HSN Sneak Peek #8- Halloween Paper Crafting

Anna Griffin | Sep 03, 2013
September 3, 2013
I hope everyone had a very happy Labor Day weekend! I spent mine working on my never ending to do list, seeing the movie "Jobs" and playing with my new best friend Georgie.

Only four more sneak previews to go before the big day on September 17th! Can you believe it? I can hardly wait for everyone to receive their Holiday Trimmings Card Kits so we can all start crafting together! Have I mentioned it’s a must have? Ha!
Today’s lucky winner and recipient of our Christmas Vellum Quotes and Christmas Decoupage Kit is Jo Ann Portell. Enjoy!
Now on to a very spooky September preview…

Many of you have seen glimpses of the Spooktacular Collection on our Facebook and Pinterest pages, and you’ll be able to purchase the entire collection on September 17th! This kit includes novelty pumpkin, harlequin and damask print papers paired with scary script embellishments and stunning glitter die cut papers that will help you weave a festive web of scary scrapbooks and cards this Halloween.

Spooktacular makes a perfect backdrop for Trick-or-Treating photos and costume parties, and even lends itself to Halloween party décor. So much fun!

We’ve also partnered up with HSN and UNICEF to craft for a cause this Hallow’s Eve! We’re bringing back our Halloween sentiment stamps and ink pads for a limited time only, and a percentage of proceeds will go toward this wonderful children’s charity. Click here to learn more.

If you’d like to win the Spooktacular Collection this week, all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you do with all of the Christmas cards you receive each year. My Mom had a special embroidered basket that said Merry Christmas where all of the cards went. It was so much fun to look through!
See you on Friday,


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  4. Posted by: terri
    I attach my holiday cards to the woodwork on the big open doorway between my living room and kitchen. By Christmas I usually have it filled from floor to the top of the frame. Very festive!
  5. Posted by: SANDRA GRISWOLD
    I like to display my Christmas cards in an antique sleigh by my fireplace in a confortable chair where people that sit there can pick them out and read them. also I like to put some in a Christmas container and place them in my bathrooms and kitchen, since they are two of the most used rooms in my home!!People have commented on the ones in the bathroom in particular!!
  6. Posted by: Barbara
    I display all my cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.
  7. Posted by: Barbara
    I always put my Christmas cards and enclosed pictures on the refrigerator. After the holidays I take them down and use the pictures in my scrapbooking.

  8. Posted by: Sandy Miles
    Hello, Yaaaa ~ I Can't wait just 1 more day until the big show!!! I'm so looking forward to buying every new sneak peak item & any others that we haven't seen yet! I took off work, paid off the credit card & I'm ready to max it out again ~ just for you Anna!
    O- Sorry on to the Christmas Cards!  When I was a little kid, every year at my Gram's house, we would make special boxes out of the cards. All the kids would fight over our favorite ones. We would match up all the different sizes,add a touch of glitter, punch holes around the edges & lace them together with yarn. Once completed we would add a few home made cookies, or one of the hand made button necklaces we made. We would give them as gifts to everyone that was special to us. But, I always had a hard time parting with mine. So it was a good thing that we had lots of cards to use. All the teachers, baby sitters & Aunt's received one. They all made a big fuss over how much the loved them.
      Now we carry on this extra special tradition with all the young nephew's, nieces & Grandkids. Making these card boxes is one of my favorite things we do during the holidays. It brings back so many memories of my Grand mom and my brothers & sister. I'm sure this Christmas tradition will be passed on through generations to come. It's a simple project that allows us to slow down and enjoy each others company- without a big mess to clean up afterwards.
  9. Posted by: GretchenLont
    I have a white-washed card rack that hangs on the wall and displays cards nicely :)
  10. Posted by: Liz Sandstrom
    I have been using your Cuttlebug and embossing folders that I did the auto-ship.  Love the quality and deep texture I get from them.  I started Scrapbooking in 2008 and one of my first purchases was your papers; been a fan ever since.  I am new to card making but, I would love to host a card making party with my friends.  They love my scrapbooks, especially when I make their Grandchildren a baby book.  I look forward most to the cut and emboss dies.  I've seen what other designers have done with them and I'm inspired!

  11. Posted by: Rachel P.
    When I was growing up, my mom would put the Christmas cards around the door frames of the doors that you had to push in to open.  To this day I still display my Christmas cards that very same way. 
  12. Posted by: Michelle Nored
    Halloween is  my favorite holiday of the year.our family tends to go all out  with everything Halloween. We do everything form decoratiny, sending cards, and dressing-up.
  13. Posted by: Kay Hanley
    I have a little cardboard box with a postman on the front, and all my cards fit in his box.  For over 40 years he has hung on my wall and when the kids come home, they like to go through the box and see who has sent cards.  
  14. Posted by: Terri Braun
    The Spooktakular collection is gorgeous, and can't wait to get it! At our house, all of the holiday cards go into a wooden basket that is painted in candy cane colors. It has a handle so it's easy to carry, and the basket usually gets handed to family members that come visiting to see what cards, notes and pictures we have received from other family members. It is so fun to share these things at a time when family is so special to us! Thank you for this opportunity, Anna!
  15. Posted by: Michele DeWerth
    I have made the Christmas card kits I get from Anna Griffin & HSN ahead of time and given them to the local soup kitchen, so they would have nice Anna Griffin cards to give to their family and friends.  I also sent other unsigned ones to the troops in Afghanistan, because when I was there I know I wanted nice cards to send to family and friends.
  16. Posted by: carol
    I tape all the handmade and/or photo cards on my front closet door. The rest I put in a ribbon bedecked basket. I can't wait to open each and every card and I flip through the basket of cards several times during the holiday season. I love Christmas!!
  17. Posted by: Theresa Lafleur
    My family keeps our cards in an old German cookie tin and the really old special ones are in a special archival box 
  18. Posted by: Theresa W.
    I love to display my cards all throughout the house. It adds to all of my other Holiday decor. Thanks..
  19. Posted by: Sandiie Herron
    How interesting to hear that your mom put your Christmas cards in an embroidered basket.  I put mine in a basket which I lined with fabric and wound ribbon around the handle.  As you said, it's fun because they're all in one place and you can always tell if thee[s a hew 9heo
  20. Posted by: Diana Durst
    I tape my Christmas cards to the doors of my rooms so we card look at them every day.  The special home made cards go on display on the sofa table as part of my Christmas decorations.  These cards are then used to scrapbook with.  They make wonderful pages.  I love Anna Griffin products.  Can't wait for the 17th.  I'll be watching and buying.
  21. Posted by: Gisela
    This year I will have our cards hanging from beautiful ribbons that will cascade off a large decoration  of stuffed letters that spell  Merry Christmas that was made many years ago. It spans 6 feet  across the wall . I have a shelf across  this wall on which I display my Santa collection, and I think adding the cards this year will bring smiles.  Each year I try to find a new way of displaying
    all the wonderful Christmas greetings.
  22. Posted by: Anita Braddock
    what a great giveaway I would love to win I love your products very elegant. thanks for the chance to win
  23. Posted by: Melissa R
    I love to display my Christmas cards all over the house, not just in one area. This helps to spread the holiday cheer throughout my home. I also display some old cards from different periods of my life and the lives of my  family. I smile every year as I unpack my decorations and reread the cards made by my daughter and cards from my chilhood. The holidays are about making memories and revisiting past memoreis. What better way then through cards! 
  24. Posted by: Alice
    I remember seeing your Esmeralda kit years ago on HSN and thinking WOW that's beautiful. It was my first time watching you and underestimated how fast it was going to sell out. I have been watching you since definitely getting it ASAP
  25. Posted by: Pat Sugden
    We  place our Christmas Cards in a Special Wall Hanger so that we pull them out and look at them throughout the Holiday Season.

    Halloween items look like so much fun.
  26. Posted by: Karen S
    I have a wire wreath that has about clips all the way around it.  As the cards come in, I decorate the wreath.  I becomes such a wonderful mass of pictures and patterns.  At the end of Christmas, I have a special scrapbook to record the cards my family receives and to document my daughters Santa picture.  It is so much fun to go back and relive each Christmas.
  27. Posted by: Tom G.
    Growing up, my Mom had this felt Santa that used to hang on the door to the cellar.  It's about 30 inches tall, and has 4 pockets, where the cards are displayed.  When Mom and Dad had both passed, and we broke up the house, I took the Santa.  I still use it.  It's kind of an eyesore now, with all worn spots, and tears, more than 50 years old, but i just can't seem to part with the old guy!  I have plenty of other ways of displaying cards, but this one is the only one that takes me back, when us kids would arrange them in the pockets by how much we liked the pictures, the favorites going in the upper pockets!!!
  28. Posted by: Nanci Hatcher
    I have a beautiful fabric hanging Christmas Card holder with three big pockets. It is a beautiful decoration and will hold about 75 cards. It is a tradition at our house and I have given one to each of my three daughters.
  29. Posted by: Sue H.
    In a basket.  Hey!  I just bought your holiday ink pads on HSN!!  Thank you for putting some things up early!  WOOHOO!!
  30. Posted by: Carrie Pangborn
    I display the Christmas cards on my kitchen cabinets by taping them to red crepe paper, it helps to decorate the cabinets for the Christmas time!
  31. Posted by: pennyco@zoominternet.net
    Hello Anna:

    I am actually responding to Jackie from your Facebook page.  I don't have facebook, but I wanted to find out if she still wanted a doily stamp set.  I have one I am willing to part with because she seems to want one so badly.  Jackie, if you ware interested, post your email and I will send you a private message.

  32. Posted by: Scrappinvall
    I had a pick at your Halloween and Christmas papers, stamps and embellishments at CHA in Vegas...can't wait to see it in the stores.  I love all of your ideas.  Want to try most of them and come up with a few of my own.  Thanks for a chance to win.  Love all of your products.  What a special person you are to fill out lives with beauty
  33. Posted by: Marilyn Drumgool
    Hi Anna, we have a sliding glass door between the kitchen and dining area. That is where I tape all the cards for all to see. So many people send photo pictures or hand-made cards that 
    I love to display them. I have a hard time throwing away cards of any kind therefore I have lots of them that
    I can use to make new ones from. 
  34. Posted by: Sherry tasker
    Love the Halloween stuff!! I hang the cards taped to the back of my front door, so that everyone who comes over can enjoy them. Thanks for the chance to win!!
  35. Posted by: Frances Wiley
    Usually, I hang them on the inside of  the front door. However,  last year I used magnets and hung them on the refrigerator doors. I  liked that it made the kitchen so merry.I think I will do the same thing this year.
  36. Posted by: Maria from San Francisco
    I display my cards on a wire stand. I purchased it in Disneyland. It holds up to 10 cards at a time, so I rotate the cards as they arrive. 
  37. Posted by: Andi
    All my Christmas cards are hung around the living room to give a festive flair. When I take them down, I go through them. Those that I can't bear to part with, I save. The others, I re-purpose by cutting out the cutest parts, and use them to embellish my new cards I am making, or my scrapbook pages.
  38. Posted by: Joy Smith
    I use a card holder that I have had for years it is old but I love using it brings back a lot of memories. I will be watching on the 17th can't wait
  39. Posted by: Deborah W.
    I live in an old Craftsman house, with tall ceilings and doors, with the beautiful old, wide moldings - so my cards get hung along the doorframe into the living room.  And since my birthday is Dec. 15, I hang my BD cards up too! I really LOVE the new Halloween look - I have just started working on some Halloween cards and this would be so FUN to play with!  Thank you for all your give-aways!
  40. Posted by: Teresa Schumacher
    I have a special snowman holder to display each Christmas card.  At the end of the season I put the cards away and save them.  I just can't bring myself to ever throw them away.
  41. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Lol, forgot to mention Christmas cards....Most of the cards I get are digital, but the paper ones I get, I usually cut them up for the pictures and run them thru my Xyron sticker maker, and reuse them to make other cards, giftwrap stickers to add a ribbon, or jazz up a place card at the table with bells or holly.
  42. Posted by: Shelley Dayman
    Yay...found the blog!!!  Anna, I like your complete product line.  I especially love to do the manipulated pages with the pleats and cuts...makes for a unique page,,,thanks for sharing1
  43. Posted by: DawnMarie
    Love to hang Christmas cards banner style. I like hang the banners in my big kitchen windows.
  44. Posted by: Carolyn R.
    I also have a special basket that I've used for many years that all of the cards I receive are placed in.  I keep them in the basket close by even after Christmas and look through and read them again after the holidays.  I recyle some of them, using the fronts or the sentiments incorporating them into the cards I make.
  45. Posted by: Sara
    We usually keep the Christmas cards by the front door where we can look at them over and over.
  46. Posted by: Myra Goddard
    Hi Anna,
    Looking forward to Sept. 17th., but in the meantime have enjoyed the glimpses of what's to come. Halloween is simply too scary, in a good way. Georgie is growing I see, and so adorable.Maybe one of these days I'll be the lucky one. I have a stuffed hanging Christmas Moose, with a pocket in front for cards, and I use that to display my cards.Thanks for all the hints, and wonderful designs.You're the BEST!
    Mickey Goddard
  47. Posted by: Pam Hicks
    oh wow this looks fab, my favourite time & theme xx
  48. Posted by: Joan Iurato
    Hi Anna,

    I hang them up on the bannister and when the holidays are over, I take the photo cards and cut out the photo and put it in a scrapbook and if its a card, it gets hole punched and put on a ring like a book,I make a cover with that year on it.
  49. Posted by: Maw J
    I usually adhere them to the wall around my tree or hang on a line strung above my tree. Either way they become a part of my holiday decor! The 17 th is getting closer, can not wait!!!?
  50. Posted by: Debbie McL
    Our Christmas cards from family and friends go into a fabric lined basket that my mom gave to me many years ago as a family heirloom and it sits on an end table during the Advent and Christmas seasons.  It is the first place our now three adult children look at when they come home to celebrate Christmas with my husband and I. It is such a joy for me to watch the loving looks on their faces as they read the personal messages and the wonderful yearly letters and look at the enclosed photos.  Beloved Christmas cards from my parents, my husband's parents, our children, our Godchildren and our dear Priest are displayed on my Grandmother's antique cedar chest which is home to my Saint Nicholas collection of tall figurines.  These cards have a special place of honor every Advent and Christmas season.~~~Debbie
  51. Posted by: Peggy
    Hi Anna, A friend at work gave me a wire wreath card holder one Christmas, and I use it every year to clip my cards onto, so  I end up with  Christmas card wreath.  I love it!  Can't wait until the 17th....I will be watching.
  52. Posted by: cheri lee
    Dear Anna,
    we always tape our Christmas cards to the hearth and on all the doorways so as you come through the house you can see all the cards from family and friends. It makes the whole house festive. I make wreaths out of old christmas cards and often frame the best one, and givebit a place of honor, hung over the hearth. Haloween isbthe 2nd biggest holiday in our house. We have a pumpkin carving day. Each year we go to our local fall festival and get pumkins from Jackson's Orchard. The kids, now grown, each carve a pumkin and we put all of them out front for the neighbors to enjoy. Always tons of pictures.
  53. Posted by: Amy L
    I like to display my Christmas cards a little differently, each year.  Thanks to the magic of painters tape (folded over to be used as double sided-removable adhesive), I usally tape them right to the wall and use them to form a shape.  It could be a geometric pattern or as simple as a Christmas tree.  And sometimes I put them in a pretty basket or line them up on time of our TV cabinet.
  54. Posted by: Judith Brauer
    During the holiday season, I put received cards in my Longaberger Christmas basket. I like to keep cards from year to year, so I collect the year's cards (birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc.), punch them in my Cinch and create a book. It includes any Christmas letters I receive and my address label printout that I can refer to the next year. I decorate the cover to include the year. I so look forward to the 17th!
    Thanks Anna!
  55. Posted by: Ruby Holloway
    I still use my Santa Basket that I made years ago when I was into the plastic canvas .It was one of my first projects so I kept it .
  56. Posted by: Bonnie Bousquet-Smith
    Thank- you for bringing back the stamp and ink set. It's so unique and even though scary could be made elegant. For cards, I have a metal gold colored tree that hangs on the wall at the top of the entrance stairs, just to the left of my mother's old treadle Singer sewing machine, and adjacent to the entrance to the kitchen. In other words in a position of pride where it can't be missed. All the cards I get go in different parts of the tree and have to be readjusted to make room as more are added-which means I get to play with them more. I keep all handmade cards and some other ones that are just special. Other store bought cards I often recycle by using parts of graphics or sentiments or for color and/or design inspiration.
  57. Posted by: karen walsh
    this year I will try to hang my cards on a strip of ribbon hanging on the wall, so I can see them all. and a few on a shelf I have by that entry way
  58. Posted by: Caroline Thompson
    Every Christmas we place our christmas cards  in each payne of our french door that leads to the livingroom.  Both sides of the door are covered.  We also place cards around the mirror over the fireplace,  At the end of christmas we place them in an album,
  59. Posted by: PeachyW
    Love to hang them up on a hall door - they make a wonderful display for the season - with special ones on display on the coffee table!
    What fun Halloween items! 
  60. Posted by: D~DesignsByDragonfly
    Cute Halloween goodies. TFS.
    We hang our Christmas cards up like a big banner in our living room.
  61. Posted by: Darlene Swift
    I have glass table tops for my coffee table and side tables. I slide the Christmas cards I receive between the glass table top and wicker cross beams that support the glass table top so you are able to see all the fronts of the cards through the glass table top. When we have friends and family over during the holiday season, they always look at all the cards to try to find their own. Quite a conversation piece as well!
  62. Posted by: Nel Konkle
    Hi Anna, I have a red and white twine rope that has little green and red clothes pins ( I have had it for 40 some years, bought it when I was first married and we did not have much money) I string this in a corner of my living room going into the kitchen so everyone passes by it many times a day gets to look at them. I can't wait till the 17th so see all your goodies. 
  63. Posted by: Linda Cuvo
     I have so many of your cards kits.  When friends and family receive them they call to thank me for such a beautiful card.   Your patterns, quality of card stock and beautiful embellishments are exquisite.  I am so excited for your upcoming Halloween show the preview looks great...this is my favorite time of the year....holidays.  Happy Halloween.   I display my cards in a small metal old fashion looking sled that is next to my tree, I put white poly filler underneath to look like snow.     
    Happy Halloween......
  64. Posted by: Judith M.
    Hi Anna,  I have a question.  I am not a facebook user and don't want to be.  Is there someway I can enter your contest for the complete set of items without using facebook? 
  65. Posted by: Judith M.
    I put all my Christmas cards in a tall reindeer rack that has slits on two sides of the square pole.  I decorate my livingroom mostly with reindeer and this adds to the decore of the room.  This is the room I also have our Christmas tree.  Just as an added item,  I love when you put reindeer embellishments in for your Christmas cards.
  66. Posted by: Ronnie Ramsey
    I collect baskets from a certain company. I will select one and place it on the cofee table and place all cards received for easy access.  I also add a check mark to the envelope if I have aleady mailed a card or returned a card to that person. 
    I have also re-purposed the cards as gift tags for the next years gifts
  67. Posted by: Anne Marie
    On Thanksgiving weekend, I put a long red ribbon along a wood beam in our kitchen and as the cards come in, I staple the cards to the ribbon.  The cards stay up until August when I take them down and put the handmade ones in a card book and place the photos in a scrapbook and use some special pictures from the front of others to use on this years cards, always thinking of the wonderful memories I have of all the senders.  I've enjoyed reading all these responses and marvel how we are all so united and different.  Thank you, Anna, for providing us with this privilege.
  68. Posted by: Penny Mourer
    I like to put my Christmas cards in an album.  I can go back and look at them whenever I want to and remember special friends.  I love the photos each year, especially of friends children.  I keep cards and I know most people don't, but I do.  Christmas cards are very sentimental to me.
  69. Posted by: Maureen Squire
    I always tape my cards to the front and back doors so everyone
    can see them.  I also tape favorite ones that I have kept down the
    staircase.  Looking forward to the 17th!
  70. Posted by: Nan
    We put all our Christmas cards in a cloth basket made with Christmas fabric.  It sits on the island so everyone can look through them at their leisure.
  71. Posted by: Sharron
    I display our Christmas cards in a very old bowl that was made by my husbands mother. It is one that was very popular in the 1950's. it is made out of old cards that have been crocheted together. We are a sentimental family and this is a way to keep her memory alive

  72. Posted by: Brenda S.
    I have always put tape on the back of my cards and tape them around the door frame of the doorways in my house.  Everyone one stops to read and enjoy the cards.  One of my favorite traditions at Christmas!!!  Love the Halloween papers coming up in your show!  Counting down the days until the show.
  73. Posted by: Diane Martin
    I also have a special basket.  After Christmas I pack up the cards in a box marked Christmas cards and the next year I re-visit them again all over again.  Then, I cut off the fronts on most and use them as gift tags.  Many of the people I send your cards to save them and display again each year.  I send your cards because I get soooo many lovely comments on them.  So what I give comes back to me as well.
  74. Posted by: sylvia w
    I love to use them as the ornaments on our tree.  Just tie each one up with a great big bow.
  75. Posted by: Granny Brenda
    Some of the cards received from past years are in a special scrapbook just for them, like the ones from my Grandma and Mom and my Great Grandparents etc.  The newer ones are now going into their very own smashbook that I designed with your Christmas papers on the cover.  I decorate all over the house with the current year's received ones and love to watch the kids find the ones they sent.      
  76. Posted by: Paula Boudreaux
    I keep all of our Christmas Cards in a beautiful tin container. After Thanksgiving I open the container and my family and I look through the cards, remembering years past, picking out our favorite cards and display them on a framed piece of chicken wire.
  77. Posted by: Marianne
    We have an older home with two long windows on each side of our front door.  We hang the cards facing toward the porch so as each of our guests come to our front door at the holiday they can see the card they sent along with all of our other Christmas cards.  It gives such a warm feeling and lets everyone know how much we love their cards!
  78. Posted by: Mary on Lake Pulaski
    I made a felt, sequin and applique holder for my Christmas Cards over 30 years ago and I still use it every year.
  79. Posted by: Kat
    Now that I have a fireplace with a lovely mantel I attach a red ribbon or garland and hang the cards on the ribbon/garland. In years past I taped them around a door frame. I like to use these displays because we can enjoy all the lovely scenes and colors of Christmas.
  80. Posted by: Amie
    We help decorate our tree with all of the cards we receive. Our kids love to see all of our family and friends smiling on our tree
  81. Posted by: Betty Freano
    I place the cards all over the house on every available space for all to see. 
  82. Posted by: Sally King
    I really like the Spooktacular collection. Really into the Halloween Theme this year. I display my Christmas Cards on a side table in the living room. I have collected all the ones I really liked for many years. Time to turn them into journals. Thanks for sharing. 
  83. Posted by: JoAnn
    Hi Anna
    I love your Halloween collection.  Cannot wait for September 17.  I have 2 poster size frame's going down my stair case and each has cards in them.  I usually will put cards to match what ever season it is.  I am getting ready to take them down and put in the fall and Halloween cards.   
  84. Posted by: Jaja Burke
    I have a basket full of old cards from years gone by.  Once in a while I take some and make gift tags.   Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful Halloween collection.

    Happy Fall!
  85. Posted by: Linda Valoy
    I put mine in a card holder made from plastic canvas.  I stitched a victorian christmas scene with carolers, a christmas tree, and a lamp post.  The lamp post has a battery opperated candle stick in it that lights up.  Love it because I made it.
  86. Posted by: CharlotteB
    I have a special hanger which I Place all my holiday cards on every year.
  87. Posted by: Shana
    We display them on an old coffee can that is cut out on both ends with yarn wrapped through it. It was a craft project from many moons ago. At the end of the season, I cut up the cards to make embellishments for our scrapbook pages and thank you notes that year.
  88. Posted by: janis
    I usually put all my cards in a basket... except that is for the special ones; family and the ones that spark my creativity.  Those are placed on a baker's rack among my seasonal decorations where they are more visible.
  89. Posted by: Susan Guzman
    Hi Anna! What a great giveaway, especially since I've wanted to get into paper crafting for many years and always admire your gorgeous designs. I'm realizing I should start thinking of a more creative way to display our Christmas cards than what we do every year . . . Our Christmas cards are usually displayed all over the house as part of our decorating. It's so nice to sit in the living room, look around, and see our family with us (we live away from everyone).
  90. Posted by: Sandee B
    Hi Anna, I think Georgie is the cutest!  I also had a Georgie (girl).  I put my cards on the mantle.  I can't wait till Sept. 17th.  I wish I could get all of the new pretty Christmas products!

  91. Posted by: Jonie Isenberg
    I usually cover my fridge with my cards, but my crafty side has taken over my life. I have 1/2 of a louvered swinging door. You put a piece of cardboard or whatever you have handy that's substantial enough to attach to the back so cards don't fall thru. Slip cards into slots as soon as they arrive. You have slots for oodles and oodles of cards. If I get an unusually large amount of cards I will use the other half or the door. I hope to have a picture around Christmas so I can send picture as this is the best idea I've had in a while.
  92. Posted by: Lynda
    Hello Anna, I display my Christmas Cards in a Christmas Mail Box altogether. Even the cards my grandchildren make for us. :) 
  93. Posted by: cindy spence
     I have french doors in my living room.  I tape my christmas cards to each frame in the doors to display them.  I love being able to see them
    displayed like small christmas pictures in a wooden frame.
  94. Posted by: Carol Gardner
    I probably don't do anything different than others that have replied..they go in a christmas basket co-ordinating with the colors in my kitchen.  However, it seems like I am too busy to look at them during christmas...so after the holiday I make sure I spend more time looking at them.  The holiday season seems to rush by so fast especially for us crafters that don't have time to finish all our projects.
  95. Posted by: Cynthia R
    I have 2 medium sized Christmas sleighs that I display on my piano with my cards. I put some pinecones in them and some small boxes wrapped in Christmas paper. I then put my cards standing up  between these things and the display is pretty and very visable to everyone! Waiting impatiently for September 17th! Thank you!
  96. Posted by: Karen B.
    My Christmas cards are kept in a special basket throughout the holidays.
    Afterwards, I transfer any photos and special notes/cards to my Anna Griffin Christmas Scrapbook where I also include our yearly photo and newsletter or update. There are now several years recorded there and I have two such albums.  VERY fun to look back at the years!
  97. Posted by: Bonita Ringler
    I used to display my cards by setting them all over, but now I have a pretty basket I use.
    Thank for another giveaway!
  98. Posted by: sharon sienaski
    I have a special Christmas basket that I keep on a table by a comfy chair and love looking at tghem listyening to Christmas music and sipping cocoa.
    The link to Unicef doesn't work.
  99. Posted by: Janet Cobb
    I save my cards till the next year so I can enjoy looking at them and reading the special notes again! I also keep the ones that I really like for inspiration and because I particularly like the sentiment. Of course, any handmade cards I receive I treasure and keep for good! I tape all of the cards I receive on closet door and front door for all to see and enjoy during the Christmas season.
  100. Posted by: Penny Comeau
    Hello Anna:

    I always tape my cards to the side of my refrigerator since I can't think of another way to decorate it.  It works out well because everyone can see them and it's fun to watch it fill up.  I love Lina's idea with the ribbon.  I may try that this year.  Thanks, Lina!

    Love the Spooktacular!  A sure hit!
  101. Posted by: Maria N
    I display my cards on my China Cabinet.
  102. Posted by: Noreen S.
    Hi Everyone! 
    Love your Blog, Anna, and all your ideas/inspiration!
    Every Christmas, I set up an old Christmas tree that belonged to my father when he was a child (one of the original artificial trees from the 1920's).  I use wooden clothespins to attach all the beautiful holiday cards and pictures of families we receive as decorations on the tree.  It is so special to me, bringing back memories from my childhood as well as making new memories looking at pictures from my family friends, how they have grown up since the last year, and all the things that have transpired over the year.
  103. Posted by: Laura Reeves
    We have a tall stand made of twigs with a woooden snowman attached and we always put the cards in there. Once the holidays are over we scrap them!
  104. Posted by: Toni McLeland
    I put my Christmas Cards in every room so that there is a special touch of love in every nook and corner. I save the prettiest ones and all homemade cards to put out next year.
  105. Posted by: Norine B.
    Good Morning!
    I usually drape garland around my kitchen door frame and attach our Christmas cards to the garland. My family loves to see the cards we receive displayed!
  106. Posted by: Judy Bock
    Several years ago my new daughter-in-law made me a hanging quilted holder with pockets. Now that hangs on the door and the cards go in there. Those picture photos I get are naturally put on the "fridge".
  107. Posted by: Terry P
    Hi Anna, we put them on the fire place mantel, banisters tied with ribbon and our froyer table. I have added them to a Christmas wreath also.
  108. Posted by: Elizabeth
    During Thanksgiving and Christmas our cards are displayed in our den on our bookshelf and on the hutch in the living room, but I have saved my birthday cards and Christmas cards from my grandparents, aunt and uncle, brothers and their families since I was very young.  I have a lifetime of memories in cards saved in my grandmothers cherry vanity! 
  109. Posted by: Joyce Crawford
    We have our Christmas cards on our tree as decorations as they arrive in the mail.  Then after a while and the tree begins to get full, we will place them in a Christmas basket below the tree.  It's wonderful to watch the changes in the tree as the cards change.
  110. Posted by: Lina
    For years I've hung 4 wide ribbons on the inside of my front door taping at top & let hang all the way to bottom of door. As I get the cards I staple them on the ribbons from top to bottom. As my guests & family leave after visiting during the holidays they enjoy looking through them & most of all try to find theirs on the ribbons. 
  111. Posted by: Cathy B
    I put my Christmas cards in a wooden reindeer that my father made, the body is a basket shape; perfect for holding my cards.
  112. Posted by: Sylvia Mack
    I put them on the mantel and the dining room window sills. My home is small and the 2 are joined. When I get a new card I may move them around all over again. Some are my own creations. Not too many people send cards out any more so I enjoy putting out some favorites from the years back. To look at all my cards they can give me ideas for my creations.
  113. Posted by: Debbie Tucker
    I hang mine on a clothes line with little clothes pins along with Santas hat coat and a little pair of his socks everyone really gets a kick out of it
  114. Posted by: Nadine Dunker
    We too have used the bowl method. My mother-in-law made a hanging Christmas tree with places to show cards.
  115. Posted by: Debbie Tucker
    I string a clothesline with Santa hat and jacket and a little pair of socks and between these pieces of clothing I hang my cards with little clothes pins everyone really gets a kick out of it 
  116. Posted by: Malinda L.
    They decorate my entire entertainment center, from top to bottom.
  117. Posted by: Stephie
    Well, before children I had an elaborate setup but now I'm lucky if they make it to the mantel without getting torn up. :) 
  118. Posted by: Patysue
    I pick my favorites and hang them on the tree. Others i might use to decorate a fireplace mantle.
  119. Posted by: Abby L.
    I display the holiday cards on every available shelf space or table top.  I love to look at the cards people send me!
  120. Posted by: MARYANN
    Hi Anna:

    I like you mom's xmas card basket, I have my mom's xmas card sleigh it is a sleight that I put each and every card I receive in as they are delivered.  I look through my cards several times during the xmas holiday season.  I love getting xmas cards as much as I love making them and sending them out.  Each year I open the box that I store the sleigh in and they are last years cards. I do a quick look through them again empty the sleigh to begin filling it with my this years cards.  It the most wounderful time of the year.  Happy holidays to  you and your family and thanks for another great prize package. 
  121. Posted by: Vivian Lehan
    I either just spread all my Christmas cards all over the room and use them also like a decoration or I just put them in a Christmas basket as you mentioned.  Have a good night!
  122. Posted by: Shelley Slentz
    I tape my cards to the window trim and also display some on the window sill. Sometimes I display them on my fireplace mantel. Love the Halloween kit and stamps!
  123. Posted by: Shashi
    Hello, Anna!
    We have a waist-high ledge that separates our foyer from our step-down living room, and we place our cards on the ledge. What a sweet remembrance of our beloved ones!
  124. Posted by: Shirley Barton
    I I save all my Christmas cards and place them thur out my house, I love Christmas  and the cards make me happy!  I enjoy giving and , making and getting cards of all kinds.  I don't throw them out , I have albums full that are years old. I just think everybody should keep these lovely cards , they're a a part of you. Thank you for careing.
    Love you
  125. Posted by: Sue G
    I put all my cards in a card board rocking horse that my husband bought the first year we were married!!!   My kids, who are now grown, love the card holder and look at all the cards around the holidays!!!!
  126. Posted by: Carla Hundley
    I keep all my cards
    and put them in my
    scrapbook as backgrounds
    for my pictures.
    Carla from Utah
  127. Posted by: Jeannie B
    I have a special hand painted Christmas tree box we put all our Christmas cards in as they arrive.  Can't wait until the 17th and I love seeing all the sneak peeks.
  128. Posted by: Susan D
    I like to display my Christmas Cards on the kitchen island.  I like to set them all up so that I can peek at them whenever I desire and they're part of my holiday decorating.  Of course, my cat seems to think they're set up at bowling pins for him to knock over, but that's another message!  Cheers!    
  129. Posted by: Donna
    Georgie is such a beautiful kitty!!  And his gorgeous grey silky looking hair "matches" your soft, vintage style!!!  :-)    I'm not that creative or unique with displaying our cards----I've always just taped them up around a huge arched doorway we have in the middle of our living area so we can enjoy the pictures and open and read them when we pass by.   Can't wait to whip out my wallet on Sept 17th!!
  130. Posted by: Rhonda Roumph
    I display my Christmas cards in  a snowman that has pockets . Boy you sure have a lot of cool stuff coming up to buy! Thanks for the chance . 
  131. Posted by: Doris Minear
    I display our Christmas Cards on our Baby Grand Piano. I love looking at them while playing Christmas Carols on the piano.
  132. Posted by: vanessa thorp
    I use them after Christmas to make other embellishments with
  133. Posted by: Laura Lowther-Blake
    I like to use my Christmas cards as part of my Christmas decor, so I string up Christmas ribbon and drape the cards over it. I also have a sled that I like to put some of them in. 
  134. Posted by: Mavis Swart
    We tape them up on our kitchen door.  We get to enjoy them all during the holidays & when we have company they can see them too!
  135. Posted by: Shirley
    I put my Christmas cards in Santa sleigh
  136. Posted by: Sandy harshberger
    Like so many others I put all the cards in a basket or a wooden sleigh my late husband made.  After the holidays I go through the basket, say a prayer for the sender and sort out the "special" ones to keep, Re-cycle for crafts, pictures for this year's "Family and Friends" scrapbook (using ALL Anna products of course).  It is a nice way to end the holiday season with fond memories and prayers for blessings for all the special people in my life.
    LOVIN' that precious Georgie!!!!!!!!      Luv Sandy H

  137. Posted by: Yolanda Pickard
    I hang my Christmas Card on the wall whit ribbons and bows
  138. Posted by: Dawn Whetstone
    Hi Anna,
    Those Halloween papers look gorgeous! And George looks so sweet.
    As far as displaying Christmas cards, my mom has a wooden reindeer with slots for the cards, but I display them all over the house on counters and tables to enjoy throughout the season. Then I keep them all in a box. I still have cards and notes from when I was in middle school! I guess I am a hoarder. I know I love to hoard all your scrapbooking items.  I love to pull them out and look at them over and over. I also know that my family says they keep the cards  I make with your kits because they are too beautiful to throw away.
  139. Posted by: Cheryl R
    I usually put them on my piano in my tv room so I see them everyday.  I love the new products, and I really think Georgie is a sweetie.  I love my furry friends, especially when they 'help' me craft.
  140. Posted by: sheryl wulf
     I usually put them in a basket or line them up on the entertainment center.  This spring I bought a off white shabby chic shutter and this year I am going to display them on it.  The halloween items are a must have!
  141. Posted by: Beverly
    It was hard to focus and the new item with your newest family member adorable face taking center stage. What a sweet-ee! Back to your question. We love our holiday cards and like to display them on an old window covered with chicken wire. We clip the cards with mini theme decorated cloths pins. We also us grommets and ribbon to string the cards and photos into garland on our stair case and over the arch doorways. We then recycle the card graphics into new cards the following year at a card making party with the neighbor kids, friends, and family. Thanks for more great products and ideas! Can not wait till Sept 17th!
  142. Posted by: Eileen
    I placed them around a mirror on the wall.  My mother pinned them to ribbons hanging rom sliding glass doors.
  143. Posted by: ROSE
    Hi Anna, for the past several years I have taken my Christmas cards received and put them on Christmas paper.  I but them in a book that I make using my cinch.  The cover is decorated and dated.  I enclose the regular cards and those special picture cards together.  I leave them out till the end of January and put them away with my Christmas past.
  144. Posted by: joanie
    Hi Anna,
    I love all your new products!!!
    My dad made me a wonderful little reindeer that has
    a basket attached and my cards go in there.  I love looking at it
    as it reminds me of my dad.

  145. Posted by: Donna Wilson Doherty
    Anna, I want a 'Georgie' for my own. He is just so precious!
    I have 2 sons and every year I let them choose their favorite thing to decorate our tree. For ex. one of my boys were into Hot Wheels cars, the other Pokieman cards. So I gather a bunch of each and we attach  ribbon and they decorate the tree! I used to have my cards in a basket, the way I grew up also, but I love to see them out and can take a glance at them at any moment. I decided to get a small tree and do the same as I do with my boys. So we, yeah I mean I, tape a piece of ribbon to the back of the card and they become the ornaments for this smaller tree. It really is a lot of fun, and different!
  146. Posted by: Kim KitchellI
    Over the years, I have displayed my Christmas cards many different ways.  I have gone old school and hung them from a rope hung on the wall (like my Mom used to do).  I have used a basket.  I have put my favorite cards on a shelf and rotated them throughout the season.  It all depends on my mood and what type of decorations I have put out for Christmas!
  147. Posted by: Jennifer Ferrell
    Thank you so much for donating to UNICEF!
    i am totally loving the new Halloween goodies!!!
    I keep every single Christmas card I recieve. I just treasure them! I also keep anniversary, birthday and Mother's Day cards,etc.
    kindest regards,

  148. Posted by: Trisha
    Years ago my mom made a Christmas card holder out of a cylinder wrapped in red yarn and on top of the cylinder was a reindeer which is one of my favorite Christmas items.  My mother is no longer with us so I love looking at that every year.  We also post the cards on the front door so that before you leave the house you get to see all the Christmas cards people have sent.
  149. Posted by: Denean
    I usually mount them around the entryway to my kitchen.  My Christmas tree is placed next to the entryway as well.  So as you are looking at my tree, you will also see the cards. 
  150. Posted by: Ann in PA
    We place ours in a basket on the kitchen table. Each evening we look at the new cards that have arrived.
  151. Posted by: Nancy Garvey
    We hang all of ou cards we receive all over the doors in the house along with pictures of family and friends of christmas's past
  152. Posted by: Beth Devitt
    I use the cards as the last couple of pages in my yearly scrapbook. It's fun to use the photo cards and see how each year people change, kids grow or the different  vacations that our friends and family took.
  153. Posted by: Kelly Werner
    I post my Christmas Cards all over, using my plate rails. I like to have them in different rooms to spread the cheer all over the house. After Christmas I try and recycle al or part of the card into my home made cards.
  154. Posted by: Ana Liza
    I put the Christmas cards we receive for the current year on our tree and on the fireplace mantle with the stockings. When we take down our tree, I put the cards in scrapbook pages and keep them in an album that I take out during the holiday season so that we can take a look at them again, giving thanks for the family and friends who remember us and makes us feel special.
  155. Posted by: Karen Erickson
    I display all my Christmas cards on my entertainment center.
  156. Posted by: Riri Mc
    I display them on bookshelves in my library, it's the sunniest room in the house.
  157. Posted by: Susan Helfrich
    We have a wonderful organization in our town called Beyond I Can.  They work with young adults with disabilities.  They take the cards and recycle them to make crafts to sell.  I like to take my cards there and any other extra crafting supplies I have so they can use.
  158. Posted by: Elane holloway
    I set them up around the house to decorate those little areas that need something small. After Christmas I keep them and use them for scraping, card making and other projects so they all get enjoyed and then recycled/reused. I do keep the special ones (homemade from others) that I get and place them in my Christmas album for that year with a special memory of that person. 

    later tater, 
  159. Posted by: Stacy
    I put all our holiday cards in a simple red wood sleigh. I love to look through them during the holidays. So looking forward to your show on the 17th...LOVE your Halloween collection! Thanks for all you do!

  160. Posted by: Kim P.
    I display my Christmas cards on a piece of red/green string with miniature clothes pin that are also Christmas colors.  And I keep the cards to make small boxes that my mother-in-law showed me how to make years ago.  Many photo cards of family and friends go into a box to be put in a scrapbook after the  holidays.  I just love the holidays and would love to win your Halloween kit. 
  161. Posted by: Debbie A.
    I put the Christmas cards I receive anywhere and everywhere throughout my home.  I like to be able to see them in about all the rooms.  After Christmas I send the cards I receive at home as well as the ones received at my work place to the hospital so the children can make projects out of them.  That way I know they are not being wasted but instead enjoyed by others as well.
  162. Posted by: Debbie
    We have a half wall around our staircase going down stairs that we display all our cards on. Very festive! We add other decorations as well!
  163. Posted by: Vivian Kochis
    I like to string several pieces of ribbon down the closet doors in my entrance hall, then I attach the cards to the ribbon making a festive decoration. And the cards are available for the whole family to enjoy.
  164. Posted by: Cricut Couple
    We get so many beautiful hand made cards that we actually have a wall of floating shelves.  They are loaded with pictures until Christmas time.  We bring out a couple of special Christmas pictures in beautiful Christmas frames and add them to the shelves and then load them with all of the beautiful Christmas cards.  Everyone loves looking at all of them and when we have our craft nights, there are lots of pictures taken with iPads so that they can be recreated afterwards!  So much fun!  I can hardly wait to start receiving them again!
  165. Posted by: Julie S
     Hi Anna,
          I always hang my cards around the door next to the
     Christmas tree so we can see all the cards from family and friends.
      The tree has that extra special Christmas look that includes family and friends.
  166. Posted by: Nancy p
    I place my Christmas cards on my mantle and around the family room on book shelves for everyone to see and of course me. I love to look at the ESP. With all the Christmas lights on. 
  167. Posted by: Helen H.
    I have a handmade wooden folk art Santa box that holds the Christmas cards I receive each year. After January 1st I look through all of the cards one more time before "retiring" Santa again until the next Christmas.
  168. Posted by: Kimberly
    We have a decorated basket that was a gift from a long time ago.  We always store our Christmas Cards in there.  I love the new Halloween kit!  I can't wait to get it, and make some Spooktacular pages!  I loved seeing Georgie again!  He is soooooo cute!
  169. Posted by: LeeAnn sinclair
    I usually display my cards on the fireplace mantle and anywhere else around the living room that I can find space for them.
  170. Posted by: Andi
    Halloween and Christmas are the two best cardmaking holidays ever!I cant wait to get started on both.  I hang my cards around doors and across the tops of my windows.  
  171. Posted by: Juliann
    I have a very old round brass birdcage that has no bottom, but it's just perfect for clipping the cards to using those smallish clothespins! 
  172. Posted by: Heidi
    Hey Anna,
    I display my christmas cards by hanging them on the slats of my mini-blinds in the family room and kitchen.  This really brightens them up.  I used to have mini blinds on my sliding door and hung them all on the left side (which didn't open) and it always looked so festive!  Miss those blinds just for that reason!
  173. Posted by: Susan S
    We have an extra, extra large stocking with pockets designed to hold cards. The stocking is hung at the top of the doorway and we clip cards that have photos to the front of the pockets, and place all other cards inside the pockets.  Yes, we keep every one of the Christmas cards we receive each year (going back 30+ years).
  174. Posted by: Deb Ring
    i made several years ago a wooden card tree, . As my cards come in I hand them off the"branches" of the tree first laying them across the branches, then using ribbon to tie them on as more come in. It hangs on my wall near the front door so that i can see them all during the Christmas season, and all who enter see them too. makes for a great decoration
  175. Posted by: Stephanie Lipinski
    I love to hang my Christmas Cards on Christmas Tree in the Dining Room.  We have a special tree and as we get the cards I punch a hole and the string ribbon and hang on the tree.
  176. Posted by: Margaret Baker
    I like to attach my cards to the garland on the mantle and stairway at Christms time.
  177. Posted by: Chris Steller
    Hi Anna!
    We love Christmas cards- especially since all the technology creates fewer snail mail cards.  Our family has a snowman with the criss cross ribbons on it for our cards.  After Epiphany I take them down and put them in a Christmas basket to store.  I've seen where people take them and make a book out of them.  I may have to start doing that.  They look so festive!
  178. Posted by: Bev
    I hang mine on my bookcase/tv cabinet so I can look at them all the time as I am always looking at TV. Love your new kitten.
  179. Posted by: Dale Rose Stream
    PS I forgot to congratulate you on your newest best friend.  She? is gorgeous!  WE WERE ADOPTED by another kitty this weekend, making this the second Aug/Sept in a row that we were adopted by kitties. lol  He is a tuxedo, about a year and a half old.  Last August 'Squirrel" (my hubby named her that because of her big bushy tail) showed up on our front porch, literally starving.  Hundreds of dollars later, she is happy and healthy.  The newest kitty is thin and hungry for both lovies and food, but seems much healthier.
  180. Posted by: Anne D
    I have a special card holder given to me by my son and daughter-in-law love it and put on top of the fireplace
  181. Posted by: Dale Rose Stream
    I hang ribbons from the corner of our kitchen/dining area ceiling & staple or paper clip each card down the ribbons, in order in which we received them.  It adds a flowing splash of Christmas color, and when you walk by, the slight breeze makes them flow through the air a bit lol.  BTW We rotate which colors we use to decorate the entire house, those card ribbons, and outdoors each year.  For example: Blue/silver/white, clear/silver/white, red/green/gold, all metallics (last year), purple/pink/silver, purple/pink/chocolate brown, and this year we're trying all JEWEL TONES. Ooh I can't wait to see how it turns out.  Thanks for the wonderful sneak peaks, wetting our whistles, drool drool!
  182. Posted by: Karen M
    Hi Anna,
    I hang my cards from my garland that is on the banister mixed in with the lights and ornaments.  When the garland comes down the cards go into a box that I will cut up and use either in scrapbooks or on tags for the following year. 
  183. Posted by: Susan
    I display my Christmas cards in a beautiful basket that is hand painted with holiday designs.  I keep it on the coffee table or on the end table beside where I usually sit (because I've been known to go through them again and again!)  It usually sits out long after Christmas as I so enjoy reviewing all the beautiful cards and recalling those who sent them.
  184. Posted by: Linda
    Dear Anna,  
        Not to be a copycat, but a basket is the best way to display cards without a feeling of clutter.  My Mom used to get tons of them back in the day, and she'd tape them to all of her doorways! ( Lots of  falling cards as u can imagine) Baskets are better!
  185. Posted by: Jenny Hunt
    I put my cards in a basket I made"Years" ago. I put all the really great ones and homemade ones on my hall closet door. After Christmas I decide which to keep, which to remake into cards, tags, bag decorations and scrapbooking.
  186. Posted by: Patti
    I display my Christmas cards on an antique wire tree centerpiece. It sits on the dining room table and each has holders for the cards. When Christmas is over, I take the cards to my library where the children can create pictures cutting them apart. They make some beautiful winter scenes to hang up in the library for everyone to enjoy.
  187. Posted by: Lee Grace
    I put my Christmas cards in a wall hanger I stitched for my Mom when my sons were little. Like my mom, I hang it on the door and my granddaughters help me fill it up. 
  188. Posted by: Yolanda M.
    I display my Christmas cards in my Longaberger Christmas basket that I purchased over 10 years ago!  I feel like I have the best of both worlds, beautiful cards in a beautiful basket. 
  189. Posted by: Rae Renfrew
      I place all of my Christmas cards on my tree with a bright red ribbon. This way everyone who comes to my house during the holidays can see all of the beautiful cards that my family receives. Happy card making!!
  190. Posted by: Judy Pembroke
    We have a beautiful antique wooden tea box, on the table behind our sofa.   With the lid opened back, we put all of the cards in the box and some on the lid which makes different height for the cards.   It looks really beautiful.   When Christmas is over, I leave them in the box, close the lid, and through the next year I open the box and enjoy looking at the beautiful cards from all of our friends.   I get to enjoy them all through the year.   I have kept all of my Christmas cards for many years in boxes in the attic.   I love to go to the attic to organize things in the fall.   I often open the boxes storing all of our cards and have the best time going through the boxes looking at all of the beautiful cards.   Wonderful memories  : )
  191. Posted by: Faye Thompson
    I have glass blocks between my living room and my kitchen.  I start by hanging family cards on those (one card per block), then I tape the rest on my huge living room mirror.
  192. Posted by: Laura Payne
    I used to set my Christmas cards around on end tables, coffee tables, etc. Now with 6 grandchildren ranging from 1-9 I keep them in a Longaberger Christmas basket that hangs on the doorknob of my sunroom-on the breakfast room side. This is the hub of our home (because all my grandchildren--and children--love to eat!) They are easily available to be pulled out, looked at, oohed and ahhhed over. After Christmas, I take them all, stack them randomly, putting one of my current Christmas cards on the front, and bind them with my Cinch. I now have a book of Christmas cards that I can look at from year to year. I can watch how friend's children and grandchildren have grown over the years. I display these books on shelves during Christmas for others to enjoy as well. I am anxiously awaiting the 17th. I just wish it was a weekend. As a teacher, I'll be at work. I'll be checking my phone between each class to see what's on! Love you Anna!
  193. Posted by: Linda
    Over the years so many people have stopped sending cards so the quantity has gone down. I got to thinking about this  and why we send them in the first place. Now I have a big beautiful basket on
    the coffee table and I make it a point to call the people that have sent us a card on that day. It has been fun rekindling friendships, catching up with friends and family and sharing the happines of the holidays with them one more time. The cards give us a chance to pay it forward with love. Thank you for asking.
  194. Posted by: Joanne Dresser
    I prop mine up on Christmas stuffed animals around the living room. looks like they are holding them.
  195. Posted by: Josette' Griffith
    I set my cards on end tables & shelves among my decorations. 
    After Christmas I save my favorites using the card front to use on my Christmas scrapbook pages. 
  196. Posted by: Nancy Sue
    I have a felt wall hanging my grandmother made years ago.  She   appliqued angels with sequins and beads in front of the three pockets where I insert my cards.  It's a treasure!
  197. Posted by: Carlene T
    My cards go in large sleigh being pulled by an even larger reindeer that usually sit on a family room shelf.  His nose is not red so he has to be one of the other eight.  My grandson calls him by a different name each year.  Everyone is invited to go through all the cards, pictures, and Christmas letters so that we can catch up on our friends and families.
  198. Posted by: Patti Doss
    Love the collection Anna. Cant wait til your back on HSN, wish QVC in the US would also carry you...Hugs..Patti
  199. Posted by: Nancy P
    I display my cards with my decorations around the house. And when the holiday is over (sigh) I keep the best ones (esp handmade) and try to reuse them on new cards or on scrapbook pages.
    Love that Georgie-porgie baby.
    And love love love Halloween (I'm an Oct. baby)
    Thanks Anna and crew,
  200. Posted by: Sissy Geist
    I put some in beautiful basket in the den.  Others I display on an antique silver serving tray on Mom's antique sideboard.  I also have some special frames I frame them in to display for the holiday season... I keep some year after year remembering especially ones who are no longer with us....
  201. Posted by: Mary R
    In a ceramic container made to look like a gift
  202. Posted by: Joanne Ryder
    I put them in a festive red basket, cards in front envelopes in back so I can update my card list later
  203. Posted by: Erin M
    Love the new collection!
    I have an antique spinning postcard stand from an old general store that I display my Christmas cards and antique Christmas postcards on! I also use it to display other antique holiday postcards throughout the year. 
  204. Posted by: Terri Gonzalez
     We lay our Christmas cards on the coffee table and as Christmas
    gets closer the pile gets taller. We try to over lap them so everyone
    of them can be seen.  Each one of them is different and a delight to
    read.  We just pray that no one gets to close, because swish and there
    they go
  205. Posted by: Cindi H
    I make a banner with them.
  206. Posted by: Vickie Bryan
    I have a closet in my living room and I tape all my cards to the closet door.   When I run out of room then I tape the others to my mantel in the living room.
  207. Posted by: Carrie Z
    My Christmas cards are displayed on the picket fence which is attached to my kitchen wall.  I love your Halloween papers.
  208. Posted by: Kathie B
    I just tape them to the wall space between my kitchen and living room.  They are so pretty and I love looking at them.
  209. Posted by: Alice S
    I have saved all the Christmas cards and pictures we received for probably 30 years.  Now I am sorting them by families and plan to put them in a scrapbook to send to the youngest child in every family.  The pages will be decorated with portions of that years card of there was one.  This way they will have a family history. 
  210. Posted by: JoanneS
    I am so boring.  I just stand the cards up on my mantle.  I save all the ones that have pictures on them.  I've been meaning to do something special with those, but I haven't gotten around to it.
  211. Posted by: Cindy M
    We tape the Christmas Cards onto our pantry door in the kitchen.  That way we see them all the time!
  212. Posted by: Kay Mitchell
    I keep cards from year to year to be sure I have addresses for the next year - then I repurpose them as gift tags, package fronts and framed art for holiday parties.  Everyone loves & comments on the cards because of the multiple layers of  "Anna beauty" - thank you for your continued inspiration!
  213. Posted by: Patti S.
    My Mom had a cute red straw basket with  a snowman on the front that we kept the cards in.  I tend to keep them together in one spot, too!
  214. Posted by: cindy h.
    I have done it many different ways over the Yeats.  I always put the photo cards on the refrigerator and I like to hang the rest from a ribbon hanging from the curtains in the living room or the curtain rod.  I have to say that your Halloween kit and stamps ate absolutely awesome.  Thanks for bringing such wonderful and beautiful kits throughout the years.
  215. Posted by: Rachael Furgerson
    In the past, I have attached them to the garland on the staircase and I have also taped them to cabinet door fronts.  I like the idea of the basket though!
  216. Posted by: michelle ertle
    We hang all our cards on the door in the kitchen. At the end of the season they are lovingly packed away to be looked at the next year. During the season a special one is displayed on an easel on the kitchen hutch. This is changed weekly.
  217. Posted by: Debbie G
    Growing up my mom & I hung the cards on the beautiful molding around the door casing in the living room.  It was a wonderful place to see & cherish all the holiday cards from all of our loved ones.  But for me, the houses today, don't have the ornate door casings of yesteryear, or at least for most of us.  So, I have a beautiful handmade basket that I put a beautiful holiday fabric in, to display my holiday cards in.  I will also put a little elf sitting on the side of the basket.  I like using a basket because I can change the fabric & little friend to match my decor for that year.  Counting the days until your premiere.
  218. Posted by: Debbie Gilbert
    I put my Christmas cards in a handmade basket that my Grandmother made. It is made from Christmas cards and crochet together. My Grandmother tried to teach me how to make these baskets but I think I was too young at the time. So I treasure this basket I have dearly. 
    I love Halloween! Always love to make cards and Anna Griffin paper supplies would be great to use. That would be Spooktacular!
  219. Posted by: Pamela Danner
    I hang my cards on the wall. I just love your beautiful stamps! What a wonderful addition they would make to my craft room! Thank you for the chance to win!
  220. Posted by: VICKIE N

  221. Posted by: Marcia Scantlin
    I like to hang my cards in my entry way so I can look at them each time I pass.
  222. Posted by: carol smidutz
    I hang them on my livingroom wall,so we all can see rhem during the holiday. this is how my mom did it.
  223. Posted by: Collette Rybarczyk
    Hi Anna,
    like you I like keeping mine all in one place. Several years ago I made a reindeer out of plastic canvas and a half of a metal slinky. The slinky connected to the front and back of the reindeer. Each card has its own little slot so that each card can be taken out and looked at.
  224. Posted by: Amy Bethancourt
    I display our Christmas cards on the top of the sideboard in the dining room.
  225. Posted by: Karen Snow Day
    I usually display my cards on the fireplace mantel and wall, so everyone can see.  Then, I will put them away and will use them in a project down the road.  also, by keeping them, I will make sure everyone who sent me a card last year will continue receiving them from me as well.     I am so excited for Sept 17.  Also, loving the Halloween items!
  226. Posted by: Betsy
    I have a old fashion mailbox  made by a friend.  It sits by our
    door on the key table and that is where I put my cards.  Everyone
    has easy access and can enjoy each card.
  227. Posted by: Nancy cooper
    I put mine on ribbon hanging down from the fireplace on both sides so  I can look at them every day
  228. Posted by: Valerie Wroblewski
    I like to display my cards in a wire wreath form that has areas to slide the cards into. When its full it looks like a card wreath:) Very Fun.
  229. Posted by: Tammy M.
    I put my cards on the Hallway Door coming into my house.  That way everyone who comes in can see them.  I keep all my cards and look at them again and again. 
  230. Posted by: Amy F Jones
    I keep all my store-bought cards & use pieces & parts for my homemade card the next yr. This way at least some of them are re-used & not just recycled.
  231. Posted by: SUE RYZDYNSKI
    Dear Anna,

    My husband and I have great fun and memories looking over each card we get!  Many have pictures of our friends or family either on them or in them!  Many have letters and notes about how and what folks have done over the past year!

    It's great 'catching up'!  Then we put them into a red, glittered basket that's about 7" x 6" with a big green bow on the side!!  (we reived this basket years ago from my Mom who was very crafty and is now, no longer with us)  We keep this basket on a main counter, so it's festivity is easily seen!  This saves them all with them getting bent or torn through the season.

    Afterwards, I go thru them all, save the pictures and notes, then carefully remove any parts of the cards I can reuse in my future cardmaking. 

    This preserves the memories and recycles! 
  232. Posted by: SUE RYZDYNSKI
    Dear Anna,

    My husband and I have great fun and memories looking over each card we get!  Many have pictures of our friends or family either on them or in them!  Many have letters and notes about how and what folks have done over the past year!

    It's great 'catching up'!  Then we put them into a red, glittered basket that's about 7" x 6" with a big green bow on the side!!  (we reived this basket years ago from my Mom who was very crafty and is now, no longer with us)  We keep this basket on a main counter, so it's festivity is easily seen!  This saves them all with them getting bent or torn through the season.

    Afterwards, I go thru them all, save the pictures and notes, then carefully remove any parts of the cards I can reuse in my future cardmaking. 

    This preserves the memories and recycles! 
  233. Posted by: Theresa Slattery
    I put all my Christmas cards around my bar and on the wall by the tree. They are hanging so everyone can see them when  the come over. Can't wait for 9/17/2013, it's almost here.
  234. Posted by: Sharyn Schaffter
    Hello Anna,

    I just love all your designs!  And would love to win the Halloween set as that is my favorite holiday!!

    Since space is at a premium in our house, I tape our Christmas cards to the inside of the front door in the shape of a Christmas tree.  It is festive and we get to see all the cards and messages inside.  After Christmas, I scrapbook the photo cards and save the others by punching a hole in the top of each then put them on a ring and make a take with the year written on it.  This saves the cards and stores easily.

    Thank-you for all your beautiful designs, Anna
  235. Posted by: Debbie Eslinger
    I put the majority on the top of my large buffet as part of the decor. After Christmas I used the front of the cards for other paper crafting, cards, tags.
  236. Posted by: Marge Bernard
    Anna, another hobby of mine is quilting.  I made a lap size quilt that hangs on the wall out of Christmas fabric.  It is a flying geese pattern and is 3 dimensional with pockets for the cards to slip in.  I think it holds close to 100 cards and they all display so nicely.  It is part of my Christmas decorations.
  237. Posted by: LaKeitha Friday
    Well Anna, I love to tape them to the back side of the main entry door. That way as you come in and close the door you can read them all, makes a really cool decoration too!
  238. Posted by: Peggy Peterson
    I display my cards on a shelf. What a fun Halloween collection.
  239. Posted by: Penny Bolton
    I have a long 4 pocket snowman made of cloth that I hang on the inside of my kitchen door. When I receive cards I just put them in a pocket. The pockets are not very deep so I can see most of the card. I love snowmen and that's my theme every year.
  240. Posted by: Shelley Kays
    I'm a decorative painter and several years ago I painted a wooden box with an winter image of children carrying a Christmas tree in a horse drawn sleigh. I used it for several years and one year when I didn't put it out my husband and my two teenage children went searching for it and put it out to use for the cards, so apparently it has become one of our Christmas family "traditions!"
  241. Posted by: Sandie Alford
    Anna I display my Xmas Cards on beautiful Xmas ribbon in front of my fireplace and I also have a few display boards in my living room and kitchen that also hold my Xmas Cards. It has become my tradition to make album with all my Xmas cards so I can have them as keepsakes.
    Halloween is by far my favorite holiday!!
  242. Posted by: Jessie Hawthorne
    I love your first halloween set. I made so many pages with it. I can’t wait to get yours. This one look extra spooky.
  243. Posted by: Gina K
    I save all the cards in a gift bag, one for each year.
  244. Posted by: Diana
    I hang all my cards on a wall and keep them on the wall for several months, then I gather them all up and put them in a basket to keep for several years!!! I know, just can't get rid of them!!!
  245. Posted by: Geri K
    I've displayed my cards different ways over the years.  Sometimes they are hung with tiny clothes pins on baker's twine all around the house, around doorways, across the mantel across windows, etc. Or, I hang a cloth house with pockets on the front door.  As the cards are opened the move to the front of the pockets.  After the holidays I review addresses and keep the special cards for later crafting or just for the personal notes inside. 
  246. Posted by: Barbara Fusco
    I like to display my cards on a wide red ribbon which I then hang from a long entryway mirror.   When the holidays are finished, cards from family and close friends are kept for remembrance, and photo cards are put into my Christmas card scrapbook.  I love seeing the progression of growth for all the kids in the family!  Best of all, I take the vintage-type cards and embellish them to make tree ornaments; they're among some of my prettiest tree ornaments! 
  247. Posted by: Karen Hutchinson
    I have a Teddy Bear Tree that has little slots cut into it and we put the cards in that by our front door to share with those that come in.
  248. Posted by: Colleen
    We have a wooden sled that my Mom always put her cards in, so I have been using that since she moved in with me. Once that fills up, I string them across our doorway that leads from the living room to my scrap area with ribbon. I am loving your Halloween collection! It's my favorite time of year!
    Georgie is adorable!
  249. Posted by: Karen Wilson
    I always display my Christmas cards in a Longaberger basket I bought many years ago. I keep the envelopes too so I can save time addressing my Christmas cards. Would love to win this Halloween paper pack and stamps!
    Thanks Anna!
  250. Posted by: BRENDA BERRY
    We have a small Christmas tree where we pin all of our Christmas cards in full view of anyone that comes to visit!  It is so beautiful, especially when it's filled!
  251. Posted by: Annette N.-California
    The end of our entry way is all mirrored and we tape the cards right on the mirrors - SO PRETTY and Festive. We enjoy seeing our cards from loved ones and so does all our company & guests:) After the season I have a Gingerbread house Box that the cards fit perfect in, and some are scrapbooked. I enjoy scrapbooking and the cards make beautiful embellishments. Win win!
    love Annette
  252. Posted by: Jennifer Essad
    Our Christmas cards are on display and replaced as new ones come in-I keep them in a crystal bowl that is on a center table for viewing-I also keep them from year to year for my address list-I keep the most precious ones for future use of crafting
  253. Posted by: glenda h.
    I have a green tree with slots on it to stick the cards in.  I've had it for years and it is part of our "traditional" decorations.  I like it because it is designed so that all the cards can be viewed and enjoyed.
  254. Posted by: Kristine S
    There are some terrific ideas for displaying cards.  I usually put them around the living room tables and the mantel.  I like to go and look at them see them easily.  If there are a lot of cards the rest go in a basket.  I does take me forever to take them down cause I enjoy them so much.
    Looking forward to your shows on Sept 17th.  It will be so much fun.
  255. Posted by: Linda Fleming
    I display my cards on shelves around the house. After Christmas I scrapbook the photo cards. It is nice to look back and see how people change through the years.
  256. Posted by: Lisa Soares
    I'm excited about your new Halloween products! I love, love, love Halloween crafts and decorating. Of course, Christmas is first and then Halloween is a very close second!

    As for displaying Christmas cards...I have a magnetic board on a huge easel and I add each card as it comes in to create a collage of cards by Christmas day!
  257. Posted by: Beatrice Fisher
    It's just me and my 92 year old mother, so we don't celebrate too much.  I do hang all the cards on an empty wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.  And that's our tree.
  258. Posted by: Kris
    I have a special Longaberger Christmas Basket and all the cards go in there.  My mom always had a basket our cards, also, and I'm just carrying on the tradition.  I love sitting down with the basket and going through all the Holiday greetings!  Thanks for the giveaway, Anna!
  259. Posted by: Debby C.
    I place my cards on a metal "over the door" hanger with wire slots for the cards.  After reading some of the great ideas that others have, I think I will change my routine this year!!!  Thanks Ladies.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win your wonderful products.
  260. Posted by: Cathy May
    We display our Christmas cards by hanging them on the back of the front door. That way we can look at them whenever we want and guests can look them over.    If we fill that up then they get hung over the entrance to the kitchen.  They look so beautiful and colorful hanging there.  I really hate to take them down after Christmas. 

    Your new product is just as spectacular as all the others.  Keep up the good work........
  261. Posted by: Karen
    Hi Anna!
    I display all my Christmas cards on hallway doors from my kitchen that everyone can see.  I get lots of comments and everyone loves looking at them.
    I love the Halloween items, I must say Halloween is one of my family's favorite times of year.
  262. Posted by: Anne Lemay
    Photo cards are saved for a scrapbook layout, some cards are put in an "inspiration basket" in my studio, and the rest go in a basket in the attic, where I look at them from time to time.
  263. Posted by: Heather
    We have a snowman mailbox that holds all of our cards.
  264. Posted by: Pamela J Cole
    Hi Anna.  I display my cards on two large, fully wired, Christmas Ribbons I made, that have tails (approx. 7 ft. long) and  hang above a large antique mirror in my foyer.  I pin the cards onto the tails with tiny, Christmas-colored, metallic clothespins, which allow them to be easily read by everyone entering the house.  Since I have a 12 ft. tall foyer, these ribbons are a delightful addition to the garland and other ribbon that adorn this area during the holidays and I have received many compliments on them.  Thanks for letting me share, Anna.  Merry Christmas!
  265. Posted by: Cathy C
    My cards a displayed and then kept with all the photos, ect. for that holiday. I am putting all of our years of Christmas in albums and storing them in a trunk. They will be shared at the holiday again and again.
  266. Posted by: Phyllis D.
    Hi Anna.  Another "spooktacular" giveaway!  Wonderful.  Love anything you add your touch to.
    I have a desk or either use a sideboard that is decorated for Christmas and use an inexpsensive metal sleigh (about 12 in. long) to put my cards in as they come in the mail.  I put the most recent received in front and like you just flip through them from time to time, especially those that have come from family and friends I don't see often.  It makes them closer.  Thanks for your generosity with your giveaways.  Especially the BIG one on Sept. 16.  Wow!
  267. Posted by: Sara Luecke
    I have a chipboard Christmas Hanger about 2 ft long into which I stick the cards.  After the holiday I make little gift boxes with my Christmas Cards.  The sentiment page which is usually signed makes up the bottom of the box. I make gift tags, place the tags inside and usually gift the box the next year to the person who sent me the card the previous year.
  268. Posted by: Larina miller
    I like to display them on the wall behind our front door. I use some jute twine, red bows, and ornament hangers. They're so pretty there spreading the christmas cheers!
  269. Posted by: ElizabethD
    There were two ways I displayed Christmas cards. The first year of my marriage my mother made me these vintage stuffed Santas. I displayed (and still do) in a basket with the cards in between them. The other is that sometimes my friends will find a vintage like Christmas card for me, I will take the card, and accents of gold or glitter and decoupage it. They are then displayed on my Victorian Christmas tree.
  270. Posted by: Linda Quinn
    I display my cards on a table for all to see.  When the table gets too full I put them in a beautifully decorated Christmas basket keeping the most recently received cards on the table. 
  271. Posted by: Helen H.
    I save the photo cards for an album so I can reminisce how my family and friends have changed over the years/kids grown etc. Some years I've sent remaining cards to St Judes Hospital for a charity fundraiser for the hospital.

  272. Posted by: Debbie Lentz
    We tape all the Christmas Cards up on the kitchen cabinets (2 full walls) so everyone can see each & every one of the pictures, sayings & beautiful cards we receive.  We have done this for years & years.  It has never hurt the finish & we so enjoy putting them up, reading them thru the seaon & going thru them one more time as we take them down at the end of the holiday season...which is sometimes the end of February or March!
  273. Posted by: Michelle Nelson
    I only get 2 Christmas cards and they go on my desk at work until after the new year.
  274. Posted by: Gail Wenzel
    Since most of my friends end up in the kitchen,  I tape my Christmas cards all around one of the door frames.  They are always a topic of conversation, esp. the ones with family and friends pics on them.
    Looking so forward to your show!!  Can't wait!  Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas with us, Anna!
  275. Posted by: Laurie Pasternak
    Hello Anna,
    I have a white wood sleigh that I sanded to give it more character.
    Along with cards that we receive, I have my childrens pictures with Santa from every year up to 5 yrs old. My daughter is now 30 and my son is 29.
    They have, on several years, continued the tradition by visiting with Santa and their spouse or boy/girlfriends and got them as surprises for me. I cry every year since the time has flown so quickly.
    Love Love Love the Stamps!!!! What else is new-HAHA!
  276. Posted by: Chriss America Real
    I made a really cute Christmas Card holder with Cricut's A Child's Year Silhouette and sentiment "Merry Mail".  It has ribbons coming down from it and I attach the cards to the ribbons with tiny clothes pins.  

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!  
  277. Posted by: Cynthia Schwing
    I have a hugh window in my kitchen...I would say it is 54x54 inches.
    It has wooded muttons(grids),  I hang my Christmas cards over and on the muttons.  The photo cards are then taped to the glass window.
    It makes the kitchen so warm and inviting and everyone loves reading and seeing their card on display.
  278. Posted by: Kathrine Scott
    Oh Anna and Team, this is my first Halloween crafting and your papers are astounding! I always hang my Christmas cards in my entry way. They decorate and greet all my family and friends as they enter. Love so many of the ideas I have read today. PS I always save all the cards. And this year, I am going to scrapbook all of them together by year. I think my grandkids will love it!
  279. Posted by: Brenda L
    We too display our Christmas cards in a basket. It's a great way to keep all of them in one place and the most recent go on top.
  280. Posted by: Kim N
    I use a beautifully handcrafted basket to put our Christmas cards in.  My family loves to go through the basket to see all the cards and vote on which card they deem the most beautiful.
  281. Posted by: sharon steinke
    My mom always hung every card up on the door frames in the living room.  Some years they spilled over into the dining room.  Now, I have been putting them in a red and green Christmas themed basket.  After the season is over, I save all the handmade cards and cut off the fronts of the rest and make tags for next year's presents.
  282. Posted by: Penny K.
    HI, Anna - It's hard to concentrate on cards and such when Georgie opens the blog page! She is soooo precious that I am surprised that you can ever get any work done....

    I usually placed all our Christmas cards in a holiday basket in the bookcase unit in our den. I chose different ones each day to set out around the basket as part of our decorations. Handmade cards always get preference, of course! 
  283. Posted by: Angela Vanderlip
    I made a card holder that hangs on the back of my front door. It has teddy bears on and has 3 pockets. My daughter loves to look through the cards over and over again.
  284. Posted by: Grandma Hobo
    When I had a family, husband and daughter, I would hang each card around the door frames in the living room and dining room.  Then on Christmas Eve we would have a very naughty contest.  We would each pick our three ugliest cards and decide which one was the winner of that year's ugly contest!  Terrible, I know, but fun in a way.  We did have one rule, though, photo cards were not allowed to be in the contest, so we weren't all bad.  Now it is just me so I get far fewer cards every year so they just go into a basket.  I do miss our contest though!
  285. Posted by: Georgia Hruska
    The current picture of Georgie is sooooo cute!  Every Christmas I change how I display my cards.  Last year I used a beautifully decorated basket and placed it on a table in my foyer so that everyone saw the cards both coming and going from my house, but my favorite way to display is to attach cards to red Christmas ribbon and let them hang from the sides of the mantel.  This is how my Mother displayed them when I was a child, and 65 years later, this is the most precious display of cards I remember.
  286. Posted by: Debby Migues
     Hi Anna , I hang all our cards on the fireplace mantle till after xmas then take the front cover off and send them to ST JUDE Camp where they remake the cards and sell to help out at ST JUDE
  287. Posted by: Pam S
    I tole painted a wooden container several years ago to hold our Christmas cards. It's large enough that we can usually have our favorite cards from last year in it too. It's an heirloom I will love to pass on one day. 
  288. Posted by: Danielle C
    I usually place them on the fire place mantel. However, this year we have moved and no longer have a fireplace. I've enjoyed reading everyone's ideas so I can find a new place for my cards this holiday!
  289. Posted by: Brenda
    I keep my cards in a basket near the breakfast room table.  For others who store their cards like this you might want to keep the cards there and take one out each day day of the new year and pray for the person who sent it.
  290. Posted by: Tanya Thompson
    Hi Anna! Love, love, love Halloween! It's my most favorite holiday after Christmas! I have  large archway that is between two "greatrooms" in my home. I suspend a beautiful embroidered ribbon between the opening on both sides and use tiny clothespins to hang my cards. I get the added bonus of Christmas decorating as well as being able to admire all the cards that we receive. I usually get enough cards to cover both ribbons so no matter which room you are in, you see beautiful cards. Thanks for such a spooky giveaway! That would be the icing on my cake to win!
  291. Posted by: Donna Stanek
    What a great question! I am so surprised to hear how many people use baskets! Great idea! I am always dragging out Christmas baskets trying to think of something to use them for! We hang the cards around an archway and door frames, but this year I am going to use the basket idea! Love reading all the great ways people decorate with cards! I also pack them up with the Christmas items so I can retread them the following year! 
  292. Posted by: June Palasek
    I have a Large Ceramic Sleigh - that is glazed white.  I tie Red bows on the sled part of the sleigh & put my Christmas cards in this - so we can see them each & every day.

  293. Posted by: donna tull
    I display all our Christmas cards  on one wall in our home for all of our family and visitors can stop  look at and read and that way everyone that comes into our home can enjoy them too.  
  294. Posted by: Sylvia H
    I have a decorative wooden sled that I display my Christmas cards in every year. I save the cards for at least a year and then donate them to a school in the area that uses them for the kindergarten art class.
  295. Posted by: Frances
    I love to see all the holiday cards we receive, so I line them up on our piano.  This way I can look at them every time I walk past the piano, and smile at the blessings of loving family and friends.
  296. Posted by: Sharon Hill
    Hi, Anna..  I love all your all your designs and I'm happy to have a chance to tell you.  I really liked reading what everyone does with their Christmas cards.  I always hang mine on a thin garland strung in  the "doorway" between the living room and family room.  Easy to see and read, colorful, and no mess.  My Mom used to do this every year when I was growing up.  Love traditions!  Thank you...
  297. Posted by: Kathy weber
    I keep all my cards in a basket by the front door. 
  298. Posted by: Nadine S
    Hi Anna! I have them in a lovely basket till after Christmas and then I use them for gift tags for the following season.  If they are handmade, I keep them in a special card box.  
  299. Posted by: Claudia Henderson
    Each Christmas I decorate our staircase leading to the upstairs with a nice green Christmas garland, big red bows, little straw ornaments and  champagne colored lights. I also attache a long burgundy colored rope with golden starts on the ends and one in the middle. On this rope we would hang all our Christmas Cards that we received and they would make a wonderful decoration in out Living room. For a few years now we have gotten so many cards that they don't fit on our rope anymore, so now we have a wonderful cardholder ornament hanging on the wall with a silver snowflake in the middle. Once the whole ornament is filled with card, we have a Christmas Card wreath hanging on the wall and everyone stops by to see the wonderful cards... 
  300. Posted by: Pamela J Cole
    Hi Anna!  I display my Christmas cards on the very, very long tails of two bows that I made out of wired ribbon a few years ago.  I use colored tiny clothes pins (Christmas colored foil) to pin them to the ribbons in my foyer. This allows you to see all types of cards. Of course the bows are very high (probably 6 or 7 ft) so they are very full, allowing the tails to hang down so you can easily read the cards.  I've received many compliments on this idea and it works well for us.  Can't wait for the 17th!  Merry Christmas!!
  301. Posted by: Peg Palmer
    Dear Anna,
    I am very sentimental when it comes to Christmas.  It's so hard to throw the cards away, so usually I don't.  I have a large red wicker basket that sit's near the door during the holidays and that's where all my cards stay.  I love taking them out and looking at Christmas present and past.  They bring back memories and make me smile.
  302. Posted by: Carol A.
    We, too, use a basket---sort of like a flower basket that curves up on the sides and has a curved handle. We decorate the sides of the handle with greenery and big bows. We've used it for years, and Christmas wouldn't be the same without it.
  303. Posted by: Mary Roberson
    Thanks for the opportunities to win your great products. We hang our cards from our fireplace mantle. We love looking at the fire and seeing
    all the beautiful cards dangling there, nestled between our stockings.
  304. Posted by: dee
    hi Anna. I also have a basket I put my cards in BUT it is a snowman hugging the basket with his arms. A very close friend make it for me many years ago. She has moved to another state so it also reminds me of her. I highlight one card each day in december by putting one card on a small easel . I LOVE Christmas time, it is my favorite holiday. thanks Anna for all the beautiful Christmas Designs. Dee 
  305. Posted by: Pam D.
    I love to display them !!  I painted clothespins  red, green, and cream and added glitter to a few of them; then attached them red rope(heavy twine) and use that to display my cards on a wall .... it is so pretty !
  306. Posted by: Patricia Coddington
    We purchased a home this last December and so I am a lucky girl because I have tons of shelves to display my Christmas cards. I also display them on my daughters piano. When we gather around to hear her play and sing songs, we can appreciate all the love that's been mailed our way!
  307. Posted by: Arleen Cappatocio
    Hi Anna;  I love the paper and most especially the "spooky" stamps.  There is an archway in my living room that I string lights across and attach the Christmas cards behind the lights.  It does make the house Christmsy.  Thank you for all you do for all of us.  Love you dearly, Arleen
  308. Posted by: Rosie Waldt
    My Christmas cards are hung from a gold wrought iron Angel which stands on the floor that I got from my Mary Kay Unit members many years ago.  I like to be able to see them when I walk by and I can when arranged on my Angel.  It is a remembrance of their generosity and a decoration in my room.  Thank you for giving us your *eye candy*.  I love, love, love your products.  As a matter of fact I just reorganized my studio and viola had forgotten a container labeled Anna Griffin so am doing some cards and making scrapbook pages for my 12 yr. old twin girls.  Thank you for the inspiration you give to us.
  309. Posted by: terri miller
    We love to hang our Christmas Cards on our French Doors so we can all look at them and be reminded of the people we love.  I then keep the cards and use them on my scrapbook pages after Christmas.
    Can't wait to see all of the new products on HSN!!!!!!
  310. Posted by: Merrie Jones
    I have a wicker basket that looks like Santa Claus that I put by my front door. All my cards go in there. The following year I get the basket out & look at/ reread all my cards before sending out Christmas cards. PS- Love George. He looks like a sweetie.
  311. Posted by: Tracy
    Anna, I put all my cards into this mailbox that is on a scroll stand it sets by my fireplace. Some of the great ones I put out into frames all over my house even the bathroom!,,, I keep extra fames in the closet just for Xmas time. I hope I win this stamp set, I would give it to my daughter her favorite holiday is Halloween !!!! She and my three granddaughters would have an amazing time making cards for teachers and classmates. Happy crafting with your new little man!
  312. Posted by: Beverley Clark
    I have a snowman card holder to display cards we receive. When that is full, I usually place the cards in different areas throughout the house mixed in with other decorations.  I like the idea of a basket, so I may try that for this year's cards.  Excited about September 17.
  313. Posted by: Betsy Brown
    I keep all of our Christmas cards in a decorated basket on either the kitchen counter or the kitchen table.  I add the new cards each day, and it's fun to take a few minutes to look through all of them every few days.  I LOVE holiday cards, and I love making them for friends and family!
    Thanks for the chance to win this SPOOKTACULAR Halloween collection!!!
  314. Posted by: Doris Elkins
    We have a wide arch area between the kitchen & the family room & we hang them all around the arch. I read a short story where the family prays for the family that sends each card. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. May try to do that this year, I think we will also be blest..... love your ideas......
  315. Posted by: Maggie
    My great aunt made an open needlepoint mail box holder and we proudly display our christmas cards in this! The grandbabies pick their favorite ones and we put them on the refridgerator and the mantle
  316. Posted by: Maria Rosa
    I display my cards on a metal Christmas wreath which is suspended from a red velvet ribbon.
    Previously, I attached the cards to a garland around an archway which showcased my Christmas tree but, as the years went by, I received fewer and fewer cards so I opted for the metal wreath.
  317. Posted by: Juli
    Hi Anna, I cover two framed pictures in our eating area with Christmas paper and then tape the cards to that.  This way we get to look at everyone's cards and pictures all during the Holiday season.
    Thanks Juli Hudak
  318. Posted by: Virginia Hart
    All Christmas cards are special to me so I save everyone and when I pull out the decorations next year, they help to put me in the spirit. One of my daughter's childhood friends always sends me the first card, long before anybody else does so that goes on the fridge until I get decorated. Then the others get hung along the mantle between the velvet stockings waiting for Santa. My daughter is also an Anna Griffin fan and she makes me the most beautiful Christmas cards which I leave out long after Christmas. I have gotten a few of your Christmas card packages and made some really beautiful cards myself!
    I have been waiting for you to come out with a new Halloween kit so thank you very much. I missed your kit on HSN and had to go and order everything separately off of a craft store owner on EBay. I still have much of it because I bought so much I shared some with my daughter and kept some just in case you never came out with another Halloween kit. I have never seen anything to rival the old one so I'm looking forward to it. I never did get the Halloween clear stamps but my daughter did and we have made some really cool stuff with them.
    Congrats on your little kitty and looking forward to seeing you on HSN. I have been waiting years for this kit and I hope I win one!
  319. Posted by: Cathyt
    I have a picture rail across the back wall of my dining room.  I hang my cards from the rail and spruce it up with holly and pine from the yard.  It is a hit for everyone who visits during the holidays.
    When the season is over, I save my cards from year to year.  I use them for other craft projects, such as making memory cards for a neighbor to hand out to her visitors during a progressive supper.  She was 82 and wanted the newbies to know how the very first supper came about.  So told me the story.  I made up the handouts and decorated them with old card from the past.  They were a big hit.
  320. Posted by: Millie
    I glue them together and then make boxes for small gifts for January birthdays and some for next Christmas gifts. Thank you.
  321. Posted by: Connie
    I scan the cards and put on a flash drive.  I keep the handmade ones to get ideas from.
  322. Posted by: Irene Sterquelle
    Mine are in a basket as well.  I'm glad I'm not the only onewho has them in a basket!
  323. Posted by: HollyG
    Good Morning Miss Anna!

    I am so happy that you have a new friend in Georgie! You couldn't have picked a cuter one that's for sure! I am also excited for your Spooktakular Collection and think that what you will be doing with UNICEF is a fabulous idea! I will support it 100%!

    On to your blog question re: what we do with our Christmas Cards...We hang them around our door frames that are in our living room close to the tree. It is the on of THE best ways to keep the Christmas holiday décor new and I hang them so the sentiment on the inside is still visible! A great way to connect with others and a great way to start conversation too!
    I have used them for ornaments on my Christmas tree! You start with just the lights on your tree and the decorations grow with each days mail! If it is a little slow receiving them you can put one or two on from previous years and instead of an advent calendar let the kids or grandkids choose one to hang on the tree! So fun!    I have put some in frames to decorate my buffet and mantle too.
    I keep a special place for the cards given to me from loved ones that are no longer with us and it feels like, for a little while, they are still close.  Love that!  Cards are really sentimental for as you can tell! I keep them from year to year  and love displaying them anyway I can.

    The BIG DAY on HSN is approaching, slowly it seems. However, the sneak previews help with the anticipation!

    Happy Day to you and your team!
  324. Posted by: Denise L.
    OMG.  Your kitty is gorgeous.  I am a catlover, too!!  Your Halloween collection looks spooktacular & fabulous.  As for Christmas card display, mine is not a fancy one but holds so many memories.  We didn't have fancy things when I was a child so my (now late) mother took a string &  draped it from one side to another on the wall  & strung the cards.  We got so many cards & everyone enjoyed seeing them displayed that way.   I love everything you create, Anna.  I hope to win this collection!!  It would be a dream come true.    
  325. Posted by: Karen P.
    I have an Annalee Christmas Card Basket it is an Elf holding a Mailbag.  I set it on an end table in the living room and fill it up with the Christmas Cards as they arrive.  I loved opening this page and seeing Georgie's cute little face!
  326. Posted by: ava gavloski
    keep the cards on display for the season , file them and then cut them up for gift tag's later
  327. Posted by: Sonya H
    I put the cards up and around the doorways of the dining room to add to the rest of the festive decorations. You have to walk through the dining room so you cannot miss them!
  328. Posted by: Gilda Duffy
    Hi Anna,
    I have a tall bay window in my kitchen.  It's made up of 3 separate windows with about an 8" separation between them.  I bought a beautiful, tapestry Christmas ribbon that I used to make two large multi-looped bows.  I also attached a long length of the ribbon to each bow and hung the two bows, at the top, between the three windows.  I then attach my Christmas cards to the length of ribbon hanging from the bows.  They frame my windows beautifully and bring Christmas cheer to my kitchen!  My guests love seeing their Christmas cards hanging along with all of the rest!
  329. Posted by: Kindra D
    I have a metal card "tree" with clips that hold my cards. It is a nice display when it is full. Any cards that don't fit get displayed around the house. 

    Georgie is sooooo cute! I live the new Halloween line by the way! Can't wait to play with it!!!
  330. Posted by: kathleen d
    I display them on my computer desk
  331. Posted by: Jayne Hilger
    I display my cards standing up along the top of my desk.  I am a typist and am positioned at my desk most of the hours of the day.  I find myself looking at those cards more and more, especially the ones with pictures.  It warms me up.  
  332. Posted by: Debbie Painter
    I have a Longanberger Christmas Basket that I always display them in!!
  333. Posted by: Rosie M
    I display my Christmas cards on a door for everyone to enjoy.  After Christmas, I donate them so they can be reused and enjoyed longer!!
  334. Posted by: Rita Williams
    I have a Christmas basket that sits under my tree for all my cards, that way anyone that stops over can see them.
  335. Posted by: Barbara E
    I have a metal Christmas tree with spirals on it that hold the cards. 
  336. Posted by: Jane P.
    Hi Anna, love all of your new items that you are coming with.  I can't wait until the 17th rolls around.  I display my cards the way my mother always did (65 years ago), she would hang them around all the doorways in the house.  It was fun walking through the house everyday looking at all the Christmas cards.  It helped you to get excited about Christmas coming.  Jane
  337. Posted by: Kathy Jo
    Can't wait to make cards for first time this year!  Loving all the things that I am learning about.   I can't wait until the seventieth !  Thanks for the inspirations!    Kathy Jo
  338. Posted by: Marilyn Bozik
    I place them all through the house Bathroom included. I even display cards I have made from your beautiful kits. I always save back a few for my enjoyment.
  339. Posted by: Jeanne Tipton
    My Mother hung a beautiful wide ribbon she backed with muslin then pinned cards to it. Of course she tied a beautiful bow for the top. There were so many cards she had several hanging round the living room. Thank you for the memory.
  340. Posted by: Vicki Leith
    I'm sad to say that my Christmas cards sit in a pile on my counter.  I don't know why I don't find a creative (or maybe not creative) way to display them!  I do have to say though that I don't get rid of any homemade cards after Christmas is over, and I save the fronts of any card that I like to be used in another project!  (My sister always used a round punch/hole punch and made Christmas tags with hers!)
  341. Posted by: sylvia wilson
    I like to see mine so I attach them to ribbon & make an arch  acrossed the door & run them down each side.  :-)
  342. Posted by: Debbie Painter
    I have a Longenberger  Christmas Basket that I display them in!
  343. Posted by: Shelly R.
    I have a large mirror with scrolled wrought iron "doors" that hangs in my entry way over an entry table. I leave the doors open and I punch a hole in each card and hang them all over the doors with satin ribbons. It looks wonderful and it's easy to view each card.
  344. Posted by: Rhonda Williams
    Hi Anna, I love going to the mailbox each day during the holidays in hopes there will be cards inside! Over time the number of cards we receive has become fewer so I treasure each and every one. There is a small console table in my entry with a niche above it.  I set a lovely metal stand that holds my cards on the console and I put the extras, if we have them on the ledge of the niche and the top of the console. I leave the new ones at the bottom of the stand every day so my husband can enjoy them before I put them on display.  It makes a very festive entry to our home.
  345. Posted by: Mary
    I have a Christmas basket that I put all the cards in. After Christmas I save the ones that have photos of family and put them with my albums to see how the people change year from year. I also save and photos that I might be able to use for crafting.
  346. Posted by: Christina R.
    Ahh, I am IN LOVE with those gorgeous Halloween papers! I honestly don't usually keep my Christmas cards BUT this year I am thinking of turning them into a garland; cut out the fronts and string them all together with baker's twine and add more as the years go on. Perhaps in a few years, I will have a unique garland to go around my entire living room!
  347. Posted by: Kari Doherty
    I have a archway that is decorated with Garland, I hang the cards around the garland, It's the first thing our guests see once they enter our home.

  348. Posted by: Ann R.
    Christmas cards are placed in a special basket that is located on a table in the family room so that family members and visitors can view them throughout the season.  After the holidays I utilize the cards in my scrapbooking layouts.
  349. Posted by: Dee A
    You're so generous, Anna!  Thank you for the opportunities to win some of your awesome products.  I put all my cards on my mantle, buffet, and dining room table so I can enjoy them every day of the Season.  After Christmas, I like to use them in books and crafts.  Even if I don't use the cards for something, I keep each and every one of them. I love looking back through them and seeing the handwriting of all the loved ones that are no longer with me, especially my sister who tragically left me just two weeks ago.
  350. Posted by: sandie
    I have a ceramic Christmas boot for my cards. Love sending cards out and feeling like I've added a bit of sunshine to their day.
  351. Posted by: hollie bowens
    All of my hand made cards I pass on to my grandma who frames and makes collages to show off my work at church and charity events which are then raffled to raise money for charity. So to win this would come in very helpful in raising more money for charities :-)
  352. Posted by: Leah D
    Our Christmas cards are displayed on bookshelves in our living room.  It's so much fun to see them all together and rearrange for the best displays as new ones come in. Thanks, Anna, for hosting all these great giveaways!  
  353. Posted by: Monica Hernandez
    I love to hang them on the wall and then afterward I make journals out of the cards.
  354. Posted by: Winnie Lee
    I keep the ones with photos in a tray on my living room table for year round viewing. People come over and see their cards and beam ! 

  355. Posted by: Mary Helen Harris
    Last year I used my old Chridtmas cards to decorate the outside of the two boxes that I filled with gifts to send to needy children overseas! 
  356. Posted by: Marilyn Mehit
    First of all, Georgie is too adorable for words.  He looks like he's into everything.  What a love he is.
    When I was young, my parents had a fireplace with a mantle and all cards (many, many of them) were displayed on the mantle.  When I got married, my dear husband designed and built our house and I wanted a fireplace and mantle a la my parents, which he graciously built.  We displayed our cards on the mantle on both sides of our creche.  When our son was little, he made a Christmas card holder out of felt.  It was decorated with felt cutouts as only a small boy could do.  We started displaying cards of his choosing on his 'work of art.'  My husband is now deceased and my son, now 46, still expects to see my cards displayed on his creation, which I proudly do.  Sadly, the art of sending a card with a personal note is all but gone in this day and age of e-cards.  I love sending my homemade cards and always write a personal note in each one.

    As for your Halloween set, I would so love to win that.  It's out of this world.  I work as a substitute teacher and would love to send those to people with whom I work.  Please, please, please pick me!!! Thank you.  Marilyn
  357. Posted by: Charlotte Miller
    I am crazy for Christmas....have multiple trees, snow village, nutcrackers, Santas, carolers,candles, etc. in every room. Cards are displayed all around the house on the mantle, tables, bookshelves, on the trees and doorways. Christmas often stays up all year because we enjoy it so much!
    The cards are eventually put away and some are recycled to local groups to be used as craft items in schools etc. IT IS ONLY LESS THEN 4 MONTHS 'TIL CHRISTMAS...TIME TO START MAKING CARDS, CAN'T WAIT TO GET THE NEW KIT!!!
  358. Posted by: Tina Lesson
    I love seeing all the Christmas cards at once.  It was a tradition my Mom started when we were little.  Everytime someone sent us a card it was put around the door jam so whatever room you went into there were cards on display.  I loved it so I continue to do that today.  In my home you will find them around any area where I can put it.so where ever you are in my home you will be seeing the Christmas cards.
  359. Posted by: Barbara Kruza
    I display my cards by taping them all along the trim in the living room, kitchen and the doors if I need to so everyone can enjoy!
  360. Posted by: Leslie
     I have 2 metal wall hangings that hold my Christmas cards. With emails taking over snail mail, I get less and less each year. But I still cherish the cards I get each year, escpecially the homemade ones.  
  361. Posted by: ShellyM
    Hi Anna...I always hang mine up behind the front door along with a wreath...our house is tiny and it makes a pretty display in our living room.  Thanks for another chance to win!!
  362. Posted by: Kim Johnson
       I have a festive card holder that I store all my Christmas cards in.
  363. Posted by: Carolyn Clark
    I, too display my Christmas cards in a basket where everyone can look through them.  I always enjoy hearing from friends and family and looking through photos they send.
  364. Posted by: Joy H
    Thank you for this opportunity to win a fabulous set!  We have always displayed our Christmas cards on our fireplace mantle where everyone can see them.
  365. Posted by: Joyce N
    I display mine on the arch between the living room and dining room.  A few years ago I bought a silver circle that I can "clip" the cards in.
  366. Posted by: Merial
    I have always displayed my Christmas cards, letters, and photos in holders that I attach to the walls. My original holder was made from poster board with traditional colors. However my current one is in the shape of a large stocking.  It is made with luxurious fabrics in rich jewel tones and has several pockets to hold my cards. I so love to decorate with deep burgundies, golds, and aubergines that lend an old fashioned almost Victorian flavor to my home. Perhaps that is why I love Anna's paper palettes - they are truly rich, warm, and elegant. Thanks Anna!
  367. Posted by: Barbara B.
    We display our Christmas cards on the inside of the front door, on the large living room mirror over the sofa, and on the woodwork around the doorways. They add so much warmth. Also, we began a tradition of putting the cards in a basket after Christmas Holidays, and  taking out one each day and praying for the sender on that day.
  368. Posted by: Mary Beth
    Like you Anna, my mother had a special container; an antique red wooden sleigh! Her birthday was in early December so birthday cards and Chirstmas cards found thier way into this sleigh. Was great to read all of the greetings, "what we did last year" letters, and view the photos from family and friends - she was/is loved!
    I now attached two long bow topped ribbons to my pantry door and attach special cards/pictures to that so that I can view everyday! Adds decor to the kitchen as well...
    As we have all grown older....the exchange of gifts has stopped...and that's why I started making my Christmas cards. I think of each one as my special "gift" as they are all made with LOVE!
  369. Posted by: jen steinheimer
    We hang them on the wall at the entryway of our house. That way we enjoy them daily and the entryway is so festive!
  370. Posted by: Denise H.
    Growing up we displayed our cards across the mantel, unfortunately I don't have a mantel in my home so now I line a door way with them. Its a nice way for everyone to see all the cards and it adds a little extra to the room. I tack a piece of ribbon down both sides and accross the top of the door, I make a big bow and put it in the middle at the top of the door frame, then as the cards come in I just start adding them to the ribbon.  
  371. Posted by: Susan B,
    during the season I have a wooden Rudolph they are displayed on. After the season I save them all in a special box so I can look back for memories and ideas.
    thanks for the chance to win!!
  372. Posted by: Adrianne Braun
    I display some of the Christmas cards I receive on our buffet, others get affixed around door frames.  I keep a few very special ones each year, recycle others into craft projects, and literally recycle the others.
  373. Posted by: Aundi Prather
    I have garland hung all around the inside of my house. I have mini  clothes clips that I use to hang my cards from my garland. I also put the really gorgeous ones on my mantel those tend to stay there until long after Christmas. They are the homemade ones that are really special. 
  374. Posted by: Melissa S.
      We hang ours in the archway as you enter our home so everyone can see them. So excited for the 17th to come. Thanks for the chance to win.
  375. Posted by: maria m
    yup,,,its the basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  376. Posted by: Flip
    My mom used to put all our Christmas cards on the bookshelf in the living room, either standing up on the shelves or fastened to a string.  I've carried in that tradition in my own home.
  377. Posted by: mikie
    Most of my cards are photo cards so they are displayed on  my refrigerator where the kids & guests can see them. They are attached with homemade Christmas magnets the kids made when they were little. I love putting out all the homemade holiday crafts the kids did when they were in elementary school...such fond memories!
  378. Posted by: Angela Ke
    I keep them in a photo box. 
  379. Posted by: Monna Accurti
    Like so many other ladies, I keep my Christmas cards in a a basket.  The basket I use is one that I decorated years ago when my children were in elementary school and we made them for the May Fair!
  380. Posted by: Starqueen
    Hi Anna,
    We hang our cards all around! The molding on the wide opening between our kitchen and dining room gets filled first, then I hang wide ribbon vertically on doors, and display cards along the ribbons in a column. They are part of my holiday decor!

    p.s. I love Halloween, and this year I'm sending out "13 days of Halloween" cards to my faves. Spooky fun! 
  381. Posted by: kim m
    My family has always put the cards up on the fireplace mantle (is that how you spell that???)  So I was thrilled when I bought a house that had a beautiful fireplace.  I always love coming home and looking at the mantle.  Reminds me of my family and friends when I see all the cards.

    Two more weeks! Yahoo!
  382. Posted by: Susan B.
    I put all the holiday cards in a ceramic sleigh that sits on my kitchen counter at Christmas time. Everyone who comes in loves to peek in and see what there. After Christmas I make a 2 page layout to save the special ones. One side of the layout is our annual family photo and the other side is a big pocket to hold the cards. I love looking back through prior years and reminiscing. Lookining forward to the 17Th!  
  383. Posted by: Deborah
    We hang all of our Christmas cards in the entryway on the walls so all of our friends and family can see them!
  384. Posted by: Evelyn B
    I too have a special basket - gold and silver where all my cards are placed and on display for all to look through them.  I also use this basket during the year to hold my birthday cards that are stamped and ready to send for the month - want them to arrive near the special day.  Thanks Anna for all your good ideas!    
  385. Posted by: Debra Nash
    I display my cards on my bookshelf and I have a card holder that. I display them in also.
  386. Posted by: sherry shea
    I tack all my cards on a wall with a string of lights in the shape of a tree! Card sending does seem to be a dieing tradition, along with the handwritten letter.
  387. Posted by: Connie
    I use to display all my cards on a wall or door, but now I keep them in a special basket on the center island in the kitchen or on a coffee table.  That way, it's easy to go through them and read all the special messages.
  388. Posted by: Alison Moreton
    I display my cards  by making and big bows with wide red ribbon and attach the cards down the tails of the bows and hang around the walls  I do several around the lounge and also in the hall it really does add Christmas Cheer

    I love seeing all the pretty cards and gives me a really Christmas feel and fills me with sparkle
  389. Posted by: Shanie C
    We display our cards on the mantel. I string a ribbon across the fireplace and hang the cards as they come in :)
  390. Posted by: Toni Vlasak
    We have a louvered divider with three panels just inside our front door and the cards slip in there - cards that don't fit are tacked with removable tape on the solid pieces between the louvers.  Really special one are put all around the television with other decorations.

    Just love the Halloween preview - can't wait!
  391. Posted by: Janis Kneeland
    I love everything you create for us.  The End.....nothing else to say !
  392. Posted by: Criss Behe
    I collect all my Christmas cards in a special Christmas basket so we can go through them again during the holidays.   At one time I would put them all around the entryway to the dining room and kitchen.  After all, they are part of the holiday trimmings, and your cards ARE the trimmings!
  393. Posted by: Ange
    Awesome! Love the stamps!!
    I usually attach them to my computer desk for everyone to enjoy.
  394. Posted by: Jeri J
    Only Anna Griffin can make Halloween elegant! We display our Christmas cards in a vintage Santa door decoration made of felt from the 60's that belonged to my husband's family. There is a pocket for his pack that is filled to the brim at the end of the season. It is a wonderful reminder of simpler times and joyous memories.
  395. Posted by: Kendra
    Every year my kids make gingerbread houses at the library. I save them and set them out on our dining room table with lights and faux snow to make it look like a village. I then set all my cards out around them so everyone can enjoy!
  396. Posted by: Holly
    Love your Halloween pieces.  If you have 19 new pieces that means I'll be the owner of 19 new pieces come the end of the day on September 17.  I put my cards in a basket and then recycle for tags, present embellishments and new cards the following year.
  397. Posted by: Aymee B
    Well I actually don't receive too many Christmas Cards.  I send more out than I get back.  People have told me that my cards are so pretty that they can't find a nice card to send back to me.  While I understand the thought, it's sometimes disappointing to not get pretty cards myself. LOL So, the few that I get I put on my mantle and display.  Maybe this year I will have to harass my family and friends to send me more cards!
  398. Posted by: Bertha Legge
    Hi Anna,
    The way I display my Christmas cards is - I have a wire cage that is mounted to a wall in my living area.  There I hang the cards.  I love it because I can view them so well.  I also love when my boys come home and see them go over to them and they get to look and read all the cards. 
  399. Posted by: Sheila
    I have a couple of wire card holder "trees" that I tuck the cards into on the dining room side table. We pause and look at them every day. They make us smile and motivate me to mull over a theme for the cards we will send.
  400. Posted by: Melinda Hart
    The Christmas cards go on display on my desk and bookcase each year. I save all of my cards and try to display as many as I can from the current year and years past! LOVE the Halloween Collection!
  401. Posted by: Annette H.
    I have a special Longaberger basket with Christmas liner and wooden tag that I keep all of them in. 
  402. Posted by: Sandy Goldstein
    We begin receiving holiday greetings in early December and through the first week of January.  We display the cards throughout our home . . . around mirrors, around doorways, around windows and in massive collages in the family and diningroom areas.  Our family and friends love going through them and the beautiful cards we receive, usually hand-made, really add to our holiday decorations each year.  I keep most of them and have wanted to make some sort of a memory basket or scrapbook as many contain pictures and document the growth of family members and friends.
  403. Posted by: Karen Davidson
    I hang all my Christmas Cards on the inside of my front door in the shape of a Christmas tree. The first card of the season is in the honor spot at the top of the tree with a star on top! The way I display my cards is probably the reason I work so hard to get my cards out early.

  404. Posted by: Kathy V
    We have a cute snowman basket that holds our Christmas cards.
  405. Posted by: Sandy_in_MD
    I place my Christmas cards through the louver doors leading into my kitchen, and also hang them with clips on baker's twine over the doors.  (Love the Halloween preview - I will be buying those for sure to make a Halloween banner.)
  406. Posted by: Zandra
    I was lucky enough to see this in person at CHA!  Love it.  I display my cards on my door in the shape of the Christmas Tree...lol  It is so much fun like a puzzle piece trying to make the tree with everyone's cards.  Thanks so much for a chance to win.
  407. Posted by: Yelena
    I love your Halloween kit!!!!  I love getting Christmas cards.  I save all the photo cards and all the special cards.  I also use the prettier ones to make gift tags using pretty ribbons. I love the idea of reusing them again.
  408. Posted by: Erica Hersh
    I have two special baskets....Antique Santa holds all the cards! Well, most of them, the other Antique Menorah basket is for the Hanukkah cards! 8)
  409. Posted by: Roseanna Crawford
    I display the cards on shelves in my living room.
    They add to my decorations.
  410. Posted by: Laurel M
    I have two card holder thingies that have the rings on top that you push the card down into.  These are on my kitchen table for "all the world" to see.
  411. Posted by: Kim Haygood
    Our front closet door has two panels that are louvered on the top halves. We hang all our cards in there for display throughout the Christmas season and then I usually take them out as we take our tree down and store them in a box with previous years' cards. 
  412. Posted by: Lisa
    I have a basket that belonged to my Grandmother to put all of my cards in.
  413. Posted by: TeranceSH
    I have a decorative reindeer on a stick that has clips (found it one year at a fair) to hold cards and i use that and once that's full (which makes me excited) i use decorative cord on the wall behind and drape cards over that.  First i move my photo and handmade cards to the cord so i can see them better, my goal is to have more fancy cards than store bought I'm sure one day I will.
  414. Posted by: Audrey Olander
    I hang them on a banner during the Christmas season then cut some of them down and make tags.
  415. Posted by: Lainie Michel
    I LOVE your Halloween line!!! I display my Christmas cards usually on garland above my large entryway into the kitchen and some on table tops. I think they make wonderful warm decorations that compliment the rest of my décor.
  416. Posted by: Diane Villegas
    What a "spooky" kit, Love it!  I hang faux clothes lines across my windows and hang my current year's cards from the lines with tiny clothes pins.  After Christmas I place all the cards into a Scrapbook and these Scrapbooks from previous years are laid out on my tables for visitors to look through.  
  417. Posted by: Meg
    Hi Anna,
    My sister made me a wall holder many years ago, and I put it up every year by the door.  After the Holidays, I go through the cards again and re-read them.  I always look forward to see who sends the first card.  I still like to beat every one at getting the first card out.
  418. Posted by: Colleen Jo
    I hang my Christmas cards on a door in a holiday design.  I then keep them until the next year when I sometimes cut and recycle some of them into cards and tags. 
  419. Posted by: Rhonda H.
    Can't wait to get the Halloween line this year!
    I display my cards on the fireplace mantle and they stay out until the new year.  :)
  420. Posted by: Angie Ordinario
    I have a special basket that I store all our cards in. We love looking at all of them right on Christmas morning after the gift opening. I also save all the photos that is included with those cards on a special scrapbook. I love looking at all those photos and see how all the kids have grown though the years.
  421. Posted by: Paula W
    I hole punch the corner of each card, tie a ribbon through the hole and hang from a white feather tree displayed in the dining room.  It is always a hit with visitors.  After the holidays, I usually make gift tags from portions of the fronts of the cards.
  422. Posted by: Mary Alice Peterson
    I have a special Christmas basket that all of our Christmas cards go into. As you said, a basket keeps all the cards together in one spot.
  423. Posted by: Julie Sheehan
    I actually have a special tree that I put all of my cards on! My friends and family get a special place on my tree every year and they have started doing the same with the beautiful cards you help me make on their trees!
    What a great tradition!    




Welcome to my blog! It is so exciting for me to be able to share with you the things I love, my inspirations and what I've been up to. I hope this space will give you a little insight into the "world of Anna Griffin" and give you a place to share with me as well. Check in often!