Cottage Roses & Guided Scrapbook Preview

Anna Griffin | Aug 23, 2013
August 23, 2013
Hello from London!
My shows on QVC UK have been such a blast- a huge thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch yesterday and this morning. I’ll be on again at 10 p.m. BST tonight, so I hope to see you there!
This week I asked you all to help me spread the word about the Holiday Trimmings Kit, and spread the word you did! Thank you for telling even more than 3 friends. We have just started a Christmas Card making revolution!
Today’s giveaway winner will take home 48 sheets of my new 12x12 Christmas cardstock. Congratulations to Aymee B!  Don’t forget all of the chances you have to win from now until September 17th- we’re giving away new items every Tuesday and Thursday right here on the blog, AND you can enter to win our biggest giveaway of all on Facebook (valued at $600!) by clicking here
For our next two previews we’re going to switch gears just a little bit.  Even though I’ll have loads of fabulous holiday collections for you on HSN, there are also some great everyday items for you to add to your crafting stash. And be sure to watch my video today for another fun fact about this must-have box of Christmas goodies!

It wouldn’t be an Anna Griffin show without some insanely gorgeous flowers, now would it? Step into my new garden of Cottage Roses, a set of 50 three-dimensional stickers that captures the beauty of some of my favorite florals. These pair wonderfully with the Perfect Palette Card Kit or the French Floral papers that you saw in July both of which are still available on

Next is the new Scrapbook & Guided Layouts in my Olivia pink and green damask pattern. Inside is everything you need to instantly create an album of your favorite memories. I’ve done all of the hard work for you, just add pictures and embellishments! These make fantastic keepsakes or gifts for those nearest and dearest to you.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, in order to win these two items you’ll have to answer a question for me! Who or what first inspired you to make Christmas Cards?
Check back on Tuesday for the winner and yet another sneak peek you can’t miss.  If you’ve been waiting for something for more masculine projects, then you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar…


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  5. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    It was 4 years ago that I received my first homemade Christmas card from my friend Sandy Nolan and I loved it, I then asked her about it and she told me she ordered a kit from QVC designed by you. and it was love at first sight. The design was vibrant, and elegant , and so unique and that is when the cardmaking bug bit me!I just love it !!
  6. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I actually started off by making birthday cards and baby cards. Most of the recipients had never received a handmade card before and felt very special.  Each and every card is made with a particular person in mind.  Even using Anna's card kits I am able to individualize the card.
  7. Posted by: Lora
    Anna your products inspire me to do what ever it is they are meant to be, because they are so beautiful and I just have to have them.  Thank you always.

  8. Posted by: Terri Gonzalez
    My daughter Audrey first inspired me to make cards, all kinds of cards on Sept.17th she will be celebrating her birthday and I would love to give this gift to her for the gift of card making she has given to me.  My friends can not believe the cards she has helped me to create. So by her sharing her creativity, my friends can receive a card that will brighten their day. Each card is made with that friend in mind.  She  lives in North Austin and I live South Austin so you know that their will only be one telephone
    line open.  Maybe we should have a sleep over.  Thanks Anna.

  9. Posted by: Lina
    Actually it was St Jude's hospital. Each yr, I would tear the front part of all my Christmas cards & gave them to a friend who use  to send to them to make recycled new Christmas cards to sell.
    Then I started keeping a couple to try my own cards. Then I saw your products 8 years ago while looking to make my wedding cards & of course googled you when I got home and saw all the beautiful flowers that mimic what I grow in m small garden & went crazy
  10. Posted by: Judy Broussard
    You inspired me. My Mother passed away and I was so miserable and could not concentrate on anything. I was so depressed. I went to a Scrapbook Store in the Woodlands Texas with a friend and I saw your beautiful papers and flowers and ribbons and all I could think of was going into some wonderful memories with my Mother and how those memories would look on your beautiful floral papers and floral accessories. I was soooo hooked. I have followed every show with you own it and HSN and Pinterest. I just can't get enough. Thank you for giving me something to remember those good memories and I can go back and look at them with smiles and even laughing. You have no idea how you changed my life and took me out of that depression. Now I have something to look forward to. I keep elderly folks in an Assisted Living and we have begun to take pictures and doing pages and putting them on a beautiful stand. Maybe when I finish I can send you some pictures. Thank you so much. Judy B
  11. Posted by: Barbara Ott
    I truly enjoy making handmade Christmas cards. Approx. 15 each year and my first choice is of course your beautiful papers and embellishments.  I use Anna Griffin products all year in every place I can.  Thank you for your wonderful ideas - Have a beautiful day.  Love the Christmas collection and have my idea board just about filled!
  12. Posted by: Debbi
    Hi Anna, I followed you from QVC to HSN and if it wasn't for you I would've never known how much creativity I have in these hands. I have loved making scrapbooks and cards ever since you.
  13. Posted by: Cheryl R
    Anna, you and your beautiful products inspired me to cardmaking.  Thank you so much.
  14. Posted by: Debra Wald
    The love of making Christmas cards comes from the era of my youth, when I would get a card in the mail that was Christmas to me, ripping open the envelope and eyes wide open!  Anna, your card designs help to pass on this feeling to someone else, and giving them the surprise, putting the beautiful designs together, this makes me proud and gives the spirit of Christmas to another!  Having the love of crafting my entire life and thinking up new projects now made easier since I found Anna Griffin!
  15. Posted by: Linda
    The cabbage roses look beautiful I can't wait to buy them. I am doing heritage pages and I think this whole line will be perfect for them. Thank you once again for all your beautiful work.
  16. Posted by: Cheryl S
    Anna – I have been a fan of you and your products since your first
    clear stamp kit with Plaid.  When I moved to London 15 years ago, I was inspired by Dawn Bibby to make Christmas cards,
    sending a little work of art from my heart to friends and family back home in the USA.  I was delighted when you arrived in London and shared your designs and inspiration for elegant card
    making all year – and congratulations on your 10th Anniversary on QVC UK.  Now that I am back in Kentucky, I am so happy to find you on HSN!  Thank you for your wonderful products and providing the opportunity to win these goodies!
  17. Posted by: Susan D
    After I learned to calligraphy needed to find ways to use it. Hand made cards are one of my favorites. It's much easier to mske them now with all of your beautiful products. Thank You!
  18. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    You were the one that inspired me to start card making.  Love all your products.  Anxiously waiting until your next show!
  19. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
     I do almost every hand craft but had been concentrating on quilting and beadwork. Then I injuredy shoulder and over a period of 7 yrs had 3 surgeries. I couldn't pull a needle and thread out to the length I needed to to do those things. I happened to watch a shop at home TV program showing one of the die cutting machines on the market and cards were used to show off the machine and dies. Then I started looking for more dies and paper at Michaels where I saw your early booklets, stamps and embossing stencils. Your style was elegant and sophistocated without being stuffy. It was/is romantic. I got totally hooked on making cards for all seasons and all reasons. I've always used Christmas cards as a yearly way to touch base with everyone I care about-friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors so I have a long card list. But the new die machines, papers, and dies make it easy to add texture and something a little extra in every card. Your style adds the inspiration. Thank-you.
  20. Posted by: Lisa
    My sister first inspired me to try making cards, although I have been scrapbooking for years. It was your Christmas card kits that made me feel confident enough to make all of my holiday cards. I don't have alot of time, so it didn't seem so overwhelming to use the kit, and of course the cards were beautiful.
  21. Posted by: Kathie G
    My creative daughter inspired me to make cards.  She makes beautiful cards and always makes it look so easy to do.  It's so much fun to make Christmas cards with her and using Anna's products makes it easy.

    Thanks Anna for the all of your lovely products. 
  22. Posted by: Marie Campagna
    I discovered your beautiful papers and flowers and knew that making cards with your products would be the ultimate gift. Thank you for all you do.    Marie Campagna
  23. Posted by: cheryl
    I have made Christmas Cards over several years but have NEVER  been able to make any that look as stunning as the ones I have made using Anna's kits.  I only bought one last year and sent them to special friends.  LOL  My family was not happy that they did not get any of them so this  year I will be purchasing more.  I can't wait to see everything that is going to be in the September show.  All I know is takes a lot of thought and love to make something so special that we can pass on to others Anna.  Thank you so very much!
  24. Posted by: Karen B.
    About 16 or 17 years ago while attending a program at our church, one of the activities for the children was stamping!  My 7 yr old thought embossing was the greatest trick ever and we became stampers/card makers along with scrapbooking.  Papercrafting has been a family hobby and event at our house ever since that evening!
  25. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, I have been scrapbooking for a very long time but every time that I watch you on QVC and then on HSN I kept on liking more and more the things that you were making. Then this year I was really getting excited with your new products that I got so inspired to start making cards, and every time I gave a card out everyone started to comment how beautiful they were including my husband, so Anna you inspired me to make the cards. Thank you!
  26. Posted by: Jeanette Falcon
    Hi Anna, I always did scrapbooking for a very long time but every time that I was tune in QVC and then HSN I kept watching you and I kept loving more and more everything that you were making so I kept getting mor excited and loving the cards that were on the show so Anna you inspired me to make cards! Thank you for inspiring me!
  27. Posted by: karen day
    I needed something to do when I had to stop working.  I got into scrapbooking, then moved on to making cards, then, I just started to do homemade Christmas cards as I can't bring myself to buy a store bought one now.  I used your Christmas card kit last year and it was a huge hit!
  28. Posted by: Amy F Jones
    My mother taught me to make cards & then I wanted to make all my Christmas cards to make it more personal. Everyone loves getting homemade cards bc they know they are made with love.
  29. Posted by: Shana
    I think we all started making cards back in grade school. We called it passing notes, but I remember folding them just so and adding pictures or drawing on flowers to make them more special. The ones I make today are nicer papers and beautiful embellishments and many start with AG products, but the memories of those grade school "cards" will always be sweet.
  30. Posted by: Debbie N.
    You !!!  I first started to make cards when you released your lovely scrapbooking products and I have been making cards every since.
  31. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Hi Anna~
    My beautiful Grandmother taught me how to make greetings cards when I was a little girl. I was very close to her and I always tried to do things the way she did as a child and even as a grown woman.  Her creativity always inspired me to learn new crafts.  Crafting was a love the both of us shared together.  My Grandmother came from an era of never throwing anything away and paper scraps, ribbon bits, pipe cleaners, tinsel and old jewelry beads turned into beautiful Christmas cards for our family members at her dining room table.  (My Grandmother taught me to recycle long before recycling came about in America!) So ~ it is She that I credit for my love of paper crafting~may God rest her dear soul.  Your Cottage Roses are so beautiful Anna and they make me think especially of my Sweet Grandmother. Sincerely, Debbie
  32. Posted by: Nadine S.
    Watching shows for scrapbook supplies on hsn I saw your Christmas holiday card box presentation-needless to say I purchased it immediately and have been making cards ever since.  I have several of your products that go even back to the Q-my room is full of "Anna Griffin"-lol !   
  33. Posted by: thomas
    my inspiration is my wife, She makes our cards and since I retired she has me helping her... We just made some from the floral collection for birthdays
  34. Posted by: Patty
    I get the greatest compliments on the cards we make together!   Love how you give my limited creativity WINGS!!    
  35. Posted by: Gilda
    I began making Christmas cards when I started making my own greeting cards, many of which were inspired by the beautiful papers you produce!  Even though there are many beautiful, commercially produced, Christmas cards available, I wanted to send out something handmade with a personal touch.  So, I began making my own Christmas cards about 12 years ago!
  36. Posted by: Diaine Sadler
    My best friend was the first one to get your card making kits.  I fell in love with them and have quite a lot of all your things for card making.  I love the new cottage rose stickers.  I love having things that are made for use with the stickers already to go.  Looking forward to the 17th.  I haveit posted eveery where so I won't forget it.  I am 73 years old and made a birthday card for a friendjust this morning.ZF
  37. Posted by: Jean Drouin
    Having to take an early retirement due to health reasons is what started me making my own Christmas and other occasion cards. Anna your products are so beautiful. Do you ever get tired of hearing that? I only recently discovered you thanks to your visits to HSN, wish I had found you when I still had a paycheck  coming in. Thank you for the chance to win the new Cottage Roses Stickers and Scrapbook with Guided Layouts .
  38. Posted by: Connie
    A friend took me to a stamping class 13 years ago and that began my addiction to card making.  One card led to another and since Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, it was so much fun making cards for my loved ones.  I have to say your papers, stamps, stickers, etc. we're also a huge inspiration.  I just can't resist the beautiful things in your line of products.  Can't wait for the HSN shows and your next sneak preview!
  39. Posted by: alan
    thanks so much for all the beautiful products you brought to QVCUK last week Anna...can't wait for them all to arrive so i can start using everything! hope you have lots of fabulous new things to show in october!
  40. Posted by: Olivia
    I was learning to paint with water colors and one morning noticed how pretty my patio was with the garland draped fence in the background.  I sat down and sketched it, painted it and used it as my Christmas card that year.  Not very crafty but they were originals.
  41. Posted by: Shrody
    I love doing handmade gifts for Christmas. I am in love with Anna's crafting materials and last year made Christmas cards using her kit. Everyone exclaimed over their unique cards! It makes me feel so good when I can lift up someone's spirits by giving them something I have made just for them. I will continue to make Christmas cards because it satisfies a need within me!
  42. Posted by: June Palasek
    WOW, I just fell in love with your presentation of the Cottage Roses & the scrapbook.  However, I was a scrapbooker for many years when we moved to Florida for my retirement.  I was bored once we became settled & I needed something to do.  Reading a small area newspaper I seen an advertisement for a scrapbook store in my area that talked about CARD classes.  Now I thought it sounded interesting so I went to the shop looked around seen the type of cards they were talking about & thought well if I'm gonna add a new idea to my life this could be it.  I signed up for a class & in the meantime I was watching QVC at the time & you were on with your papers & card kits - so I thought well try it you might like it - LIKE IT was the understatement - I opened the kit I received, look at the creative booklet & thought WOW can I do this - well some 6 years later along with encouragement from a friend I met at the class & her craft afternoons at her house I was so hooked.  I made 1000's of cards for the troops with her & sent several cards to friends & family.  My MOM who was extremely talented in many crafts fell in love with all the cards I sent her over the next few years.  So you, a dear friend & my MOM kept me infatuated with all aspects of card making.  Anytime you're on TV I either DVR it or sit & watch & buy,buy.
    I can hardly wait for September 17th at midnight to get here.  Love you & all of your ideas.  Thank you for sharing your many talents with the rest of us crafters out here.  See you on the 17th.
    Hugs, from a card,craft,scrapbook making friend.
  43. Posted by: Donna Ewing
    Love the beautiful collection. I have ill husband  , I have been making cards while taking care of him.
  44. Posted by: Jen Johnson
    My friend Joyce started me stamping cards. Before that I was stamping on fabric for quilting labels. I didn't want to pay $15 per hand made label and thought I could made them cheaper. Wow, was I wrong!!  That was 20+ years ago and about 10,000 stamps ago!  Haven't looked back either. 
  45. Posted by: Lisa
    My first inspiration came from my I just wanted to make something hand made for them...  But you, Anna, were the inspiration for me to take the cards I make to a level above and beyond what I could ever hope to.  So thank you for that and for the chance to win some of your lovely products. :)
  46. Posted by: sandra roderick
    I am waiting for your latest Christmas box to arrive, ordered this week from Qvc. I have had two of your other Christmas selections which have lasted me for years due to the amount of goodies included in each.I am not only a buyer at Christmas, I have many of your kits including your albums. Love Anna Griffin products they never fail to impress both myself and the recipients.
  47. Posted by: Kathy Roscoe
    Love and have to have everything Anna Griffin! 
  48. Posted by: Suzanne S
    Your cards are so beautiful!!!!  I am excited to just be learning how to make cards.  And, the fact that the cards I am learning how to make are Anna Griffin cards makes me look like such an artist!!!!  Looking forward to trying your Christmas cards!!!  Thank you so much.
  49. Posted by: Kanike
    I would love to win this wonderful prize, especially the book. I wasn't able to buy it from HSN when Anna appeared on the show this summer. I absolutely love everything Anna Griffin! I was able to get the auto-ship a few years ago with all the card kits & have really missed being able to buy more since I've been unemployed. I'm still trying to make them last using a lot of the papers and flowers from the Thank You kit. I just use them for other cards. 
  50. Posted by: Jackie Conley
    i was first inspired by my friend Helen who did all things paper crafty years ago.  She invited me to a stamping party and i was so impressed I ordered a ton of stuff.  I was so embarressed after I got home and reality hit.  I realized I neither had the time nor could I afford those supplies so I had to cancel the order.  She was a good friend and understood but I never stopped thinking about how much I would really like to make cards and crafts from paper and especially my own Christmas cards.  Then..years later I saw you on HSN and since I no longer worked I had the time.  Money wise I made it work and that was the beginning of my love of card making and this will be my third year of Christmas Cards.  I'm anxious to see the new kit and all the new things coming up on the 17th show.  i'm so glad I happened upon the HSN craft ay you were on.  It has opened up a new world for me and I have taken off from there.  Thank you.
  51. Posted by: Danielle C
    My mom is my inspiration. But with beautiful pieces from you, being inspired is super easy! Love the pinks and purples of these flowers.
  52. Posted by: Trudy
     I had just lost my mother and was looking around the internet and
    came across a stamping club so I joined. I knew nothing about cardmaking and I live in the US and Joan lives in the UK and she
    taught me how to make cards by internet ( had to upload by work for
    her to help) and snail mail. To this day she is my best friend who I only know heart to heart.
    And that is how I learned to make my cards by doing it from my heart.
    Thank you Joan,
     Trudy from Texas
  53. Posted by: Marijane
    I would have to credit you and a paperback how-to book that you came out with years ago, that I got at my local Michael's store.  The book had the most beautiful Christmas card and gift box ideas I had ever seen...all created from scratch using your beautiful papers and stamps!  I've been hooked ever since, only now it's much easier using your card kits!  Thanks for years of beautiful ideas.
  54. Posted by: Jan W
    I used to make birthday and Father's Day cards for my dad.  Very primitive.  I would cut pictures and sayings out of magazines and put them with pictures of him on construction paper.  He loved them so much that I guess I just branched out and started making Christmas cards.  Thanks to Anna because now they are not primitive.  They are beautiful.
  55. Posted by: Cathy May
    When I first got into scrapbooking I would see all of the lovely card kits that were presented.  I never thought that I would get into making cards mainly because I figured that I wouldn't want to part with them after they were made.  But after watching all of your shows on HSN and various other shows I saw what it meant to people to receive them.  I was blown away by the amount of joy and happiness people received.  I decided to jump in and get started and in the very few cards that I have made and given to people, I have received more back from them in their responses.  Can't wait until the 17th to see all of the wonderful items that you are bringing to all of your fans.

  56. Posted by: ElizabethD
    Anna, I can't say that anyone person inspired me to make cards and because I have a small family and circle of friends making cards weren't exactly my thing (who would I send all the cards to). But seeing all the beautiful cards that you and the ladies on the board make, all of you have inspired me and my close friends to make some Christmas cards (girls night) and pass them to elderly people who would like to send cards to someone but can't afford them. So,Anna the answer to your question is ...You and The Ladies on Facebook have inspired me and perhaps start a new tradition in my family. To give, so others can receive is in the true holiday spirit and your card kits allow that to happen.
  57. Posted by: Maw J
    Your Christmas card kits started the whole card making craze! I had thought about it but could never quite get it right , until your kits came along! Thank you for all your inspiration!
  58. Posted by: cheri lee
    My Grammy taught me to sew on a button at age 3. She taught her kids and us grand kids how to sew, knit and crochet, crewel work and needlepoint. Every Christmas we made homemade Christmas Cards for family and frienuds because we didn't have the money to buy store bought ones. When she passed, she still had all of our cards we had made as children. She was and is my greatest teacher. Everything I ever needed to know I learned from my Grammy. She came to live with me after she got altzheimers. She passed 13 years later at 85. She lives in my heart forever.
  59. Posted by: Mary K.
    A few Christmases ago, I received a lovely handmade card from one of my sisters. Christmas was tight that year so she got creative and used paint sample papers. It turned out great and was such a joy to receive because it was so personal! Needless to say, it's one of the things I look forward to every Christmas!!!
  60. Posted by: linda winkler
    you, anna griffin, are the one who got me to make my cards last year.  in fact my girlfriend makes cards every year.  even the "some assembly required" christmas tree that pops up when the card is opened.  but last year she made your cards and she said everyone raved about those cards.   enjoyed seeing you with craig in the uk.  he's my favorite there.  the cottage flowers -- fabulous
  61. Posted by: Shelia
    Every Christmas the card I look forward to most is the homemade card from a Dear Irish lady at church. I always wished I could make cards like Elizabeth. This year I'll be sending her a card.
    Thanks Anna! You and Elizabeth have inspired me!
  62. Posted by: Cynthia R.
    From the time myself and 2 younger siblings could hold those blunt ended sisscors, my Mom had us making cards! We didn't have much to work with but managed to make something similair to cards. Think about that old construction paper, glue(most of the time made with flour and water and a sprinkle of salt), sometimes we had regular glue that was in a rubber tipped glass bottle, glitter,  white and red paper doileys, and crayons!! Some of these "beauties" are still in existance today, believe it or not! Most are crumpled, and or folded, but worth the memories, as my Mom saved many of them!  Ok, I think that is enough hints on how old I am!! But there were years after that when I did not make any, then suddenly here come ANNA!! Oh boy, peaked my interest again big time!!  Thank you!! Love everything you make!
  63. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    You inspired  me Anna. Years ago I made a few birthday cards but did not send them because they looked to Homemade. But  since I got the cuddle bug and your beautiful folders and a card kit  I have sent only Handmade cards.  They look professional.  When I get your Christmas Card kit and folders I am sending out handmade Christmas cards this year.
  64. Posted by: miranda m
    My mother first introduced my to card making.  Always making sure  to reach out to someone via a card and handwriting the sentiments inside. When I was old enough to get a job my first job was at a Hallmark retail store and the card making and love of paper only grew. I love your card sets and you always inspire me to be more creative with no fear!
  65. Posted by: Carolyn R.
    A longtime friend introduced me to card making about 14 years ago and I was instantly hooked.  My cards started out fairly simply, but the more I made, the better they got!!  And now we have so much more available to us, thanks to you, Anna, to help us create such beautiful cards.  I just love spending time making cards, and everyone I have made cards for appreciate the fact that I took the time to create and make a card just for them. 
  66. Posted by: Carol Babst
    I have been scrapbooking for 11 years, and making cards for about 7  or 8 years.  I started to make cards just for family, then I branched out and made them for friends also.  With Anna's kits (I think I own 6 so far) it makes it so easy and they make such gorgeous cards, that I even make Anna's Christmas cards now, not just for family, but for friends also.  Even my "expert" card making friends love my Anna Griffin cards!
  67. Posted by: Kelly Hunt Clark
    I started with and still do make cards with a group of friends.  What you inspired me to do was to use my scraps after my pages were made by turning them into beautiful cards!  I so miss you scrapbook class curriculum.
  68. Posted by: Tracy
    Anna, I started making cards because I loved to make them personal for my friends and family! They don't like store bought from me. They expect some beautiful creation, little do they know most are from your kits or pieces and bits of your leftovers from other scrapbook projects . Happy crafting!!!
  69. Posted by: Nancy Sue
    My Aunt gets all the credit.  First and foremost she was a China painter and artist.   After that all things crafty.  She would make and mail me lovely cards.  After her passing, I decided I should keep up the tradition.  And thanks to your beautiful products that's where I started.  
  70. Posted by: Heather (mtl)
    Bonjour Miss Anna!
    You inspired me! Elegant cards have always been the look I wanted but I couldn't afford the big prices of the store-bought items. I love stamping so I started combining my love of quiet elegance and perfectly stamped images (embossed, of course!) and before long I had a list of cards to make that go well beyond the holidays. My friends and family adore my cards -enough to frame some but keep all- and I have you to thank for that. Never lose your creative touch, Anna and thanks for listening to our suggestions.
    Thank you also for the chance to win these gorgeous flowers and album!
  71. Posted by: Sherry Lovelass
    I was a competitive roller skater in my past and was always looking for skating things.  I found a rubber stamp with a skating mailman and that got me started in the world of card asking and then scrap booking.  I discovered how much people enjoyed hand made cards and started sending Christmas cards.  Your kits make my life so much easier with all the cards I ultimately send and of course they are always beautiful with your products.
  72. Posted by: Becky E
    It was you! Was home on maternity leave almost 20 years ago and discovered you designed everything I have loved my entire life. Started following you then and am so inspired with each new creation you share. Thanks for always keeping it fresh!
  73. Posted by: Debbie
    I started scrapbooking and card making about 16 years ago. I love to share my families memories and preserve them for years to come. My first cards were simple Thank You cars and over the years with using Anna Griffin products (and some others) my cards are treasured by my families and friends. I enjoy sharing something of myself with them and I know they love it also!
  74. Posted by: HollyG
    Hello Miss Anna!
    First thing first, I missed the last blog posting re: telling friends because of computer issues! Boo!  Just wanted you to know that I indeed did my part and told many even someone I just met at my local Tuesday Morning store perusing guessed it! Anna Griffin creations! (I found some too! Haven Collection paper and card stock pack, Cecil Christmas border stickers and Lizzy  Collection paper pack! Yay!) I did let her know that you were my most FAVORITE DESIGNER!  I didn't catch her name but she was interested and took the info down about your Sept 17 visit on HSN! I have also created  an "event" on FB and invited my FB friends! on to the recent question re: our start with making cards.  I started out with a basket making business and with each basket I made I included a hand designed gift tag. That is when I started thinking about why not cards? Well I tried but never got it "right".   Much more difficult for me so I gave it up. BUT then...I saw Anna Griffin! That was the end of my dilemma! I was intrigued and promptly ordered a kit and then...well the rest in history! I have been hooked ever since! I finally was able to achieve the "look" I had been after! With a lot of help from you Miss Anna! Thank you so very much for that, I am truly grateful for the day I just happened to see you on TV! This has truly transformed the way I have approached crafting and given me more confidence and things don't seem quite so intimidating!

    P.S. The previews look wonderful!
  75. Posted by: Merrie O.
    This is mu second try because I'm new to the web and guess I didn't post my comment right!!!  I'm a retired art teacher and now have the time to make cards.  I saw Anna's things on HSN and knew I had to get started making cards again--Thanks, Anna!
  76. Posted by: Karen P.
    My son's preschool teacher introduced me to stamping about 20 years ago.  I had stamped my Christmas Cards until Anna came out with Christmas Card Kits.  I have received so many compliments on the cards I have made with Anna Griffin Christmas Card Kits.  I think this years Christmas Card Kit is definitely over the top and I can't wait to purchase it on September 17th!
  77. Posted by: Beth WGA
    I joined the Fiskateers-and my fellow Fiskateers got me started.
  78. Posted by: MaryJo
    A family member starting making them and I thought what a great idea instead of just buying the store boxed ones.
  79. Posted by: Lisa P
    My first ever paper crafting project was with with an Anna Griffin QVC scrapbook/carding making kit I received in Jan 04.  It may have been a TSV.  At the time, I was recovering from a car accident and off work for 10 weeks with my right hand (dominant) in a cast. Completing the card portion of the kit with a cast on was so easy.  I was hooked on Anna Griffin paper crafting products and card making became my new hobby...good bye quilting.  Who knew the paper and embellishment stash would far exceed the quit fabric stash.  By the time the next fall came around, I was making cards for most every occasion.  Making a large quantity of Christmas cards of the same design seemed like the next step after making individual cards all year. I've been a crafter since the age of 9.  My Mother and Grandmother started me off with sewing and crocheting.  My crafting passion has changed over the last 40 plus years from sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, cross stitch, floral arranging, quilting, to now paper crafting.
  80. Posted by: Sandy N
    I started creating cards to use up the left over paper from my scrapbook pages when I saw another scrapper doing this at a crop.  My family and friends tell me they save these gift cards for very special people.  Your products make them even more special.
  81. Posted by: Karen S
    I started with card kits.  Your kit were very helpful in learning about layering and placement of designs.  Now, I have stepped out of the box and taken the plunge.  I even designed my daughter's birth announcements. 
  82. Posted by: Deborah Bode
    My mom was my inspiration not just for Christmas card making but all things crafting.  She had such an eye for detail and for taking things over the top!  And Christmas was her favorite holiday.  Always making decorations, card, food. 

    Thank you for all of the wonderful things you create, Anna.  You are truly gifted and inspirational!
  83. Posted by: Leslie Danihel
    My aunt inspired me to make cards when I was four years old.  She also taught me how to embroider and quilt.  She just passed away at the age of 103, but was still as bright and active as she ever was.  My aunt has been a lifelong inspiration.  
  84. Posted by: Dalyce
    Hi Anna,
    I watched your QVC shows. It was so much fun.  
    It made me even more excited about your Christmas products.

     Especially the Wreath Stamps.  They are beautiful.  You know they were not on your initial list of what you are showing in September?  But I added them to mine!!! 

    I want to buy all the Christmas things you have shone.  Especially the ones I saw on QVC.  
     It has made me even more excited for September 17th.  

     I couldn't DVR it so I sat in front of the computer screen with my camera and shot as many ideas from your presentations  as I could.
    I can't wait to get started on mine.

    Yesterday one of my daughter found your Winter Wonderland cartridge somewhere.  I'm not sure where.   
     She bought it for me!!!   I was so surprised it was on the market before September 17th.
    She said now that gives me more money to spend in September.  Wasn't that kind?  I was thrilled!!!  

    She also said it was one of the best cartridges  she has ever seen.  And she has a lot of them.  She said I have to let her borrow it.

    I have never used a Cricut before, so she will have to teach me.
     I bought one a few months ago because you said you were coming out with cartridges.
     But I have not used it yet,  because I was waiting for yours.
    I am hooked on ANNA GRIFFIN!!!

    Another first for me because of ANNA GRIFFIN.!!!



    Your products are so wonderful who can resist them!!! 

    I think Christmas cards are extra special, because you get to make so many of them.

    You have given me the excitement for this new found world of card making.  And a world I now share with my girls.  I cannot thank you enough!!!

    I am also very grateful to all your team because I know they help make it possible.



    Dalyce Mangum

  85. Posted by: virginia
    My daughter got me a cat scrapbooking kit and it just went on from there.  I have 3 scrapbook pages done,  one for each cat. U found that I prefer to make cards but do need t get some scrapbooks done or each of y kids.  It just seems to be such an overwhelming project.  Cards go much faster.  . 
  86. Posted by: Eugeanie Malick
    Well, I think one of my friends introduced me to card making and, this is the truth, she introduced me to Anna Griffin rubber stamps and unique papers.   That was over 15 years ago.  And, I still love to make my own Christmas Cards.  My husband is a pastor, so we have a long list.  But, they are so cherished by those who receive them, I can't possibly stop. 
  87. Posted by: Marcia Scantlin
    I saw Anna's presentation on HSN and decided to give it a try. It was easy peasy just like she said and the results were fabulous.
  88. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Actually Anna you are the one who first inspired me to make Christmas Cards!! I have been a fan since your DIY days and from there to QVC and now on HSN.  I have always learned so much from you and love how you help us to be inspired and to learn how to do all the great ways you cut, fold, and layer paper.  I still have your gold craft knife and cutting pad from quite a few years ago.  Thanks so much for the chance to win!!
  89. Posted by: Yvonne
    My daughter told me to order a card making set.  I was hooked and I have been making cards ever since!
  90. Posted by: Terri Braun
    I have been making my own Christmas cards for the last six or seven years. It just kind of evolved from my scrapbooking interest and all of the wonderful products available. Thank you, Anna, for offering your holiday card kits. The pieces are so beautiful and it is a pleasure to give a card that is so lovely and one of a kind!
  91. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    First, I "found" rubber stamping - which I described as "art for people who can't draw" (like me!) That started me on my card making journey. My family and friends were so appreciative when they received a hand made card from me, and I found a creative outlet that was so rewarding for me. I love learning and doing new things in paper craft that continue to fulfill and inspire me. So I guess I was inspired by everyone who got joy from my offerings, and that has kept me growing on the journey. Thank you for your inspiration!
  92. Posted by: Gracie
    My daughter. She started doing animal stamping and then she found Anna Griffin stamps. Her favorite and mine too was the christmas tree when the stamps were only available on wooden blocks. Her cards just seem to 'fall' together. She just has that natural talent. If I should be lucky enough to win, I will give the prize to her as a thank you for 'getting me into this' whole field of stamping and scrapbooking.
  93. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    My mother has always been my inspiration.  She always tried new crafting as well as sewing her whole life.  I love to see her make beautiful things. 
    Please eneter me in your giveaway! Thanks
  94. Posted by: Annette
    Hi Anna.  My daughter wanted me to get into scrapbooking.  I love crafting, but didn't really want to have yet another craft.  Well, I eventually caught the scrapbooking "bug", and that led to finding out about all the really cool things that could be done with stamps, ink, papers, etc.  So from there, and from all the things you do that make it so easy, it was inevitable for me to become a card maker.  So now I am "repaying" my daughter by "dragging" into the cardmaking "bug".  LOL
  95. Posted by: Anne
    Hi Anna I got inspired when I saw how easy it was to make cards on hsn and Anna I just finished for my son and his wife one of your scrapbooks how fast to complete and it looks so good visting them next week can't wait to give it to them hope they love it that what make me feel great.
  96. Posted by: Judy Thompson
    I have not been making cards very long. I seen other card sets from other company's and eventually came across your card sets on Hsn. Personal cards have become so expensive and you stand forever trying to find the perfect card. I am thrilled to be able to make my own and your cards sets are just beautiful. I have purchased everything I need except your Christmas cards and new things that will be coming out the 17th. Can't wait. Thanks again Anna!
  97. Posted by: Lois De Valk
    I got hooked on cardmaking over 20 years ago at a Stampin' Up party. I've always loved giving and getting cards and discovered making and giving handmade cards was even better. Making Christmas cards was my first big project way back then. I bought a very detailed nativity stamp set and handstamped them, colored in with colored pencils, heat embossed the sentiment gold and dyed the cardstock with coffee. They came out beautiful, but making 50 of them was quite time consuming. Thanks to you, I can now make 50 beautiful cards in a couple of days, instead of a couple of months.
  98. Posted by: Karen
    I will have to say it was my Mother.  She loved making and giving home made cards, magnets, table decorations, and so much more. She was so creative and I could see in her eyes how much joy it gave her.  We never made anything together and this I really regret.  My grandson loves making cards with me which gives me such joy.  This year I am hoping all three of my girls with make cards with me.  Can't wait to till your Sept. show on HSN.
  99. Posted by: mindy
    ..a g/f gave me a homemade card for Christmas.. the glitz and layers to it.. simply stunning. From that moment on -- I was  * hook-lined-and sunk into it *.. lol   Its just how amazing it is to make something from the start.. luvin' the beauty of your things!!
  100. Posted by: Jennifer Ferrell
    First let me tell you that the for cut sticker layers are totally awesome!!! And the new scrapbook is fabulous! Love the flowers!!!
    About 20 years ago my roommate asked me to help her make Christmas cards. It was so much fun! I loved playing with the glitter and glue! Then about 10 years ago I met someone that sold SU! That became the beginning of web surfing to find more fabulous products and inspiration! I've been addicted ever since! My favorite  product you have made is the guy card kit!!! I want more!!!!
    Kindest regards?
  101. Posted by: Karen C.
    The reason I started making cards is because of my Mom! She is the most creative person I know. Thank God I got her genes!
  102. Posted by: Merrie Osborn
    I started making cards after getting one of your card kits.  Many years ago(MANY--in the early 70's) I made Christmas cards but then became too busy teaching public school art to have time.  I've since retired and then saw your card kits--which I add my "personal touch" to them and I'm having so much fun!!!
  103. Posted by: Peachy W
    I used to buy Christmas cards - and then start making cards in 2007 - There were so many beautiful stamp sets and paper sets - who could resist?  I love your new flowers - a perfect match to the other papers and perfect palette set I got in July!  You have the most gorgeous 3-d flowers - I love them!
  104. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    The first time I saw you on HSN you were demonstrating one of your Christmas Card Making Kits - that was it.  I was hooked.  You and your gorgeous designs are what inspired me to start making my own Christmas cards.  I had the confidence to do it because you made it so easy to create beautiful cards.  Thank you for bringing these beautiful cottage roses - these are my FAVORITE!!!!!!!  I love everything you bring to us, but I am especially partial to the roses.  Seeing those today has inspired me to make a few greeting cards TODAY.    Thanks for another inspiring preview!  Debbie R
  105. Posted by: Shirley Gilbert
    Having been told by my art teacher at school that I was useless, I believed it and always told everyone that I was incapable of doing anything artistic.  For my 40th birthday a friend gave me a gift of having a horoscope reading.  I was amazed at what the person was able to tell about me and she kept insisting I was artistic.  I thought she had just got that bit wrong.  A few days later I noticed an introduction to card making class at a nearby college and with the words of the horoscope reading in my ears I thought why not give it a go.  I was astounded that I came out of that first class with a few cards that I would actually be willing to send to someone.  This gave me the bug for card making and I love every minute of creating something.  I have taught many friends who all said they were not "artisitic" enough to do it and they have been amazed at their results.  Just goes to show that you should never be put off having a go at something!  I am just so grateful to my friend who gave me the birthday present which has resulted in many years of happy crafting.
  106. Posted by: Jessica Canham
    I was inspired to start making Christmas cards when I started rubber stamping fifteen years ago.  I was so enthralled with the whole concept of being able to make a gorgeous card with paper, rubber, and ink...and I'm still just as excited about it 15 years later.  Ever since I discovered Anna Griffin products, they've been my favorite.  Roses are my favorite flowers and the Victorian style is so "me!"  Thanks for the chance to win!
  107. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    I started scrap booking and was watching hsn and you were on with your Christmas card kit a few years ago and tried making some that hooked me so when I am out of town for several months I make cards less space required and Scrapbook when home

  108. Posted by: MarieMac
    My mother is the first. She also was the first I ever madea card for when I was a very small child 4-5 yrs old. She just gave it back to me to keep it as a reminder about year or so ago... I am 50 now so that card is pretty old.Ssince then I have been making cards. Any of my family friends or people who get or see my cards always tell me I have a tallent.... or-so they tell I love making cards...especially fall & Christams!!
  109. Posted by: Tyane Sullivan
      First found you on HSN when I was homebound because of a broken leg.  Got your kit and began to create.  You make us look good.  Your kits provide everything it takes to turn out beautiful cards...Thank You!
  110. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Hi Anna,
    I really like the fact that you left the plastic cover on the album. It not only helps to be able to wipe away fingerprints, but it also acts as a dustcover too. I was first inspired to make my own Christmas cards by watching QVC. Anna, your kits make scrapbooking (and cardmaking) easy for those of us who are not so talented. Your kits are color coordinated and you give us directions and examples to guide us along. They just keep getting bigger and better~don't ever stop!
  111. Posted by: vee
    gee, anna, you are making me really wake up the old gray matter. I think it was when I got my first snowman stamp, a winter trees stamp and some embossing powder. after looking at them for awhile, I realized they would make an adorable Christmas card front. out came the white embossing powder for snow, some stars stamps and the rest goes down in the annals of card making history. I have not looked back to the store bought ones. my newer cards now showcase intricate paper piecing and advanced techniques and have found their way into the receivers display cases.
  112. Posted by: Nadine Dunker
    All the cards began tolook alike. I prefer to customize & personalize
  113. Posted by: Laura Lowther
    I have always loved to do crafts. I started to do scrapbooking several years ago and then card making but I honestly never made Christmas cards until last year when I bought my first Anna Griffin Christmas card kit. I loved the looks on people's faces when they opened the cards and all the compliments I got. I look forward to doing it again this year but for allot more people. 
  114. Posted by: Christine Zook
    I was inspired by the Cricut Christmas in July group, I think it was called. It was several years ago, and can't remember if that name is correct but I think that's right?! But didn't really make cards good enough to send to friends until I was inspired by the Cricut Circle Magazine design team to make Christmas cards!And I bought your deluxed kit from HSN last year but couldn't bring myself to make them because now everyone would know I didn't make them!! They'd know you did! But may send this year! Because of you, my cardmaking has improved so much I can't believe I've made them myself! Thanks so much for helping me improve not just cards but my pages! I especially love your new diecuts!!
  115. Posted by: Diane
    Darn!!! I didn't win. Well, guess that just gives me another chance to win something else.  Inspiration, I definitely was inspired by my daughter to try card-marking.  When she became in card-making I started to receive her home-made cards and I realized how really precious they were to receive.  I wanted to do that for the people that I know too, and thus began Mom on another path down the road. However, this one is filled with glorious flowers, lovely lace and soft pastels which I dearly love.
  116. Posted by: SimplySandy
    I was inspired by my family.  They gave me my first stamp and embossing powder and I was hooked :)  Bought my first Anna Griffin flower card kit on HSN this summer and love it...the quality is so nice...can't wait for September.
  117. Posted by: Bev Rainey
    I have been using Anna Griffin products for so many years for my scrapbooking and cards that I don't think I could do anything without using Anna's products.  I find her products to be what I wish I could produce if I was as talented as she. I would be ecstatic to win any items from Anna's line.
  118. Posted by: Suzanne Franz
    You did!!
  119. Posted by: Amy Bethancourt
    A few years ago, I received a handmade Christmas card from a friend, the first handmade card I had ever gotten.  When I opened the envelope and saw that she had taken the time to make such a beautiful card, I really felt special.  I have made my own cards ever since then because I wanted everyone to have that same feeling as I did.  I wanted to send my own "warm and fuzzies" to all my family and friends.
  120. Posted by: Judy Markowitz
    Actually it is you, Anna, that truly inspired me to make Christmas cards. I had seen you on QVC and HSN and thought that your cards were just simply magnificent. I had to start and got one of your kits.I have been an Anna fan for many years and am always abticipating your new releases!
  121. Posted by: Robin
    I come from a family of crafters, but one aunt in particular used to send me beautiful Christmas cards.  Her talent and creativity inspired
    me to start making my own Christmas/holiday cards.  She is gone
    now, but I feel her inspiration and I know I am honoring her with
    every card I create.  Anna's kits make everything so easy.
  122. Posted by: Nancy Hilliker
    My daughter is the first person to start me making cards. However since I found your card kits we have both become addicted to them.
  123. Posted by: Shelia Robinette
    Anna Griffin, you are my inspiration for making Christmas Cards.  I would spend days looking for just the perfect Christmas Cards and never seemed satisfied with what I had to choose from.  When I saw your Christmas Card kit on HSN, I knew this was what I had been looking for; they were exquisite.  I made cards for my co-workers and they were so appreciative and impressed.  I am so looking forward to this years kit.  Anna you rock!
  124. Posted by: Dawn Whetstone
    Anna, you were the one who inspired me to make Christmas cards for others. I began taking your scrapbooking classes years ago and you always included a card to make with them. The cards were so beautiful that I became interested in doing them also! Thank you for offering all these wonderful items for us to win. I can't wait for your show in September!
  125. Posted by: Georgia Hruska
    I always had a creative side which I attribute to my wonderful Mother, but it wasn't until I saw your Christmas card kits and watched you make beautiful cards in literally minutes that I got the confidence to try my hand at Christmas card making.  Thank you Anna.  I have found my true passion.
  126. Posted by: Kelly Massman
    I think it was my sister who is much more crafty than I! Thanks
  127. Posted by: Terie Storar
    Who inspired me to create my 1st Christmas card??? Why you did..From the 1st time I saw you on QVC I was hooked. When people would see my layouts they would exclaim on how beautiful they were. I then began to make special birthday cards, and now I make between 50 to 75 handmade Christmas cards for family and friends using your paper and embellishments. They have now become a a Christmas tradition. Keep those beautiful ideas and products coming. I have many more years of cardmaking ahead of me. 
  128. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    This one is easy, it was you Anna Griffin that inspired me. I never knew that cards could be so BEAUTIFUL. Of course I had never seen such beautiful papers and stickers until I saw yours. Once I had your papers, stickers and stamps I was truly inspired to make not only Christmas cards but scrapbooking too. Thank you Anna!
  129. Posted by: Sue In't Veld
    I started out scrapbooking which just naturally evolved into cardmaking.  I was able to use my supply stash in another way.  I almost enjoy cardmaking more now!  It is much quicker to have a complete project nd there are so many amazing products now including yours.
  130. Posted by: Ellen
    Hi Anna - My mom and grandma started me on the craft journey but YOU are the reason I started making handmade Christmas cards.  I needed as many excuses as I could find to send people cards to use up all my beautiful supplies!  Thank you .....
  131. Posted by: Judy L
    My sister always makes the most beautiful things, and I want to try some of them!  Cardmaking is one idea!  Very excited to do this,
  132. Posted by: Frances
    Originally, I did scrapbooks only. I had friends that made cards and they met as a group to make them. I attended a couple of the meetings, but still didn't really get into making cards. Then my daughter received a card that not only did I love, but thought I could make. Like my first scrapbook, it was rather poorly done. When I started buying Anna Griffin kits my cards became beautiful and professional looking. 
  133. Posted by: Jeanette Ramsdell
    You are the one who inspires me to make my own Christmas cards, with all of your kits, YOU....make our cards wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent. God bless.
  134. Posted by: Gerry K
    My mother was extremely creative, making plastic floral arrangements in the 60's when I was a teenager.  I couldn't put a flower in a vase without knocking it over.  So...I wasn't real creative until my niece sent out handmade Christmas cards at least 10 years ago.  I figured if she could do it, I'll try again. I guess I learned things over the years because now I scrapbook, make cards, sew quilts, and do lots of needle work projects.  You are never too old to learn something new.
  135. Posted by: Linda Conway
    Anna, this will be my first year making cards. You are my inspiration. I tried your Thank-you/Birthday kit after seeing it on HSN & love it!!! I have scrapbooked for years & always loved & used your products not just because they are beautiful but also for their quality. I am very picky about my Christmas cards.Now that I know I can create, along with your abundant help, cards I am proud to send I am making them this year. Thank-you for the confidence, quality items & most of all your guidance.
  136. Posted by: Patti G
    I was on a budget for my wedding in 2001 so I decided to make my own invitations. I, of course didn't know what I was doing but thought how hard can it be? I made those and then started to learn much, much  more. I took a few lessons at a local scrapbook store and to my delight was introduced to Anna Griffin products(back then we cut everything out of the papers ourselves). I loved the card making part so got hooked by you, Anna Griffin!  I love that you have made the process easier.I watched QVC when you started on that site and then followed you to HSN. Which I am happy to say carry a plethora of your products. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  
  137. Posted by: Maria
    I honestly don't know how I got inspired to make Christmas Cards or any cards.  I started out with scrapbooking and then started making cards.  I enjoy both hobbies!!!!
  138. Posted by: phyllis zimmerman
    My Anna Griffin box is getting full, I need to start another one so i will be all ready to make my Christmas cards this year.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
  139. Posted by: sheryl W
    my sister-in-law took me to a rubber stamp tupperware like party and every since then i have been into card making and hope to start scrapbooking soon.  I just need the grand daughter so i can use all these beautiful fussy anna griffin florals.
  140. Posted by: phyllis zimmerman
    Love all the Anna Griffin goodies.  My box is getting full, will have to start another box.
    Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.
  141. Posted by: Merrie J
    I have scrapbooked for years & had quite a 'stash' of supplies. When we started exchanging Christmas cards at our church I thought that would be a neat way to personalize my cards & use up a few things. Since then I have become addicted to making cards & buying card mags from 'across the pond'.
  142. Posted by: Susan Port
    Hi Anna, beautiful items, as always.  I think what initially got me making cards was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Rink.  I remember making, for my mom & dad, an angel card for Christmas.  My mother saved it and I found it after all these years in her treasure chest with all our report cards and pictures after she passed..  That, I'm sure, is what inspired me to use my creativeness to carry over into adult life.  I enjoy all kinds of crafts, from painting, sewing, crocheting to scrapbooking & cardmaking. So my thanks to Mrs. Rink for seeing the potential in me.  Thanks for the memories... 
  143. Posted by: Lee Grace
    I don't think I can give a short answer to the question of who or what inspired me to make Christmas cards: FIRST:  It's the loving remembrance of my mom (I include ''heart-string garland" which is a Christmas memory, a favorite poem, or a quote to the inside front cover of the card).  SECOND:  Family members ask me to make them cards and I enjoy making the cards.  THIRD:  It's you, Anna Griffin, I love your Victorian Christmas cards and no one compares to you, your products and your ideas. ...Even if I don't win anything, those Christmas border punches I purchased at your last Super Sale were so inexpensive I felt like a winner receiving them and will definitely be using them!  Anna & Company, for all you do and all you are, THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU.

  144. Posted by: Kathy Jo
    I went to Amish country last December and they make cards.   Was at a hotel and they had a demo by I little Amish girl on how to make cards and I have been thinking about it since them.  Recently retired 2 months ago and saw a few thing on HSN in July and was astonished at what I have been missing out on.   Can wait to get truly started in this new endevor.   Want to do a busniness after I master a lot do techniques.   Thanks so much for inspiring me!   Kathy Jo
  145. Posted by: Debbie Painter
    I started out wanting to Scrapbook my first grandchild and it led me to card-making!  These new elements are just beautiful!!  Thank you so much for a chance to win!
  146. Posted by: Kim P.
    I would have to say Anna Griffin inspired me to make home made cards.   Anna you make it seem so easy with all your card making kits and scrapbooking.  The cards you by in the store are not is pretty  and can be cheaper to make.  Thanks Anna
  147. Posted by: Toni Zygadlo
    When I was a little girl, I used to visit my grandmother.  And down the road lived a little old lady who I came to call Aunt Jane.  She lived alone and was always so happy to see me.  When I visited her, she would make some special treat to eat - maybe tea and cookies - and we would do puzzles or play cards.  One day she asked me if I would like to make Christmas cards for my grandmother and my parents.  She gathered up all her pretty paper and ribbons and colored pencils and even some paper doilies and we spent the whole afternoon making beautiful cards.  That became a tradition and I visited Aunt Jane every year until she died for our special day of tea and cookies and card making.   To this day I think of her when it's time to send out Christmas greetings
  148. Posted by: Melissa Bryant
    Hi Anna. My sister and mom love your things. My mom loves anything with flowers and birds and butterflies, so your things are perfect and it is hard to find a card premade in the stores that are as beautiful as yours. So I guess you could say you got me started on cardmaking! Thank you so much.
  149. Posted by: Julie S
    Hi Anna,
       I thought cards were so expensive it would be cheaper for me to make them. To my surprise I enjoyed making them and they were much more personable. Now my family looks forward to what they will receive each year.
  150. Posted by: Kathleen Rimer
    What a beautiful kit.  Yours always are so special. 
    It was actually my Mother who inspired me to make cards = as nice as retail cards are, nothing seemed special enough for her - so I began to make cards for her - and it expanded from there.  I rarely purchase a card anymore.  And - thank you for your generous giveaways.
  151. Posted by: Eileen
    I have been making cards for a long time.and inspired by a internet group called chattycrafters. We did swaps all over the country and even in Hawaii. But that fizzled out after several years. I still talk to them on the internet but we don't swap anymore. I learned alot from them. But, my inspiration for Christmas cards, came from you. I fell in love with your card kits and now I make kits from you every year as well as other card kits from other companies. I have become addicted to making cards!!!
  152. Posted by: Jennifer
    I have been stamping with a group of friends for over 20 years.  I love making personalized cards for every occasion including Christmas.    
  153. Posted by: Becky K
    I've always loved crafting of all kinds and when I was about 4 my grandma used to give me paper, scissors and tape and I spent days making "gifts" for my family.  When I first saw your Christmas card kits, I had to get them to have fun with.  Many complements later as I sent the cards for a few years, I decided that maybe I could also sell them which I do now.  I still send them but also sell and also share with my church who sends them to shut ins.  They are all so beautiful.  I now use your wonderful ideas and items to mix and match with things that I make myself and things that I pick up elsewhere.  Its not work at all, its totally fun and I love to hear what people have to say when they receive one.  Thanks for your help Anna - from Hudson, FL
  154. Posted by: Kathy V
    I love the stickers and the scrapbook kit. Those large stickers are great!!  My sister, Mary, was the first of us to start making Christmas cards. Her cards were and continue to be very special - they always make me smile when I open that envelope. I wanted to give that gift of creativity to my friends and family so I started doing cards about 10 years ago and continue doing Christmas cards with the help of Anna's lovely papers and embellishments.
  155. Posted by: Karen M
    HI Anna,
    I'm sure you've heard this thousands of times, but it all started with me embossing with little small brass plates by someone by the name of Anna Griffin!  At that time I made a card every now and then.  Over the years I started paper-crafting more and more and my crossstitching and needlepointing went to the wayside.  I became an AG junkie and slowly my needlework hobby turned to card making and scrap-booking.  Thank you for such a lovely way to express myself! 
  156. Posted by: Donna W
    I started making my own Christmas cards several years ago.  My husband & I had purchased some very nice cards from a very nice store and sent them out.  That season we received several of the exact same card from our friends & relatives.  That did it for me!  Your items help us send out UNIQUE and beautiful cards.  Thank you and keep it up.
  157. Posted by: Cathy C
     When I first saw you on the other channel and purchased an album kit with embellishments plus cards to make all in one kit. This was many years ago and your products still inspire me today. Thank you for taking some of the work out of it with your kits, such as the paper dresses.
  158. Posted by: Lisa Allen
    I attended a card-making class during a scrapbooking retreat.  I made my first Christmas card from your Christmas card kit in 2011. The kit was so beautiful and the idea sheet gave me the courage to create my own cards. 
  159. Posted by: Nancy B
    By making my own cards, I feel that I am giving part of myself to people who are special to me. Using Anna's materials make my cards extremely unique and people love them.
  160. Posted by: Mary Alice Peterson
    My dear friend Marziah got me started making cards, that led to Christmas cards but especially to your incredible papers and embellishments. I am retired and now have the time to spend crafting cards and scrapbooks. Life is wonderful!!!!!! 
  161. Posted by: Kim Bush
    Anna Griffin card kits really inspired me as I have so many holiday cards to make and your kits make it so easy peasy to churn out a lot of cards in a small amount of time.  Thank you Anna!!
  162. Posted by: Criss Behe
    Who or what inspired me?  It was a dear co-worker who got me to go to a Cancer Crop at our school where we both worked.  That was back in 2008.  I had received a "starter pkg" of scrapbooking supplies as a Christmas gift from my son/family.  I didn't quite know what to do with it.  So my co-worker, Mary Ann, got me to go.  I was asked to "weigh in"??!!!  Didn't know I had to take my supplies with me!  So, I had to go back home and get them.   That was my initial scrapbooking event!  Sad to say, I lost my dear friend in 2010 to ALS but I still go to the annual crop with my daughter-in-law who got me the starter kit.  I now have taken over an attic bedroom and I am in my "happy place" with 50% of my supplies being Anna Griffin's!  Awesome!
  163. Posted by: Adria R
    My friend inspired me to start cardmaking.  She made such beautiful cards with different techniques.  She taught me a lot.

  164. Posted by: Leah
    I have always been crafty . So a few years ago I thought I would try making cards. My friends don't want to mess with it but love hand made card when they receive one. funny huh! Can't wait until Sept 17th
  165. Posted by: sharon
    How did I get started with scrapbooking and card making?  I always did my photoalbums for the trips I took like a scrapbook, adding little keepsakes and journal notes.  My friend Betty showed me cards she made from classes she took, and I was immediately hooked!  Christmas cards are so fun to make!
  166. Posted by: Janelle Clark
    Years ago I had a group of very talented scrapbook friends who all met on a message board. they're the ladies who got me into sending handmade cards--and to this day, some of us still make and send cards to each other!
  167. Posted by: Lisa Whittemore
    My best friend from high school introduced me to card making when we went to visit in 2000. I have been stamping and card making ever since. My husband swears because of the craft she introduced me to it was our most expensive vacation ever and he is still paying. LOL
  168. Posted by: sandie
    My son's girlfriend inspired me to try scrapbooking and cardmaking and created an addict. love your stuff
  169. Posted by: Jenny H
    The reason I am guilty  of making  cards is ... I had a teacher in school that had the class making cards ornaments potholders different gifts that were not that expensive.  I always love to receive handmade gifts and I love to give them. Annas papers and stickers remind me of the scraps of wallpaper that a neighbor gave me when I was a child, Icut it up and made cards and pictures for gifts.  annas items are so beautiful and artistic I'm not a very good artist so I always look for the items I wish I could Draw .
  170. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    Sixteen years ago I was very sick after I recovered I invited five of my closest friends over for Christmas breakfast. After that it became a tradition, we rotate going to each other  house and every year I sent out the invitations (cards). Our group the Sister's club had thirteen ladies, and we have a ball when we get together. Your paper products make beatiful invites. Love All You Do. 
  171. Posted by: Johanne L.
    Beautiful kit.  Love the flowers.   I find my inspiration on the web, mostly on youture.  There is a lot of very talented people out there. Thanks for the chance,
  172. Posted by: carol lash
    The person who inspired me to make homemade cards is really not a person but many. Every time I have made a special card (since I was a little girl) for someone special, they have raved over it. My grandmother would proudly display it and my grandfather would tell me what a great circle maker I was.( Till this day I believe I can draw circles better than anyone!) The power of a compliment is extraordinary. It is the beginning of confidence in all things. Love of all my handmade card recipients is all the inspiration I need. I continue making them for my children and will make (and share) this wonderful craft for my future grandchildren. These notes about card making brought my wonderful loved ones back. I feel as if I just received a warm hug!
  173. Posted by: Mary
    My reasons for making my own Christmas cards are due to the fact that my family is growing up. My own children as well as my nieces and nephews are finishing college, moving out and getting married. My goal is to include old "ancestral" type photos as embellishments to the AG products. In this way, I pass along a little bit of family history as a keepsake for the time when the next generation begins their own family. 
  174. Posted by: Donna Wilson Doherty
    I must have those 3D stickers! The next few weeks till Sept 17th is going to be brutal! I love reading about everyone's inspiration for crafting. My own came as a little girl from a family that had no money. So when I couldn't have the 3 story barbie homes or buy the outfits for the barbies, I created my own. Card board boxes with cut out windows and furnishings from anything and everything, making curtains and the clothes out of old rags. And I loved it. That and the strange fetish for paper I had at such a young age. My dad would visit and take us to the store for a "little present" and without fail every week my sister and brother picked out a toy! I, went home with a pad of paper! Mostly construction paper and then I would make my crayola colored cards for my mom! Been doing it ever since, except I've switched from crayons to Anna's markers! Crafting to me is pure joy!
  175. Posted by: Susan B
    I was always crafty even a kid, I have my Mom & Gramma to thank! Making cards has just been an extension of my crafting over the years. I make cards because there is NO store bought card that even comes close to making the recipient feel special! Looking forward to spending the 17th with you!
  176. Posted by: Carol Coleman
    I decided to begin card making because the handmade ones I receive are the one I keep.  So, I figure that would be the same for my friends.  They are jut more personal
  177. Posted by: Charlene M.
    Oh, what lovely flower stickers! And that album makes me want to add some pics to it! I'm a card-maker at heart and I was inspired to make my first Christmas cards when my hubby gave me my Cricut Expression several years ago.
  178. Posted by: Barbara T
    I first began making cards when I got my first computer, and Christmas cards were naturally part of that. Then, I saw so many inspiring sessions with people like you, Anna, on DIY. Since then I have just had the time of my life. I love to make special cards for all the special people in my life! Christmas affords me so many more opportunities to share what I love to do and share love and the blessed spirit of the Christmas Season.
  179. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    Many moons ago,I started in scrapbooking,and I bought a Scrapbook Factory Kit CD and loved it so I bought Card making on CD's as well and got such Big Raves on them,and I went on from there.Bigger and Better Your cards are divine...Thank you Anna!
  180. Posted by: Cindy H.
    I was inspired by two different Stampin' Up demonstrators. Cheri and Jan make spectacular Christmas cards. I also admire both of them as well as you. For beauty I always go to Anna Griffin.
  181. Posted by: Pam D.
    All of the gorgeous papers and embellishments that are available!  I love the Christmas holidays, the warmth,the beautiful colors!  I love being in touch with family and friends that I may not see often enough and Christmas cards allow me to do that.
  182. Posted by: Jo-Anne Terranella
    Dear Anna & Staff, It was my daughter who unleashed the monster card maker  in me.  After a series of four major surgeries, she came to help me, after a few minutes she said something I'll never forget
    "Mom you have to get up off your getting fat butt and find some thing to make you live again." That night at mid-night HSN brought out a card kit by Anna Griffin.  I now make Christmas cards for my daughter to send out {on back she puts made by my Mom} I also make cards for me to send. She has asked me to make a scrapbook for  her but I'm so busy making cards. My butt still has gotten fatter but I'm happy now.  Thanks to her and you Anna
  183. Posted by: Karen W.
    I was first inspired to make my own Christmas cards by my Creative Memories consultant.  I attended a crop before the holidays and made 12 Christmas cards using a variety of papers and stickers. Once I saw the Anna Griffin card making kits on HSN, I was hooked on card making. They are so detailed and beautiful, yet quick and easy to make.  I enjoy the responses I get from those who receive an Anna Griffin card!
    Karen W.
  184. Posted by: Jo Frederick
    My Mother always made hand made things for the holidays.When I started gathering  scrapbook supplies I ordered card making magazine. Something to make with the left overs. The beautiful cards were just right for my mother and then I found out my Aunt also loved handmade cards. So it took off from there. It has amazed me how many people prefer handmade to store bought. My Christmas card list gets bigger every year. I better get busy.
    lol Thank you Jo
  185. Posted by: CINDY SPENCE
    I was first inspired to make homemade Christmas cards about 3 years ago when I was watching HSN and saw your presenttion.  I just had to have the kit, and I have bought a kit each year since and made cards.  They were just so darn pretty!
  186. Posted by: Anne Marie
    You, dear Lady, have started me making my own cards.  Your first Christmas card sets blew me away and all the people I send them to, love them.  Now I have not been in a card store for years for I make them for all occasions.  I just finished a baby card for a new grand niece using papers I received from you when you were on QVC.  I used the soft pink florals with the duck, butterfly and flower and it turned out great.  I can't wait to send it.  Look forward to the 17th.
  187. Posted by: Laurel M.
    Thirteen years ago, I took a cardmaking class at a little bookstore in Paducah, Ky that taught such techniques as wet embossing.  I was immediately hooked.  I was in need of a creative release so this fit the bill.  Since Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, making cards for it just seemed natural.  I bought my first rubberstamp there and the rest is history!!
  188. Posted by: Sonya H
    My friend Cindy made Christmas cards for years and I loved to get one of her handmade cards but thought they would be too labor intensive for me. I am a scrapbooker, but did not do cards. That all changed when I saw a card making kit on HSN by my FAVORITE designer and I ordered the all occasion card kit. I was hooked, I showed it to my friend and SHE ordered one. I now have THREE card kits and LOVE making cards for special people in my life and avert one remarks how beautiful they are. They look like they take forever to make but Anna makes it so easy, even craft challenged people can make beautiful cards with her kits! Can't wait till Sept 17!!!
  189. Posted by: Deborah Smith
    Hi Anna. Since I was little I always made everything handmade. I guess I just grew up with a creative mother. She so inspired me. Deborah
  190. Posted by: Joan LoBrutto
    I started making cards because I didn't find what I wanted in the store for a special person, my Mom.  Once you make one card you get hooked.  Each Christmas I try to make the card fit the person I am sending it to. Trying to make it as special as the person receiving it.
  191. Posted by: Roberta
    I usually don't send many Christmas cards but this year I plan on sending more and making them myself.  In April, I purchased the Anna Griffin cuttlebug with autoship; in July I ordered the embossing and cutting dies and have been making cards ever since.  I am also a scrapbooker and am looking forward to ordering the new guided layout album.  I have 4 granddaughters who I make individual albums for at Christmas.  Will this guided layout album have an autoship option?
  192. Posted by: Mary Zambie
    You inspired me, Anna.  Your artwork and the colors you use are
    right up my alley!  Friends and family let me know how beautiful
    and special the Christmas and all-occasion cards are and how much
    they mean.  Thank you for sharing your many talents.
  193. Posted by: Sylvia H
    I have only been making cards for about a year now and I didn't make Christmas cards. I thought it was too big of a task but after seeing what can be done with the kits you have I think I will give it a try this year and surprise everyone. Thank you for your beautiful products! 
  194. Posted by: NancyP
    I started making cards in 1997-98  after I received my first computer and joined some stamping groups, I jumped right in and joined swaps. many of them were Christmas ones as I love the season.  in the last year I used your kit last year for Christmas and also have the spring kit in fact got 2 of them to make every day cards.  love the kits as they make them so easy.  will have to go online and get the paper,  prob the only thing I did not get in july. lol.  would love winning the roses as I love the florals.  thank you so  much for the give away.
  195. Posted by: sharon sienaski
    Anna, I was inspired to make Christmas cards by the first card kit I bought by YOU!
  196. Posted by: sharon
    Hi Anna, I belong to a group on facebook called scrapbooking, crafts and more, and we had a x mas  card swap, I have made a lot of home-made cards, but never made x mas cards, so, I went to my mentor, and who better then Anna Griffin, got a few of your x mas kits and waaa laaa, I made 20 some  cards and sent them off to the administrator and everyone loved them. I am now out of almost all of your x mas embelishments, so I hope I win, on disability its hard to buy all the beautiful things you have, I am hoping to be able to buy one kit on the 17th, so winning the roses kits would be so nice, cause I have a few cards left and one page of roses. perfect timing to win the cabbage roses,  even though I never win anything, I still enter everything,  Mostly I want to say thank you again for bringing sunshine and lollipops to all of us.
    Sharon Mallory doble
  197. Posted by: Fran Camero
    I started making cards 6 years ago.  My employer brought some fellow colleages from India to help us with a project.  I wanted to give them  very special thank you cards for their help and that is when I discovered Anna Griffin.  I have been in love with Anna's products ever since.
  198. Posted by: Penny K.
    Hi, Anna - Since I bought the French Floral Paper on your last visit to HSN, I am looking forward to the Cottage Rose Collection. The "sneak peek" didn't really show much, but since I own so many of your kits, I am very familiar with the quality of your beautiful flowers. 
    As to who first inspired me to make Christmas cards, I honestly don't remember if there was a certain person. I have been making cards for years and used to make a few Christmas cards for special people, but since I send 50+ cards each year to friends, I did not have enough time to personally make each
     one UNTIL last year when I purchased your awesome Christmas card kit. Your kit enabled me to make beautiful cards for all my friends and family. 
    I am so looking forward to your HSN visit so I can get started on my Christmas cards. I already have your new Cricut cartridge which is so awesome! My only problem is wanting to do all the things I need to do around the house (ugh!)! I want to "play"!
    See you on the 17th....
  199. Posted by: Donna
    I really can't say what first inspired me to make cards because I've done it as long as I can remember.  My parents still have crayon colored cards from me that are now over 40 years old!!  Your style is what most influences my current card making style----a long way from crayons!!  LoL!
  200. Posted by: Kim Johnson
    I went with a friend to a stamping class and fell in love with making cards.  It is a very rewarding hobby that brings joy to the person who receives it.  My friends and family feel special when they receive a handmade card.
  201. Posted by: Darlene Purk
    A few years back I joined a card making class in our town of Sebring, Fl. I have never made any cards before this and our teacher,
    Peg Whitehead has been teaching us to make Christmas Cards and other but I have the most fun with Christmas Cards,
  202. Posted by: Jo Ann Portell
    I have to be honest, Anna.  I didn't start making Christmas cards until I first saw you on HSN over 4 years ago.  As I watched you go through your holiday presentation, I was delighted and stunned at how easy you made it look.  Until then, I thought those kinds of cards would be too time consuming!  I ordered my first kit that year and have ordered one every year since then. (Okay, I admit, I've ordered far more than just the Christmas card kits!  :-))   Cheers!
  203. Posted by: Janet Cobb
    A woman we didn't even know sent my husband a hand-made card to support and cheer him through his battle with brain cancr. It was so lovely I decided to learn to make my own cards. Christmas cards are my favorite cards to make! I now make and donate cards to Operation Write Home for our servicemen and women to send home to their families and I make every card that I send out for all occasions!
  204. Posted by: Jeanie P
    My mother inspired me to make Christmas cards.  When I was about 8 years old, we made Christmas cards to send out to all of the family friends.  She had me help her make them, and that gave me the bug.
  205. Posted by: Terry Pepin
    Hello Anna, what first inspired me to make Christmas cards, were my Mom and Grandma. They always taught me to show love and kindness through cards. Having in writing and design your feeling for thoses you love. A card is something you can keep and cherish forever. I still have cards from when I was a little girl, from them both. Now they are both in heaven. They are cherished memories in writing, what could be more precious.
  206. Posted by: Cherri A
    The person who inspired me to make cards was my sister.  She started with ink, stamps, paper and punches.  She sent cards to my mom after my dad died for their anniversary and seemed to remember everyone.  She showed me how to do some things but she did everything manually.  I treasure the cards I've received from her because of the time she puts into them.   I saw Anna on HSN with her kits and realized she did the same thing only made it simple for us to look like we had experience when we really didn't.  So now I'm a huge fan of Anna (and my sister).
  207. Posted by: Jeri J.
    Like so many others, I started making cards as a child. These were made for Mom and Dad for holidays. Fast forward some 20 years and I began to paper craft more seriously when we moved in 1989.Our house had a room dedicated to crafting! I made all manner of items, but loved cards. I love papers and am always adding to my collection. Christmas cards are my favorite as I can make something beautiful and meaningful at the same time. Anna, keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to win.
  208. Posted by: Jane
    My daughter and I have scrapbooked for years, and I always used your products for my vintage albums.  I never thought I would go to cards, but then I run out of old pictures.  I watched your Christmas program a few years back and saw your cards.  They blew me away!!  So now I am in to card making for a change.  I have made approximately 100 Christmas cards, and am waiting for your new items in September.  I love your cards, as they look so different from store bought, and they are beautiful.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work.
  209. Posted by: LaKeitha Friday
    Actually Anna, ever since I was a young mom in the 1980's.  I would add stickers or drawings or hand cut outs to my store bought cards and envelopes. So once I really started scrapbooking in 2004 after momma passed, it was only natural for me to transition into cardmaking shortly thereafter. I feel simply that they both go hand in hand. Thanks for a chance to win!
  210. Posted by: Judy R
    I guess my Cricut machine was what first inspired me to make Christmas cards.  I had to get my husband to help because there were so many cuts and more work than I expected and honestly, he wasn't fun to craft with. I did the photo cards a few more years and then came you Anna... I happened to be home flipping through the channels when I came across you on HSN and bought the Botanical Gardens kit (with auto ship of course) and I was hooked.  I had already got the Glorious Christmas card kit when I saw your big kit a few weeks later and bought two!  Can't wait until September 17th!
  211. Posted by: Dale Rose Stream
     My first scrapbooking girl friend is also a card maker, & her gorgeous cards were my first inspiration.  Since I am a die-hard lover of shabby chic/Victorian designs, 3D embellishments,  and my favorite flower is the rose (after all, it IS my middle name lol), your dimensional roses would be perfect for my projects.  I have been buying your products for over a decade and continue to love your floral designs, especially roses!  Have a great weekend.  Gentle Fibro-hugs, Dale Rose Stream
  212. Posted by: Valerie Busby
    I made a birthday card for a friend turning 70 the other day.  I used Anna's floral impressions kit.  When my friend received her card she sent me a thank you note saying that it was the prettiest card she had ever received in her whole life!!  She told me that I MUST teach her how to make such beautiful cards.  I told her all about Anna's card kits and that she could go on HSN or Anna's website and see.  She did !!
    And thought everything was fantastic....she's all excited about making cards now herself even at 70 years old because Anna makes things so easy that turns out so beautiful.  THANK YOU, ANNA
    Can't wait til Sept. 17 !!!
    Valerie Busby
  213. Posted by: Arleen Cappatocio
    I am a scrapper but I always wanted to make cards.  Every card I saw took about 2 minutes to put together and no matter what I did, it still looked like a youngster made it.  Then I saw your cards and they were elegant!!  That's what I was looking for and I think I must have all of your cardmaking kits.  I also have the kit that you put the flowers all together and form one large flower.  They fit perfectly on a card and look sooooo professional.  Yes, lady, it was YOU!!!!
  214. Posted by: Shellie F.
    My 3d grade teacher back in 1970 first inspired me to make cards--they were 'multi-colored tissue paper stained-glass Easter cards' for our parents!  I have paper-crafted through the years, but seriously scrap-book, especially since I've raised a family.  When I first found your papers in a local craft store, I also found your book 'Designer Scrapbooks with Anna Griffin (2004),' which inspired me to make cards for other moms from Nursery-Moms ministry at church.  Then, when I first accidently "found" you on HSN for the first time, I became a loyal follower of Anna Griffin-style!  Your roses die-cuts and your Christmas are MY FAVES!  I love you, Anna!  Your paper-crafting has brought so much joy and satisfaction to not only myself, but to so many others for whom I love to share your sentiments and style!  Thank you, Anna!
  215. Posted by: Barbara
    Anna; I must say you inspired me to make cards and do scrapbooking. I really was motivated but could not get into it until I started watching the craft shows on HSN.  After seeing your products I felt myself take off and start "crafting" I guess you can say I can blame it all on you. But what a great hobby it has turned out to be. I am so anxious to get the new Christmas card set I am on the edge of my seat, so to speak!!
  216. Posted by: Yolanda M.
    That's an easy question to answer, I started out as a scrapbooker and watched you on QVC then followed you to HSN.  Continued to buy all of your scrapbooking products then began to purchase your card products (and not really making cards yet).  Then one day I needed a birthday card and did not have one, it was then when I decided to make one of yours and was hooked from then on.  It was you who inspired me!
  217. Posted by: Marlishia Carey
    Ms. Anna you were my inspiration to card making.  I was on a scrapbooker and your card kits took me to the next level.   I was enrolled on you autoship card making kits on HSN.  A high school classmate and I reunited through Facebook and she invited me to join her scrapbook club.  I was a little intimidated by the work they could do since I only really been doing it for a few years. I join the birthday card making swap club and last year I did the Christmas
    card swap.  I had the kit that came in last year autoship and I ordered the ultimate card making kit and I plan to use this year.  I can't wait to see you new kit to order.  Also, I was on your album autoship so when everyone came over they were able to look at the album with the previous year pictures.  So this year I can't wait to incorporate your new pieces with my Christmas card swap and tag swap this year and with my family and friends.

     I order your cuttlebug today's special of the cuttlebug and autoship program this past spring.  I sent a birthday card using the folders and a teacup from a previous card kit and received a lot of conpliments on the quality and beauty of the card.  Thank you so much for you idea book as well.

    You are a true inspiration!
  218. Posted by: Deanna Collins
    I can't even begin to know who or what started me making my own Christmas and greeting cards, but I have been crafting since I can remember! I tried every type of craft that ever came along. Finally, I purchased one of those make your own cards on the computer packages and have been hooked on making my own cards ever since. When I started seeing YOU on first one shopping show and then HSN I have been a fan forever! I love how beautiful your kits are, how thrilled everyone is to receive a card I "created" with one of your kits. You are a constant inspiration and I pray that you will continue to share your talent with us for as long as I live, at least! I would love to have you create a masculine card kit sometime. Though I love all the flowery cards you currently help me create, I truly need cards for all the men in my life as well!! I probably make over 150 cards every year between birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, new babies etc. Your cards are always the most beautiful! Thank YOU!
  219. Posted by: Michelle Ertle
    My mom was the person who inspired me to make my first Christmas card. I was in elementary school and we were having art class. We were supposed to make a card to take home, and I thought of my mom and how much she would love to have a card from me. I am sure she thought it was the most wonderful gift in the world! and through her encouragement, I started on a life of crafting (so much better than a life of crime!) I have come a long way since first grade. Now my cards are given to friends and family, and I sell some at craft shows, so they are going to many people from people they love. That is what handmade cards are all about. Sharing the love. And Anna's embellishments and sets make everything better. So whether is is a Christmas card or a thinking of you card...a touch of Anna is always welcome!
  220. Posted by: Jennie Heberg
    Who started me making Christmas? My Mom! When I was a little girl we didn't buy anything we could make! And of course even if we wanted to Mama always encouraged us to put that extra special touch by adding the special love it would give if our own little hands made it Special For ... ! I still make many of my cards from the fun it was to do that with her when I was little.
  221. Posted by: Irene Baker
    Actually Anna, I was a novice scrapbooker, until I stumbled upon you one day on HSN.  A light went on, and ever since, I have purchased so many of your paper and kits, flowers and die cuts.  I just can't seem to have enough in my inventory.  I love to make everyday cards, but absolutely ADORE the gorgeous Christmas cards I'm able to do thanks to you and your ultimate kits.  Thank you for all you do to help others be creative!!!
  222. Posted by: VICKIE N
  223. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    Hi Anna! Loving your videos and your questions! When I was 10 my dad dies and my sister, brother, Mom and I went to live with our money was tight, my Grandmother would sit us down at the kitchen table and we would "scrapbook" (cutting pictures from magazines and gluing into blank books...during the holidays we would make cards and decorations from our magazine cut-outs and I've been a paper-a-holic ever since...I now have grandchildren and we sit down and play with paper at the kitchen table, only your goodies are way more better than magazine pictures! Just keeping the memory special and passing on a great craft! Thanks for letting me share!
  224. Posted by: Meg
    I was inspired to make cards, first by starting to scrapbook, and using the left-over paper for cards.  I got into stamping, and it all took off from there.  One year, my daughter went to Europe for Student Ambassador and my friend and I make card packs for a fund-raiser.  We did hundreds of cards, and it paid off.  After seeing you on TV, I got hooked even more.  Now my sisters ask for my cards so they can send them out.  One year, I did 50 cards, (all different) for her as a gift.  When I go to the store, the cards look so cheesy, and expensive.  Even the men in my family enjoy getting the cards.  This is such good time spent, and I love doing them.  Thanks to you with all your beautiful creations.
  225. Posted by: Jennife Essad
    I learned while in Girl Scouts at about 10 years old - our troop leaders, Mrs Smiley and Mrs ...... (she was a red head can't remember her name but I can visualize her) taught us to make new cards from old greeting cards-we then took them with us to visit a convalescence home with homemade cookies and cards for everyone-I have everycard given to us since we were engaged - kids included - that's boxes that I will save as long as I live
  226. Posted by: Jackie Gaskin
    HI...   I started to make cards about 3 years ago. I am not creative, so I copy designs I see in various stores and magazines. Have bought a few kits here and there.  But let me tell ya' Anna:  looking at yours on here and on HSN,  I am so ready to take the plunge. I can NOT wait till Sept.17.  Thank goodness its my day off. See you then.  Jackie Gaskin.
  227. Posted by: Cathy B
    You did!  I never had much interest in papercrafting...then I bought one of your birthday and all occasion card kits about 1 1/2 years ago.  I was hooked.  Started watching you on HSN and fell in love even more when I saw your Christmas card kits.  I have 4 of them now and I'll be picking up the new one this year.  People adore the cards I make with your kits and it's so much fun for me.  Thank you so much!
  228. Posted by: Bonnie
    my first card making inspiration was making those Valentine book cards as a child... a couple of years ago I started making cards with my counted cross stitch charity group (WOCS) for the holidays.. these went to seniors in nursing homes and ill children.. I saw Anna on HSN and had to have the cuttlebug for this years cards.. then my husband bought me the floral card kit and WOW I am hooked.. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the Christmas cards so my Christmas cards will be fantastic this year.. Many seniors are put into homes and this is the only cards they get... they are going to love the Anna Griffin cards... Thanks Anna, your designs are going to bring a lot of smiles to those who need it so bad..
  229. Posted by: Janese
    I stopped making or sending Christmas cards about 5 years ago. Last year I met Anna Griffin and fell in love with making and sending cards again. Thank you for sparking that gift of giving joy again!
  230. Posted by: evadene
    You inspired me, when I first saw you cuttle bug, I think it was in January.  I have not been able to stop since.  OH do I ever love your cottage Roses!!!!
  231. Posted by: Suzanne S
    When I was a child, my mom recycled our Christmas cards.  It was fun to sit with her and help her cut out the pictures from previous years cards.  We would use them for Christmas tags on our packages.  I still do this sometimes.  It brings back wonderful memories of my mom, who is now deceased.   Thanks for asking, because you brought back the memory just now!!!!
  232. Posted by: maryann
    Thanks for another great prize package.  I have been making cards for about 20 years and love to.  I was inspired by my mother who was a great crafter.  We would sit down and craft together and share our ideas.  Sure do miss her.   Your wounderful kits have brought my card making to the next level.  Thanks and happy holidays
  233. Posted by: Kris
    You did, Anna!  I bought my first Anna Griffin Card Kit years ago when you were on a different US shopping channel and it had some beautiful green and cream paisley papers.  Although it wasn't a Christmas kit, I used it to make some Christmas cards for family members.  They all raved about them and I've been a faithful Anna follower since then and my craft stash can certainly attest to that!  Thank You!  
  234. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    Anna, my Kindergarden teacher, Ms. Robin inspired me years ago to make my own cards - only at the time I did not know it !! We made cards for our Mom's for every holiday that school year !!  She really enjoyed cutting and paste !!  Bless her heart. She was a great teacher !!
  235. Posted by: Peg Palmer
     Dear Anna,
    I don't have any clever story to tell.  Is just that store bought cards just don't seem good enough for the people I am blessed to have in my life.  Years ago crafty ladies from church inspired me to start making cards.  My first was a halloween card I made for my husband. Now every year I make him a halloween card that is themed by silly things we laugh about like, "beware of mutant dog hair." From there all things paper have been growing in our home.
    Thank you for continuing to inspiring me to new heights, I've been  a devoted fan of yours since first seeing you on the Sandy Genovese DIY scrapbooking show.  Can you believe I still have those first episodes you were on saved:)
  236. Posted by: Sally
    I started watching YOU on the Carol Duval show and couldn't wait to try some of your techniques. I had a hard time finding your products initially but now await your HSN shows. 
  237. Posted by: Linda Fraley
    An art teacher inspired me to make Christmas cards.  She taught me how to stamp and introduced me to the world of papercrafting.  When I discovered your papers, my expertise was raised to a new level and I have been making cards for Christmas ever since then.
  238. Posted by: Granny Brenda
    Right after my first back surgery I wasn't allowed to do anything and I found an Anna Griffin card making kit that I had purchased years before.  I also watched her or a shopping network making cards and started my "creative" time.  When I saw her Christmas cards, it made me kick my card making not just up a notch but an entire closet.  By the time the third surgery was done I was hooked and now do cards for everyone on every subject as well as make cards for non profits to sell to make money for their organization.
  239. Posted by: mrs j lamb
    i was inspired by seeing you on qvc about 10 years ago
  240. Posted by: Maria Rosa
    Who else but you, ANNA GRIFFIN, inspired me to make Christmas cards.  I fell in love with all your kits that you showed on HSN over the years and I had to have each and every one of them.   I am so excited to see the newest Christmas cardmaking kit and cannot wait for Sept. 17tt.
  241. Posted by: Cheryl O
    I think it was the lovely stamps and sentiments, along with the soft mulberry papers.  At that time I was embossing everything and the pretty, glittery images looked like what I could buy, so I figured, why not make them and have fun at the same time!  My cards were simpler then, now I'm into coloring more with markers and shading, embellishing more; I can't just pump them out in an assembly line like I used to!
  242. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    Like all kids, I started making Christmas Cards for my mom and dad and grandma's. Over the years they go more professional. Being exposed to all the craft stores and naturally also your inspirations, I started making my own Christmas Cards for everyone in my family and for my friends about 10 years ago...A handmade card is such a personal gift, nothing better for me to express my wishes and feelings for my family and friends.
  243. Posted by: Michelle Laulu
    I love the feel of a homemade card in my hand. I was inspired by several crafting and scrapbooking magazines to make my homemade cards. I hope to start working on them now and have them finished by Halloween!
  244. Posted by: Shelly M
    Hi Anna...thank you for another opportunity to win a gorgeous prize!!  I had been wanting to make my own Christmas cards for ages, but never did until I saw your wonderful kits and took the plunge and bought my very first Anna card making kit (with many more kits to follow...I love them!!)!  So it is you, Anna, who inspired me. 
  245. Posted by: Sandy harshberger
    YOU, dear lady, originally inspired me to send handmade Christmas cards!  I sent nearly 200 last year...ran
     out of two kits and went to all your papers etc. in my stash.  Everyone loved them and I to so much joy making them.  I will start this year's as soon as my two new kits arrive...will be on the phone promptly at midnight!!!
    Thank you for being the inspiration and joy provider to me and the rest of the "Griffies" out here in Anna Land.  Love, Sandy
  246. Posted by: marjorie
    what inspired me to make handmade christmas cards? It just feels like pure love when someone gives something they have actually made. Making Christmas cards is such a practical way to give love and christmas is the perfect & appropriate time to do this. I used to hand make and stamp and glitter 100 christmas cards for my family and friends however Anna's card making kits make things go so much faster and nothing can match the beauty and elegance of Anna's designs!!! I just love everything Anna does. She must have God's grace because love just comes through in her work.
  247. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    My friend inspired me to make cards.  She used to give me the most beautiful cards for Christmas and my birthday so I decided I would try it.  She invited me to a card making club and it was so much fun.  Then a few months later I saw Anna Griffin card kits on HSN and now I am hooked.
  248. Posted by: Ann in PA
    A dear friend, who would make cards while the rest of us scrapbooked, inspired me to begin making my own cards. The rest is history!
  249. Posted by: Erica H.
    I'd have to say my Dad encouraged my Twin and I to make cards for Mommy and the rest of the family when we were just 1 yr old and every year since, he would buy us crayons and paper and told us to go to town! It's been 35 years and I'm still at it, but I've moved on from crayons and construction paper, as you know! ;)
  250. Posted by: Aundi Prather
    I actually started making my own Christmas cards about 10 years ago. I would always set my Christmas cards out through the season for everyone to see them then after the holiday I would throw them all away. One year I received this absolutely beautiful homemade card and absolutely could not let myself throw it away after the holiday passed. I actually left it on my fireplace until March then finally packed it away with my Christmas decorations. The next year I looked so forward to receiving another card from her that I decided to handmake my own Christmas cards. Had so many friends and family talk about our cards they thought we were making cards together. Now it's almost like a competition to see who makes the prettiest cards. I know with your help last year I most certainly won the best cards award!! Can't wait to see what I'm doing this year.
  251. Posted by: Terry
    You did.  When I seen you on HSN the 1st time is when I thought about making my own cards.  I love what you do.  I would have never gotten back into making craft or scrap booking until I seen you on TV.  Thank you.
  252. Posted by: Mona Belcher
    I started making my Christmas cards when I was 5 years old.  I was the youngest "Kid" on the block.  All the other kids went to school so I was all alone except for my Mom and my dog.  One day my mom set me at the table with the new catalog and magazine that came in the mail, some paper, scissors, home made glue and colors.  Mom showed me how to cut the pictures out of the catalog or magazine and put them on the paper. I spent so many days making those cards and writing in the inside (although I did not know how to write anything but my name).  I gave them to everyone.  When my mom passed away I found her scrapbook of the things I had done and one of the pages was the first Christmas card I have ever made.  Boy! have I come along way since then thanks to you Anna!!!!
  253. Posted by: Barbara H.
    I have made cards for as long as I can remember! But what really got me going in a BIG way was the amazing product line you have put together. I am your new best fan! Keep Creating!
  254. Posted by: Ruth R.
    I was inspired to try the card kit because you just can't buy the card you want in the stores. I can never find a pretty card for someone that says just what I'd like. So if you make them yourself you can have the message you want to send. Also whether it is sending cards or receiving other gifts, when someone actually takes the time to make them it just means so more to a person.
  255. Posted by: Collette R
    What really inspired me to make my own cards was actually the price of ready made cards. I found myself sending less an less cards because they aren't cheap. I would go to the dollar stores. Buying and adding my own embellishments to them,so I started making all my own cards shortly after that.
  256. Posted by: TeranceH
    Well, no one in my family were very crafty so when i started working in a retail craft store they were impressed i could do so many different things with no background.  I worked with 2 awesome ladies 1st was Betty and 2nd was Meg, they both opened my eyes in different directions with crafts Betty the artist prefection side and Meg the crafter we dont have to be perfect side.  They both encoureged me to try differnt things but most of all they told me i could do itand it didnt matter what it looked like just TRY, i did and i can say i make some pretty cool cards and scrapbooks.
  257. Posted by: Linda Sharritts
    I'm just starting to make cards and I know you beautiful papers will be an asset in my card making.
  258. Posted by: Julie
    Anna -

    It has already been said, but your early Christmas card kit inspired me to make cards instead of buy them. YOU started the revolution in my traditions!

  259. Posted by: lori
    When it was time too buy a greeting card.It just was not what I wanted . Sometimes the  front would be very nice. But the inside just wasn't what I wanted to say or the inside was just what I wanted to say but the front was not pretty at all .  The price of a card that you are sorta not sure about  is really not worth it !! But to make an Anna Griffin card ( a  perfect card ) is priceless and worth keeping . Sorta hard to give away . Really the person you are giving it to will know  how special they are.
  260. Posted by: Gail Wenzel
    Anna, it was YOU of course that inspired me to make Christmas cards!!  To make ALL my cards!!  Your beautiful card kits and papers and borders and 3D embellishments!!!  I can't wait for Sept. 17th to get here!!
  261. Posted by: Donna DWD
    My husband went to Iraq in the fall of 2006.  I started making cards to send to him.  Since I was alone most of the day, having a 25 yr old, coming & going, I past the time by making cards.  By christmas of 2007, I had a pretty good system going.
  262. Posted by: Lisa Shireman
    I have only made a few homemade Christmas cards, but plan to make some for my special friends this Christmas.  I have made lots of Christmas layouts with your Christmas papers, and they turned out absolutely gorgeous!  I love the classic, vintage feel of your products.  I can't wait to see all of the new Christmas items you have coming up.
  263. Posted by: Dawn G.
    The greeting card industry pushed me into making cards..........I was growing tired of seeing similar cards year after year with similar sentiments to boot.  And, I couldn't really afford the more pricey extra glittered, 3 dimensional  types for everyone on my list, not even just a few.  This is when I ventured into making Christmas cards of my own.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win more great items.
  264. Posted by: LeeAnn Sinclair
    I started with Scrapbooking and it just seemed like a natural progression to start making Christmas cards.  Once I started making Christmas cards for church members some of them came to expect handmade cards each year so I couldn't go back to store bought cards if I wanted to ! 
  265. Posted by: Susan Lowe
    Watching Anna's Christmas card kit on HSN inspired me to make them.
  266. Posted by: Cathy S.
    What inspired me to make my own Christmas cards were your card kits. I had never seen anything so beautiful! I love making and sending out your cards and I love the compliments I get from everyone who receives them.
  267. Posted by: Lin M.
    Last year was my first year to attempt making Christmas cards. I think I was inspired by all the craft shows on HSN. This year I am inspired to make Christmas cards with your holiday kit that I am anxiously waiting for Sept. 17th to get. :)
    Thanks for more sneak peaks! The flower stickers and scrapbook albums are lovely!
  268. Posted by: D~DesignsByDragonfly.blogspot
    I first started making Christmas cards after I got hooked making cards after going to a stamping party.  Thanks so much for the chance to win.
  269. Posted by: Susan B.
    My best friend, since 5th grade, took me to a Stampin ' Up make a stack of cards and I have been in love with making cards, especially Christmas cards since.
  270. Posted by: Sandee B
    About 12 years ago (my then) next door neighbor invited me to a stamping party and I bought a few Christmas stamps and paper.  I was hooked and loved making holly and poinsettia cards.  Then I discovered scrapbooking and loved that too.  I have now added 3D paper crafting and am making all kinds of beautiful stuff!  I'm excited about making Anna's Christmas card kit this year, thanks for the chance to win!!!
  271. Posted by: Carlene
    Hi, I must say that I am a scrapbooker and recently purchased your cardmaking kit on hsn.  And I CANNOT wait until your Christmas kit comes out on hsn. I have not made Christmas cards in years and YOU have inspired me to make them with your awesome upcoming kit. How do I know it's awesome? Well, from your sneak peeks!! I love your style and cannot get enough flower embellishments on my cards!!! Thank you Anna, for your inspiration and having the courage to create a different style. You stand out from the rest.
  272. Posted by: Ellie B
    Honestly Anna, you were my insperation. I saw you many many years ago on QVC when I was a stay at home Mom and bought many of your beautiful items that day, and that was the begining. I make beautiful card and scrapbooks all Anna style, thanks for everything
  273. Posted by: Judy Nurkkala
    It's a no-brainer. Plain and simple - YOU did!
  274. Posted by: Sissy Geist
    A very dear friend of mine Penny K. started a cardmaking class at our church.  Penny and I have been friends for many years but over time really did not meet up.  She called and invited me to come and I did and I fell in love all over again.  First with Penny, papercrafting esp. cards, and finally with you Anna Griffin. This has been such a blessing at age 70 to begin a new hobby and to gain special friends.

  275. Posted by: Joyce Crawford
    My husband encouraged me to begin making cards, especially Christmas cards.  We were looking for SPECIAL Christmas cards to send to our family & friends one year and he saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a local hobby store that was selling card making materials and he suggested I might like to make the cards that year.  Well, I got some material and began making cards.  I enjoyed it so much that pretty soon my husband began to make them with me.  Then I found Anna Griffin materials and nothing held up to my standards like your product did, Anna.  Thanks for giving me such a wonderful craft......
  276. Posted by: Grandma Hobo
    As a child I always loved paper, weird, I know!  I always wanted to be able to paint and draw, but lacking the talent for that, when papercrafting became popular, I thought this was the venue I needed to bring out a bit of the artist I always wanted to be.  From my first pad of paper to my most recent tools, I have a room stacked to the ceiling with all kinds of goodies.  I made a few cards, then started making my own holiday and birthday cards, and now I can say that I havn't bought a card in years.  So I guess I inspired myself to make the cards.  And that geeky girl who loved paper still loves it as an older woman!
  277. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    I would have to say my Mawmaw inspired me to make Christmas cards. I can remember being little maybe 6-7 years old. My Mawmaw would pick me up and set me on a stool at her kitchen counter. My Mawmaw always kept her past Christmas cards. We would go through all her stacks and stacks of cards until we found one that spoke to use. Mawmaw would cut away the imagine from the card and I got to go the fun stuff....adding glitter! She would have a paint brush for me and a small bowl of glue. She let me add detail to the card. It could be added a snow scene or adding glitter to Santa's hat. We usually used these for gift tags but she inspried me. She taught me you don't have to have a lot or money or spend a large amount of money to make your package look beautiful. I am SO lucky to still have my Mawmaw still with me today. Now she is asking me if she can have one of my cards for the occasions she needs! I'm truly blessed to come from a long line of crafters!! So I dedicate this post to my Mawmaw Nadine. She is a wonderful lady who I feel honored be named after her and to call her my Mawmaw!!
  278. Posted by: mj ghent
    I have to admit that it was my daughter who inspired me to make Christmas cards....I still have that first one she sent to me...will treasure it always.   I might add that the first card I ever made was created using Anna's that paper so much that it was very hard for me to actually cut it! 
  279. Posted by: Laura
    My friend invited me to a card-making class and I loved it!  I really got into Christmas card making when I saw all of your embellishments and papers!
  280. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    I started making general cards about 4 years ago when the place that I had worked at for 18 years had shut the doors do t finanicial reason, this was in July. It was just natural that I make Chirstmas cards that year also and I fell in love with making beautiful Christmas cards and really any other cards; also this was the time that I bought your card kits on HSN there were 4 kits sent out every 3 months.
  281. Posted by: Heidi J.
    Anna, your beautiful card making kits inspired me to first start making cards.  I always thought it was too difficult to even begin, until I saw your products.  It was almost as easy as color by number,  yet the results are amazing!  Thanks for the beautiful products.
    Thanks for the chance to win!  Lots of Hugs!
  282. Posted by: Barbara V
    I started making cards when I was just a little girl. Long time ago. We didn't have much so construction paper and glue were fun. I would make cards for my family. Then when I heard about scrapbooking and saw your items I was hooked. Love your flowers. 
  283. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    I use to always receive these Beautiful & Elegant Christmas Cards from my Aunt ever since I was in my teens. I use to thank her for her Christmas Cards and compliment how beautiful they were, each year. I wondered how my Aunt could afford to buy such beautiful Christmas cards, they must of cost her $8 a Card.  When I was in my late 30's, I asked her. I was in ah that she had made each and everyone of them. I asked her if the next Holiday season she could teach me how to make these amazing Cards. I am proud to say that ever since then, I have made my Christmas Cards.  I purchased my very first Anna Griffin Christmas Card Kit last year and my Aunt called me and said I had out did any card she has ever made, with my Christmas Card. Shhhh, my Aunt will never know just how easy it was to make my Christmas Cards, thanks to Anna.
  284. Posted by: Bonnie Wilson
    The reaon I find myself making cards is due to my mother.  One never knew what to excpect, as she used various mediums from water color, oil paint, quilling  chalk ,and  stitching.  One time it would be a simple card to a miniature oil or water color scene.  People enjoyed them so much, that when she died they gave me the albums of the cards they received over the many years they knew her.  I still have many of the Christmas cards thet she had started working on (besides birthdays, it seems she multi tasked)  before she died. Those have become treasures for me.
  285. Posted by: Beth Anne
    I was extremely fortunate to grow up in a church full of lovely gracious and super talented women (my mother was one) who were always encouraging and teaching us young girls. I remember making Christmas cards with them full of crayon drawings, magazine pics, cut-up card fronts, sequins, ribbons and paste. We made them for our families and also shut-ins and hospitals too. I wish those women were still here so that I could thank them for giving me a lifetime of joy in creating and crafting. I also got my love of needlework, sewing, baking, and many other joys from them. Oh how they would have loved your beautiful products! ...almost as much as me! :) TY Anna for bringing back some of those wonderful memories with your question.
    Beth Anne
  286. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    Your question this Friday is an easy one to answer.  First, I love Christmas and second, I love crafting; so put the two together and I absolutely adore making things, including Christmas cards for all the special people in my life!
  287. Posted by: Donna E.
    I fell in love with your designs, at first sight, on the shelves of our newly opened Michaels' store many years ago!  I found my 1st Anna Griffin book the other day...Your designs are timeless!  =) 
  288. Posted by: Myra (Mickey) Goddard
    Hi Anna...
    I started making Christmas cards, and all my cards about 15 years ago. I don't drive, never have and it was difficult to get out and buy them, especially when recovering from a hip replacement.I used to make them all on the computer, but now with your products I have advanced to what I hope is a more professional, personal, and beautiful card. From comments I'm getting, I have succeeded. My cards went up a huge notch after I got the products on HSN last month.I hope you will have more dies on Sept. 17th. However all the products you have are so gorgeous, and I am so glad to have discovered your wonderful products. Getting very excited Anna, you're the greatest. One question: I have 7 great grandchildren, and sure would like something a little more juvenile for them, also some masculine products would be nice. But more dies, and sayings for the insides would be nice.
  289. Posted by: Susan D
    Years ago I picked up all the supplies for scrapbooking only to realize that I didn't take photographs.  Card-making is the perfect combination of creativity and staying in touch with those that you love, especially over the holiday season. 
  290. Posted by: Sue H.
    It was you!  I first watched you on HSN for the instant scrapbooks.  Then I saw your Christmas card kits on your website for your supersale and bought some.  Your kits made such beautiful cards and everyone that I gave one to really enjoyed them.  And that was all she wrote, I'm hooked.  Thank you for providing all the gorgeous papers and kits. 
  291. Posted by: Judy Foulkes
    Anna, I can't specify just one thing, but the many beautiful kits that were shown years ago on QVC were my inspiration.  And you certainly continue the tradition!
  292. Posted by: Aymee B.
    It was a wonderful surprise for me to read the blog today!  THANK YOU ANNA!  Now I will be sharing the beautiful Christmas papers with my friends when we organize our Christmas Card making night. :) These sneak previews and your weekly blog have been really fun for me.  I have really been enjoying answering the questions you put to us and reading the comments.  Your products have inspired me and so have reading other people's comments on how they will use your products.  I know I just won and I'm not trying to be greedy.. I just want to answer today's question :) A neighbor introduced me to stamping about 12 years ago and she was having a card making class... I was hooked instantly!  So when I got one of your kits that I saw on QVC (the floral box with the ribbons and bows on it) I loved the elegant designs you had for the Christmas Cards.  My mom still raves about that first Christmas Card I sent her!  But, all of your kits especially the Christmas ones have just gotten better and better over the years!  Thanks for always bring out new products but staying true to your specific design aesthetic!!
  293. Posted by: Audrey Olander
    A few years ago I was home from work recuperating from pneumonia when I found you on HSN.  I never thought I could make my own cards but you made everything look so easy so I ordered your Christmas kit and I was hooked.  I'm now a huge fan of all your products.  Nothing else compares.
  294. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I first started making my own Christmas cards when I learned One Stroke painting with Donna Dewberry.  She taught that making cards had a two-fold purpose: it was a good way to practice brush strokes and you would have a beautiful card at the same time. Anna has taught me another way of making beautiful cards by using her kits and products.  I am now teaching my grandchildren to make their own cards.  Thank you, Anna! 
  295. Posted by: Judy G
    My aunt got me into card making.  I had been scrapbooking for several years, but didn't know anything about stamping or making cards.
  296. Posted by: Betty H
    A few years ago I decided buying Christmas Cards was too expensive and decided I could make them myself MUCH CHEAPER.  Well, I started getting supplies and then more supplies and then the Cuttlebug and Big Shot and everything that goes along with it until low and behold I have an entire room filled with supplies.  Then I saw Anna Griffin cards and fell in love.  Just love everything about Anna's beautiful creations.  Needless to say, my
    card making got waaaaaay more expensive than store bought cards but I'll never go back.  And an Anna Griffin scrapbook for my grand-daughter is now in the cards too!
  297. Posted by: Abby L.
    My sister inpired me to make Christmas cards.  She always sent such beautiful cards and I appreciated how much time and effort she put into making them.  It made me feel special, and that's how I want other people to feel when I send them cards too!
  298. Posted by: Veronica
    I first started making Christmas cards because I liked the personal touch that it gave them. My kids had grown, so the family photo/card was not what I wanted to send anymore. I was already scrapbooking, and my scraps were screaming to be used. Over the years my cards have become  "fancier", because like Anna, I love all the layering and detailing. Kindred spirits....:)
  299. Posted by: Amy Harper
    Several years ago, a friend of mine made beautiful cards with stamps. She showed me how to stamp and emboss using a heating tool and I was just so impressed. One afternoon we got together just to make Christmas cards. It was a great bonding experience for us and I felt so rewarded knowing that I made something beautiful and creative for my family and friends. :)
  300. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    This may seem like a kiss up, but it's not.  I had a friend that made all of her cards and I was impressed but never tempted.  Then along came Anna and wow I felt they were so beautiful and imagined how I would feel getting one of those.  Unfortunately, I waited a couple of years (I had bought everything from Anna-albums, papers, embellishments, etc.-but never card kits).  Then last year I decided I could do that and started with the Christmas collection (2 of them) and fell in love with the process.  Since then I have purchased all of Anna's other kits as well.  Thanks Anna.
  301. Posted by: Tom G..
    I was all about ready to say Anna, but then I thought, well, 20 somewhat odd years ago we stumbled upon a rubber stamp store in Peddler's Village, near New Hope, Pennsylvania.  It was autumn, and they were all ready for Christmas.  That was the beginning of it all for me.  Fast forward to present time, and Anna (Thankfully!) keeps coming up with new ways to keep me interested.  Thanks!!!
  302. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    About 9-10 years ago, I started learning about card-making as opposed to making scrapbooking and while I love both--card-making appealed to me even more. I went to some craft nights with a good friend, Emily, who was learning how to make her own cards. I went once and was hooked on stamps, papers, inks, and stickers!! I learned some basics and even was a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! for a number of years. I was so impressed by the creative Christmas cards I saw people making and was so inspired to do it on my own, that it just started being a tradition. Now, I hope to teach my daughters how to make cards and let them enjoy this craft, too! 
  303. Posted by: Judy
    My first card was from a very good friend who has led me into a decade long hobby of card making.
  304. Posted by: Barbara Fusco
    My friend Carol used to sell a line of well-known rubber stamps, and she introduced me to card making many years ago - long before I'd ever heard of scrapbooking.  (I think I was one of Carol's biggest customers.)  My love of pretty papers and inks are all due to her.  Thanks, Carol!  Love you!
  305. Posted by: Marge G.
    I think it was a natural progression to go from doing scrapbooking pages to doing cards.  Plus, I got such personal satisfaction from creating little things to give to people - it's so much fun!
  306. Posted by: Diane Villegas
    I was first inspired to make greeting cards many years ago. It was actually my mother at the very end of her life she received hundreds of cards from friends, family and organization wishing her well. Not only did I save all of those cards (placed them in a scrapbook) but I have been making handmade cards since her passing. I always want to give a part of myself back to all those who cared enough about my mother to send her a piece of themselves; therefore, I continue sending them a little piece of me.
  307. Posted by: Linda G
    My daughter makes the most beautiful cards and she introduced me to Anna Griffin paper etc.  Her Christmas cards are a keepsake and I would love to try and make beautiful  cards with your products.  Thanks for this opportunity.
  308. Posted by: Melanie
    My Mom has made and mailed me beautiful, creative Christmas cards.
  309. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    I've been buying card making kits and paper crafting supplies for several years.  I made a few scrapbooks and a card every once in awhile.  About this time last year, I made a couple of birthday cards.  I enjoyed the creative process so much, I decided to make Christmas cards.  

    Love the new collection of roses and scrapbook.  
  310. Posted by: Debby C.
    I was first inspired by friends having cardmaking get togethers.  Your designs take it to another level!!!  Thanks!
  311. Posted by: Marilyn Mehit
    When I was in first grade our teacher had us make Christmas cards for our parents, other relatives and friends, as well as for everyone in our class.  I am 67 years old and when my dear mother passed away, I found one of the Christmas cards I made for my parents.  As a matter of fact, she saved everything I ever made as did I with my own son.  When I was teaching, I had a policy not to accept gifts for the holidays as I knew most of my parents could not afford it.  I did, however, request that my students make their own Christmas cards for their parents, relatives, classmates, people in nursings homes, and one card from each student to me.  Of course, they all received a handmade card from me.  My cards back then did not come close to the elegance of Anna's but they were made from my heart and the kids knew it.  I treasured each and every card I received from them.  So I say, thank you to Miss Musto for having your little first graders make homemade cards.  I've been hooked ever since.  I also say thank you to Anna Griffin for making my cards look professional.  Marilyn Mehit
  312. Posted by: Rae Renfrew
    When I was a little girl my Memere used to make handmade Christmas cards. They were simple but you knew that she took the time to make something from the heart. Knowing how I felt when I got one of these cards made me want to make cards for my friends and family to get the same warm feelings especially at Christmas. When you can't be there in person a homemade card let's you be there in spirit.
  313. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    I have to say that my BFF Peg is the one who first inspired me to make Christmas cards. She had the faith in me that I didn't and she encouraged me to continue on the scrap path! I always admired her handmade cards and scrapbook layouts and marveled at her creativity! It wasn't until she started our lessons and tons on encouragement that I started loving it! I have her to be thankful for everything Anna Griffin and card making/scrap booking!
  314. Posted by: Marianne
    Store-bought cards are expensive and just were not doing it for me. I was almost tempted one year not to send cards but could not bring myself to do so. Until I saw Anna's cards and sentiments. I could design a card for each person and make them personal with the sentiments. 
  315. Posted by: roseanna crawford
    For years, I have made most of the Christmas gifts I have given to my family. When I got hooked on card making, I gave sets of cards as gifts, then it was a light bulb moment for me to make Christmas cards also. I get such a thrill when my family says they look forward to seeing what I will make each year with my gifts and cards, so that has encouraged me to keep doing it.
  316. Posted by: Lucy F
    I was very big in to scrapbooking and had a lot of supplies. I went to a show and saw the hand made cards and thought it would be a good way to use my scraps. I have been hooked on it ever since.
  317. Posted by: Lilie
    I was inspired to make christmas cards from watching your shows on the scrapbooking shows on HSN.  Your chrsitmas cards are very unique and beautiful.  It is so much fun and I simply enjoy making them.
  318. Posted by: Andrea
    That's a good question. I was a scrapbooker untill I saw you on HSN and bought my very first kit from you. I loved it and have been cardmaking since then thanks to you!
  319. Posted by: Pamela Haskin
    My husband inspired me to make Christmas cards! After seeing a few thank-you and birthday cards, he encouraged me to make our Christmas cards. Gotta  love a man like that!
  320. Posted by: Jan E.
    I scrapbooked first, and then starting making cards.  It was actually the old Creating Keepsakes message board ladies - some of whom I'm still in contact with after 10 years+ that inspired me to make Christmas cards.  Nothing like a huge group of friends to keep the creative spark going!
  321. Posted by: Nancy H
    I fell in love with card making in kindergarten, when Mrs. La Bonti let us make cards during quiet time if there was a special occasion in our family.   There was a box full of exciting paper scraps, plastic blunt nose scissors and white pepperminty paste.   Still making cards and loving the playfulness and satisfaction of creating something pretty, at least in my mind's eye!
  322. Posted by: Jane Makuch
    I received a handmade Christmas card and thought "I'd love to do this but it must take sooo long!"  Then I found your first card making kit and have been "card crazy" ever since :)
  323. Posted by: Leslie
    I first learned about card making when a freind took me to a Stampin' Up party years ago. ( I still remember the quote on the frog card "Times fun when you're having flies". The first year I made most of my Christmas cards was 2010, while taking care of my Mom before she passed. I would make the cards and we would talk an reminese. With your kits Anna, I can make my cards more efficiently and more beautifully. So thank you for that.
  324. Posted by: susan
    I love your card making kit.  Everyone thinks that I am so talented, however it isn't me it your products.  thank you
  325. Posted by: Diane Pfile
    My students inspired me. Perhaps, out of necessity, my inspiration came from my students' need to make personal Christmas cards for their families. With limited funds we came up with ways to make their cards personal by reusing & recycling old Christmas cards. Friends and staff members often passed on cards they had received for our class projects. We cut apart cards, removed any personal messages, added embellishments, embossed cards, stamped cards, glued onto colored festive paper, hand wrote personal messages, and signed the cards. Many family members came back with positive comments on how they valued and treasured their hand made cards. These projects have not only inspired me to continue making cards but to look at crafting material in a different way and repurposing material to create something new. I like to think I also was able to inspire others to create and make something that was personal. I am now retired with 35 years of teaching and have great memories of making Christmas cards. I continue to personalize cards and have used Anna Griffin papers and kits for inspiration.
  326. Posted by: Carol A.
    I started making Christmas cards when my 2 daughters were very young and they "helped" me. It was such a fun experience that I have done it ever since. My girls are now 50 and 47! When Anna began making card kits I was hooked and have been using her kits ever since. 
  327. Posted by: Joy H
    My sister first inspired me into making handmade Christmas cards.  She has made her Christmas cards for years and one weekend, she helped me get started and it's been a blast ever since.  She is so very talented and encouraging.
  328. Posted by: Phyllis Dew
    Hi Anna.  Another great giveaway! Yeah!  The first year I made Christmas cards was inspired by an old family farmhouse that was inherited by my Dad and two aunts.  My father passed away and it was getting hard for them to keep up, so my husband and I bought it.    It has a porch across the front with six columns and circular drive.  A few years prior it snowed (we don't get much snow down south!) and I had taken a photo that I made copies in black and white and glittered the roof and yard where there was snow & attached them to red and green cards.  In one corner I would put a small red/green sticker for a touch of color.  They were appreciated more by my Dad's side of the family, but got compliments and like the feeling.  Soon after I saw your Christmas card kits and have used them ever since.  You make it easy for us.  Thanks for your inspiration.
  329. Posted by: Evelyn B
    When I was a little girl my mother was in the hospital frequently and we weren't allowed to go see her - so when Dad went to the hospital we sent homemade cards to her. We hand sewed pictures from a magazine onto typing paper "card".  That developed into making cards for every occasion including Christmas.  I had so little to work with but it is the thought that counts.  Now, I have many beautiful papers and flowers (LOVE those cottage roses) to make whatever my mind can think of.  Thanks much for your pretty items - they are a joy to work with!  Evelyn
  330. Posted by: Sue G
    My sisters!  We go together and started making cards!  We love making cards!  Love your products Miss Anna!!!!
  331. Posted by: Diann
    My father was my inspiration for making cards.  He was way ahead of his time in decorating scrapbooks and drawing on envelopes.  We have a scrapbook from 1950 where my father was embellishing it and journaling in it.  I miss him very much.  People say they can see my father in my work.  What a great compliment!!
  332. Posted by: Linda C
    I was inspired to first make Christmas cards after my first stamping party that I was invited to.  It just made sense!  I hadn't really liked the boxed cards and since it was such an important greeting I thought that handmade cards would be a gift and greeting in one!  Just much more special.
  333. Posted by: Elisabeth
    Well, like so many before me who said it much better than I ..... it was you, Anna who inspired me.  I was a scrapbooker, not a card maker until I saw your kits.
  334. Posted by: Flip
    By best friend is a very crafty person and she's always trying to get me to join her in her newest hobby.  I was able to resist until she started making cards.  I LOVE playing with paper and creating the perfect card!
  335. Posted by: Rhonda Williams
    Hi Anna,  When I was young I spent time with my great-aunt in the summers. She was crafty and I picked up many interests from her. I remember she would cut the fronts off of all of the Christmas cards she recieved then cut the images out and layer them with  ribbons and other items to create handmade collage cards.  She would send out those cards to her friends and family the following year. From the time I was young I was always cuttin things out of magazines or catalogs hoping to find mulitples to create layers.  Your stickers remind me of the crafts I made with my great-aunt and I think they are beautiful.
  336. Posted by: Sharon Clabaugh
    I was first inspired by a home made card that my niece sent me one Christmas years ago.     Sharon in PA
  337. Posted by: Nancy
    You and your programs inspired me. I was a scrapbook ear who started making cards and now can't stop. Your card kits are the best. Thanks Anna
  338. Posted by: betsyb
    My youngest sister.  I love to scrapbook and she tried this and
    went on to cards.  When we are together we do make cards and
    I have really enjoyed it.
  339. Posted by: Sue Sibsey
    A lovely lady who came to my craft stall at a church fundraiser years ago!  I used to make cross stitch pictures and tree decorations, and small Christmas-themed items like gift bags etc, and this lady asked if I made cards.  She said my stall was so lovely she thought I had a talent that would produce beautiful cards!  I was bowled over at the compliment so decided to branch out in that direction. I haven't looked back, and every year hold a Card Party at home to sell them for charity!  I owe that lovely lady a lot!!
  340. Posted by: Soo
    I've been a crafter my whole life - but stopped making cards when I was a kid and didn't start again until a few years ago.  After my mom passed away very suddenly I wanted a way to let my Dad know how much I thought of him each and every day (I live a long way from home and my father was in the late stages of Parkinsons and speaking on the phone was difficult for him).  I started sending shop bought cards every couple of days with a joke or little story about what I was doing. However shop bought cards didn't really hit the mark and so I started making the cards myself.  Whenever I spoke to people who had been to visit my Dad they'd comment on the display of cards he had beside his bed and how nuch he loved when they arrived.  It really made me realise how in this world of email, and texting and Facebook and Twitter - that a pretty piece of card made with love is still one of the best ways to communicate!  Since then I've made all my cards.

    Thanks for the gorgeous papers and inspiration! 
  341. Posted by: Sherrie Dyer
    I'm not a craft person at all. When I saw you on HSN with the all occasion card kit, I ordered it. Inside, I found the card guide and all the beautiful cards, overlays and embellishments. I sat down & made my first card with that kit. I have been ordering  your things since then. You were the one that inspired me with that lst card kit.
  342. Posted by: clare Dempsey
    I scrap book first, but loved the idea of making my cards with photos and beautiful paper.  Love the texture of paper enough to never go totally digi!  thanks for the chance to win!  cjdempsey9 at msn dot com
  343. Posted by: Diane Baines
    In answer to your question about the inspiration to make my own Christmas cards.  You did!!!  I can't thank you enough for not only giving me such an absorbing hobby but for producing just the most exquisite kits.  Your scrapbooks are to die for. 
  344. Posted by: NannyD
    The first person to insipre me to make Christmas cards was Anna Griffin. I have every Christmas card package Anna Griffin  offered The elegance, classy presentation and beauty drew me in like a magnet! Now I cannot get enough Anna.

    I look forward to 9/17!
  345. Posted by: Monica Hernandez
    It was your Christmas card kit last year on hsn that got me going, ever since then I try and buy everything you have on hsn. I love all your products!
  346. Posted by: Joyce N.
    My sister started me on scrapbooking and cards.  I've yet to complete a scrapbook, but I have moved on to cards.  I love making them.  I have several of Anna's card kits, and they are great.
  347. Posted by: Vivian Sparks
    I have been scrapbooking for about 5 years. I had lots of scraps. So I decided to make some cards. Who knew that making a card would be so hard. lol! I have bought one of your card kits in July. They are so easy to make. Your cards are so beautiful and romantic. Mine are almost as pretty as yours.
  348. Posted by: Kate
    My family's old victorian farmhouse is what has inspired me to craft, create, and card make. I remember growing up how whimsical, large and fanciful our home felt to me and all the shabby chic details me mother worked so hard to preserve. When my grandma would babysit me she always instilled the notions of creativity and to create your own things- from sewing my own curtains to making my own greeting cards or feel better cards. Since then in my own adult life I try to live a life filled with my own creativity. Anna griffins shabby chic style consistently reminds me of my childhood and all my happy memories. To this day both of those things inspire me to create!
  349. Posted by: Helen H.
    Watching your shows on HSN and seeing your beautiful products inspired me to make Christmas cards. I started out scrapbooking but feel in love with card making. You see the final product so much faster, and the cards are so much prettier than store-bought cards - plus, you can customize and personalize them for the recipient. 
  350. Posted by: "Cookie"
    When my son graduated from college, he had so many friends he wanted to stay in touch with.  Because he is very particular and specific about what he wants, it is fun working with him each year to design and make a new card each year.
  351. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    I have to You, Anna, have inspired me to make Christmas Cards.
    I've always loved crafting. I would see something, and think, "I've got to try that, but do something different".  I've never been in to scrapbooking or paper crafts because they always seemed so time consuming.  The most I ever did with Christmas cards, was buy the folded cards and them pop them in to the printer to print the sentiment on the inside. Then I saw you on HSN, and saw one of your Christmas Card Kits and scrapbook kits.  I just sat there with my mouth gaped open; in awe of what you had created...and for us!  You changed my whole perspective of paper crafting.  Now I can't stop. You make it so easy for those of us who are "craft challenged". You have, indeed, created a monster; but at lease I'm a good one! :) 
  352. Posted by: Carolyn Clark
    My mother worked in a gift shop featuring Hallmark cards for several years.  After seeing how much she loved giving and receiving cards, I thought how nice it would be to add a personal touch to cards.  I was already scrapbooking, so it was fun to do some smaller scale projects and Christmas is the perfect time to share those cards.  I love the elegance of Anna's designs, and the ease in which projects come together.
  353. Posted by: castillo
    will the christmas kistch line be on the show sept.17?  Will you be giving us a sneek peek? Your products are amazing and I cant wait to see it. I know the ladies I craft with would absolutely love the nostalgic line. I order your card kits for my mother who lives in a retirement home and one of the crafts I bring to them is your cards. The ladies love to bring a coverd dish and spend an afternoon making christmas cards and listen to christmas music. Your kit is perfect for them because they cannot cut out detailed embellishments. Another reason it is perfect for them is because everything works together , so nobody has to be good at coordinating colors, and all they need is a tape runner. I am thinking about adding the clear stamps to the mix and stamping the liners the day before in gold ink and having them ready to put together in the cards. I have my mothers crafty gene and her inspiration to take photos. We have had a strained relationship as we enter a new reversal of roles as is common with aging parents. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your products. It  gives me an outlet to bond with her and some of the other ladies that do not have family members to visit. The product is very well put together and well worth the price!
  354. Posted by: Rosie Waldt
    I've always been a *crafter* of some sort but when I saw Anna Griffin's products with all the flowers I had to learn.  The first yr. I used my steam iron to dry emboss my cards, set the iron on it's stand, filled it w. water and let it steam - loved the results.  Thanks for  giving us the opportunity to win some gorgeous eye candy.
  355. Posted by: Diane hunter
    I was inspired to make Christmas cards by a magazine a friend showed me. I had so many scraps from my scrap booking that it was a natural progression. Now I make cards much more and love it.
  356. Posted by: Theresa S
    First inspiration for personally designed cards was my Mother for her birthday when I was in the First Grade!  Of course, who wouldn't love to see the smile on Mom's face when she opened an envelope with a cards full of crayon drawings & glitter that fell all over the floor.  And her encouragement inspired my birthday card creations for my entire family every year since.  Some were clumsy, some were ridiculous, not always sophisticated but always appreciated.  In her senior years, my Mother asked me never to give her a store-bought card.  And after she passed, I found a box of all the birthday & Mother's Day cards I had made over the year and they brought tears of loving memories.  My Mother set me on this wonderful creative path and Anna's papers, tools, & delightful products, make them goreous.  Thank you, Anna.
  357. Posted by: Carol
    I started with postcards. I sent my name to a newspaper reader exchange and asked for postcards and I made scrapbooks and spent hours looking at all of the wonderful cards and notes people sent to a 7 year old. I wish I still had them! Now when I make your cards people are so appreciative and think I am so creative . Thanks for helping me bring happy thoughts to others. I love it all.
  358. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    Many years ago I made a few cards for Christmas. Then I got so busy raising my children I didn't have the time to create cards. I always send cards and was getting tired of the same old cards. So I started to make cards again and found Anna Griffin supplies to make my cards beautiful and one of a kind. And who doesn't love to send something to that special person and get a huge thank you in return. You just have to love crafting!
  359. Posted by: Gerri K
    I started out with scrapbooking.  A friend at work invited me to her crop and the rest was history.  Then another friend opened a papercrafts store called Scraptasia which unfortunately is now closed.  But it was at Scraptasia that I learned to make cards.  Now I make them for every holiday and occasion and I LOVE it!!!!
  360. Posted by: Sandra G
    I was inspired by watching you on HSN making beautiful cards so easily. Your kits made me look professional!!! My family and friends love them and save them each year. This year I even got my sister-n-law hooked on making them too. Love the cards!
  361. Posted by: JoAnn
    That is a very easy question to answer.  I saw your kits on HSN and that was it for me.   I was hooked.  I buy your Christmas card kit every year and have begun a tradition of making cards with my daughter usually the week after Thanksgiving.  Thanks for the inspiration!!
  362. Posted by: Elaine
    Several ladies in church, plus my daughter-in-law and her mom, made and sent homemade Christmas cards.  I look forward to coming up with an idea and then taking that idea, working with it, and finally making the final product.  It's fun and now that I'm retired, it's even more fun!!!
  363. Posted by: Barbara MacASkill
    I was first inspired to make my own Christmas cards by a teacher friend. She was making cards with her class and I was one of the volunteers. I had so much fun that I decided to make my own! I have not bought Christmas cards in years! I have so much fun making my own and I love getting calls asking me where I got my cards!
    I love your products and use them quite often! Your flowers are my absolute favorite!!!!!
  364. Posted by: Debbie
    Many years ago some one put a catalog in the work room to purchase rubber stamps etc from a home party. I was hooked!!! I had a party and started to make cards and never looked back! Since then I have added more stamps, paper and other products then I care to admit! I love it all!!
  365. Posted by: Ginny H
    I decided   to make my own Christmas cards and all occasion cards came from not finding just the right one for friends and family. Everything is so commercial and hundreds of people send out the same card. I wanted to be different and have my cards touch the lives of the people I sent them to. I have been making my own cards for at least 14 years now,99% of my cards are made with Anna Griffin products.  Friends and family are always amazed at the  beautiful cards I make with your products. I make about 150 Christmas cards and no 2 are alike. Thanks for all the inspirations. I can't wait until Sept 17th show to see all the new products and as usual I buy all of them. Thanks Anna
  366. Posted by: Blanca
    I star with scrapbooking I one of my friend   show me how to make cards after that I just love  the  faces of the people  one I gave  to them  it was a  very happy feeling  that they loved my cards now once I make  the one using your stuff they love them  more 
  367. Posted by: Carolyn T.
    I actually started out as a scrapbooker and evolved into a card maker also. I love the look of handmade Christmas cards and feel it shows extra caring on the sender's part.
  368. Posted by: Judy Bock
    I've never received a home made card. I decided to start making them when I went to a retreat and saw several of the girls working on them. I became inspired...what retreat doesn't do that? So I started making my own and now that is what my fall retreat consists of. It's my card making weekend.
  369. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Now, that's an easy question!  YOU inspired me to make Christmas cards.  I had never made them before because I thought it was too daunting of a task to make all of my Christmas cards because I send so many. Now, with your wonderful kits, etc. I know that not to be true! 

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland
  370. Posted by: kim m
    My friend is the first person who sent me a homemade card.  I asked her to show me how to make my own cards and the rest is history! Anna's products make my cards look so good.  I cringe when I look back on my first few cards.  Now I show off my Anna cards with pride.




Welcome to my blog! It is so exciting for me to be able to share with you the things I love, my inspirations and what I've been up to. I hope this space will give you a little insight into the "world of Anna Griffin" and give you a place to share with me as well. Check in often!