by: Patricia
    Our church asks for cards and gifts for patients in the medical care facility every Christmas,  so that's where mine will go.
  199. Posted by: Jeanie
    Thinking outside the box, I could make cards in a bundle and give them as a gift, therefore others would send them out and they would reach people I don't even know.  Or I could send them to military in the war, or to the elderly.

  200. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I would like to send some cards to our serviceman.
  201. Posted by: dee s
     anna,    our church has a collection box for the battered women and children shelter. i think this year i will enclude some cards of hope and hugs for this christmas and new year. dee
  202. Posted by: Linda M.
    In our town, we have a home for teenagers who need a place to live (for various reasons).  Each year, the director asks for Christmas cards for the teens so that they will know that people care about them.  I will be making enough cards so that each one will receive a card.  I think they will like something that was hand made just for them.
  203. Posted by: Roberta
    Every year at Christmas our church puts out a list of our shut-ins to mail cards to.  I would like to make cards this year using your beautiful products.
  204. Posted by: Janelle
    I was thinking about sending cards this year to my neighborhood nursing home. I think I'll get in touch with their activities director...thanks for the push!
  205. Posted by: Joyce
    I make my cards for family and at Christmas time, I also make about 20 for my co-workers.  I love making them, and I think they are appreciated.
  206. Posted by: Aymee B.
    Anna, first thank you for all the giveaways!  It's so nice to see a retailer giving things away in this hard economy... especially your fun goodies!  I had a hard time coming up with an "out of the box" answer to your question today.  But after reading the other comments it really inspired me to do some good works this holiday season!  I have been struggling financially and kind of buried my head in the sand.. meaning I tend to hermit away and I haven't given any of my time to anyone close to me or anyone at all.  So, I'm thinking about maybe taking my kit to a Senior Center and doing an easy class with them.  I know everyone loves to get a card, but I think the elderly, especially those without family and friends... would really love to just spend time with others making something fun and beautiful to put in their rooms.  Maybe instead of cards I can figure out an advent calendar project??  Not sure yet but I'm sure I will have tons of inspiring ideas once I get your beautiful kit!
  207. Posted by: Susan Lowe
    I like to put a handmade card in the mail slot for the mail carrier.  I like to et her know that she is greatly appreciated.
  208. Posted by: Brenda L
    I would make cards for children that are hospitalized and cannot be at home for Christmas. Just a little something so they know people are wishing them well.
  209. Posted by: Michelle
    I always try to send thank you's to all the teachers who have made an impact in my life. They tell me every year that they just love seeing how I have grown into a young lady and that means a lot to me!
  210. Posted by: Merial
    I would like to reach out to my new neighbors to get to know them better. We have only lived here a little while and I think making a hand made card that I then hand delivered would be an awesome way to connect to new friends. 
  211. Posted by: ElizabethD
    I had mentioned this before but I thought it might help others. I have a very small family and so years ago we (friends and I) decided that since cards were so expensive we would donate that money to an animal shelter and we have. Seeing all the beautiful Christmas cards that can be made with Anna's kits. I thought I could purchase a kit, have a girls night and create. Then give them to a friend who works with senior citizens. She will pass them out so each person will have a card or two to send to someone special.
  212. Posted by: PamM
    I am going to send handmade cards to childhood friends I have lost touch with.
  213. Posted by: Rhonda Haun
    My cards will go mainly to family and friends but I also like to make them for my mailman, and other service providers. 

    Love all the card kits I have purchased so far.
  214. Posted by: Shana
    The guys in the brown shorts, Mr. postman, and fed ex who lug all those HSN boxes and craft supplies to the door have earned a card this year.
  215. Posted by: Mary
    Our kids at church like to make cards for shut ins and for those in nursing homes. Those that are in nursing homes are very lonely and truly appreciate receiving cards. I have personally watched them cry and many save the cards they receive.
  216. Posted by: Veronica Deaton
    I could send some Christmas cards to service men/women overseas.
  217. Posted by: Jane
    I think it would be meaningful making cards for people in  nursing homes.  Having to finally put my mother in a nursing home, I got to see first hand how many people there are that never have visitors, or get mail.  The littlest thing makes them happy.  My aunt is 93, and when I sent her a homemade card, she had to show everyone. 
  218. Posted by: Penny K.
    After reading the ideas posted by other AG fans, I am in awe of all of the original ideas. I really liked the idea of Jody Green - I have always tried to do a random act of kindness each day, but I had never thought of randomly mailing a card to someone I did not know. I like that .....So, thanks to Jody's idea, I plan to include "acts of random card giving" this holiday season. Can you imagine the surprise and delight of someone receiving a beautiful AG card and knowing that someone had taken the time and effort to include them in their holiday spirit? Joy to the World!
  219. Posted by: Brenda Berry
    I like to make cards for all the people that provide services in our small community throughout the year.  Bank Tellers, our Mail Man, the Assisted Living staff where I volunteer, the local Hospital staff and volunteers, and our Library staff. Each card has a special message wishing them a happy holiday and thanking them for all they do! It's a simple way for me to let them all know they are appreciated and special to our little town.
  220. Posted by: Heidi
    Hi Anna,
    My daughter works at a nursing home and she tells me that some of the residents rarely receive visitors, so we could make cards for them, not just for Christmas, but just as a little surprise...just because!
  221. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    One thing I have already done to "think out of the box" a little was to make a couple sets of handmade cards from your kits for Door Prizes to be given away to people who attended the Fall Carnival at our church last year. Several people made handmade items to give away to encourage people to attend and Anna Griffin handmade cards were my contribution. The people who won them were surprised and touched to have such a nice gift and it helped them get a head start on their Christmas cards for the season! We may do the same thing again this year. I know that it is a gift I would like to win!
  222. Posted by: Kim P.
    Sending Christmas cards to my kids teachers at school.  They work so hard and always treat my kids around the holidays.   I love Anna's stamp and this would make my holidays very special.
  223. Posted by: Joan LoBrutto
    I think that in addition to the cards that I make for family and friends I will make cards for my son Chris's teachers.  Chris has Downs Syndrome and goes to this wonderful program.  The people their are outstanding. I would like to show them how much we appreciate everything that they do for our son and all the students in their care. 
  224. Posted by: Karen Davidson
    I was already planning to have my grandchildren come over to make cards for their teachers. Now your blog has taken my plan to a whole new level - I am going to have them help me make cards to take to the hospice patients at our local VA Hospital. We will do this in memory of my father & the wonderful caring people ay the VA Hospice! Thanks Anna for getting me to think outside the box!
  225. Posted by: Brenda S.
     I will be having a Cookie Exchange/Christmas Luncheon and will make cards for everyone and use like a place card.  Love your products!!!  Thanks!!!!
  226. Posted by: roi smolinski
    When my dad was in the nursing home, those people were so lonely frm no one visiting. I will make extra cards & have them distributed for me. What a great combination- Anna AND Cricut!! Looking forward to this years cards

  227. Posted by: Andrea
    I would make cards for our troups overseas. They do so much everyday to protect us. They are our hero's.
  228. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Off the top of my head, I think the Postal Worker that will be delivering all my new Anna Griffin products will more than deserve a beautiful card this year!!!! 
  229. Posted by: Marge
    I've had a number of health issues over the years, and I think it would really brighten up my health care providers' offices with some of these handmade cards!  So, I'd have fun making them, and the patients would have fun seeing them.
  230. Posted by: Bobbie Wendt-Machek
    Hi Anna,
    I would like to make cards for local Nursing Home residents. So their holiday would be a little brighter. I sure hope I win these great stamps!
    Bobbie Wendt-Machek
  231. Posted by: Jody Green
    This is a hard one.  I already use your kits to make cards for the military and for charity auctions.  I'm thinking perhaps using your cards as random acts of kindness - perhaps pick people at random from the phone book or online and just send them a card.  Or maybe I could make a few to carry with me to give the stressed out clerks at the stores during the holidays.  The possibilities are endless!
  232. Posted by: Paula
    I love all the Christmas items from Anna and look forward to adding to my collection ... especially the die cuts and wreath stamps.  This year I will be adding coworkers to my list of homemade card recipients.    
  233. Posted by: Jackie Conley
    I always send cards to people who touch my heart in some way or another. Whether they need to be uplifted, whether they lifted me up, or just if they need to know that they are appreciated for something they didnt expect to be noticed th for. I like to swoop in and surprise them. They always seem so shocked lol. Its a joy to see their delight in being acknowledged quietly but sincerely.
  234. Posted by: Kathy Etersque
    Oh I can't wait.  Igot the cart yesterday. My card group does cards for
    the military. So, I am getting ready for that event.
  235. Posted by: Dalyce Mangum
    Hi Anna,
    I have a son and a son-in-law in the military. So since I am fairly new to card making I will be sending cards to troops.
    I also have a son serving a mission in India. I will be making cards for him to give away to people.
    I look so forward to your Christmas presentation in September on HSN.
  236. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    I will be making cards for my grandchildren to take to their teachers. I
    want them to know how much they are appreciated. All of the wonderful
    things you have coming out to make beautiful cards I just can't wait.
    Thanks so much Anna!
  237. Posted by: Elisabeth
    I agree with Kathie S.  I've never made Christmas cards either.
  238. Posted by: Carolyn T.
    I feel handmade cards touch the receiver with the thought that someone cared enough to do that for them. This year I would like to make cards for a local nursing home where my daughter works.
  239. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    Besides the cards I send, I can touch others through my granddaughters.  They love to make cards but they also love ornaments. I think they would probably like for me to show them how to make a card for their teachers and others and put ornaments in them using these stamps!  I know they would like to make ornaments to put on the tree in the children's cancer clinic where my oldest granddaughter has been a patient for almost the entire 12 years of her life.  I think these stamps are a great addition to your products.  Thank you and looking forward to September!
  240. Posted by: Marianne
    Anna , this year especially I'm going to concentrate on a friend I grew up with but them lost touch with for  30 yrs.  Persistance in searching and finding her living in a suburb of Atlanta. She has not had an easy life and I hope that I can lift her spirits. I've already sent her one of the true friends cards from Anna's kits and I cannot tell you how often she speaks of it. Anna I am going to shower her with all of your Christmas products. 
  241. Posted by: Cathy
    I adopt a charity every year and this year my charity is the Helderberg Society for the Aged.  There are so many lonely and forgotten old folks living in these retirement homes.  All they want is a little love and attention.  I would make some cards to take along when I visit and inside I would write a little message of love and thank them for everything they have done in their lives which has in some way touched another person.  If I can bring a smile to just one person in the home I will be happy.
  242. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    I will be making cards for my grandchildren to take to their teachers. I want them to know how much they are appreciated. All of the wonderful things you have coming out to make beautiful cards I just can't wait. Thanks so much Anna!
  243. Posted by: Linda Fraley
    Paraprofessionals at my school would appreciate a special card - custodians, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers.  They work so hard for us and are often not acknowledged.
  244. Posted by: TeranceH
    Every year, i always try and find someone at my job or at church that is not a part of my circle (they are a person i might deal with for one time issues or projects) that would normally get something from me and give them a card.  So far at lease one of these people that i have done this for will become better friends over that next year and they get a permanent spot on my list.
  245. Posted by: Linda
    I like to make not only Christmas cards, but use the tools to make banners for myself, family and friends (a special friend who is in the nursing home).  This way, the beauty is displayed and enjoyed for all.  I was so excited about your new cartridge, that I have purchased it thru Cricut..... who knows, maybe I will share with you what I've created with the cartridge before your HSN airing!  
  246. Posted by: Ellen-Ann Adler
    Never having made Christmas Cards before I think I will make some for my friends who celebrate this holiday to send to those on their list.They just love the cards I have made for them using your kits and I think they will enjoy sending some to their  love ones.
  247. Posted by: Debra
    I plan on sending cards to the troops for them to use to send to friends and loved ones
  248. Posted by: Jean Zima
    I would make Christmas cards fir our solders in South Korea. Our friend's husband just got transferred there. Thanks to our 
  249. Posted by: Toni V
    There are two men I have met, one outside my office building and the other on my way from work to the train station, that I help out with a little extra when I can.  They will be getting special cards this year to let them know that someone cares.  Also the crew at the Cosi where I get my morning bagel everyday to let them know I appreciate them.  You make sharing something beautiful with all of them so easy.  Thank you.
  250. Posted by: robyn d
    I will use handmade wreath cards to decorate our display case at work.  I am in charge of decorating the case for special occasions.  Wreath cards would make a wonderful addition to our christmas display.
  251. Posted by: Beverly F
    Having worked many years at a very large teaching hospital, I have spent many a Christmas Day there along with many patients who unfortunately are there as well. I think it would be lovely to give many of them a lovely card to celebrate the day in a happier way and what better way than with an Anna Griffin card which would brighten up anyone's day.
  252. Posted by: Jean zima
    My friend, who's husband just got transferred to South Korea in the Army, i would make cards for our heroes over there! 
  253. Posted by: Linda C
    I think to reach outside the box this year I will send cards to those in our church who have been having a long struggle with health issues.  To remember this with something more than a "thinking of you" card, I hope, will be very special!
  254. Posted by: Arlene Vastano
    I cannot wait til September Anna!
  255. Posted by: Judy R
    Originally I was planning on cutting back on how many cards I send this year but Anna you have pushed that though right out of my head!  I am now starting to plan ahead to send some of my patients a Christmas/holiday card, especially the elderly and ones that do not have many family members left to enjoy the holidays with.  I am sure my patients will appreciate you Anna.
  256. Posted by: Barbara E
    My mother-in-law just moved into a retirement home this year and I think there are a lot of lonely people there.  I will ask the administration to distribute some extra cards to those with no relatives and little mail.
  257. Posted by: Erica H.
    I think a great idea for the new wreath stamps would be to make ornaments or to use editable food coloring as a stamp medium and stamp cookies! I think they would look so cute! Imagine all the the happy faces when they see them!!! You could distribute them amongst family, friends, take them to school, work, or use at bake/craft sales/fundraisers...the possibilities are endless!!!
  258. Posted by: Fran Camero
    I would make a special Christmas Card for our garbage men.  I would wait for them on garbage day (Tuesdays) and give them their cards.  I would tell them "thank you for all the hard work you do" and give them the cards.
  259. Posted by: Kathie S
    I have never made my Christmas cards. So, just doing that would make a huge statement to those that would receive a handmade wreath card.




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