Christmas Vellum Quotes & Decoupage

Anna Griffin | Aug 30, 2013
August 30, 2013
Hi everyone!
I loved introducing you all to Georgie on Tuesday!  He is still a little camera shy, but he’s warming up to the idea of being in show biz.  I am just head over heels for that little kitten!
You all told me how you go about making all of your cards, so I thought I’d share mine with you too. I like to make mine all at one time. I make a giant mess on my dining room table and then make each one individually. I have been known to host Card Making parties, though, and my favorite weekend for that is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My crafty friends and I have a little lunch and then make cards all afternoon! No matter the approach, our Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit is going to make card crafting effortless, beautiful and fun!

Today’s winner will take home my new Cards for Him Too kit.  Congratulations to Charlene M. !  I hope you enjoy using this kit to make some extra special cards for the men in your life.
We’ve wrapped up all of the every day product previews for September 17th, so let’s get back to Christmas shall we?

As you know, all of my new holiday items were designed to coordinate beautifully with the Holiday Trimmings Card Kit, and these Christmas Vellum Quotes are no exception!  I’m bringing you four sets of 36 vellum quotes this year (I’ll save you the math- that’s a whopping 144 seasonal sentiments!).  There’s a traditional set, gold and silver, emerald and a fun kitsch collection with blues, pinks and lime greens for you to choose from. I can promise you’ll be able to find just the right thing to say to every person on your list!

Next is the new Christmas Decoupage Kit, featuring 72 holiday die cuts with images of beautiful bells, holly, candy canes and ornaments that come to life when layered on a card or scrapbook page. And, of course, I included some amaryllis and poinsettias for you - I’d never leave out the festive florals!

Want a chance to win these 2 new items? Tell us when you mail your Christmas cards - what day do you want your cards to be signed, sealed and delivered?  Comment below, and you could win both of these items on Tuesday!
Have a great long weekend!


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  7. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    Usually I mail my Christmas cards out on the 30th of November hoping most of my friends and relatives receive them around the 5th of December in time to incorporate them into their holiday decorating throughout the house.
  8. Posted by: Rachel P.
    I absolutely love the Christmas season.  Since one of the best parts is receiving cards from loved ones and friends that I am very thankful to have, I try to stick to a Dec 1 mailing deadline as close as I can. 
  9. Posted by: Carol Burke
    OOps.... better late than never. Almost forgot. I have never hosted a party, but would love too.

    I bet the hint is Sept 17th, H.S.N  is going to feature a beautiful breathtaking Christmas card kit. (fingers crossed) LOL. Either way, any Anna Griffin product will be smokin...  Good chance to put your book to good use too!
  10. Posted by: Pauline Tallerico
    Hiya Anna! !   I have to say, you have the most Bodayshious & Outstanding Christmas Card Crafting Collection EVER, Girlie...! ! !  (giggle)  My Christmas Cards go out on "Black Friday". I take them to my Post Office first thing in the morning. It's a fun race for me, to see if I can beat my brothers, by getting mine to them before I get their cards. Your cards are Good Luck for me too!! Because, I've won, ever since I started making & sending your amazing & beautiful cards.  I get compliments on every one of them. 
    I wish you could make an entire collection of just "JEWISH CELEBRATION DAYS" & also a "JEWISH ALL OCCASSION" collection. i.e. Bat & Bar Mitzvah,  Wedding & Sympathy. 
      Then I'd have a whole new set of deadline dates to meet with Card Crafting Creation days.. giggle giggle..
    You're AWESOME ANNE... keep the collections and keepsake boxes coming.
    love ya, love ya, love ya....  
  11. Posted by: Debbie
    I'd like to send them right after Thanksgiving so all my friends and family will receive them by December 1st. I have friends and family in the States, Puerto Rico, Europe, and I send them to all the nurses, doctors, and aids who have helped me get through my many years of pain. 
  12. Posted by: Diane Martin
    I like to write out my cards the Sunday after Thanksgiving which means I need to start them sooner than that day.  
  13. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    My deadline is a soon as I can get them done.  But your goodies are so tempting I do not know when I'll start- at least after this next show!
  14. Posted by: Terri Gonzalez
    Hi Anna,  My husband and I have also tried to send out our Christmas cards and set our Christmas tree by December 9th.
    That is my husband's birthday. Just like to have our cards stamped on
    his big day. The kids always knew we had to do it on that day.  The kids are now grown , but 50 years this November we will still try to keep the tradition going.
  15. Posted by: Jan W
    I start making my cards in August, but I don't send them out until December 15.
  16. Posted by: LoriGC
    Hopefully I can get them out by the second week of December 
  17. Posted by: Debbie House
    I always mean to get them out the first week, but it seems to take me the entire month. Can't wait to buy your new items.
  18. Posted by: Debbie House
    I always have good intentions to get them out the first week of Dec. but I usually take all month long. Love all of your new items.....can't wait till we can order them.
  19. Posted by: nancy reich
    Hi Anna, I like to have my cards mailed  by the second week of December. Thats the plan!
  20. Posted by: Lynda
    I always MEAN to get them out in early December, but they usually don't go out until right before the holiday.  My sister and I have so much fun with our card-making sleepover weekends.  It's become a yearly tradition for us.  I spend several weekends at her house and we go all day into late night, stopping only to eat!
  21. Posted by: Cathy May
    I like to get my cards mailed out by Dec. l5th.  Not so early that they are forgotten before the holiday. Love your new products.....
  22. Posted by: Julie S
    Hi Anna,
      I like to try and get mine out by the second week of December.
  23. Posted by: Christian Chandler
    I like to try and get all the cards out by the first weekend of December.
  24. Posted by: Susan DuRette
    I like to have mine sent by Dec. 15. I love sending your cards.
  25. Posted by: Anne
    I like to have card in mail by the second week in December
  26. Posted by: Eileen
    Would love to say that I was organized enough to have them out by Dec 1 but realistically it would closer to the 15th.
  27. Posted by: Doris A.
    The first week of Dec.

    Love all sneak peeks thus far.
  28. Posted by: Cheryl R
    I start sending my cards after Thanksgiving and try to be done by Christmas.  Every item you have shown us is beautiful.....cannot wait until the 17th.
  29. Posted by: Annie Laura Pence
    CHRISTMAS!  Most Beautiful Holiday..........I normally get my Christmas Cards sent out by Dec. 1st, but this year due to double knee replacement in Nov. I must have my cards made at least by Nov 10th. I will have them ready to be mailed by Dec. 1st. This will be my goal this year.
    Thank You, Anna and the Anna Griffin Inc Team of Workers for all the great products, & service you provide.
    Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas to ya'll and crafters. 
  30. Posted by: Kathi ormsby
    My goal would be to mail them right after my Mom's Birthday December can I do it?
  31. Posted by: Amy Lindblade
    I cannot wait to get my hands on the new Anna Griffin Christmas products.  My deadline is December 7th, as I know it will be realistic using Anna's products.  I also really appreciate that the Christmas items will be sold on September 17th, which will give me plenty of time to meet that deadline.  Its also a bonus because I can get started early on setting the holiday mood.  I would like to decorate for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, but I guess that might be getting a bit too carried away.  
  32. Posted by: Terri
    Love these cards - beautiful as always!!!
  33. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    I like m ailing them out the first week of December because I've tried to do it later and it was a disaster. My cards ended up arriving after Christmas and I wasn't a happy camper. Mailing my cards the first week is fantastic because they are usually the first ones received and they are left out the longest!
  34. Posted by: gisela
    Christmas Cards in the mail on December the 12th.
  35. Posted by: Karen P.
    I usually have my Christmas Cards signed, sealed and delivered by the first weekend in December.  This year it will be December 7th.  Love the pictures of Georgie!
  36. Posted by: Cathy C
    I want to send my cards the week of Thanksgiving. So, after I receive my wish list that I have been making for Sept 17 show I will be making cards, gifts, bags, ect. for the Holidays
  37. Posted by: lori
    My  birthday is Nov 29 .   Instead of a normal birthday party I would    have a card making party .A coarse with Anna Griffins last year Christmas card making kits I would  have a lot a fun with my friends  and  a coarse can't  forget the cake and ice cream. Than  I would send them off  the next day.
  38. Posted by: Beth W
    You so have it together! I target Dec.10 as my mail day.
  39. Posted by: Diana Durst
    I usually mail my cards out the second week in December but my husband has been helping me address the cards so he pushes me for the first week in December.  So ok I have to get busy earlier to get them done.  Gotta love that man!
  40. Posted by: Sherry Clark
    Hi Anna,
    First of all I would like to say, I LOVE all your products, just ask my UPS man. Second of all, I think we are kinder spirits. You remind me so much of me, in all you selection of papers, roses, flowers, vintage, and the beauty of it all! I like my cards to be received by the first Saturday in December, so everyone can display them.
  41. Posted by: Sharon Williamson
     I plan to mail my cards the day after Thanksgiving.  Since I'm making some of my relatives a package of Christmas cards as an early Christmas gift, I want them to have a preview of what's to come.
  42. Posted by: Anita G
    Hi Anna,
    My husband's birthday is December 2nd so I like to get them out
    then.  After that I finish up the last of the Christmas shopping and
    plan the Christmas meal.
  43. Posted by: Adrianne Braun
    My birthday is December 8, so I usually use that as my due date for sending out the family Christmas cards.  When I hand-craft my cards, I begin right after Halloween.  I 
  44. Posted by: Jacque
    This is going to sound corny, but its so true.  Every year Mom made Dad put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night.  There are five kids in our family and each kid had a special job at decorating the tree, decorating the front lawn (my Mom won best Christmas house decorations almost every year), sneaking the broken cookies from the edge of the dining room table (honest they were broken), and wishing Dad would play something other than Bing Cosby.  After all of the decorations and cookie eating activities were finished, we all sit down and penned our Christmas cards.  Dad had the job of licking the envelopes.  Yuck!  So, we completed and maiedl our Christmas cards during the week between Thanksgiving and December 1.  Till this day (I just turned 42), we still honor our Christmas card making tradition--even though Dad has been gone since 1998, but he is still with us in our hearts and yucky envelope glue tongues.  Thank you Anna for all the beautiful paper crafts.  They bring back my little girl Christmas memories.  Merry Christmas and God Bless. 
  45. Posted by: Leah D.
    I usually only have a few hours on the weekend to work on cards, so I tend to push deadline a bit.  But my mom's birthday is Dec. 17, so I use that THE date.  I imagine the holiday trimmings kit could speed things up a bit, though, so I wouldn't have to worry quite so much about getting them all done.
  46. Posted by: Holly G
    Hello Miss Anna!

    Congrats to the winner!  I suspect that great things will be accomplished when she receives her goodies!

    I try to mail my Christmas cards out so that people can enjoy them for a l o n g time!  For many, this is their only gift of the season so I believe it is important to send them out early!

    Last year I had a "general" card making party so I am going to take your lead and host a Christmas card making party too!

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me (and others) to enjoy beauty in the form of a card! Nothing short   GEORGEOUS Projects  I can create that give the recipient a wonderful surprise and help me give in a more personal way!

    So very sincerely,
    Holly G
  47. Posted by: Leah Womack
    I am doing this with wet nails I hope I don't mess them up. I just spent 3 days making 48 cards , the last Anna Griffin card set I bought. All of the stuff was spread out over the living room and dining room. My son wanted to know if I was going to cook . Ha Ha ! I get involed in creating and don't do anything else.
  48. Posted by: MJ Romero
    I am a procrastinator, so even though I make my AG cards by Fall, I don't get them out in a timely manner.  If they are at their destinations by Christmas Eve, I am happy.  I love making them, but slow at sending them.  I guess I just hate to part with my beautiful Anna Griffin cards.  Most of the people I gift a stash of AG cards to keep them to look at.  They too cannot part with them.
  49. Posted by: Nancy P
    First of all, hello to your cute baby George from me and my sweet kitty Bootzi, she wants to set up a play date.
    Anna I try to be the first Christmas card that my people receive so if I won these goodies I would try to start on them right away so I could send them the day after Thanksgiving. Is that to obnoxious? Halloween and Christmas are my & my husbands favorite holidays and we love the decorating and yes handmade cards. I am lucky to have 2 other friends who also love Anna's products so if I'm lucky I get 2 cards back to have for scrapbooking.
    Keep making us these beautiful products and keeping us broke...
    And thanks for the opportunity
  50. Posted by: Shelia R
    I usually mail my cards as close to Christmas Day as I can.  I like to think of the cards as an early Christmas present .   However, I think I will try to get them out earlier this year so the recipients can enjoy them longer.
  51. Posted by: Shelia R
    I usually mail my cards as close to Christmas Day as I can.  I like to think of the cards as an early Christmas present .   However, I think I will try to get them out earlier this year so the recipients can enjoy them longer.
  52. Posted by: Brenda S.
    I mail my cards the weekend after thanksgiving, especially if I hand make the cards.  That way everyone receiving a card can enjoy throughout the Christmas season.  Looking forward to Sept. 17 for all your new products!!!!
  53. Posted by: Mary Prather
    I mail my cards the day after Thanksgiving. It really helps get me in the mood for Christmas. Thanks AG for the inspirational products. I'm always so pleased by how lovely they turn out!
  54. Posted by: SANDI KIERCE
  55. Posted by: SANDI KIERCE
    love, love your products. I spent 3 weeks in july with my 83 year old mom making cards for the holidays and birthdays. She went home and has been thanking me for getting her creative juices flowing again, so I must pass the thanks on to you, AS YOU ARE THE ONE THAT TAUGHT ME. SHE KEEPS EMAILING ME WITH HOW MANY MORE SHE IS MAKING. WE THOROUGHLY ENJOYED OUR TIME TOGETHER. WE STAMPED, EMBOSSED, MADE 3D EMBELLISHMENTS. WE DID SOME OF THE PAPER WEAVING, AND WE USED SOME OF YOUR OLD PUNCHES. PLEASE KEEP BRINGING US NEW IDEAS TO SHARE!
  56. Posted by: Sandy N
    Honestly, as a teacher, I'm usually so busy and/or exhausted during that time of year that I don't get my cards/letters sent until the Christmas break.  This also give me time to update my addresses and received list.  My family and friends know they have to wait for my holiday sentiments.
  57. Posted by: M Barricklow
        I will mail out my cards Dec. 17th, as that would be my mothers, Birthday.. She loved  Christmas so much, and taught us the true meaning..sto this year my cards will go out on her rememberance to her...
  58. Posted by: Suzan
    Hi Anna, I try have all my Christmas Cards addressed by the end of November and in the mail by the first week of December, but that doesn't always happen. I want to include my hubby in the process, so he writes a short letter that is printed on a 5 1/2 x 8 piece of design
    paper and included in the card.  We also like to include a picture that we have taken. One year we went to Yellowstone and had our picture taken on a moose (not a real one) LOL! Everyone loved it, because our dog was also on the moose with us. Thank for the inspiration and all the gorgeous products that you are always coming out with. I can't wait to get the new Winter Wonderland Cricut Cartridge.
  59. Posted by: Karen W
    I try to get my cards out early but that isn't always the case. Last year they were sent the week before Christmas. This year I'd like them to be out by the first week of December. Hopefully your kit will help me do that! Hope to win!

    Karen W.
  60. Posted by: Debbi H.
    Hi Anna,
    I like to have my cards done and in the post office during the last week of November. I thank God for you Anna. You make this so easy for me. I want family and friends to enjoy the cards I've sent for the whole month of December. I also want to enjoy the WHOLE house decorating I do for the whole month as well. WHEW!! What month is it? September?! I need to get to work.....lolol.
  61. Posted by: Sandie Herron
    I'm with you Anna. I like to get my cards out early.  I'd love to mail them the day after Thanksgiving, but I wait until December 1st, assuming I've met my goal to finish making them by then! 
    Sandie H
  62. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    I'd like to say that all my cards get out by Dec. 1st, but there are always stragglers!? I can't wait to get the Holiday Trimmings kit...I'm going to be way AHEAD of schedule this year with that!!
    Thanks for sharing the fun previews. Can't wait to see it all on Sept. 17th!
  63. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Hi Anna~  I love the four wonderful weeks of the Advent Season
    before Christmas and our family enjoys and celebrates each day of this beautiful season.  Our family also celebrates Christmastide every year which is from Christmas Day to Epiphany (January 6th).  So to be able to enjoy each special season individually I do not mail my Christmas cards until after the 21st of December so that my greetings reach our loved ones and friends during the actual Christmastide Season.  We live a distance from our dear family and close friends so this way our family can be a part of their Christmas Season when they receive our heartfelt handmade Christmas cards during Christmastide.  I love to savor each moment of Advent and Christmastide!!!  ~Debbie
  64. Posted by: Nadinebd
    good ideas
  65. Posted by: Yolanda Pickard
     Hi Anna!
    I try to get my Christmas Cards out by the first week of December. That way I can dedicate my time to the last Christmas shopping.
  66. Posted by: Shirley
    I like to have my cards done by Dec 1st. That way I  can get my gifts wrap and enjoy do my baking.34
  67. Posted by: DWD
    I put mine in the mail the first Sat in Dec.  They are usually delivered to the homes the following Monday, so it's starts their week off bright.
  68. Posted by: Tom G.
    I work in big- box retail, so the entire season, starting now, is one big blur.  I'm actually pretty excited if I actually get to mail them out BEFORE Christmas.  It's become a tradition unto itself- I have the best lovbed ones!!!
  69. Posted by: Gretchen maks
    I try to have the cards mailed by dec. 20 and try to get the kids involved with the making of the cards!!!
  70. Posted by: Patti G
    I like to mail my cards right after Thanksgiving. I hope by waiting this year for your kit that I will have lots of time to do them. Everything you have shown us is so beautiful!! Can't wait for the 17th! By the way do the kits come with a Georgie too? He is so cute!
    I have always loved your beautiful kits.    
  71. Posted by: kim m
    A card kit and an additional trimming kit? Brilliant!  I try to send out cards after school lets out in December.  We always hand deliver cards to family members at the dinner table on Christmas.  Everyone always loves Anna's cards!  PS Thank you for posting the adorable picture of Georgie sleeping.  Does he have his own facebook page yet? He should!
  72. Posted by: Gloria Henderson
    I have them all sent out by November 30th but no later then my birthday on the 4th of December I love your cards and they have given me so many ideas.
    Can't wait to see you on the 17th of September
  73. Posted by: Mary Hodges
    Hi Anna it's your fan again from the UK,Ido so love your gorgeous products and always spend a fortune when you are on QVC.I somehow managed to miss seeing Georgie  but he sounds really sweet.i do the charity cards first so they have a good chance of selling them my family and friends ones I try to post off  by the 17th but always send 1st class so I don't miss the deadline,I always say I will make them sooner but never seem to manage it.Thank you for the chance to win some of your lovely Christmas items.Cant wait for your next visit to the UK will have to save my pennies up.
  74. Posted by: Carol Babst
    I set my goal to have my cards in the mail December 1st but somehow never seem to get them out until the second week in December. With all of Anna's new card accessories it may take me even longer this year.
  75. Posted by: Lisa
    I like to get my cards out the first week in December...althought admittedly, it doesn't always happen that way!
    Thank you for the chance to win something wonderful!  I can't wait til Sept. 17th...
  76. Posted by: Karen Snow Day
    My goal to get my Christmas cards out by the first week of December.  No later than the 15th.    I am so excited for your new Christmas kit!
  77. Posted by: Tammy M.
    I try to get my cards out the first week of Dec.  I start them in Oct. and work on them till I get them done.  I am a stamper so it takes quite a while.  I love your card kits because it makes it so much faster. 
  78. Posted by: Kathleen G.
    I like to get my cards out by the 1st week in December so the recipients can enjoy them before things get too hectic.  Can't wait for Sept 17th.   I believe a vacation day from work sounds good for the 17th! 

    Georgie is a little sweetie.  I hope you show him from time to time so we can watch him grow.

    Kathleen G.
  79. Posted by: Michelle
    I like to have my Christmas cards sent out by the second week of December! I love sending and receiving them! :)
  80. Posted by: Kelly Massman
    I try to send them before 12/15...
  81. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I usually try to mail my cards by December 15th. A lot of my cards are given through the Church mailbox, where everyone brings their cards to church to be arranged alphabetically and families pick their cards up before or after service.  Last year was my first year of giving Anna Griffin cards and everyone was amazed at the beautiful cards they received. The greatest joy was for me to be able to make and give such exquisite cards. The number one question I was asked was "Did you really make this card?"  Can't wait to see all of the products on September 17th! Thank you, Anna.
  82. Posted by: Lee
    I like to send my cards out by December 15. That way I don't miss anyone..
  83. Posted by: Kathleen Clark
    Oooh, these new products are wonderful, would so love to craft with them. We try to get our holiday cards out by the end of the first week of December. The timing depends on how many I can finish up over the Thanksgiving weekend. So it varies from year to year depending on what is going on! And how many cards I was able to make during the summer and fall. May be a little late this year because I'm waiting for the Christmas embossing folders before starting on any.
  84. Posted by: Terri Braun
    So many beautiful things--I can't wait until 9/17!  I start working on my cards in October because my schedule at work is hectic from November to the middle of January, and I can't miss sending out holiday cards to my friends and family. I try to send out my cards the first week in December, especially since we have family in the UK. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to win, Anna!
  85. Posted by: Karen Kroth
    I hope to send them out by December 5th with a little snow and wind in the air. Thank you for putting the enchantment in Christmas for everyone !
  86. Posted by: Rose W
    The lofty goal is to send the Christmas cards out the first week of December. Can't wait for the HSN show. I think I might be home sick that day. Shhh- don't tell my boss. 
  87. Posted by: Rose W
    The lofty goal is to send the Christmas cards out the first week of December. Can't wait for the HSN show. I think I might be home sick that day. Shhh- don't tell my boss. 
  88. Posted by: Rose W
    The lofty goal is to send the Christmas cards out the first week of December. Can't wait for the HSN show. I think I might be home sick that day. Shhh- don't tell my boss. 
  89. Posted by: Val MH
    Planned deadline is first week in December, but usually takes an additional week thereafter. Can' t wait for September 17 HSN show! :)
  90. Posted by: kandelier
    I love to begin making my cards right after Halloween.....soooo I usually have them signed by Thanksgiving and officially sent by the first week in December....that way I have time to send to any additions to my list!!
    LOVE the new additions to this years' cards.
  91. Posted by: Karen Hutchinson
    I am looking to get my Christmas cards out by December 5.
  92. Posted by: Kimberly Laws
    Another amazing sneak peek!  I never send my Christmas cards earlier than a week before, I try my best to time it that they are received on Christmas Eve.  This isn't because I am a procrastinator, I promise.
    Merry, Merry!
  93. Posted by: Naoma L Miller
    A very Merry Christmas to all as we begin the festive fun of putting our beautiful AG cards together.  We decorate our home right after Thanksgiving and then mail our christmas cards the first week of December.  I am so excited waiting for this seasons AG cards and
    have September 17th marked with many exclamation points!!
  94. Posted by: Barbara S. Newman
    I like to sit down thanksgiving weekend and get all my cards addressed
    and ready,  then mail them the second week of December.
  95. Posted by: Annamarie Jordan
    Hi Anna.....making AG Christmas cards is my favorite holiday activity....they go out the first week in always, thank you for your lovely vision.
  96. Posted by: cheri lee
    I like to have my tree up by the first of Nov. Then when family comes wecoften share presents at the same time. So, the cards often go out at the begininng of Dec., that first week. Then If someone sends me a card that aI have missed I have time to make sure I can get one to them before the holiday is over. I love this kit. So excited about getting mine. I always send something different each year. I can't wait to surprise everyone with these beautiful cards.
    Best wishes,
  97. Posted by: Susan B.
    I try to have mine out the first week of December, but no later than second week.  I LOVE Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!
  98. Posted by: LaKeitha Friday
    I'm like you Anna, I want mine to be in the mail right after Turkey Day!
  99. Posted by: Ronnie Ramsey
    I like to have my cards signed, sealed and mailed by first weekend in December. 
  100. Posted by: sharon s
    My goal, this year, is to be ready to mail my Christmas cards by the end of the first week in December.
  101. Posted by: Susan Morris
    Greetings!!  I mail my cards the beginning of the second week of Dec.  I need the time to make my cards and the recipients probably aren't ready to get a card yet due to just celebrating Thanksgiving and shopping the Black Friday weekend.  Love your style  for holiday cards Anna and I can't wait for the unveiling of the Sept. T.S.
  102. Posted by: Sharon S,
    I hand my family and fire department cards out Thanksgiving Day and the day after.  Other cards I mail after Black Friday or as soon as I  recover from black Friday.  I love the idea of having the vellum quotes
  103. Posted by: Gracie
    Friday after Thanksgiving I take down all fall decorations and start winter decorating. First things to go up are florals, candles, linens and decorations that will remain thru the winter season. This puts me in the mood for the holidays. Then I dedicate one area of my desk for card making and work on my cards throughout the day depending on my schedule. I like to have my cards ready for the mail by the following weekend. This way my recipients can enjoy them longer during the holiday season!
  104. Posted by: Jennifer Palmer
    I'd like to have mine done by the first week in December. I also make a huge mess, and get them all done at once! I LOVE your products!
  105. Posted by: Julie Linn
    Love the Christmas card.  It looks like it will travel through the mail with no problems, which I always worry about.
  106. Posted by: Judy Bock
    I try to get them out by the second week in December. Exceptions are those going to foreign countries as I know they take much longer.
  107. Posted by: Carleen K
    I like to get my cards out the first week in December so that I will not be stressed while trying to shop and get ready for the big day. I usually make my cards, believe it or not, right after Christmas the year before! I am so looking forward to your show on the 17th!
  108. Posted by: PamT
    I usually set a goal of getting them out the 2nd week of December, but to be honest I rarely meet it.  I usually have to spill over a bit to that 3rd week.  I use the Thanksgiving weekend to decide on my design(s) and to make sure I have all the materials on hand.  Once that's done, I cut and assemble pieces every evening after work with a final flurry of card-making the following weekend.  I'm not usually a kit person, but this one looks lovely.  AND, I'll bet if I used your kit, I could actually save some time while still making beautiful cards and get them all in the mail earlier in the month!
  109. Posted by: Debbie Rau
    I try to get my cards out in the first week of December.  By the way, this year's card kit looks amazing.  I'm looking forward to it!
  110. Posted by: Susan Stogner
    Hi Anna! I try to get my cards out before the end of the 1st week of December.  Thanks for all your wonderful products!!
  111. Posted by: Maw J
    I like to get my cards out by the first week of December so they can be enjoyed for the season! Can not wait for the 17th!
  112. Posted by: Diana Marks
     I'm like Anna. I like to get my cards out right after Thanksgiving because I too like to receive cards from the people I've sent to and hear about their lives!!A
  113. Posted by: Jo Ann Portell
    I try to get my cards out by December may be thanksgiving week this year as I will be visiting my mother for her 80th birthday on December 2nd. (shhhh!  it's a surprize, she doesn't know that not only am I flying in, but my youngest brother who lives in Germany is coming too)....I have 6 brothers so if I can get my cards done in time to deliver them in peson that will be great!
  114. Posted by: Susan S
    Hi Anna, I mail my Christmas cards soon after Thanksgiving.  I like to have them hand-cancelled at the post office for a nicer look. This year's cards may require a bit extra postage with all the fun layers of your embellishments that I plan to use.  Loving the previews!
  115. Posted by: Kathryn Hughes
    I always try and get my cards made, hand delivered and some mailed before December 1st.  That frees up time to continue making other gift items for family and friends.
  116. Posted by: Barb Wagar
    I hand deliver most all of mine but a couple for friends out of town.  And two weeks before is just fine.
  117. Posted by: glenda
    I always have good intentions but I'm lucky if I get my cards mailed by December 20!!!!  Since I'm not working this year. I'm hoping to get them all in the mail by the 15th.
  118. Posted by: Laurie Mowery
    I sent my Christmas Cards out the day after Thanksgiving so people can enjoy them.  I love your Christmas cards.
  119. Posted by: Pam Phelps
    This is fabulous.. I get mine out on the 1st of December. I'm too busy before Thanksgiving, so it's December 1st for me..

    Your cards are fabulous..

    Thanks for the sneak peeks.
  120. Posted by: Margaret
    In the last few years, I have been really lax in getting my cards out. Going to try to improve this year & get them out by the 1st week of December.  Also an impetus to get them out early is my youngest daughter just married a young man from England.  Since it takes so long for cards to get there, I will have to send those out right about Thanksgiving.
  121. Posted by: Bobby
    With working retail,you know how thanksgiving goes, so I make sure all of mine go out no later then Tuesday before thanksgiving good.  I usually start getting calls by Monday after the holiday with excitement that they were recieved.  Usually when I'm trying to sleep off the three-fourteen to sixteen hour work days.  Hee hee!  But, hearing those calls gets me right back in the mood for the season.
  122. Posted by: Kay Hanley
    I like to start mine the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I belong to a stamping club and we have a Christmas luncheon the first part of Dec., so I need to get those done fast.  Your cards are always soooooooo beautiful.  I wish you and yours a happy holiday season too.
  123. Posted by: Carla Hundley
    I like to have my cards mailed
    by around Dec. 16th. Love
    your creations.
    Carla from Utah
  124. Posted by: Terri K
    I like to mail mine the first week of December so I know everyone will receive them before the Holiday
  125. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    I would love to have my cards put in the mail by Dec. 1st. Del. by second week in Dec.
  126. Posted by: Ronny
    I like to have them mailed by the 2nd week of Dec.  But if I'm making them I first make the ones that will have to go out of town or out of the country and get them mailed first then I make the ones that are for those where I live.   Even using your kits I take a lot of time making a card.  I have to try different elements, take them off, put something else on, etc, etc.  I can drive myself nuts trying  to make the 'perfect' card for each person so it takes me a long time to make just one card so I will have to start as soon as your new kit is in my hands.
  127. Posted by: Cynthia R.
    I try to get my cards out by the first week in December--altho it doesn't always happen. I love to receive cards early so I have a few weeks to enjoy them, as I am sure other people do too!! My piggy bank is filling up for Sept. 17th!! Can't wait! Thank you again for all the inspiration you have given me--I am so totally not crafty, but thanks to you I am getting more confidence!!
  128. Posted by: NANCY B. FROM AZ.
    Hi Anna & dear little Georgie !!  Wow,  can't wait for 9-17-13.  Just purchased your Floral Bouquet of 72 die cuts--and just love them! I've been making these cards the last two days  I'm now getting behind in making my new Christmas and Thanksgiving cards. Fortunately, I made a lot of Christmas card last year but always look forward to making more.  My husband is always asking me " what are you doing now"--I tell him I'm in therapy--don't bother me !!  I have such a passion for making my own cards  and can't wait  to see all your new products on HSN.  Hopefully, I'll be able  to get my Christmas cards out a week before the holidays.
    Thanks Anna for all your great products!

  129. Posted by: Angela Ke
    To be honest I'm feel if I get them there by Christmas I done good.  When I was a stay at home mom and just bought a box of pre-made cards they were signed and mailed first part of December.  But working full time and wanting to make my own does seem to take up a little more time.  Thanks
  130. Posted by: Tonia Kiestler
    My deadline is the Monday after Thanksgiving!
  131. Posted by: Mary Rayfield
    I meant September 17th.
  132. Posted by: Mary Rayfield
    I try to get my cards in the mail the first week in December so everyone will have plenty of time to enjoy them. I work for the USPS and know how hectic it is during the Christmas season so mailing them early is a must! Thanks for all of your beautiful products. Can hardly wait for December 17th. Keep them coming!
  133. Posted by: Juanita R
    I don't mail my cards out.  I hand deliver my cards. For friends I know I will see early Dec. I try to have them finished by the end of the first week of Dec. then work up until a few days before Christmas
  134. Posted by: Shelia
    I always hope to get the cards in the mail the first week of Dec.
    So far I'm still working on that goal....maybe this year.

    Trying not to wish my life away BUT..... can't wait for Sept. 17th!
  135. Posted by: Jan Bathke
    I like to have them in the mail by Dec. 15, my birthday!
  136. Posted by: Donna
    Hi Anna,
          Well, I used to send my Christmas cards about a week before Christmas untilllllll Christmas, 2012.  That's when I discovered the wonderful world of HSN and YOUR card kits. So,just after Thanksgiving I made my ANNA GRIFFIN Christmas cards, and I mailed them out about a week later. That's when the "crowd went wild", and I gained instant acclaim as a "cardmaker extraordinaire".
    As my friend Trisha says, "Cardmaking is better than therapy,
    !"  Looking forward to another year of Cardmaking - Anna Griffin style !  Merry Christmas everyone :)
  137. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Wow, Anna!  These two items are so lovely. . . especially the decoupage embellishments.   Can't wait to see them in person.  I'm trying to be patient in waiting for September 17th, but it is hard!

    I don't have a deadline per se, but I like to have my cards out by the 15th of December.  Not gonna lie. . . sometimes it's December 23rd! I like to try to think of it as a season, rather than just one day.  I have already made 20 cards so far this year (your Glorious Christmas kit).  Looking forward to making many more!

    Have a nice Labor Day weekend!

    Kind regards from Jarrettsville, Maryland
  138. Posted by: Linda M.
    I try to send my cards the first week of December.
  139. Posted by: Kelly Werner
    I try to start my cards by October if not sooner, and hope to have them mailed by mid December. For many, the card is also my gift. I have gotten an earlier start this year with Anna's new Cricut Cartridge Winter Wonderland. It is beautiful. 
  140. Posted by: Lori Manicho
    This year I'm aiming for Thanksgiving!
    Can't wait to get those add-ons!
    I LOVE your Christmas Items Anna!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    LoriM :")
  141. Posted by: Chyrl
    I would like to get them out the first week of December but the mailout usually slips to mid December.  Maybe this year will be better!
  142. Posted by: Nancy B
    I try to get my Christmas cards sent the first week in December. Certainly, sending your cards will empress  the recipients.
  143. Posted by: Nadine Berry
    Anna......ur Chistmas Kit r one of a kind!!  Made them last year everyone that I made came out beautiful!! In fact,so many pieces.....everytime that u r on HSN l tap the shiws .@ hv not erased one!! I am sure that others feel the same.  I would love to win...even if just u signature!! God Bless...@ u r not looking  older.... but better. 
  144. Posted by: Loretta
    I plan on getting started the weekend of Thanksgiving.  After all the food preparation and clean up I feel making and addressing cards is so relaxing.  Plan on mailing them out by the 5th of December. Thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous products.
  145. Posted by: cindy h
    I already have some done although, I plan on sending a letter and have not started it yet.  I hope to have mine out between Thanksgiving and Dec. 1.
  146. Posted by: sheryl w
    These two items look totally awesome.  I hope to get them on the 17.  I took a vacation day that day...and then guess what i get ... a summons for jury duty that week.  It's just not fair.  I hope to get my cards out probably a week before Christmas.  I work retail and you know December is our busiest time of the year.
  147. Posted by: Carol Ann Ater
    The Christmas holiday sentiments are so elegant.  i would adore making use of these this year and every next Christmas comes.
  148. Posted by: Barbara E
    Since I now make my cards (thank you, Anna), I want them sent out on Dec. 1st, so the recipients have plenty of time to enjoy them.
  149. Posted by: Joanne R
    I usually have my cards made by Dec 1 but I tend to send them in two batches.  The first batch without any long notes goes out right after that.  But I usually need more time to write notes on some and wrap packages to the folk faraway. I try to get everything mailed by Dec 15.  Whew!
  150. Posted by: Mary
    I send my cards right after Thanksgiving. I like to have this done, so my girls and I can start baking and getting ready for Christmas parties.
  151. Posted by: Carlene T
    I start making my cards in early October as well as some Thanksgiving cards so that I can spend time on each one.  The big rush comes on Thanksgiving weekend along with Christmas home decorations.  I always have personal card exchanges closer to Christmas, but I try to get these made early.  With all of your new products this should be an outstanding holiday.
  152. Posted by: Carol Lash
    My friend always sent her cards the day after thanksgiving and they were always first to arrive, usually around Dec. 1st! I aspire to that. It was a great kick off to the season. I unfortunately usually finish the week before Christmas! Oh we'll, try try again!
  153. Posted by: Jackie Ocheltree
    I usually send my cards out the first weekend of December. I already have them made up, all I have to do is address them to everyone. The vellum quotes stickers will make a fantastic addition to my cards this year. Looking forward to Sept 17th.
  154. Posted by: Ann R.
    My goal is to get my cards out the first week of December so that the recipients can enjoy them during the entire month, plus I have the remainder of December for other holiday preparations.  Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing collection!
  155. Posted by: Jennifer Ferrell

    I start to feel panicky if my Christmas cards are not in the mail by December 15th. I prefer to have them all made by the 1st. This gives a little grace period if I need to make some more last minute. This years kit will certainly make it a breeze to make fabulous cards! I love it all!
    Kindest regards,

  156. Posted by: Debbie G.
    I try to get my cards done by thanksgiving, then mail them out the week after, so my friends & family can enjoy them the entire holiday season.
  157. Posted by: Nancy Smith
    December 1st is my deadline so that I have the rest of the month for last minute shopping!  
  158. Posted by: Sherry Lovelass
    I usually mail them around December 15 th so that they arrive the week before Christmas.   I am anxiously awaiting your arrival at HSN!
  159. Posted by: Elaine K
    I have a few friends that I mail before Thanksgiving because it became a contest of sorts between us but then the rest of my cards I mail by the 15th of December.
  160. Posted by: Beth Anne
    I'm SO loving all of your teasers...this is going to be another awesome show I just know it...can't wait :)  I like to have my cards made by Dec 1st, but I like to have my home decorated and smelling all Christmasy, when I sit down to write my notes in my cards. Sure, I could have mine mailed out too by Dec 1st, but my cards are so personal for me and I hope the extra time it may take to get them sent is forgiven if they see all of your beautiful embellishments on them too. 😉
  161. Posted by: Georgia Hruska
    I love to get my cards out no later than December 1.  I usually start my decorating Thanksgiving weekend and I always display the cards I receive as part of my decorations.  The earlier I can mail them, the more likely I will receive cards from my friends with their annual letters tucked inside.  I love, love love Christmas!
  162. Posted by: Susan B.
    I try to get my cards out the first week in December! I say TRY, but it doesn't always happen! Love your new kitty, we just got a new puppy!!! 
  163. Posted by: Priscilla
    I mail out my cards right after Thanksgiving.  I do this so they may get displayed by my friends and family, and I like that they do put them out for people to see.
  164. Posted by: Donna
    Anna, I am enjoying your sneak peeks so much and I can't wait til the 17th!!   I try to mail my cards as close to the 1st of December as I can but must admit, the last few years have seen me grow slower and slower so now they usually hit the mailbox around the second weekend of the month!!   LoL!  
  165. Posted by: Joan Showalter
    I like to get my cards out by December 1.  Most of the time I procrastinate and I am luck to get them out at all.
  166. Posted by: Chea
    I usually like to get my cards out on December 7th it is my birthday/pearl harbor day so I will make sure everything is out by then.  Then I can finish all my Christmas shopping  and attend all the invites for holiday party's and things. I too like to see my received cards come back. Thanks for such beautiful products I am looking forward to your Hsn sale. Chea

  167. Posted by: Cheryl R
    Hi Anna!  Just got back from vacation and stopped by Costco on the way home--they already have their Christmas items out!!  I like to get started early too, so I make cards in the fall and start writing them out and sending in groups of 10 every day starting the day after Thanksgiving.  That way I'm not overwhelmed and enjoy every moment.  Cards for Veterans will go out the week before so they will have time to distribute them in time.
  168. Posted by: joann benford
     I really try hard to have my Christmas Cards out by the 1st week in December. Sometimes it may be a little past that because I get busy with getting things ready for the Holidays.  I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. However, I love doing the cards all at one time ,so my dining room table is in chaos. lol. I would truly like to win these new items to give more  pazazz to my creations. Cannot wait until September 17 to see what you have in store for us. Plus it is my Birthday month. ( 10th) so I will be celebrating all month.
  169. Posted by: Donna Webb
    I'm always behind on mailing out my cards.  I usually don't get them into the mail until 2 weeks before Christmas.  I have even been as late at the week before.  I cross my fingers when I put them in the mailbox.
  170. Posted by: Charlene M.
    I hope to have all my Christmas cards made, signed and mailed by Dec 18.
  171. Posted by: Judy
    I try to have my cards out by the second Saturday of December...but sometimes I run a mite late.
  172. Posted by: Jenny hunt
    I try , try, try to get my cards sent by December 1. Love your craft products and all your creative ideas. thanks for sharing! See you on Hsn!!    
  173. Posted by: Carolyn Clark
    I try to get my cards out by the first week in December.  I can't say that always works out, but I try:)  
  174. Posted by: Irene Peplng
     Hi Anna. Your new xmas things are just beautiful. Can not wait for
    your show on HSN. I like to do my cards in Nov. and send them
    out the first week in Dec.,but it doesn't always work that way.
    Thanks for  a chance to win your beautiful things. Your little
    Georgie is adorable. My husbands name was George, and all
    Georges are great.  I guess I'm just  partial to all Georges.
  175. Posted by: Sandra
    Dear Anna,
    I decorate my tree right after Thanksgiving -- then I can sit back and enjoy the process of making beautiful cards and tags from your lovely kits, and I send them out the first week of December.  I write my own Christmas poetry and each year I add it to the inside of the completed cards.  Last year I wrote "Snowflakes", and this year I have written my memories of "Christmas in the 1950's".
  176. Posted by: Lin Leonhardt
    Hi Anna! I would like to get my Christmas Cards out this year by December 1st, so then I'll have time to bake my Christmas cookies, go Christmas shopping and decorate!
  177. Posted by: Lin Leonhardt
    Hi Anna! I would like to get my Christmas Cards out by December 1st this year, so I can set aside the rest of December for baking cookies, Christmas shopping and decorating!
  178. Posted by: Nadine
    I try to start right after Thanksgiving.  No matter when I begin, it seems completion is down to the wire.
  179. Posted by: Lucy F
    Enjoying your blogs and can't wait until Sept. 17.

    My deadline for Christmas cards is the second week in December.
  180. Posted by: Donna W. in AL
    Oh, Anna!  These kits and embellishments are just lovely!  I try to have my cards made and out by December 1st.  Thank you for the chance to win!  Good luck to everyone!   
  181. Posted by: Laura Pitzer
    Hi Anna, I have really enjoyed your sneak peeks and samples of what we can make with your new products.  My husband is going to kill me because I plan on purchasing everyone of your new products on HSN!

    I plan to have my cards out the 2nd week of December.  I will have them completed by the end of October, then my husband signs each one, and does some writing in some of our special family and friend's cards.  So, he needs the time to get that part done.  

    I appreciate you giving us all a chance to win your new products.  As usual, they are amazing and beautiful!
  182. Posted by: Terie Storar
    I plan to get them out the 1st week of December, but the reality is usually the Saturday after school breaks for Christmas.
  183. Posted by: Susan Helfrich
    My goal is to get my cards to family and friends about two weeks before Christmas.  Maybe I will be earlier this year if I use one of your kits, Anna!
  184. Posted by: Bea Fisher
    I try to have mine out by Dec. 5, that way I know they will get there in time.
  185. Posted by: judi
    I try to mail all cards by 1 Dec.  I have a chronic illness, so sometimes I'm latter, but I like you love to hear back from everyone.  Your cards are beautiful and elegant, love your designs.
  186. Posted by: Kathleen
    Right after Thanksgiving would be nice, but I'm never that organized. My goal is to have everything done by the 15th.
  187. Posted by: Laurie
    I usually try to get my Christmas cards out the 2nd week in December.  I have 3 grandchildren that have a birthday in the first half of December and also a brother so I am usually pretty busy early.  Now I start making them several months in advance.  I have gotten a beautiful Christmas kit from you many years ago and that is how my card making days began.  I find your craft products just simply in one word...BEAUTIFUL.  Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing you on HSN in a few days.  Thank you for all you do and thank you for this chance to win these great products. 
  188. Posted by: Gwen Moss
    Love for them to go out the Monday after Thanksgiving.
  189. Posted by: Pamela Haskin
    I like to mail out my Christmas cards during the first week of December.
  190. Posted by: ShellyM
    Hi plan is to get all my Christmas cards in the mail by December 15. I don't always get them out by then, but it's usually not too much later. I am SO looking forward to seeing you on HSN's craft day! Thanks for another chance to win!!
  191. Posted by: Patti S.
    I like to have my cards mailed the first weekend in December.  These new items are so neat!
  192. Posted by: Barbara Kruza
    I love sending your cards to my family and friends during Thanksgiving weekend.  I love to hear how much they look forward to seeing these cards.  Thank you!
  193. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    Anna I like to send my cards out the first week in Dec.
  194. Posted by: Michella Wollschlager
    I like to mail my cards between Black Friday and December 5th, making more certain of on-time delivery!!!-LUV your products!!!!
  195. Posted by: Merrie O.
    I never seem to get my cards mailed as soon as I want but I try to get them mailed by mid December.  I might have to really get busy this year because I just mailed a Birthday package to New Orleans from Mississippi and it took 8 days priority mail!
  196. Posted by: Granny Brenda
    I wait until my darling Granddaughter's birthday on 12/10 to be over so we can start the Holiday Festivities and get the cards mailed about the 11th.  I have started making a few already and hope to have the cards and extras done before Thanksgiving.  That way I have time between Turkey Day and her birthday to finish shopping, wrapping and get the decorations out and ready to go after we put away her birthday decorations of course.
  197. Posted by: Sara
    When I want my Christmas cards signed and in the mail and when they actually are signed and in the mail are two different things.  This year I have got to get it done and would love to win everything!

    Wow there are so many super women here!  I need your secret to organizing your time!
  198. Posted by: Arleen Cappatocio
    Hi Anna; Last year my cards (and letter) went out January 17.  Naturally I had to add a little postscript because they were so late!  This year I am going to try really hard to get them out by the first week in December.  I started making a few in June but had to stop for a while, starting up again in about a week.  Thanks for a chance to win your super prizes.  Thanks for all you do for all of us, Arleen
  199. Posted by: Shellie Fontana
    My family & I decorate the Christmas tree and hang wreaths  Thanksgiving weekend.  I also 'spell-check' my family Christmas letter to put with my handmade Anna-cards.  Thankfully, my husband double-checks our address label list, making sure it's lined up to print.  On the following Monday & Tuesday, I check that each envelope has a commemorative Christmas postage stamp, while sipping home-brewed cinnamon-coffee.  Finally, off I go to the curbside drop-box at the Post Office! 
  200. Posted by: Mandy
    If my cards are ready then they get mailed the day after Thanksgiving but if not then they are done & mailed by Dec. 10! Love your cards and thanks for an awesome chance to win.
  201. Posted by: Mary
    I like to get my cards out right after Thanksgiving with a drop dead time of December 15th.
  202. Posted by: Brenda
    I like to get my cards out by the 15th of December.  It doesn't always happen but that is the goal.
  203. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    My ideal is to get them done Thanksgiving weekend, but if that's a problem, then definitely no later than two weeks before Christmas.  Thanksgiving, the tree, and cards-in that order.
  204. Posted by: Amy Bethancourt
    I like to have my cards made and ready to mail the first week in December.
  205. Posted by: Linda Carpenter
    My deadline is the 18th, which happens to be my birthday!  This year we'll be in India until Dec.3rd, so I will have to get an early start, or be very quick when I get home!
  206. Posted by: Suzanne Garcia
    Dear Anna, I like to get my cards out by the first Friday in December.  I put them in a bag, walk to the Post Office, Hopefully it will be cold (I live in Houston) and feel very happy walking home! Little Georgie is so cute! He has the makings of a Star!  Take care and all of you have a great Labor Day Weekend, and try not to Labor too much!
  207. Posted by: Debbie Lentz
    My deadline for the cards is December 5th.  I would love to say the 1st, but it never works out that way, so I give myself to the 5th to hit the post office.

    Beautiful cards!! Love the vellum sentiments & the extra framed quotes!  Can't wait to watch & order on the 17th!!!

  208. Posted by: Sandra Bingman
    I try hard to send my cards out the first week of December. That hasn't worked well for the last few years, but I am hoping this year will be the year I get it done! I can't wait to order your kit and get started!
  209. Posted by: SylviaH
    I like to get my cards out around December 15.
  210. Posted by: Stefanie
    I like my cards out no later than the first week of December.  I'm usually getting them ready to go during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Thank you for the chance to really make my cards special this year!!
  211. Posted by: Kathy Brubaker
    I have all of my Christmas Cards completed with the exception of addressing the envelopes, before Thanksgiving. The Friday after Thanksgiving is all day shopping, Saturday & Sunday is decorating the house and putting up my 2 Christmas Trees. On Monday, I address all of my Christmas cards and off to the post office they go. I always have at least 25 extra Christmas Cards, just in case I forget someone or I receive a Christmas Card from someone new. I want all of my Family and Friends at enjoy their Christmas cards for the entire month of December.  Anna, I can hardly wait to get this amazing Christmas Card Kit in my hands, I definitely need to order 3 Kits, so I don't have to pick and choose who will get one of these Beautiful Cards.
  212. Posted by: Shashi
    Anna dear! You make cardmaking a delicious event. I would love to be able to send out the cards by the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Another thing to be thankful for! Love your sneak peeks too.
  213. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    I already have a few ideas this years Christmas Cards in my head and I hope to start by mid October to make them. I usually send mine out in the first week of December so I'll have them all on the way by Dec 6th (St. Nickolas Day). This year I will for sure sent my Germany Cards right on the 1st, since we had a "little" delay last year... They got there by the end of January! Well, the good thing, I never had that many responses in a week and they all remembered my wonderful cards :-)
  214. Posted by: Linda Conway
    I like to have my cards out by Dec.5th. That way, at the latest, my cards arrive with 2 weeks before Christmas. I cherish the cards I get & love to enjoy them as long as possible. I have even made scrapbooks, using Anna Griffin products, of my favorite cards I was sent. The quotes & decoupage would be appreciated & I thank-you for the chance to enter & possibly win.
  215. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    I try to get my cards out in early December. Loving all your previews and can't wait for your upcoming show!
  216. Posted by: virginia
    I hope to start my Christmas cards this weekend and have them ready to be mailed by the day after Thanksgiving.  Of course I say this every year and it rarely happens.  I do however get them to people by Christmas. Maybe this year will be earlier.      
  217. Posted by: Criss Behe
    Would LOVE to have them all in the mail the first week of December!  However, there were times it didn't get done until right before Christmas!  Need to start NOW to make cards...really!  Once they are all done without a lot of stress, then I can mail them on time!  I have my scrapbooking/card making studio in a converted Happy Space!  LOVE to make Anna Griffin cards with all of the products you have!
  218. Posted by: Michele
    I am   like you ,Anna. I like to get an early "jump" on the card sending and like to have them go out soon after Thanksgiving. Thankyou so much for your continued inspiration!
  219. Posted by: Susan
    I like to get a Christmas card to my European friends in the mail by December 5th.  For cross-country, December 10th, and for local, December 15th.  I do hand deliver some cards at or near Christmas Day.  Some years I meet my deadlines, and sometimes I don't, but I always feel wonderful while making, writing and sending Christmas cards, my little presents from my heart!
  220. Posted by: Karen
    I am know for getting my cards out late, but better late than never. This year with your help in making them, I am striving for no later than the 2nd week of Dec. Thanks for all you inspiration!
  221. Posted by: Penny Carter
    Hi Anna, I usually don't send Christmas cards, however, I am this year! Thanks to you and your beautiful floral card  making kit, I really felt great about making these, as they were so simpel and easy to make. I want to make sure I send my Christmas cards out the first week in December, so that I can enjoy my family time this year. Thank you for your inspiration and support! 
    Penny Carter
  222. Posted by: Laura Lowther
    I love the new previews. I can't wait. The cards that I send overseas to our troops have to be sent out early. I plan to send all of my other Christmas cards out Dec. 1st. Last year I did my cards late and didnt get to send out as many as I wanted so I want this year to be better. Thanks for all of your inspiration. 
  223. Posted by: Rae Renfrew
    I like to have all of my cards ready for the post by December 10th. My very special ones I wait until December 20th so that I can hand deliver them with a tray of Christmas cookies. Even when a person is not on my gift list your cards make me feel like I'm giving one anyway so those that get a card early are kind of getting an early Christmas present.
  224. Posted by: Cheryl
    December is such a busy month in preparation for the big day so I like to get my cards out no later than the first week of December.  Between the baking, shopping & decorating, organization is the key, but sometimes no matter how organized you are, there are always the last minute things to do.  That is why I enjoy your lovely kits.  They are beautiful & thoughtful.  That is why I am proud of making anything Anna Griffin offers!
  225. Posted by: Lois
    I like to get them in the mail the week after Thanksgiving.  I enjoy making cards as much as I do receiving a special homemade card.
  226. Posted by: Tina
    I like to have all my cards finished and ready for mailing by the first week of December once that is out of the way I can finish all my decorations and get them up too so I can enjoy the rest of the month and not be rushed and tired for Christmas eve.
  227. Posted by: gayle
    Anna,I like to start as soon after Thanksgiving as possible.  This does not always happen as I plan but I try my hardest. Last year I was so behind that my daughter and her family got their Christmas Card hand delivered Christmas Day. I am sure w/your new card set I will start and finish on time due to your beautiful creations. Gayle
  228. Posted by: Denise
    I like to use the Thanksgiving weekend to get all my cards done so they can be mailed by the first of Dec.
  229. Posted by: Jeanie Malick
    I start my cards in the summer, if possible.  I like to use papers that I like, but don't want to use in scrapbooks.  Which are several prints and flowers.  The Christmas cards do not need to be just red and green, and the embellishments are just about anything.  But, the general theme is Christmas, and the birth of Jesus. 
  230. Posted by: Debra W
    My cards are ready to be mailed out on December 10th giving all on my card list days to enjoy the beautiful cards made using your designs Anna!  I have many friends who mat and frame the cards for holiday decorating for the next Christmas season, when I walk into their home and see the cards on the wall from the previous year, makes me so happy and I give the credit to you Anna!
  231. Posted by: Shirley S
    I've already scored hundreds of cards ready for my friends to help with for a bulk mailing for our troops. It's time to get started so we can enjoy the process. Being able to put our hearts into each card and really look forward to each message we write is a wonderful blessing. Our troops give their all and deserve our dedication to them as well. I'm waiting for the Christmas embossing folders to arrive. But I know all the new holiday items are going to add excitement and challenge us creatively. Especially since we can't put anything on the cards that reflects like glitter or use foil paper. I'm so excited and can't wait for Sept 17th. I just love your talent and products and the examples are just amazing. Thanks so much.
  232. Posted by: Kate Cook-Wood
    I'm a procrastinater. I mail them about  a week before.
  233. Posted by: Marge G.
    Hi Anna - I just LOVE your idea about getting together with friends the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and think I'll "scraplift" your idea!  It would especially be fun to have all the great leftovers for lunch! Thanks for the idea!  But, I sure could use the stickers and embellishments you've previewed this week!
  234. Posted by: Joy H
    I like to have mine mailed out by the 2nd week of December, but have been know to mail a few a couple of days before Christmas.  I know it is the thought that counts and Anna Griffin cards are always a delight to get anytime!
  235. Posted by: blasia
    Hello Anna!!!!
    I am like you....I get my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.  I want my recipients to enjoy them for a bit of a time before they take everything down and pack away.
    Happy Labor Day!!!
  236. Posted by: Helen H.
    Ideally I like to send out my cards right after December 1st; however, this rarely happens because I am blessed to work in the nonprofit sector. November and December are CRAZY months, not only personally but work-wise. So, I just do the best I can and send them as time allows! Ho, Ho, Ho!  
  237. Posted by: Barbara Haggerty
    I begin making Christmas Cards for our Vets in the VA hospital in September.  I have to get them to the gentleman who collects then distributes them, by the first week in December.  However, as I am making them for the vets,  I make some for my friends and family. In late Octrober and early November, I usually am in a rush to finish my personal cards.  I try to get them in the mail the first week in December.  Last year I made almost 100 cards and that was too much to take on.  This year I am going to cut back.  I am sorry, but some of my friends will be getting "store bought" cards.  
  238. Posted by: Marilyn Bozik
    I like them out the first week of December. So rush the kit to me so I can get on with the making if them. Love your kits....<3
  239. Posted by: Karen B.
    Mailing out Christmas Cards varies from year to year unfortunately.  I like to mail them the first week of December but some years that just does not happen! It's fun to receive cards all through the holiday season including the first week of the new year, so I try not to stress about the mailing date too much.
  240. Posted by: Kristine S
    I like to send my Christmas cards out the first week in December.  Start making my cards the beginning of November and they are read to go first week of December.
    Also, thank you for dating your blogs.  Makes it so much easier if we want to go back and reread a blog.  Thank you.
    Your products are wonderful.  You and your staff do a wonderful job.
    Thank you.
  241. Posted by: Christine
    Hello, I'm back, sorry, but I've just watched your recording and had to say what a wonderful idea the stickers are to cover an unwanted printed sentiment!  Apart from enabling a choice of landscape or portrait styles, here in the UK we don't say 'Happy Holiday', so cards with that sentiment weren't very useful to us, and there's been some discussion about needing to alter them somehow.  Please be sure to bring some of the stickers in October Anna, better make it a lot!!! Love C
  242. Posted by: Roe
    My deadline for getting my cards out is no later than 
    the second week of December.  
  243. Posted by: Peg Palmer
    Hello Anna,
    I too am head over heals for a furry child.  She's not as small as yours though.  Katie is a 16 month old labrador and weighs in at 72 pounds.  But I digress, humm what are my Christmas Card sending habits?  In the past, when sending boxed cards they were in the mail the week after Thanksgiving.  Now, I send them out as fast as I can make them starting the end of November up until the week before Christmas.  I'm not as efficient, however, I am more satisfied.  I am always hopeful that this will be the week I win, as I am ever adding to my card list and would surely put the new products to good use.
  244. Posted by: karen j
    I always start with the best of intentions the weekend after Thanksgiving! sometimes I am right on the money for 12/1 mailing and some years just have to do my best to get them out by Christmas as life kind of gets in my way!! 
  245. Posted by: Arlene V
    I like to have my cards in the mail two weeks before Xmas!
    But they are made already!!
  246. Posted by: Debby
    Hi Anna I start making card out in Oct for I mail out the first of Dec I have about 150 card to send out I mail card to Angel of hope .To friends and Kids who are sick and there family's . Can't wait till Sept 17 for the show . Thank you
  247. Posted by: shellyb
    Like to send out my cards by the end of the first week of December!
  248. Posted by: Lugene Barber
    I try to get my cards out by December 15. Thank You for all the sneak peeks.
  249. Posted by: Anne Marie
    Already in the process.  There are several I had in mind and so down to work processing but my deadline is Thanksgiving weekend for my mailings.  You have really wetted my appetite for your Christmas kit, can't wait!
  250. Posted by: Carole
    Hi Anna,
    I am generally starting about the second week in December...I really enjoy not being rushed and taking the time to make each card personal. My cards have become something that my friends and family look forward too.  I have your kits and I love them, however I do design my own cards never really knowing where I'm going until I get There ! What I am loving are your new Cuttlebug Folders., they are so special!
  251. Posted by: Mary Vona
    Since I am still recovering from foot surgery, it has been Christmas at my house since July 1st. I am kept motivated by all of the Anna Griffin products that I have. Keep 'em coming! 
  252. Posted by: Debbie N.
    I send my handmade cards on December 1.
  253. Posted by: Christine
    Hello, I can't join in on 17th unfortunately, but here in the UK we've just enjoyed your long-awaited visit, Anna, most of my parcels have arrived, and are as wonderful as ever, thank you!  I post my cards at the beginning of December.  I love writing them, I save the cards I receive until the following year, then catch up on all the news again as I reply.  Sometimes, in all the Christmas rush, I miss things when the cards are first received, so it's another chance to spot changes of addresses etc!  I love Christmas, and of course we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so all our attention is on Christmas once the children return to school in September, just a few days to go now!  Looking forward to your next visit already, how lovely to kow it won't be long.  Smiles everyone!
  254. Posted by: Joanne S
    I have to admit I am a bit of a procrastinator and don't mail mine until about a week before Christmas.  I sometimes mail them in batches if my card making production is behind schedule.  I am happy to see the holiday decoupage kit because I still have plenty of you beautiful papers in my stash, but don't have enough embellishments. 
  255. Posted by: denise kerut
    december 1st!!!!
  256. Posted by: Dalyce
    I plan on starting my cards as soon as I get Anna's things in from HSN.  I'm not sure how many card parties we will have this year.  At least 1 or 2.  I'll probably get my cards out after Thanksgiving.
  257. Posted by: Abby L.
    I'm usually a procrastinator so I might start puting my cards together in early December, but they're usually not in the mail until mid to late December.  I'm just happy if they get there before Christmas!
  258. Posted by: Kathy G
    I can't wait to get this year's cards.  Last year I ended up giving the kit to a friend so she could make them with her daughters during the aftereffects (no power) of Hurricane Sandy (OMG no tv, no video games, etc.).  I want to start on them as soon as I receive them and have them in the mail by December 7th.
  259. Posted by: Samantha R.
    I plan on start making my cards next month as I am working a calendar for my grandparents that I must finish first.  This will be my first year making my own Christmas cards for family and friends.  Love all your designs and ideas 
  260. Posted by: Debra Lovell
    I like to get mine out the first week in December,but no later than 10th..sometimes I have most of them out the first week,but some the second week...depending on how busy I am. Love the vellum sentiments!
  261. Posted by: Nancy Sue
    I won't lie, with all the rush to get things setup at home and shopping I mail my cards when I can.  As long as I know they will get there before Christmas.   
  262. Posted by: Cheryl O
    My goal is usually Dec. 10th.  Sometimes I have a couple of stragglers, but I usually make it.
  263. Posted by: Terry P
    Hello Anna, I will start making my cards in Nov., do a few at a time with the people they are going to in mind. Mail them by the second week of Dec. That's my plan, hope it works out. Can't wait til Sept., when you are on HSN!
  264. Posted by: Janet Cobb
    I try to have my cards in the mail no later than Dec. 10th. I like for them to arrive at the right time to increase the anticipation! My dad worked for the Post Office so I know not to wait too long!
  265. Posted by: Laurie Pasternak
    My Christmas cards go out the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone that I send to actually call me to tell me if I was the first card they received. Its so much fun knowing people are waiting for my cards to arrive. And, of course, they are always amazing after creating them all.
  266. Posted by: Denice Gleton
    Hi Anna,

    I like to mail my cards the first week in December.  This year will be my first year making Christmas cards and I am very excited.  I like an old fashioned look to my cards and this year I believe I'll accomplished that with your Christmas Box of cards and trimmings.  I can hardly wait until the HSN show.  Looking forward to it.
  267. Posted by: Lois De Valk
    December 1 is my goal.
  268. Posted by: Kathy Kuta
    I send my cards out the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Unlike most people, I avoid going out to battle the crowds on Black Friday. Instead, I finish addressing the cards (which I make earlier in November), stamp and have them set to drop in the mail Saturday. 
  269. Posted by: June Palasek
    I begin my cards in August, however I do not really complete them until probably mid November.  I mail my cards the lst week of December.  This year I hope to use many more of your products for my sentiments, embellishments etc., I cannot wait for September 17th - which means I will probably not really work earnestly on Christmas until after the show.
    Make sure you give Georgie enough nap time..    
  270. Posted by: VICKIE N
  271. Posted by: Lennie Hartley
    I usually start in November and hopefully have them done by Thanksgiving.  Mail them December 1st and hand carry the rest the week before Christmas.  Nothing like making cards while listening to music and drinking hot chocolate!  Can hardly wait until your September show.
  272. Posted by: Carol Coleman
    Aloha!  I like to have my cards out by the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend.
    cant wait forHSN premiere
  273. Posted by: ava gavloski
    i mail my cards as i receive cards thru out the month of dec.
  274. Posted by: LeeAnn from NC
    I usually get my cards done at the last minute, about a week or so before Christmas , or by the second to the  last Sunday before Christmas when they are due at our church for the church post office.
     The others are mailed just in time for friends and family to receive them right before Christmas.  It is always my intention to complete them earlier but it never quite happens.
  275. Posted by: Linda
    I plan on taking the kits to my daughters house in another state to make with her and my granddaughter. We are going to visit them over Thanksgiving and it will make a fun time for all of us. Then before we come home I will mail them from there. Should make an additional surprise for everyone.
  276. Posted by: Kindra D
    I don't have a set date. As long as they are out the door by Dec 20,th I hope they will arrive in time ;o) I am the worst procrastinator!
  277. Posted by: Judith Brauer
    Hi Anna - I have a friend who gets her cards out early. When I get her card, I know the countdown begins and I frantically get busy writing my annual letter and start picking out cards. This year, I'm newly retired and hope I can be a little more organized. I hope to make all my cards and get them out so they're delivered fairly close to Christmas - we'll see how that works!
  278. Posted by: sharon
    Hi Anna,
    I make my x mas cards all year long, I also have some I made last year, for this year. I am now waiting to see you on hsn, and buy one x mas kit, like I do everytime you are on. Being on disibility makes it hard for me to buy alot, but I do manage to get on kit. Also, have you ever thought about making a small kit for Haunakka? I think that you would make the most beautiful embelishments.Just wondering. Again, I love everything you make , would love to win anything you make.
  279. Posted by: Sandee B
    I don't really have a deadline, but I like to get my cards out by the 15th of Dec.  I can't wait to put together the card kit coming out!  I love all the new products and am so looking forward to sept. 17th!


  280. Posted by: Linda Aden
    I typically send mine out the week before Christmas (because that's usually when I manage to get them done.) Sometimes they go in shifts or even one-by-one, depending on how organized I am.
  281. Posted by: Jeanie P
    I like to spend the weekend after Thanksgiving eating turkey sandwiches and leftover dressing and making Christmas cards.  It's such a fun, relaxing, family time and I just love it.  Thanks for sharing all of your sneak peaks with us.
  282. Posted by: Maria Rosa
    I usually make my Christmas cards the first week of December & mail them out the following week.  With your new Christmas cardmaking kit, I think I'll be making them earlier this year.  Can't wait for 9/17!!!!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
  283. Posted by: Milafros
    I like to start sending my cards right after Black Friday on that Monday.Love what I am seeing in your sneak peaks, can't wait to get my hands on these items can't wait till you're HSN.Thank you.
  284. Posted by: Nancy P
    I try to get most of my cards done before thanksgiving and get them out right after,  that way I have December for the tree and making my cookies and candies that I do and of course shopping and wrapping of the gifts.  this year I want to make all of my own tags also.  feeling the season coming soon. going on a craft weekend with girlfriends  in October and plan on getting the cards started then.
  285. Posted by: susan
    thank you for all the wonderful cards.
  286. Posted by: Suzanne S
    Well, to be honest last year I didn't send any Christmas cards.  This year though....things might be a little different, especially if I win some of the Anna Griffin items!  In that case, I will start ASAP and finish ASAP!  But I will control myself and not send them out until after Thanksgiving.  I will send them out the first week of December, so everyone can enjoy them!  Thanks for creating such beautiful cards!  Enjoy your kitty, Georgie!
  287. Posted by: Barb
     I start making the cards at Halloween then try to mail them by the last week in Nov. Sometimes get slowed down by finding current addresses for everyone. Where is Georgie, today??
  288. Posted by: Kim Haring
    Every year, I am sure that my cards will go out just after Thanksgiving, and every year, they go out the 23rd or 24th!!  Maybe this will be the year.... ;-)
  289. Posted by: Diane Danik
    I love to finish my cards by the end of the first week of December.  That gives me enough time to write them out, stamp and get to the post office no later than December 12th, my beloved Mom's birthday!
  290. Posted by: PeachyW
    Well, I try for 12/3 - but lately, it has been more like 12/20!  Just not enough time in Dec for everything to get made and mailed!  - Love your new items - excited for your show!
  291. Posted by: Diane Sadler
    I like to mail my cards the first week of December.  I am so looking forward to the 17th.  You have so many wonderful new things!
  292. Posted by: Lisa
    As long as everyone has them by Christmas, too many birthdays between Christmas and Thanksgiving! Love the new kitten.
  293. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    I like to send my cards around the 19th of December. Just in time for Christmas. But I have been better with time management these days so I may be able to get them out sooner. Besides, I will be wanting to get in that box and start creating as soon as possible. I think we should all give our UPS driver a card of thanks, for all the extra deliveries they will make in September! 
  294. Posted by: Ann in PA
    Try to get my cards out by Dec. 10. It is usually the 20th before all are in the mail!
  295. Posted by: Penny K.
    Hello, Anna - I try to put my cards in the mail on December 10th so that I have time to enjoy the process of creating them before the hustle and bustle commence. It is such a busy time of the year,and the process of making my cards and even addressing the envelopes is an enjoyable, relaxing activity. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and your card kit, sayings and embellishments have made it sooooo much easier and enjoyable.....Thank you-
  296. Posted by: Deb
    Will start making my cards soon after my order arrives from HSN, and hope to have them in the mail by the first week of December. That way I'm sure to have them out by the second or third week of December! (he he).  Last year I was not up to making cards for Christmas, but am looking forward to it this year.   I have a question for you Anna. How many Christmas cards do you receive every year? I can only imagine! We all love you Anna, & pray you & yours have a wonderful Christmas.  You are a blessing and an inspiration to us all!
    happy holiday weekend!
    Deb F.

  297. Posted by: Evadene
    Stop already, my shopping list is too long.  Love it all!!!
  298. Posted by: Melissa Randall
    I like to send my cards out the first week of December. I want my card recipients to have plenty of time to enjoy throughout the            holiday. I consider my cards as an early Christmas gift.
  299. Posted by: Maggie P.
    OMG!!!! 9/17 can't come soon enough!!!! I am going to send mine a little early this year, probably Dec. 1st. I usually wait until the 2nd week. Can't wait to buy 1 of everything!!! Thanks Anna!!!
  300. Posted by: Karen M
    Hi Anne!
    I usually send out my Christmas cards the first week of December along with out of state gifts to my grandchildren.  The second week is dedicated to baking non-stop with an occasional card or gift tag be made.
  301. Posted by: Gina K
    As long as I get them out sometime before Christmas, I'm happy! Usually it's under the wire.
  302. Posted by: Norine Butcher
    Good Afternoon Anna, Thank you for having a giveaway. Your products are absolutely gorgeous!!! I try to have my Christmas cards sent out by Dec. 15th. Have a wonderful day!
  303. Posted by: Judy Foulkes
    I like to send out my cards mid-December--sometimes I feel that we rush the season to the point that people get tired of it.  Of course, I'd like to have my cards done for sure by December!
  304. Posted by: Rhonda Williams
    I still love to include a personal handwritten message in all of my cards so I begin writing on December 1st concentrating on the cards that need to travel the farthest.  Everything must be in the mail by December 10th and most of those are local so there is plenty of time to arrive before Christmas.
  305. Posted by: Frances
    After looking at this years calendar, I want to mail my cards out by the 11th of December. That  should be plenty of time for delivery before Christmas. 
  306. Posted by: Colette R
     Hi Anna, 
    I usually try to get my cards sent right after I put the tree up. I like to turn the lights on and make cards while I randomly played my 300+ CDs. Gets me in the holiday mood.
  307. Posted by: Juliann
    I like to have the cards arrive about 10 days before Christmas- before things get too "crazy" here & at the recipients home.  Last year I was just too ill to even think of Christmas cards, so this year they have to be doubly special.  
  308. Posted by: Merrie J
    I always TRY to get my cards out the first week of December- LOL. Some years I do better than others. Then I can sit back and enjoy the cards as they come in and 'catch up' with the news from everyone. 
  309. Posted by: Marcia Scantlin
    I try to mail them out around December 8-10 and work on them the first week of December.
  310. Posted by: Shana
    The Friday after Thanksgiving is my card day. I put them in the mail box at the post office on my way to Christmas shopping. It lets me concentrate on the gifts and wrapping the whole next week.
  311. Posted by: JoAnn Amore
    I usually get them out about a week after Thanksgiving.  This gives me more time to enjoy the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win the quote and the decoupage.
  312. Posted by: Jeanne Clifton
    I'd love to have my cards done by Thanksgiving but that rarely happens.  I usually start my cards day after Thanksgiving and finish by mid December.  Your kits are so helpful though.  I don't have to sit endlessly coming up with creative ideas.  Christmas card making has become a pleasure in the past couple of years.  Thanks Anna!
  313. Posted by: Lydianne
    Hi Anna,
    i am just so excited to finally find you!  I saw a story on you in Southern Lady a couple of years back and just loved your beautiful home. I am going to shoot for the 1st of December. Not too sure if this is realistic because my daughter is going to have knee surgery just after TG and I have two little grands to help take care of. Anyway, I would love to win these and try your kits for the first time. Thanks for the giveaway and I look forward to the HSN debut. 
  314. Posted by: Judy R
    As long as people receive them before Christmas I am good.  Taxes and the business have deadlines, crafts don't.
  315. Posted by: Pam Allen
    Hi Anna! I love your vellum quote sets so much! I have purchased them
    before and can't wait to buy the Christmas set.  I like to send out cards around the 15th of the month.  I can't wait till the 17th of Sept. its going to be so much fun.  I also have a request,  I loved the Christmas set you did a couple of years ago that was based on old 1930's wrapping papers.  I would love for you to set another release of that same time period.  Thanks for sharing and the giveaways! Kiss George for me what a cutie!!!
  316. Posted by: Susan
    I like to have my Christmas Cards out be the first week of December.  So this year all cards will be mailed by December 7th. 
  317. Posted by: Kathy McCallum
    I plan to start working on my cards  in mid-November in order to get them finished and in the mail by 10 Dec!  
  318. Posted by: Geri K
    Like everyone I like to get my cards out BEFORE the holidays begin  but, since the Christmas Season goes from Dec. 25 to Jan 6, I don't consider my cards late unless they will arrive after Jan. 6. So as long as they are in the mail by Jan 2 I'm OK.
  319. Posted by: Donna O
    Anna - I want my cards to arrive the week of Christmas as the excitement is really building.  Can't wait for everyone to receive theirs this year.  They absolutely loved the ones I made last year from one of your kits.  My mom passed away this past year so I'll also be making cards for my dad to send out because she wouldn't think of not sending cards and I need to make sure he continues her tradition.  So I'll be busy, busy, busy.  Thanks for all you do for us crafters.   Donna O
  320. Posted by: Monica Hernandez
    All people I send cards to live in town so therefore I hand deliver them, it is much more fun that way. I love seeing the look on their faces when they receive one of my cards. 
  321. Posted by: Gaila
    Oh Anna, you're getting me so inspired with your previews!
    I have an early December birthday, so I try to wait to begin my Christmas preparations until after I've celebrated "my" day (this is probably due to childhood birthdays which many relatives always lumped together with Christmas gifts).
    We usually write our Christmas letter (I know, I know, some people love 'em, some people hate 'em) on December 4th and put up the outdoor lights on that date too (our weather seems to always be warm and sunny on that date).  Then, I write the personal notes and address envelopes and they're in the mail by December 11th.
    Your Christmas card kit and add-ons are simply GORGEOUS!
  322. Posted by: Debby W
    Good Day Ms. Griffin and Staff,
    I like to have all my Christmas cards & holiday greetings mailed the first week of December. This year I am creating a year in reflection scrolls for family New Year Eve dinner. Have a lovely weekend.
  323. Posted by: Carol
    I totally love the vellum sticker sentiments as well as the decoupage embellishments ... what a lovely addition they will be to my Christmas cards.  My deadline for sending out most of my Christmas cards is on December 11th ... which is also my Birthday, it's also 2 weeks before Christmas, so that allows for plenty of delivery time.  However, there is a few of exceptions to that.  For cards being mailed to Alaska and Hawaii, I mail by December 1st, and for cards being mailed to my friends out of the Country and military PO boxes, my deadline is November 15th.  Also, I am involved in a project called Cards for Soldiers, these require extra time so that they can arrive to there overseas desitnations in time for the soldiers to receive them and mail them to their own respective famlies and friends ... these are Christmas cards are mailed no later than October 1st.  I am looking forward to your HSN show on September 17th so I can get my orders in and receive all these beautiful supplies ... then the fun will begin as I shift into full card making mode to get all my cards made!  Can't wait!
  324. Posted by: SUE K
    I have a lot of lighted houses that need to go up all over the house so start those Thanksgiving weekend and then the cards get them done and out by Dec 5. I have been making some already for close friends and grand kids! I can't wait to get you card box I have been buying they for a few years and have a few left in each box to use up! I'm excited for Sept 17 I want to get you Cricut Cartridge too!
  325. Posted by: Marilyn Mehit
    My dear mother always sent her cards out by December 1 and, like mother, like daughter, I do the same.  It gives me a sense of peace to know that my friends and family will have the joy of opening one of my 'homemade' Anna Griffin cards.  These cards are beyond elegance and class.  Thank you Anna and Georgie.  I'd love to win everything to have.
  326. Posted by: Grandma Hobo
    I don't have a set time.  In the past I have sent them out right after TG, but that I think is too soon.  They just arrive with all the store ads.  Now I do it perhaps the second week of Dec.  When my daughter was growing up I always ordered the photo cards.  Now I make my own but include pictures of my grand daughters inside.  I don't like mailing cards so late that they arrive after the holiday.  I used to receive a card from one person in June, she would laugh and say people would wonder if she was six months early or six months late!  If I send a card to someone I see all the time I don't write anything but to those out of town I write a note.  Never did the newsletter.  I enjoy receiving them, most of the time!  The ones where all people do is brag about their lavish vacations and outstanding accomplishments of everyone in their families are a bore, however.  You would think they all were Nobel prize winners!  So I gues by the second week in December is the best time for me.
  327. Posted by: Deborah
    The 2nd week in December, I won't want to let them go!
  328. Posted by: Laurel M.
    The first week of December is when I TRY to get them out.  This gives the recipient the whole month to enjoy them!!  Must have the vellum quotes!!!  Yay--only a little over 2 weeks until Anna Day on HSN!!!!!
  329. Posted by: Pat Sugden
    I like to get Christmas Cards mailed out by the end of the first week of December.
  330. Posted by: Nadine S
    Hi Anna and Staff!  First week in December is when I have always try to have the cards mailed; however this year will be a little later I am sure-probably mid December as we are soon expecting the arrival of our second grandchild so our time will be limited as that precious bundle will certainly receive lots of special attention from grammy and grandpa-lol! Thank goodness for your card kit-it will make everything so much faster but still be that personal extra touch!  
  331. Posted by: Gilda Duff
    Hi Anna! I think Georgie put the "A" in ADORABLE!!!  He is beautiful!!!  I love cats, too.  I like to mail my Christmas cards as soon as I finish them!!!  That isn't always as soon as I'd like, but I feel my friends and relatives will appreciate a homemade card anytime!  I also want to tell you that I got an email from Cuttlebug with your new dies and embossing folders!!!  Sorry, Anna, I couldn't wait till Sept. 17.  I went ahead and ordered mine YESTERDAY!!!!  Yay!!!!  I can't wait to get them!!!!   :D
  332. Posted by: Susan D
    The first week of December is when I like to mail most of my Christmas cards. There are always more to make throughout the month for mailing, but also special invitations and thank you cards. Thanks for you previews. The samples are beautiful!
  333. Posted by: Leslie
    I try to have my cards (and packages) mailed by December 10th so everyone can enjoy them before the holiday, and to beat the rush for my packages. At my house my Christmas cards are part of my Christmas Decor. Can't wait for Sept. 17th.
  334. Posted by: bonnie
    I try to get my cards out by the end of the first week in December..
  335. Posted by: Patty P.
    Ok, so do you want the truth or the hope?    Would love to have the cards out and mailed by December 10---  reality doesn't always work that way!  But I love to put a beautiful card with Christmas plates to friends.  This year I have a bunch made ahead already and more to make,  especially after your show in September!   ;)     
  336. Posted by: Dawn G.
    Congratulations on little Georgie!  He is quite a cutie pie!!! :)

    My deadline to mail out cards is always the same, December 1st.  :)  The earlier the better, especially since I have cards to send over seas.   Some years, I hit the mark and others I do not, but I always shoot for December 1st. 

  337. Posted by: Jan Fowler
    I love ALL things Christmas so I'd love to win this amazing prize!
  338. Posted by: Judy F.
    Wow, another amazing sneak peak!  I'm usually pretty good about my December 10th deadline.  For some of my friends, my card is my gift to them, so I really take my time making them.  I then get them hand-cancelled with the prettiest stamps I can put on them!
  339. Posted by: Janelle Clark
    I always try to get mine out early-ish, so people have time to enjoy them. The 15th is usually my deadline.
  340. Posted by: Addie
    I mail my holiday cards in three batches: one to Jewish friends during Hannukah (I have 8 days leaway there), one to friends who like more traditional cards the first week in December post marked by December 7 or 8 because these friends like to display their cards longer than others; and one to my artist friends who like mixed media collage, which I mail out by December 15 because they take me longer to do.
  341. Posted by: Amy F Jones
    I start making my cards now bc I make approximately 100 cards. I try to get them in the mail the 2nd week of December. Thank you for the chances to win your wonderful products.
  342. Posted by: Cindy Silberblatt
    I send a combo of self-made and store box cards.  I start making cards in Sept. and I aim for the second week of Dec. for mailing.  Can't wait to see your Christmas line on HSN.  ScrapNannie
  343. Posted by: Carolyn T.
    I TRY for the first week of December. Doesn't always work. LOL I've always liked Anna Griffin Christmas products and really love the new ones
  344. Posted by: Dorothy Tarr
    I like to get my cards out by the 15th of Dec.  I try to start them before Thanksgiving, but it doesn't always work.  I love the Holiday ideas you have given us.  Love the vellum quotes.  Looking forward to the 17th.
  345. Posted by: Jean Drouin
    Ideally I would like to get them them signed, sealed and delivered by the second week of December. Since I have become a procraftinator instead of a procrastinator maybe that will happen this year. Thank you for this opportunity. 

                                    Eternally  Optimistic,

  346. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    Hi Anna, 
    Generally speaking, I like to work on my cards and have them ready to go by about the 2nd week in December--as close to the 2nd Sunday in the month as I can get. If it goes later than that, I usually start feeling a little anxious about getting them out in time. Our church has a nice tradition and that is to allow us to bring cards for the families who attend our church and put them in the alphabetized mail slot box in the narthex. This is so nice because it saves on postage which allows our family to send out even more Christmas cards affordably. We probably give/send out close to 130-150 cards every year. 
  347. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    Hello everyone at Anna Griffin Inc.

    Except for last year, I sent store bought cards.  When my sons lived at home, we would write messages on the cards, sign them and get them into envelopes.   I have substituted a family news letter that includes photos for the had written messages.  This way we can add so much more updates for the family and friends we don't see very often.  For some reason since my sons moved out, I'm even later than usual and I'm happy if they get out by New Years Day!   Last year everyone was surprised to get their card from us before Christmas and a hand made one at that.  I hope I can get all the cards for Operation Write Home by Dec. 1.   And all the others by the 15th.

    Less than three weeks to the fun shopping day!!
  348. Posted by: christi
    i like to do it after shopping on thanksgiving weekend.  i don't have as many to buy for anymore so, i can do cards.  i have started to get some design ideas for this years cards already.  in reality i probably get most of them out by dec. 20th.  can you say procrastinate!
  349. Posted by: queenbanana
    Love the sneak peeks and tips. I finish all things Christmas by Thanksgiving evening but I do not mail my cards out until December 10th.  I don't want to be the anal retentive Christmas pusher by sending the cards out on Thanksgiving. LOL, thanks for the chance.
  350. Posted by: Yelena
    I always aim for the first week in December but it doesn't always happen.... Your holiday cards are gorgeous, just like everything you design.  Can't wait for your big show in Sept.
  351. Posted by: Ellen
    I send my out of. Town cards I send weekend after thanksgiving the rest are sent the following weekend
  352. Posted by: Susan Berry
    I love to have mine ready to go by Thanksgiving and then mail right after!  That's the goal but it doesn't always work.  I love your items!!
  353. Posted by: Malinda L
    I start making my cards right after Thanksgiving, so I can get them in the mail by Dec. 1. That way the recipients can enjoy them through Christmas. I love AG, Christmas kits and extras! Can't wait for the Sept. 17th show, I know I will miss alot due to my work schedule, just hope to be able to get some of the good stuff before everything sells out!!
  354. Posted by: Barbara V
    I like to aim for the first week in December having a buffer 
    the next week. 😉
  355. Posted by: Mary
    Hi Anna.  Like so many others have said I 'like' to have most of my cards done for the beginning of December.  Half the cards I make are posted to the UK so They need to be posted well in advance of the holidays.  Note I said 'like'... many times I am still turning out cards right up to just before Christmas  when these last will be hand delivered to family and friends.  I love the card kits.  They do allow me to be more organised!
  356. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    My perfect date is Dec 5th, but realistic is it no later than the 15 of Dec.
  357. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    2 weeks before Christmas!  Non-religious specific....I want them to create an even more cheery atmosphere.  Addedto the carols playing in the background and the tinsel glittering in the tree lights as they add my card to the others on the fireplace.
  358. Posted by: Gerri k
    I love the liners!!  They make the card so elegant!  I always try to get my cards in the mail during the first week of December.  Saying that makes me realize I better start making them as soon as I receive your kit.  Can't wait till Sept 17th!
  359. Posted by: Diane
    Hi Anna,
    I am really going to try hard this year to get my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving, but, given a  2nd choice, I will have them out most probably by the end of the first week in December. I really love all the Christmas items and am anxious to order them and to start designing!!!
  360. Posted by: Phyllis Zimmerman
    I like to mail them early so people can enjoy them for the whole holiday season. 
  361. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    Hey Anna, I'm a bit slower than most folks, I usually send my cards out around the 15th of December so that they are received right before Christmas, but I'll work right up to the last minute if I have too!
  362. Posted by: Janese P
    Sorry Anna, I meant hi Georgie, my cat Charlie was clawing my feet at the time I was typing..
  363. Posted by: Janese P
    Hi Anna and Charlie, I always make a December 1st dead line for myself but I am usually still hand delivering some til December 15th to the 20th... This years fun pretties are so awesome I may have them all done by November 1st! 
  364. Posted by: Mona
    I have a deadline of the first week in Dec. to mail my cards.  Since I am retired I have been able to meet that deadline.  Those that I hand deliver I try to take them by the second week of December but....the visits with the friends can take me into the third week of Dec.

    Thanks Anna for the sneak peeks each Tuesday and Friday.  I have been anticipating those almost as much as anticipating the September 17th date.  
  365. Posted by: Julianne
    Between when I actually sketch out the card, buy the supplies, and get them all done, with all the other the other stuff going on, I'm lucky to get my cards to people before the 25th!  One year, people got them hand delivered and those I couldn't, didn't get them! Anything to speed the process, like this kit, would help me to get my cards out!  Thanks, Anna!
  366. Posted by: Brenda
    I'm afraid I haven't been very organized in the past few years, so my cards have barely made it before Christmas!  But, I am going to aim for December 15 this year.
  367. Posted by: Kim Bush
    Gorgeous!  The anticipation is killing me!

    I always mail my cards the first week of December because there is just too much to do as the month goes on and it gets closer to Christmas.  I would much rather have one less thing to worry about.
  368. Posted by: Karen Davidson
    Hey Anna, I like to mail my cards out by the first week of December. I want my friends & family to know they are thought of as soon as the season starts! I bought my Christmas forever stamps last December so as I make the cards I can put them right into their stamp addressed enveope right away! I don't like to leave a step out of the process that way I'm sure the right card goes directly to the person I created it for - this is my first year making Anna Griffin cards so I'm more excited than ever!!! Thanks to you Anna & your staff my friends & family will get the most impressive card I've ever done!!!
  369. Posted by: Jane P.
    Hi Anna, Christmas is such a busy time, so I try to get my cards out the first 2 weeks of December.  Lots of people like to  display their cards for everyone to see, they add to all of the decorations.  I really love your 3-D items, they really add to the card.  One of the things I really like, is the verses that you print in the cards.  It is so hard to find appropriate verses for  all cards.  Thanks so much for all your hard, and beautiful work. Jane
  370. Posted by: Mary Beth
    Christmas cards usually go out around the 10th of December.
    I teach at a local university - so while proctoring exams - I address the card envelopes! Multitasking is essential this time of the year.
    I have just begun to organize materials for holiday cards (finished Halloween already). Do I have the right colors, patterns, trims, greetings?? There is always room for more inspiration and I am looking forward to your HSN presentations..
    Thank you for providing such beautiful possibilities!
  371. Posted by: Laura Payne
    My goal is to send them out the first week of December.Sometimes I  make it--someimes I don't. This year I'm being optimistic that your new kit will help me reach my goal. I can hardly wait until the 17th!
  372. Posted by: Susan Bullock
    These, as all of your products are, breathtaking! I try to have all my Christmas cards ready for mail by the first weekend of December.  The ones I am hand delivering always have a little more bulky "foo foo". 
    Thanks for the chance to win ~
  373. Posted by: Merial
    I like to get my cards out by the 15th of December but I have not always made that goal. I usually have to do things in stages. I write a Christmas letter, sign, address, stuff, seal, and stamp. I send over 100 so this all takes time. When I used to teach I could never seem to finish until we stopped for the holiday break. Last year I decided to make all of the cards and Anna's kits made the process so much fun and they turned out beautifully!  Can't wait until the 17th!
  374. Posted by: Shirley Jones
    I like to have mine finished and ready to mail by Dec. 10.  Notice I said I like to have them out but sometimes life  happens and then they are hopefully out before Christmas.  Love all your beautiful creations.
  375. Posted by: Connie
    I'd love to get my cards out by the first weekend of Dec. but I rarely make that deadline.  My birthday is Dec. 14th so I aim for getting everything in the mail by that date...sort of a gift to myself to know I can cross that off my list! If I won this kit or any of your beautiful holiday kits, I might actually get them out early this year!  Can't wait for the 17th!
  376. Posted by: Lillian V
    I can't wait to see your show on 9/17.  I always send my cards well in advance.  Thanks for the chance to win.
  377. Posted by: Barb walker
    I usually wait till the second week in December to send my cards.  I think I do this because I know they don't have far to go.  
    Thanks for all your great stuff!
  378. Posted by: sylvia w
    I'm with you girl.  I like to send them by Dec 1st.  And wouldn't it be great if everyone else did too. I love to use the cards I receive as decorations. One year we put lights on the tree and and waited to use all the cards, tied with big pretty bows, as the only other ornaments.
  379. Posted by: Mary Alice Peterson
    Hi Anna,
    I have my cards out by December 13th because that is the beginning of "Swedish Christmas" in our family. I love all the great Christmas things that you are putting together in your kits.
  380. Posted by: Barbara Fusco
    What with full-time work, full-time school, and  personal responsibilities, I always seem to get things done "just under the wire."  So of course, my cards are put in the mail on Christmas Eve!  I've always felt bad about this, but I have received many comments that my cards are given more notice and appreciation not only because they are hand made, but also because they arrive at a time when folks are less rushed and frazzled and can pay more attention to them!  It's a win/win!
  381. Posted by: Eileen
    I don't have a deadline because I never know how many I am going to send out in advance. But I will probably start sending them out in the first week in December. I know I will be making and sending more this year, so I better move fast when the time comes.
  382. Posted by: Kathy Montgomery
    I like to do my cards and have them ready by the first of December so I can mail them by the middle.  Note I said "LIKE"!  Unfortunately, or fortunately for those of us who like the season to keep being the season, I am usually running behind and get them done and out right before Christmas or right after.  I'm a firm believer that Christ's birth is meant to be celebrated, so the longer the better right?  I love your products, they are so gorgeous and appreciate your sharing with us the opportunity to win some!
  383. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    I start addressing them after Thanksgiving - I send them as they are ready as I hand write a note in each one-I continue sending if I get one from someone I haven't already sent one to
  384. Posted by: Amy Hazlett
    Hi, Anna!
    I hand deliver most of my Christmas Cards, but the ones I can't I usually try to have in the mail by December 15th.  This is such a great kit, would love to be the one who gets it!
  385. Posted by: Keren Baker
    I'd love mine to be mailed by the 11th- but then I'd love to have finished them by then ;-) Beautiful products as usual !!
  386. Posted by: Barbara
    I always aim for everything to be completed by 12/5 signed and sealed by 12/10 and mailed by 12/15. But, I usually spend the first couple days very excited about my choices of paper and embellishments! a lot of OOOhing and Auuuing going on!  I also hope everyone's card is delivered by 12/20. It is nice to get a friendly note that hectic week of Christmas.
  387. Posted by: Dena Schmitt
    I would love to have my cards out by the first weekend of December, that way in case I am running behind I still have a couple weeks before they really need to be out!  Thanks for the opportunity to win these great products.

  388. Posted by: Kris
    I like to have my cards sent out December 1st so the recipients can enjoy them all month long.  I am so looking forward to September 17th and all the holiday goodness!  Thanks, Anna!
  389. Posted by: Satia
    I always want to get our cards out the weekend after Thanksgiving but I rarely succeed.  The best laid plans of mice and men and all.  But we never go much past the first weekend of December.
  390. Posted by: Rhonda roumph
    I try to get my cards done by the first of December. Boy I sure love the decoupage kit and everything else that is coming up! Thanks, Rhonda
  391. Posted by: Flip
    I love these products!  You're so creative.
    I like to get my cards mailed the first week of December.  Not only do I get to cross that task off my list, but I make my friends jealous because that are all last minute people.  They always ask how I can get the cards made and mailed that quickly.  I'll never tell them my secret weapon is Anna!
  392. Posted by: Rosie Waldt
    Anna:  Sometimes Thanksgiving gets lost in the hustle and bustle of my making Christmas cards and that part I don't like.  I usually try to have my Christmas cards out the 1st of December.  Then I also (as you said) can enjoy the holiday baking and shopping/wrapping Christmas gifts
  393. Posted by: Meg
    Hi Anna!
    Love the kitten! I try to have my cards out right after Thanksgiving.  I love to watch all the Holiday movies, and make Holiday tea, and do my cards.  My kids know that I love Christmas, and they leave me alone when I do my cards.  Now if I could train my 3 dogs and 2 cats to cooperate I think it could go smoother.  Have fun with your Georgie! I think he will help you too!
  394. Posted by: Andrea
    I like to send all my cards out by the 2nd week of December. I'm enjoying all of your sneak peaks.
  395. Posted by: Tameka
    I like to make all of my cards at one time. I usually try to have them completed and mailed two weeks before Christmas. 
  396. Posted by: Sherrie Dyer
    What a great idea you have come up with. My latest date is December 20th. My friends & family get an awesome card right before Christmas. It's like receiving another present.
  397. Posted by: Peggy K
    I like to get my cards out right after Thanksgiving.  I can hardly wait for Sept. 17.  I want to see all of you new products.
  398. Posted by: Carol A.
    I love to make my cards early. In fact I've already finished them for this year. The problem I have is sitting down to write a note  so I can let everyone know what's gone on during the year. Sometimes I mail them in batches as I finish a few, other times they wind up being mailed as New Year's cards!
  399. Posted by: Christina R.
    I'm a late birdy! I don't even start on my Christmas cards until the second week in December and mail them out the following week! I like my cards to arrive right before Christmas. Then again, most of the cards I give out are to coworkers, which are just handed out around December 23rd! :)
  400. Posted by: Jody Green
    Wow!  Ya'll are so much more organized than I am.  I would plan to get them mailed so they'd be received the week before Christmas.  But some years, I've contemplated making Happy New Year cards since I never seem to make that deadline.
  401. Posted by: Sue H.
    Hoping for Thanksgiving weekend or the following week.  I like to get my stamps from the PO early usually in October for a good selection.  Also have to get the extra postage twenty cent stamps because cards are too thick for their machines.  Counting down the days!!
  402. Posted by: Kathie
    I try to get my Christmas cards out by the end of the first week of December.  Most of them have to travel a long way, since we live in Florida, and most of the friends and relatives are in Central New York.  Can't wait for Spetember 17!
  403. Posted by: Marianne
    December is a really busy month for me. My wedding anniversary on the 3rd, daughter on the 20t, my birthday on the 30th. So I like to have my csrds made signed and ready to be mailed by the very 1st week in December. Overseas mailings would be made  & ready to go by Thanksgiving week. 
  404. Posted by: Susan D
    My deadline is December 15.  I'd like to get them out sooner, so I'm going to start making my cards as soon as I pick up your new goodies!  I LOVE the idea of velum quotes.  You're so smart!
  405. Posted by: Vivian Sparks
    Hello, Anna! I will mail out my Christmas cards the first week of December. I love your sneak peeks. They sound so amazing. I cannot wait to see these items on HSN. Thank you again for a chance to win the vellum quotes and the decoupage!
  406. Posted by: Roseann
    I make my cards as soon as I can get one of your kits.  But if I have some left from the previous year I start to address those in July as I make up all the cards at one time.  My cards are sent on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  If family and friends don't get my card the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving I get calls asking what is wrong?  Am I sick? etc.  Not many people mail cards anymore, so I'm always happy to receive cards even if I just talked to them the day before.  I have people who save my cards from year to year because they are so beautiful thanks to your Kits  Anna.
  407. Posted by: Barbara Ott
    What a beautiful collection! I schedule my cards to be completed by 12/5 signed and sealed by 12/10 and mailed by 12/15 for delivery by 12/20.  This has worked for several years.  Except I usually have to start earlier each year because I spend a week oooohing how pretty the pieces are before I start putting them together!  Would love to win today.
  408. Posted by: Judy
    I try to mail my cards by middle of December. This way the recipients aren't overwhelmed with holiday shopping and food preparation when it arrives to their door.
  409. Posted by: Sissy Geist
     I like to wait untill closer to Christmas Day.  All the rush is over and we can sit back and enjoy the meaning of love and Christmas.  Of course if the card is going a long way, it would have to be mailed earlier.
  410. Posted by: Kathy Jo
    I would love to get my cards out the first week of December.  My daughter in law is having Triplets, aged willing the beginning of November and I hope I have time to do cards.   Thanks 
  411. Posted by: Yolanda M.
    I have this thing about the post I try very hard to send them out on December 2nd of each year.  I wait for fear that if I mail them on the 1st the post mark may be be the last day of November!  Thanks so much for these 'teasers' each week, you're already making the holiday season a joyful one!
  412. Posted by: JOYCE
    I've made the day after Thanksgiving - - my GOAL for completing
    my cards, signed, sealed, stamped and in the mail!!!  It's worked for
    the past three years  thanks to Anna Griffin and her kits.  Whata joy
    it is to receive comments about the quality of the cards, plus embellishments, foil inserted envelopes, etc - etc!!!!!
       Looking forward to all the new products for this year.
  413. Posted by: Jeri J.
    I like to have my cards in the mail by the first week of December. That way all my recipients can enjoy them for the whole season. I love going to the post office and choosing just the right stamps to go on the envelopes. What a happy time of the year. Anna, thanks for all the sneak peeks.
  414. Posted by: Jan Cox
    December 1st has always been my deadline for having my cards ready to mail. 

    Sept 17th can't come soon enuff for me; I'm so excited to see all you new things. I have containers full of Anna Griffin cardmaking supplies but will continue to buy more because it is my go-to supplies and never want to be w/o them.
  415. Posted by: DIANNEM
    I like to have cards completed the week after Thanksgiving, signed and ready to mail the first week in December. POst office visit as soon as the cards are signed.

    That way no rush, total enjoyment of the season!
  416. Posted by: Riri Mc
    It really depends on whether I have my act together that year or not!
    If so, then the week after Thanksgiving but I have been known to send rather apologetic New Year cards.
  417. Posted by: Connie Williams
    I try to get them out by the first of December.  
  418. Posted by: Peggy Peterson
    My deadline each year is December 10th.  Love the decoupage.
  419. Posted by: ElizabethD
    We hope to pass the cards out at the senior's Thankgiving dinner, they will have plenty of time to mail or give them to a friend.
  420. Posted by: Lisa
    Anna, My deadline is December 1 because I like to get them out early and be able to enjoy all the other busy-ness of the Christmas season.  I love Christmas and am a complete sucker for anything paper for Christmas.  I'm also a sucker for anything you design. Thank you for the chance to win this amazingly beautiful set!  See you Sept. 17!!!
  421. Posted by: Lynn
    I like to send Christmas cards out on Dec. 15th.
  422. Posted by: Kiki Pruden
    Hey Anna and friends!
    I  like to have my cards mailed out by the first or second week! Most likely the first week because our soldiers over sea get them about 1-2wks later. So when they open the cards it right on time for the holidays!  Then I mail family cards around the 2nd week!
  423. Posted by: Suzi
    In my holiday "fantasy" world, I would love to have them all finished and ready to pop in the mail by December 1st!  But, in the real world, I'd be happy if they go out by the 15th...
  424. Posted by: maxine
    I try to get all my Xmas cards ready for December 1st so l can pop them in the post ,trouble is the card list seems to go up each year so the hand delivered ones are later.Didn't managed to get this years Xmas card kit so will have to break into the my touch only papers from previous yrs,unless when Anna comes over in October she brings with more stock here's hoping!x
  425. Posted by: Leslie
    I like to have them in the mail by Dec. 15th.  I hand deliver mine to my co-workers and family members.  I love to see there expressions.  Thank you for the chance to win.
  426. Posted by: Lin M.
    My goal is to have the cards mailed by mid-December so they can be enjoyed for a couple of weeks. If I can get them out earlier I do.
    Thanks for the sneak peeks today! Would sure love to win!
    And I am so looking forward to Sept. 17th...
  427. Posted by: Debby C.
    I hope to have my Christmas cards mailed by December 6th, but in actuality, I'll be happy if I get them in the mail by Friday the 13th!!!!!  Thanks again for the chance to win some of your lovely products.
  428. Posted by: Juanda
    Hi Anna!  With your kits and your inspiration, I expect to have my cards completed for mailing on my birthday---December 14.  That's my gift for those I love.  I am looking forward to making the most beautiful cards, this year, using your Holiday Trimmings Card Making Kit and the other Anna Griffin tools and supplies I have purchased.  I'm looking forward to enjoying the holidays!!! I hope you do, too.
  429. Posted by: Carmen
    I've been wanting some of you velum quotes for the longest ever since I received a card with one of them.  I would love to get all of my cards mailed by the first week of December.  Thank you.
  430. Posted by: Judi Thein
    My birthday is December 11th, so I make that my goal for mailing my Christmas cards and all my other holiday prep.  Then I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season without needing to hurry and get things done!
  431. Posted by: Sue
    I usually mail my cards by Dec. 10.  However, this may change this year because my local post office no longer sorts mail.  Instead it is sent to a large city about sixty miles away.  This means that even though I'm sending a card to someone in my own town, it gets sent to the city & comes back again.  Not a good plan as this can take 2 or 3 days to actually reach its destination.  So I'll mail my Christmas cards this year the first week in December.  Love all the new products you will be offering in just a couple of weeks!  I'll be watching each show & shopping, shopping, shopping.....
  432. Posted by: Delores York
    Hi Anna! I love all of you products. I decorate my house for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving and this way we enjoy the season. I send my Christmas cards out the 1st of December. Christmas is the time to celebrate with family and friends. thanks for a chance to win the quotes and decoupage ....I would be honor !!!!!!!!!! 
  433. Posted by: Maria manna
    I like to send cards out early dec. so they can also be decoration for the receiver....holidays r about beauty
  434. Posted by: Jacki
    We have a big divided cubby @ out church that we put out the Sat after I try to have my cards ready to put in there. We ask everyone putting their cards out to donate 25 cents a card. That money goes to our missionaries children...the cards I mail go out the week after...I have made 67 cards already. I wanted to get a head start so that when the 17 gets here my room will be set up & ready & I get start with the new ones...
  435. Posted by: Meredyth
    I would like to have my cards out by December 10. That being said I have mailed them out on dec 26 before. Hey we all make mistakes and that way the season keeps going.
  436. Posted by: Robin
    Hi Anna,
    The new vellum quotes and the decoupage kit are beautiful.  I'm getting
    so excited about all of your new products!  I start mailing my
    Christmas cards right after Thanksgiving, and try to be done by
    December 5 at the latest.  I want the recipients to enjoy them for
    as long as possible.  It will be fun this year making the cards with
    the new AG collection.
  437. Posted by: elane holloway
    I love your quotes and would love to win them. I try to have all my cards out by the 15th of Dec so everyone gets them before Christmas but not to soon. Thanks for the chance to win your quotes I just love your products. 

    later tater, 
  438. Posted by: Sandra G
    I try to mail mine out the first weekend in December. Then I display the one's that I get back across the computer desk by the front door. Everyone that comes in, usually stops to look.
  439. Posted by: Phyllis D.
    I don't have a scheduled mailing date; it depends on when I get a large supply of cards made so I can mail most of them at the same time.  At least by middle of December.  There are always a few that I have to go back and make for any folks that I may have missed for whatever reason.  Your Christmas cards kits are my saving grace especially when I need to make cards in a hurry.  Thanks for making it so easy for us and thanks for your giveaway opportunities.  Looking forward to seeing you on HSN on Sept. 17!
  440. Posted by: Janie
    I like to have my cards in the mail sometime the first week of December.  Gives me time to finish shopping and get everything wrapped
  441. Posted by: Linda Westcott
    My unofficial deadline for Christmas cards I am sending to loved ones, friends and all the special people in my life is Decemeber 1st.  Sending Christmas cards and receiving them is one of my favorite highlights of the holiday season.  I have saved them for years and started recycling them as name tags for my holiday packages.  The very special ones I like to put in a scrapbook of course.  I have cards that I have been saving since I turned 16.  Extra special are the ones signed by loved ones no longer with us.  Cards have always held a special place in my heart.  Thank you for being you, and thank you for the opportunity to win some of your outstanding products!  They are all winners!
  442. Posted by: Susie Durrschmidt
    Hi Anna! Everyone loves, loves, loves my AG cards and they really set the tone for the holidays. I like to have my cards out by Dec. 10th for sure.
  443. Posted by: Sharon Freeman
    My deadline is the first week of December 3rd. Because after that I'm a little sad still dealing with the passing of my mother & mother-in-law. But life still goes on. I try to be around my grandkids & family. I would love to win this. Thanks
  444. Posted by: Aymee B
    When do I want them to be ready... or when do they actually get out the door?? LOL  I always have a plan to start them right after Thanksgiving, BUT something always seems to derail my plans.  So I usually get them done mid December then go crazy trying to get them sent out quickly so that no one gets it AFTER the holiday.  Hahaha... yes, my family knows I am terrible.  However, everyone has told me that the cards are so pretty, so intricate, so detailed it's no wonder they took me so long to get done.  And they love to get them. Whew!  Thanks Anna for helping cover up my procrastination with beautifully detailed cards!!  Love all of your card items and can't wait to see these quotes and decoupage kit on HSN in more detail!  Thanks for all the previews!!
  445. Posted by: Amy Harper
    Hi Anna! The deadline I have in mind (first week in December) and the actual mailing of my cards usually don't jive! :)   But this year, I started making cards in July so I could get a heads up! Of course, I am only making cards from your kits! Thanks for the sneak peeks. I can't wait for September 17th to roll around!!!
  446. Posted by: Angela Ridder
    Hi Anna!! To be honest I am so busy that sometimes I don't send my cards out till a week before Christmas. Our post office friends have always done a great job delivering them on time. Also every year I host a huge ornament exchange for family and friends the first week of December. I always send everyone home with a parting ornament with an Anna card attached. Placing these items in a basket at the front door is a festive way to decorate.
  447. Posted by: Mavis Swart
    Hello Anna!   I like to do mine the first week of Dec.  I may not mail them all right away but it is nice to have them ready by then.  Thanks so much for the sneak peeks & the giveaway contests!
  448. Posted by: Diane Villegas
    I make it a point to have all of my cards in the mail by the Monday after Thanksgiving. By the first of December all recipients should be receiving their little greetings at their doors.
  449. Posted by: Sharon Konkus
    I would like to get them out the first week in December, last year I was bad and didn't get them all out, this year I want to get all of them out,  I love handmade ones.  Thanks
  450. Posted by: Mary Iha
    Again! Awesome, awesome products! Well, I try to send my Christmas cards by December 1st. For me, the earlier, the better so that I'll have time to set up the decorations in and outside the house! Plus the Christmas Tree!
  451. Posted by: Lisa Whittemore
    My dream goal for mailing cards is Dec 1st and I try to get the out of state cards sent first. If I don't have them done on time I mail them as they are completed.
  452. Posted by: Stacy Thibert
    I try to get my cards out by December 15th... fingers crossed...
  453. Posted by: Vickie
    I try to have mine out 1st week of Dec.  I want the enjoyment of the cards to last as long as possible, the holidays fly by so fast!
  454. Posted by: Cat Carpenter
    I like to send them out by the 10th of December. I like people to receive them as the season is really ramping up. I also, truth be told, like my card to stand out as one of many as opposed to being the first or second card they receive. By the way, the things you have designed for this year are simply extraordinary!
  455. Posted by: Audrey Olander
    Hi Anna and Georgie!  I know I like to receive my Christmas cards early so I like to send out my cards by December 1 so everyone has them early enough to display and enjoy.  Both the quotes and especially the decoupage look terrific - can"t wait!
  456. Posted by: Karen Griffith
    December 1! A few recipients got empty envelopes last yr, so I seal with stickers now. :(
  457. Posted by: Ivanna
    Deadline for Christmas cards is two weeks before the holiday.  I can't wait to get the packet of images that you punch out and put together yourself.. I got the floral one, and love putting them together while I watch TV.
  458. Posted by: Claudette Pace
    The plan is to start making them right after Thanksgiving so I can get into holiday spirit. I make them personalized for each of my friends and family so it takes me awhile. Since I can't sit for long, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Fibromyalgia, it takes a bit longer for me to make them, so I hope to send them out by December 15th!
  459. Posted by: kim lamey
    The 1st of december...then I send them to the postmaster in Santa Claus, Indiana so they have a special post mark.
  460. Posted by: Barbara Elwell
    Except for family, we do most of our gifting for Thanksgiving.  That emphasizes the meaning behind the gifting and does not allow for any guilt on the recipient's says what it means!  This is the first year I'll be making all of our (200) Christmas cards which I have begun!  I like sending our cards December 1st.  That allows plenty of time to focus on decor, entertaining, gift shopping and holiday fun for and with our grandchildren!
  461. Posted by: D~DesignByDragonfly.blogspot
    I like to have all my cards done and mailed by Dec 1st.
  462. Posted by: Jan E.
    I like to mail my cards by December 10th.  That's the latest date!
  463. Posted by: Ida Faye Cutler
    My goal is Dec. 15 but somtimes it is as late as the 23rd!!! Can't wait to aee all the new products on the 17th.
  464. Posted by: Patti Doss
    I try to have them out right after Thanksgiving, BUT I am a procrastinator...Signed, sealed and delivery, first week of December...
  465. Posted by: Joyce N.
    I really depends on how early or late I 've made the cards.  As soon as they are all finished, I sign them all at once.  I like to get them mailed by the middle of December at the latest.

    Thanks for all these sneak peeks!  They all look so amazing!
  466. Posted by: Theresa S
    I like to send my cards off about two weeks before Christmas. Love to write personal notes in each of them. When they receive my card they know I am thinking of them with that hand written special note just to them !
  467. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    I try to mail my cards the last week of November! Exciting to know its just arounds the corner! Yay! 8) <3
  468. Posted by: Betty Freano
    I try to get my cards out December 15 but....I continue making cards up to Christmas Eve.   Love the sentiments. 

  469. Posted by: Pam
    I try to mail them by December 5 or so.
  470. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    Anna, I try to get my cards out the first week in December. When I receive cards back I display them on a display made for cards or my mantle, or garland on the stairway. Love all you do!
  471. Posted by: Ginny Hill
    Hi Anna! I like getting my Christmas out the day after Thanksgiving so I can prepare for Christmas baking and all the parties that we plan and all the decorating that goes with them.  I would truly love to win the quotes and amazing decoupage cut outs.
  472. Posted by: Melinda Hart
    If I time it right, the cards will go out December 1st. If I get delayed, December 15th! At the latest!
  473. Posted by: Cynthia Oquinn
    December 5th
  474. Posted by: Bonnie Avila
    I like to send mine out around the 10th of Dec, I like to have all the decorations up, and enjoy the lights and tree while I relax and can write messages on my cards, instead of just signing my name. 
  475. Posted by: Debbie
    I typically like to send my cards out close to the first of December. Usually my cards are the first people receive for the season!
  476. Posted by: Linda Quinn
    I love receiving Christmas cards so I always try to get mine in the mail by the first week in December.  It is always fun to see them on display when I visit friends and family during the Christmas season.
    Love all your products Anna!
  477. Posted by: TeranceH
    My deadline day is Thanksgiving. i like to drop them off at the mail when i make my rounds on Thanksgiving day to friends and family, that way i can start planning next years card (smile)
  478. Posted by: Jo-Anne Terranella
     Merry Christmas Girls, I have always mailed my Christmas Cards
     the day before Thanksgiving and have always been the first cards
     my friends and family get. They have forever teased me about
     the fact my Christmas shopping is done by the end of June and
    wrapping done by August.  I am always early at gatherings too.
  479. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    Hi Anna! I am seriously loving your teases and sneak peeks...I try to get my Christmas Cards out by the first of December, that way I can dedicate my mornings to baking cookies and afternoons to Christmas crafting and decorating....thanks for a chance to win the quotes and decoupage....they look amazing (of course)!




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